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Unreciprocated love

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unreciprocated love  war of love* she looked on his outside wooden cabin door, golden plates name printed above her height level... matching his stander with her, she tightens her show fold near her chest, with trembling hand she makes two knocks. tok! tok!   ARSALAN ORAIBI Internist( internal medicine) she feared whole looking on his nameplates, and why not the first time she wants to meet him personally  coming! the sound was so hard, she flinched on her stand little calm down noor he will not eat you   with the help of her four finger pad, she tugged all loose hair behind her small ear which want to cover her half-face..such a naive grip its fall down where it was been before age of 31, tall like a tower, shoulder wide, sharp nose pointed jawline, short stubble covered his jaw fully, or intentionally from last week ..... is he is intention? hmm? she open heavy door making a little gap she peeped at him, he was busy studying some paper, the single piece of paper was placed on his desk his hand placed on his desk table making fist softly  Her agonizing step was noticed by his lower gaze ..on her feet, his corner of lips twisted to smirk... again shifted his gaze on paper, like he wants to make the serious moment, draws two fingers in the air toward her...exactly she notices it, gestures to sit such an arrogant can't say with a mouth  

Romance / Other
Kelley bella
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Silent men, this is not just word, the name's of personality

generally, men adapt it after hitting puberty, it's rarely someone has born with silent nature

ARSALAN oribi was born with tuff nature, most understanding, prefer to be silent mostly, babbling and being chatty is not in his nature.

manly shampoo smell filled in his room air..wow!

he has not to build a muscular body, but have enough to clutch his prey, it will be dying hard to get free from his clutch ...for her...

fixing his one barrel cuff button, his eyes were gazing on his palmtop, appointment lists

he approved his door knock,....cooming ( ajayein)

servent asked about his morning tea.

he draws two-finger in air output

distance murmured sound got clear on his agonizing step toward the hall, he takes off stair making silent face, his step was like predators

his one fake cough was enough to make silents, every teenager or high school badass are shivering in his presence like he was kind of animals

only one fragile lamb was thudding his delight feet on his voice.

founding herself alone with dr ARSALAN, she cursed everyone who left her with him alone all times

stylish heavy school bag tucked on her one side delight shoulder.

his eyes were down on the phone as usual looked at her with the low eyes you have to break your shoulder on one side..hmmm

she pulled down immediately....sorry for her meekly reply.

where is my tea? his eyes were down on the phone

he placed one hand in his pant pocket

she sneaks peeked his hand tightness .......naughty puberty hormones

Sharda has not given you ...she pointed her finger in his room direction

he lifted his eyelid looked her again down

nodding with head NOOOOO ..... such a lier naa

Her step moved towards the kitchen, making a sound, she hit the mug on the slab, made the packet unwrapped,

unwrapping sound...was loud

she made a thud sound with his cup intentionally and....he does not affect her anger

water was about to boil, she looked at him still busy with phone eyes was down, she tapping her both two finger on slab edges...

looking on his way, suddenly his gaze match with her, she felt he pinches her somewhere

stupid why are you staring at him so...

He took every sip like it was life-saving medicine, a small smile on his face, enjoying tea made up of noor hand

car clinched near her school gate's, she wants to hoop from his car..but her one leg was still jammed in the car somewhere she lost to mention him.

Are you coming at night" he gave her intense gaze, that she always means for him," todays my annual function, she pointed a finger up, that I told you last weeks

tonight ".....he flexes his jaw

ok.... such an arrogant only ok,

applying jell on hair, his finger settle his hair, At 25 years old he still didn't comprehend what kind of feeling he has for her.

his heartbeats run promptly.... so fast when she was around him, her laugh was pure water on his thirsty, sinful, intoxicating eyes,

he always controls himself to look into her eyes...

he took a seat in the back fouth lines,

he was late, ....miss the chance to match his eyes with her, front's seat was full already...

group of girls make a circle on stage, the stage curtains were tucked to edge corner,

all are in a black dress, fully covered top round neck long shirt and matching with black jeans

the bright band was tied on every girl's waist for belly dance

.each body move's taken with the rhythm of slow music...

Dilbar Dilbar *******

he was normal, folding hand on his chest making long huffed ..as like it was boring for him

after three minute's group of girls taking their position as a background dancer

one of the girls came into the centre like she was going to giving him slow-burn.....sensation of his ❤

her dance was started in hip hop he fixed his eyes glass above his nose bridge....she looks familiar his thoughts come true when he gets her clear look...nooor

he felt his body getting unknowns sensation, that was another sensation erupt on the chest when she stopped her hip hop dance music turned again classic Bollywood for belly dance

Dilbar Dilbar ****

her waist shimmery band shivered on belly step, on the slow rhythm of music and his heart too,

her dance step was decent, but he was taken where he wants........khamosh insaan

her 12 mint performance effect on him deeply, his hand fold over his chest got to change...yeah got change

his one hand broken the fold, turned toward his chin, his devilish smirk on her was covered on his light fist, his thumbnail grazing in the short distance his new stubble.

he got his answer she affects him.

at age of 14, she affects him.

the story of the war of love begins now.....


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