No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 10 - Can This Broken Heart Be Mended

**Tasmine’s POV**

“Hmmm, Ollie...” I moan out as he slowly moves into me, kissing my neck, his hand runs down to my hip lifting my leg as we climaxed together. “Tasmine” He moans out as he holds onto me tightly.

We had spent a good few hours talking, we worked out that he was worried that my old darkness had taken over. I won’t lie since we have been trying for a child I do feel like it is creeping back and that scares me, I know I should tell him that more often so we don’t miss communicate like that again. He was quite forceful in his views on me putting so much pressure on me to fall pregnant, I know his right, that I shouldn’t be bearing all of that pressure it takes two people to make a child. I feel like a failure if I cannot give what my soon-to-be husband wants, why marry me if I cannot give him a child or children. I don’t want to end up like the purple and yellow wiggle, my whole life revolves around him, and that is how far I have gone into my head.

It just shows how much emotions are involved in the lead up to our wedding, I feel upset and angry at my own mum for not being here, for also still no answers as to why she did what she did, to feel hurt and angry for Oliver for what his own parents are doing to him. I know he removed them from his life, but still, no one should have to do that, but as he said they are toxic people and we don’t need them in our lives. Wasn’t long before we started kissing which turned into the gentlest sex we have had done, Oliver is smiling at me as he gently creases my face. “I know I have said it a million times today, but Tasmine Kelly I am so sorry. I love you so much you are my world kitten cannot wait for tomorrow.” I smiled back at him. “Oliver, you can stop apologising now, think we have made up after that don’t you think? Also, I cannot wait either but are you aware I need to spend the night in Jo’s room, we cannot spend the night together.” He smiles. “I don’t want to, I want you all to myself.” He grumbles, I laughed, as he pulls a silly face. “You will have me all to yourself in no time.” We held onto each other for a little longer before someone started banging on the door as he groans out.

“I bet it’s Jackie, is it just me or has he gotten more annoying this week than his normal self?” I started laughing hard, as I replied around my fits of giggles. “He is your cousin!” I laughed, “Tassie, it’s nearly dinner time babe, you cannot stay the night with Oliver now get moving I want some alone time with you!” Josephine yelled out through the door, as I started laughing hard. “Oh when are her and Jackson going to get married, they are so right for each other!” Oliver slapped my hip. “Kitten, leave them be they have only gotten together by the looks of it they will marry when they are ready if that is what they want. Don’t you start messing in their relationship kitten.” He said with a stern look on his face, I know what he means but I am just too happy to see the pair of them happy again, she hits the door again.

“I can hear the pair of you talking, don’t make me go get the desk staff to let me into the room! Considering how long you both have been in there I know you naked!” We both let out groans. “We better get out of bed.” He whispered as he kisses my shoulder. “Bitch we are up!” I called out to her, I wrap the sheet around me, as I make my way towards the door. “Babe! Can I at least get dressed before you let her in?” He asked me, I looked over at him. “Want to try a threesome?” I asked him, he looked shocked at me. “Your joking, right?” I start laughing, unsure if I am, I do enjoy kissing her but I also enjoy how much it turns him on watching us, if it didn’t turn him on, I wouldn’t be doing it. He raced towards his bag grabbing some clean clothes as our other clothes are all thrown over the room, heading into the bathroom, the bathroom door closes as I open our room door.

“Fuck Tasmine your just as bad as him, in answering the door butt naked!” Jackson yelled at me, I poke my tongue at him. “I am not butt naked I have a sheet wrapped around me.” I snapped at him. “That is still naked Tasmine!” He yelled back at me as he stormed into the room. “Please tell me at least Oliver is putting on clothes?” He asked, “Stop your bitching!” Oliver yelled out from the bathroom; Jose walked into the room she hasn’t taken her eyes off me as she bites her bottom lip Jackson noticed it too. “Is it bad that I want to know what you taste like Tasmine?” She said just as Oliver walks out stopping in his tracks looking at us all in shock. “NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I am happy to let you two kiss, but that part of her is all for me got it.” He said as he looked at our best friend.

“Oh, I don’t get as turned on by them kissing as you do brother! She is my sister that is like so gross!” Jackson said as he sat on our bed. “Well, Oliver do you think you get a say in this it is her body, not yours?” Josephine snapped back at him. I looked at the pair of them, I do have that question as to what it would be like to have a girl go down on me, but I won’t push it if he is against it. “Jo, stop. He is right, I will only do things he is ok with and he is clearly not ok with that.” Jo huffed. “You cannot talk like this to me while you are naked Tasmine!” I start laughing at the flustered look on her face, I grab some clean clothes heading towards the bathroom, Oliver kissed me on the lips before I walked into the bathroom, just as I closed the door, I heard Jackson. “I see it didn’t take her long to forgive you, you are one lucky dumb bastard you know that?” I didn’t hear what Oliver said as I stepped under the shower to clean myself up.

“About time girl! Pack all your shit up now we are moving you to my room tonight and tomorrow you two love birds get the wedding suite.” Josphine snapped as I would out, she started picking up things off the floor and throwing them at Oliver. “That means you two keep your hands to yourself tonight.” He said to her, I did my best not to laugh at how worried he is with me being in a room with her. “Babe it is ok we slept in the same bed last night and she was good.” He looked up at me shocked. “Good as in” He didn’t finish as Jo cut him off. “As in well behaved as in Lee was on the other side of her you dickhead.” The two men burst out into fits of laughter. “You made your Dad sleep in the same bed as you?!” Jackson said around a fit of laughter, “I did, I was upset” That stopped them laughing fast. “Well Jackson, Jo is extra bitchy today are you not tapping her hard enough or regular enough?” Oliver asked.

I start laughing at the look on Jo’s and Jackie’s faces, as Oliver looks proud of himself for finally burning him. “Why would you say that to me? I am hurt!” Jackson snapped, we all burst out into fits of laughter while Jackson looks at us seriously. “Oh don’t you play dumb brother! You have been giving me and Tasmine grief since we started dating its only about time that I pay that favour, don’t you think?” Jackson stood up looking at Oliver in shock. “You had heaps of time and partners to use this on, why now?!” He looked angry. “Bro, it’s because we are happy you are finally with her, we knew from Tassies eighteenth birthday, you guys had a thing for each other but for some reason the pair of you waited now to get together, calm down if you don’t like us teasing you maybe you should cut it out with us,” Oliver said.

I zipped up my bag looking at the two men, should I leave them alone? Yes, they are grown adults they can work this out together. “Well, I am all packed up, I will see you tomorrow babe.” He looked up in shock at me as he realised what was going on, racing towards me wrapping me up in a hug. “Oh, kitten I am going to miss you tonight.” He whispers as he kisses me, I wrap my arms around him smiling into the kiss. “You will live babe, it will make our wedding night even better. I will be the one in the white dress.” He laughs. “God I cannot wait for tomorrow night either, I cannot wait to see you in your beautiful dress, I will be the handsome one standing up front in the suit you picked out.” I start laughing. “God, I hope so babe.” He kisses me again, holding my face in his hands as I grip onto his shirt, his hands running down my body as he roughly grips my ass pulling me into him as he heats our kiss, wow I wish the others were not in our room right now.

We hear giggling and coughing as we pull apart. “I would say get a room, but I am on your bed and don’t want to see that. Come on the boys are in my room waiting to join us.” Jo comes up beside me with my bags with a big grin on her face. “You ready for another girl’s night?” She asked, I looked at her. “Please no alcohol I don’t think I can drink ever again!” That just got them all laughing at me, I snapped my eyes at Oliver and he stopped laughing. “Alright, boys I am off, behave, please!” They smiled and both gave me hugs and promising they will behave tonight, I make my way towards Jo’s room opening the door to find all of the girls sitting on the bed chatting and laughing and eating junk food while a moving is playing in the background.

“So, we take it the wedding is still on baby girl?” My grandma asked as she rushes over towards me, wrapping me up in her famous hugs. I climbed up onto the bed and cuddled into my Aunty and cousin as they filled me on the movie they are watching, as Justine comes out of the bathroom with her hands full of facemasks packets. “Who is ready to be pampered?” We all agreed as we started to get pampered, it was nice having some girl time. Then there was a soft knock on the door, as my gran stood up and answered it as she was the one sitting next to the door. “It’s girls only tonight my boy, what do you want?” Grandma snapped, we all look at her trying to see who she snapped at. “Mum, come on? She is my daughter I would like to talk to her please.” Dad’s voice filled the room, I jumped off the bed to walk up behind my gran to see my dad standing at the door, he didn’t look drunk so that is good. Wonder why he is at this door; he spotted me and gave me a big smile, trying not to laugh at us all who have the masks on, mine is purple.

“Hi baby girl, you up for a chat?” He asked.

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