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Unreciprocated love

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Chapter 2

I never said I was a 'good girl '

my name is Noor Inayat and I am a bad girl.

in 2006 I was just 5year and an of months old, I am a mixed girl, my mother is from India and my father was Italian and he is dead.

parents are doctors working in Chicago, after my father died I got to understand we are not rich as I was felt before,

my mom Narmeen Armani not able to handle as being single parent, she got sick and I was kicked out of school, that's the day I got to know our destiny going to kiss motherland India

my first reaction was mute, my mother relatives not given me such a minute to feel about their love, first, they cried for my dad after hours they start cursing him..how he left us alone penniless... the reality of relative.

my mom was young I can see some loafer uncles pouring a fatherly love toward me...I just hope that my mom will not get married.

at age of 10, I was playing with my younger brother omer and yes my mom got married because her parents were still alive to settle her, accidentally.

my stepdad is a good person, but I miss my dad fact is that I love him.

one day after school mom was packing things along with mine too, first thing I adjusted my self with new friends and the Mumbai environment, that's was surprised for me I thought we are going back to Chicago,

oh ho that's was my dream

car drive towards the endless road, the destination was not designed to stop in midway, that was the long journey my concept got clear about the urban city and rural city if this question hit again in the midterm exam I challenge I catch full mark...

The whole ride my mother given me alarming notice, say salam to everyone, keep quiet, be in discipline and all those alarming speeches which suppose to be given by parents to their tinny porus.

and I want to take it seriously but my stepfather warm smile was not let me take it " seriously "

my stepfather is a businessman his name is baroque oribi, he belongs to a very restricted, traditional family.

after waiting long minus I jumped out making a thud sound, a girl should not jump like this.

gasped to see all funny people around me, covering their head with colourful veil matching to their dress ladies hugged my mother with amusement of greeting, strenge what, I can't see their face

that's what I got to know I am in Hyderabad their costumes are not different but their veils on the head are quite crazy.

a big boy staring at me like I snatched his favourite candy

but my mother advice hit inside my mind taken a lamb step toward the main door collapsible gate has tucked both sides...

an old man standing while holding support stick in a fist, tall big, white hair most funny his thick moustache

I held his hand and said salam in a very low voice, I did not know that one of my salam would melt his heart so much that, he accepted my mother along with me, I become his favourite granddaughter

Time passed in the air, everyone loved me very much except one man, Dr ARSALAN.

he is the elder brother's son of my stepfather, rude arrogant, and quite a silent person.

he took dinner last, but an item of food more than numbers delicious soup, chicken, salad pasta and fried rice some time gazar ka halwa

being a ladla of the house he has the power authority to eat whatever he wants.....

I decided to take dinner with him, he never minds when I pulled his all dishes bowl toward my plates.

he has a special quality to talking with scary eyes, without making a sound, he asks all the questions with his dangerous eyes.

and i scared.

he got soft when I was sick on my first periods, and why, there was a strong reason, I got high fever immense pain suddenly at midnight, that's the day I got to know I have a problem

he came into my room I was laid flat holding both hands on my tummy, my cheek was stained with tears, he patted two fingers on my cheek then he smiles toward me first time...

that's the day I got to know he is a student doctor.

after few years it was clear in my mind he is a silent person, his smile toward me last time was a miracle, and a miracle happens rare, once maybe

his face plastered again with seriousness, arrogant gaze and I just hope he will smile at the list on his birthday's

now I am 16 years old and ready to test my wings, our cousin group decided to visit in clubs, at night and I was so excited because dr Arsalan was out of city's

I wear straight jeans and simple collared t-shirt, other cousin crossed their restriction age, they have own choice to wear any thing.

Noor and omer her younger brother taken a seat on reserve corner side, two orange juice glass was their treat behalf of this they took responsibility to their bags purses, that are huge because each one has to change in descent on at the time of departure.

as her novel perception club is the place where mafia people visit mostly

such a naive why she thought all Italian Maria's will fell dawn as like apple in Hyderabad cocktails club,

one of the bald men flash a yellow smile toward her she twisted her lips like she saw a pig...

she felt some protective gaze toward her, like someone watching her, she ignored taking a sip of orange juice

suddenly strong arms touch her back that makes her body jammed ..she was just 16 years old, no one has touched her like this, some men have taken seats beside her.

omer slap on his hand as being protective brother, heyy misterrr you want to teste your death.

bald men laughed loudly because the music was also loud

he raised a dirty hand to touch her innocent face...soundless target hit on his hand, blood splattered on her face, her screams lauder over kinds of music,

exactly 6 minutes ago she texts dr Arsalan, she felt scared in the club, absorbing the dangerous aura around her, exposing her disobedience in his absence, she was hell scared, he is the only person whom she trusts most.

after that incident she looked at himself in the room, she avoids him when he was at home, she stops making morning tea, not even he asks about her one month pass on hiding and seak.

she feels scared to face him, she always needs his help, to taking admission in extra classes

joining for belly dance class, He used to help her during every difficult task.

Once when she asked for pocket money, he pointed to his wallet....thinking about his careful nature she cried a lot

Arsalan used to handle the matter on his own without informing anyone when the complaint of her came from the school.

Anabiya peeped from her window ..noor, Arsalan bhai calling you.

in the frightened face, she chews her nail, why is he calling me?

she covered her head with a dupatta first time, making her self sareef bandi

she knocked on his door ....waiting for his reply

a hard voice passes shiver currently on her spine.

she was standing in front of him ...without giving her a glare he takes black tea from her hand...

I didn't know that you would have such an effect on going to the club once if I had known earlier, I would have taken it 2 years ago.

forgive me for the last time.....she said very slowly

I can't........taking a sip

she speaks after a long silence...

then punish me .......she said

hmmmm......he hummed long

you will bring my tea by yourself.....

ok .....she said

You will iron my shirt and prepare it for the morning...such an easy punishment.....ok she said

and the last...

she smiles....shoe's polish that's I know

And your extra classes are also closed, I will teach you now.....evil smirk appears on his face

making a faint sound her body fell on the floor


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