Anith: Beyond Space

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Aliens are coming! Literally. As a shortage of men runs rampant on the earth, a shortage of women brings an envoy from another planet-with hope of a new start. Women are urged to apply to find a compatible mate from the envoys. Roxanne, who is obsessed with leaving Earth, quickly applies and is matched with Anith. She quickly finds he is alien in more ways than one. #3 in Interracial

Romance / Scifi
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“Welcome, Earth Peasants,”

Roxanne blinked, looking up at the monitors. It’d been a while since she’d seen a fully grown man, even if his skin was blue.

He smirks down at them. “Ah...perhaps that word doesn’t quite translate. I am Anith. I’m from a planet a few galaxies over. We’ve come, with...permission from your government, to invite you to our planet.”

She looked over at my friend who gasps. “What? Is this an invasion,” Lola grabbed her hand anxiously. “Roxanne, this is scary.”

“Shh...they said they came with permission. Let’s just listen.” The taller woman assured her.

She squeezed her hand softly, their attention rapt on the broadcast.

“Our planet is called Iohiri 653, and we lack something. Earth has an abundance of women. Let’s be clear, this isn’t a takeover. It is an invitation.”

The man on the screen smiled, his long white hair, falling in his face as he cocked his head, opening his hands.

“You are welcome, women of earth. Your government has allowed us to send a few of our bravest, noblest warriors to your planet.”

“If any of you shall find them desirable, seek him! We will be here for two years. At the end of those two years, we will go home, and any of you who wish to join, may. There are applications at your local government offices to engage in this...shall we say match-making?”

Lola looked at Roxanne in concern. “This can’t be real. I mean...I knew we had a shortage of men go to another planet...”

A shortage? At 26 years old, Roxanne had seen approximately 24 grown men in her lifetime.

She looked up. Space huh? All she had to do is put up with an alien man for two years?

A smirk lifted her lips. How bad could it be?

She remembers the day she decided to go to space. She was standing in the middle of a pool of her mother’s blood. And she thought to myself, I’m an orphan.

And then she remembered the movie? It was an old cartoon, Mars needs moms?

I should go to Mars, she’d thought. Since I need a mom now.

Roxanne signed her name on the paperwork. It’s my dream. To leave this planet.

“Hello,” She gazed up at the sound of a reverberating voice. He had an accent. It’s unplaceable, but she could swear she’d heard it before—

“I’m Anith. You are...Roxanne, yes?”

The young woman wavered. “You...were on TV.”

Roxanne observed him, glancing up at his...very large structure, swallowing roughly. His skin is light blue. Oddly, it suits him. His hair is so long. It’s tied up into a ponytail but it’s so long.

Pretty. He’s pretty.

He was huge.

He grins, revealing a dimple in his cheek. “I was. I’m Anith. Let’s just say I’m a representative.” He stated surely, cocking his head.

“How are you this sunrise?”

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