No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 11 - Daddy's Little Girl

**Tasmine’s Pov**

I followed Dad outside, wondering what he wants to talk about? Oh god please don’t tell me those boys have done something stupid again? Dad noticed the look on my face. “Nothing is wrong with the idiot mob sweetie.” I raised my eyebrows up at him. “The idiot mob?” I asked he laughed. “Yes, when I left, they all were laughing and acting like a bunch of children.” I laughed then. “Sounds like you are getting old dad.” He takes me to his room, what is going on.

“Dad, you are worrying me. What is going on? Please tell me you haven’t gotten some random pregnant?” He spun around looking at me shocked. “What the hell Tassie? Why would you say that?” He asked shocked, I start laughing. “Well, I know it’s not the last bit, so what is up dad?” He sits down on his bed I sat down in front of him, then he burst out into a fit of laughter. “Go take that shit off please I cannot talk to you looking like that.” I groaned but headed into his bathroom to wash it off, once done I sat down in front of my dad wondering what the hell has gotten into him. “Baby girl now please do not get angry with me, and just hear me out.” I looked at him, yeah I am over all the fighting I just nod my head with a smile, he leans over grabbing both of my hands in his. “Now, I would like you to answer me honestly, please.”

“I will dad, come on spit it out already,” I said wanting to go back to being with the girls, “Is the darkness coming back?” I was taken aback by that question. “Wow, dad where is this question coming from?” He gives me that come on you know what I am talking about look. “Tassie, these past couple of days your moods, the crying all of it just has me think that the darkness from your youth has reared its ugly head, and you are keeping it quiet.” He is looking at me watching me intently, I feel like a small child again waiting for my punishment to be dealt out. “Um, I feel like it has dad” I stopped took a deep breath in. “I think him being away for so long, and the trying and nothing happening, missing mum, and the fights have just caused me to explode emotionally” He cuts me off. “Baby girl that is understandable, weddings are very stressful. But I am worried about you, and it’s not like the pair of you to fight like that. Did I not hit him hard enough earlier?”

I looked up at him, doing my best not to cry as I felt that is all I have done instead of being happy, you are supposed to be happy in the lead up to your wedding. Why am I not? “Is this all just nerves and jitters?” He moves around so he’s sitting next to me wrapping me up in a hug. “Nerves and jitters are all normal sweetie. Are you getting feelings to run?” I looked up at him, am I? “No, I don’t know, am I doing the right thing? Marrying the first boy I have fallen madly in love with? Should I have gone and played the field first before marrying him?” I asked, “Oh, baby girl, I had the same fears the night before I married your mother. You want to know what your Grandad had said to me when I bought those fears up with him?” He asked, “He told you to man up?” We both laughed.

“Well that too, but no he said it’s normal to have those thoughts, as the fear of being with one person for the rest of your life is scary, you fear that they will break your heart, but what is worst is letting those fears win and you miss out on having the best life you could have had with someone that had loved you dearly. Now, do you want to live the rest of your life with regret in not Marrying Oliver, or do you want to live a life full of happiness and everything that goes with life?” He asked, I looked up at him, I smiled at him. “I think I would have liked him; I cannot see my life without Oliver. How much did that hurt for you to hear that?” I asked he laughs. “Oh, I am over that, but I am still angry at him for his latest stunt.” I give him my best resting bitch face.

“You two behave, please,” I told him, “Sorry, but he had my only baby girl in tears. He deserves to suffer for a bit longer.” I groaned out. “Please dad, I have forgiven him. Could you please?” He shakes his head. “You forgave him way too easy you know that.” I glared at him. “I had seen how heartbroken he was after it dad, I may have forgiven him but I will not forget what he had done, he does it again unsure of what I would do.” I said quietly, “Tasmine you tell me right away if he does it again, won’t you?” He looked worried. “Yes, dad I would.” He smiled at me, pulling me into a hug as he kisses the top of my head. “I knew that boy had fallen madly in love with you all those years ago.”

“Dad it was like nearly seven years ago not that long time,” I said, “No, I am talking about when you were little.” I smiled up at him. “Before” He cuts me off. “Yes, wonder how you two would have been like if you had grown up together.” I smiled at him. “Probably be in this same spot right now.” He laughed. “Knowing you yeah.” He said shaking his head, “Can I go back to the girls, or did you want to talk about something else?”

“No, go have fun with the girls, I will be at your room first thing in the morning.” I smiled at him as he gives me a hug. “I love you Tasmine.” I held onto him tighter. “I love you too dad. Hey dad?” I asked, “What’s up kiddo.” Pulling away looking down at my hands. “Grandad, did he say why he couldn’t come this time?” I hate it I have met him once only because he was at dad’s shop when I was up visiting the pair of them were fighting. Dad was telling him to pull his finger out before he died to get to know his only granddaughter. “Sweetie, his loss like I have told you, I know it hurts but I wouldn’t be thinking of him, he made his bed with you now he has to deal with it. Is this what has been playing on your mind, your mum and her dad not being here?” I nod my head. “I hate them both but then I miss them and then I hate myself for hating them.” He just nods his head. “I know I feel the same way about them, it is ok to feel that way, now go spend some time with the girls.”

I stood up and headed towards the door noticing dad was making himself comfortable. “You’re not going back to the boy’s room?” He looks back up at me. “Nah, I am going in for an early night leaving tomorrow night to stay up late.” I nod my head. “Dad, you know I was ok with you bringing your girlfriend to the wedding.” He looked up at him like I had busted him. “Your grandmother told you, didn’t she?” He asked, “Nope, your sister and brother. Why is she not here?” I asked, Dad, looked like I asked him to tell him what he does in the bedroom.

“Um... I love you Tassie but I am not ready to bring her to a big family function like your wedding, you know that says something to the partner that you think it’s a long-term thing. I am just not sure I want that with her. Don’t get me wrong she is a nice lady but” I cut him off. “She is fun but not a long-term girl, I get it, dad.” I said, “Of course you do. Night sweetie!” Nothing worst than having someone in family wedding photos knowing they are not long-term, we both laugh. “Night dad!” I said loudly, I leave him in his room, I’m not going to push him on his girlfriend thing as he clearly doesn’t want her to meet me which is saying that he will be ending it soon. I can hear laughing and screaming from the girl’s room, do I want to go into that room.

“Why are you not in their kitten?” I heard him and turned around smiling at him. “Dad wanted to talk to me. Why aren’t you in the boy’s room?” I asked him, he had now walked up to me pressing up against the wall. “Hmmm you didn’t answer my text, and then your grandma texted saying you weren’t in the room. I thought” I cut him off by covering his mouth with my hand. “Thought I had a moment?” He nods his head, I wrap my arms around his shoulders. “I kind of did, but it was what dad and myself were talking about, but I am good he helped me out.” He held onto me tighter. “I can guess that he wants to bash me up again?” He asked, I laughed. “He will always want to do that.” He looks down at my lips, his hand grabs my chin pulling me up for a passionate kiss, we didn’t hear the door opening.

“Come on now, you can do that tomorrow you two!” My grandma snapped at us, we both pulled away laughing, he leans down whispered in my ear. “Night kitten see you soon. I love you.” He turned around, I yelled out to his back. “Night Ollie, see you soon and I love you too!” His shoulders start shaking I know he was laughing; I head towards my grandma who was now shaking her head, “Girly you are worst than when you were first dating!” I laughed. “I know he has gotten so much hotter, hasn’t he Grandma?” I asked while laughing harder as I walked past her, she slapped the back of my head. “Don’t you start” She grumbles, Rach and Jo move over making a space for me on the bed, I climb into the bed they both wrapped themselves around me. “You really left us to go and get kisses from him?” Rach pouted, I started laughing.

“No, I was with dad all this time, I only ran into Ollie when I had reached the door, he was worried from the text messages.” That just caused us to be told to be quiet by the rest of the group who are watching the movie, I cuddle into my best friends falling asleep while they party around me. Tomorrow I will be becoming Mrs. Brown, and I cannot wait, I need to push these fears and doubts away now that I know it’s my nerves playing on them and old issues from my past trying to come back, which I am not going to let it win.

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