No Longer The New Girl.

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The third and final book in the New Girl Next Door series. Five years later in the life of Tasmine Kelly and Oliver Brown. Will it be happily ever after? Read to find out.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1- Five Years on

**Tasmine’s POV**

**Five years later**

Not going to lie living in Mackay is different, not like I thought it would be. I have missed my family and friends so much, more so when Oliver is out on his week on out on site. It has been five years since we made the big decision to move in together like every couple, we have had our difficulties. More ups lately than downs which is amazing we are truly best friends and lovers and have now been happily engaged for under a year.

Also last year we bought our first home together, it is not our forever home but our first. I do know that we both want to build our forever home once that is done this one will be up for rent. We have been smart with our money only spending what we need, but also putting money aside for the fun things in life. Oliver has been gun-ho on putting his whole pay away into our savings and only living off my pay. Which I support one hundred percent sticking to what we have both agreed on. It is so much easier to stick to this plan now that I am qualified and receiving full pay, I was fast tracked to finish early under three years.

I work at a local shop, only female on the workshop floor, but that does not bother me, nor does it bother Oliver. I have also gone further into Plasma Transfer Arc Welding with the help of my supervisor as the company I work for specializing in this form of welding. It is good having both of our incomes, the money I do not use from my pay goes to our holiday and wedding funds. We have been overseas a few times I had so much fun and would love to go back over to the places we have been and spend a long time exploring, also exploring more of Australia. Helps my dad not have to pay for the whole wedding bill himself as Oliver’s parents are not willing to pay for anything nor want to go to our wedding. I feel for Oliver everyone wants their parents at their wedding.

Oliver is now a heavy automotive diesel fitter his been working drive in and drive out on site to Moranbah. Working on repair and maintenance of heavy mobile equipment such as the caterpillar D10, D11 dozers, and Komatsu 475 dozers. He’s not the manager but near it, so far, they are having issues with keeping staff on. I have not seen him for four weeks now, he gets to his days off and on his drive home after he has taken a nap, he gets called back in. Either something has broken down, or someone called in sick or a no show or someone tested positive for drugs or alcohol. It is stressing me out, I am worried about his wellbeing for one I know he’s tired as he tells me every time, we are face-timing but also his mental health. He has told me they have new people starting this week so hopefully his home and stay home for our holidays as he cannot miss them because our wedding is in exactly seven days. Hence the reason for my stressed-out state I am now on holiday working on the final stages of prepping for our wedding.

Oliver had taken me away to the Whitsundays on our visit he popped the question the most romantic way ever, it is funny as I thought we were about to break up. He was acting so weird in the lead up to this, during his seven days on and seven days off. On his off days when he was home, he would go out without talking to me, on his phone all the time, and avoid me. To be honest, I had no idea what was going on, I had so much running through my head, and seeing him down on his knee had me in tears. I didn’t want to have a wedding in our hometown as I had fallen in love with having our wedding at Villa Botanica in the Whitsundays a destination wedding. Once Oliver has seen the photo’s he was happy it meant we could stay a good few days before the wedding chilling out with our loved ones and after the wedding for a few more days. We have only invited close family and friends under 50 people having only those who love us and want to see us get married.

I am going stir crazy over here, I have filled our freezer with enough lunch and dinner meals for us that we should be good for months if our power does not go out. I am in the middle of cleaning up my mess when I can hear someone at the front door, times like this I wished we lived in a shared house again.

Please be home, please be you...

I grab the chef’s knife and headed towards the front door, as soon as I saw him, I dropped the knife onto the dining room table running towards him. He closes the front door and locks it, he notices me coming towards him he drops his bags on the ground, catching me as I jumped up into his arms. “You are home, you are home?” I am whispering this as I wrap myself around him, his holding tightly onto me as well. “I am finally home; fuck I have missed you kitten.” He groans out, I pull away a little to look into his beautiful brown eyes, which have darkened with desire. His eyes drop down to my lips I do not wait for him, leaning forward kissing him softly. He pushes his tongue against my lips, letting him in he takes over and I did not care. I missed kissing him, I missed his smell, his tastes, I just missed him.

“Hmmm hope you do not think you’re keeping this on the weekend,” I say running my hand over his beard that he has started to grow, he has the biggest smile on his face. “Kitten it is gone,” he stated, my thumb running along his beard. “After the wedding, you’re more than welcome to grow it back,” I said with a playful smirk on my face, he brushes his beard along my cheek. “Do you like it?” He asked, I smile at him, not going to let him know how much I love it, but I just do not want him to look that untidy for our wedding. “After the weekend I would love it,” I said happily, he laughs as he walks us to our lounge, sitting down I move my legs so he’s not sitting on them. His hands go straight to my hips I can never get enough of his touch.

“They are not going to call you back?” I quietly asked, hoping with all hope they can live without him for our time away, I look at him worried I do not think I can handle it if they call him back to work again. “I will not go back I am on holiday now; it is now their issue.” He said firmly, his hands are holding my face as he looks into my eyes lovingly. “Good because I want to do this.” He said, I lean down kissing him as I grind into his lap, he moaned into the kiss. Gripping my hips tighter I start undressing him, running my hands along his chiseled body. His hands slowly grip the edge of my pajamas, lifting them over my head throwing them off behind the couch. “How fond are you of your underpants?” Oliver asked, panting in between kisses, “Do not care right about now.”

He smiles into the kiss. “Right answer kitten.” He whispers, he grips the lace of the side of my underwear ripping it off me, as I make a start at undoing his pants. “Oh, hurry up Ollie I cannot wait any longer.” I groan out, he lifts me, holds me up as he pulls his pants down. He holds his base as I lower myself down onto him, we both let out groans, I stay still as he buries himself down deep inside of me. “Fuck Tassie I have missed this, my hand and your facetime calls are just not enough.” He whispers against my lips, “Aghhhh, hmmm I know I need to get new batteries.” I say this as I bite his earlobe gently, as he lets out a loud laugh. “Not even my replacement could keep up with you.” He asked, I laughed at the way he just said it. “Nope no one could replace you,” I said, he smirks at me. “Nor an object by the sounds of it.” He said around a fit of laughter, “Hmm sssh now love.” I whispered.

I slowly move my hips, he growled gripping me tighter moving me faster to the pace he wants. I wrap my arms around his shoulders kissing any and every part of his face and body that I could reach as I moan with each thrust. “Hmmm yes, Ollie... aghhh fuck.” I cried out, his thumb goes down in between us finding my clit rubbing fast as I move faster to match his pace. “Tasmine I am close.” He pants out, “Me too... OHHH YES OLIVER YES!!!” I screamed, “TASMINE!!!” Oliver screamed out, I held onto him like it would be our last, I hate missing him so much. I do my best not to let him know how much I miss him; I get the feeling he knows. But I cannot be that girl that tells her partner to take a job in town, I do not want him to end up hating me if he cannot find a workplace he loves.

“Hmmm, where has my kitten gone off too?” He softly asks, he cups my face with his hands. “No place, still here,” I replied, he lets out a sigh. “Tas, I know you very well. What is on your mind?” he asked, I look at him, he brushes my cheek before running his thumb over my bottom lip. He looks at me sadly, but those eyes have not missed anything. “You missed me more than you are letting on?” He asked, I just nod my head, trying to keep the tears at bay. Yes, I missed him so much, I have plenty of friends here but not even they seem to be able to help me not miss him. Even Jackie with his daily phone calls does not help as much as they used to. “I am sorry, I know you said for me to let you know when it got too much,” I said trying to hold back the tears.

His hands grip my hair as he looks me in the eye like he can see deep into my soul. “Kitten it will never get that bad again and if it does, I will happily hand them my three weeks’ notice.” He said, I sat back looking at him in shock, would he really do that? For me? “What? Really?” I asked shocked, I give him a weak smile, as I really do not want to be that person that askes their partner to stay in town. “Yes, we are trying for a baby about to get married and I haven’t seen you this month. I do not want to miss life because I was chasing money. What is that going to tell our children that I chose money over them? I also missed you so fucking much.” He said I can hear the pain in his voice, he brushes away the loose hair on the side of my face, as his thumb runs along my bottom lip. “I am the luckiest man in the world to still be madly in love with my high school sweetheart.” He whispered, I smiled at him as I run my fingers along his beard. “We are both incredibly lucky,” I whispered.

I lean in kissing him, my hands gripping his hair as he picks up the pace of the kiss. We keep kissing like this until we both need to take a breath. “Want to continue this in our bedroom?” He asked, I nod my head yes at him. He lets out a laugh as I climb off him so he can stand up, holding my hand he walks me towards our bedroom. I know he wanted me to be in our first stages of pregnancy before our wedding but does not seem like that is going to happen. I do not know if it is because I have been on birth control since I started my period, or something is wrong with me or him.

“Kitten?” Oliver asked, I had not noticed that we had stopped at our bedroom door and he was talking to me. I look up at him and just burst out into tears. He quickly pulled me into a hug, as I cry into his chest. “Hey, it is ok love.” He said, shaking my head no. “No, it is not,” I said through my tears, he holds on to me tightens. “Well, did you sleep with another man while I was away?” He asked, I scoffed against his chest. “Why do you always say that? No.” I said, “Normally stops whatever is causing you to cry. So, kitten what is going on in that brain of yours?” He softly asked, “Aren’t you worried?” I asked, he looks down at me confused. “Worried about what?” He asked, why is it so easy for others to fall pregnant right away or even unplanned and us it feels like forever.

“Why I have not fallen pregnant yet?” I asked so softly, he gives me a caring smile. “Tasmine, no I am not worried cause you are forgetting what the doctor said to us. That it can take time for your body to go back to normal after being on birth control for so long. She also said to come back after twelve months of trying. From my maths, we still have two months to go before that. Besides, I do not know about you, but I am loving all the practice of trying to make a baby.” He said with a small smile on his face, I start giggling as he lifts my chin so I am looking him in the eyes. “Ready for me to make you legless?” He asked, he may be older but that look of desire on his face is the same one I had fallen in love with so long ago. “It has been a while, but I am always up for that from you,” I said that smile of his is so contagious, I smile back at him as he picks me up throwing me over his shoulder, giving my ass a light tap as I laugh out. “Good, ’cause you are in for a treat,” Oliver said.

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