Teenage Dream

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Blaze and Chase are back. Now navigating new schools, pregnancy and the return of crazy parents.

Romance / Humor
AJ Wylder
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High School Boys Recap

“Hey guys, welcome back to my YouTube channel, on today’s…” Wild grinned waving her hands around crazily, nearly knocking Blaze off the bed.

“Wild, this is not a YouTube channel.” Ryder groaned, “Just tell them what they missed in the last book.”

​Wild glared at him. I knew this was going to be a terrible idea from the start. For a group of friends as close as we were, it was weirdly impossible for us to co-ordinate anything without fighting or getting distracted.

“Fine.” Wild huffed.

​Blaze and I looked at each other knowingly.

“Hey readers! So, if you’re here it’s probably because you want to read AJ Wylder’s new book Teenage Dream, starring me, of course, and my amazing life.”

​Blaze coughed.

“You’re not the main character Wild.” Blaze said quietly.

“Yes I am.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yes I am.”

“Okay.” Ryder interrupted before Wild tried to murder Blaze, “Welcome readers to Teenage Dream, the sequel to High School Boys. For those of you who can remember everything about the last book, you can skip ahead to chapter one, if you need a recap, stay with us, and we’ll go over everything you forgot.”

​Blaze leapt forwards suddenly, sending me crashing to the floor. He barely acknowledged that he’d flung me off the bed as he spoke.

“No, Ryder! Why would you tell them to leave? Hey, readers, don’t leave. I’m serious, don’t leave, you can read the first chapter later.”

“Blaze, if they know what happened…” I started.

“Hush Lover-Boy.” Blaze said putting a hand around my mouth, “Wild, hurry up with the recap.”

Wild cleared her throat and stood up dramatically before deciding to sit back down.


Blaze and Chase are two boys from different schools. After a fire at Blackthorn High, all the students there go to stay at Ravenwood Secondary. Blaze and Chase hate each other, then they get put together for a school project. You know, the cliché stuff. Ryder, carry on.”

Ryder rolled his eyes.

“Blaze has a crazy boyfriend who is older than him and sex obsessed, we all hate him so so so so so so much and want him to die…”

“Ryder, they get it.” Blaze sighed.

“Fine.” Ryder huffed, “And Chase has crazy father who hurt him all the time who we also really want to kill…”

“Alright Ryder, I’ll take it from here.” I said sharply.

“Long story short, Blaze falls in love with me.”

Wild elbowed me off the bed again. I was this close to pushing her back before I realised pushing pregnant women wasn’t allowed.

“Chase, you missed out all the good stuff.” She whined.

“Like what?”

“Like you running after me in the rain.” Blaze teased.

“And Blaze wearing a crop top.” Ryder added.

“Shut up Ryder, you got Wild pregnant.” Blaze snapped pulling Ryder’s hair.

“Yeah? Well, you tried to give your teacher a blow job.” Ryder smirked.

“Yeah? Well Chase’s dad tried to kill him.” Blaze said in frustration.

“Hey, don’t bring me into this.” I said, “Besides, Wild was the one who attacked a girl with lettuce.”

Wild narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms.

“Blaze said he was a virgin in front of the entire school.” She shouted.

“Wild is pregnant.” Blaze shouted back.

“Blaze, we already said that.” I said stifling laughter.

“Oh whatever. Chase said I love you first and he kissed me first.” Blaze said, smiling in satisfaction.

“Blaze is a virgin.” Wild said.

Ryder palmed his face.

“We’re just going round in circles. Basically readers, if you haven’t read High School Boys yet, what are you still doing here? Go read it.”

Blaze leapt forwards again, and for felt like the 100th time, I fell off the bed.

“Blaze I swear to god…” I started.

“Also, also, before you guys all leave and start reading, please be warned that the story has some references to sex and violence.” He said.

“Why did you have to make it dark Blaze?” Wild groaned.

“Who cares?” Ryder smirked, “references to sex means at least some of us will get some in this book.”

We all looked at him.

“Don’t you think you’ve ‘gotten’ enough?” I said looking from him to Wild.

“Blaze is a virgin.” Ryder coughed.

For the love of…

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