No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 12 - The Big Day


Sitting in the chair, in my bridal underwear and dressing gown as I watch all the females that I love rushing around me getting ready, where all I want to do is sit next to the toilet because I don’t know if I want to vomit, pee or do a poo I am so nervous and I have no idea why I am this nervous for either. Feeling a pair of hands wrap around my shoulders from behind, looking up in the mirror in front of me I am greeted by my Auntie Danielle who had a big grin on her face and she was also dressed and ready.

“Tassie, sweetie you will be fine, that man has been madly in love with you for years. If we all thought he was wrong for you we all would have said something to you by now.” I smiled at her doing my best not to cry and wreck my freshly done makeup. “I know, I’m just nervous, think I will be fine once I see his smiling face.” She kisses the top of my head. “Yes, he will have that big smile that he always has on his face when he’s near you. I know I am so much older than you but I wish I have found love like what the pair of you have. I know everyone has told you both at the start it’s only young love it will go nowhere. I believe those that said that were just not ready to come to terms that you had found true love at such a young age. The pair of you have been through so much and I cannot wait to see what the rest of your lives bring, so proud to be called your Auntie.” She hugs me and starts waving her hand in front of her eyes trying to stop herself from crying. I didn’t get to respond when my grandma came rushing over with her trolly with a big smile on her face.

“I love you Danny but move! I need to get to our beautiful bride we do not want to be late!” Grandma said I gave my Auntie a wave she just laughs as she goes to see what her daughter is up to, my gran leans down and whispers in my ear. “Let’s Winchester the hell out of your hair bitch.” I start laughing. “You have been watching?” I asked her in shock. “You are always so shocked with your grandma, but get this into your beautiful head you have one cool grandma that wants to keep up with the times! And her grandkids.”

Two hours later I was standing in front of a floor-length mirror looking at myself while Grandma and Auntie Taylor are doing the back of my dress up, while all my bridesmaids are laughing and chatting away. Dad walks in with a big box in his hands. “Ladies I have the flowers!” He looks at me through the mirror and he gives me a massive smile, leaving the box of flowers for Josephine to hand out. He makes his way over towards me as my Grandma and Auntie both give me hugs as he pushes them out of the way. “My baby girl, god you are so beautiful today! I am so proud of the lady you have become.” He only stops as he has started crying while he was holding tightly onto me.

“Ahh thanks, dad, but please stop crying I don’t want to cry and wreck my makeup just yet.” He starts laughing. “Ok, should we make him sweat a bit longer?” He wiggles his eyebrows up at me. “No stop dad! Let’s get going!” He groans. “Tasmine, you know” I glared at him as I know what his about to say to me again, cutting him off, “Dad I am highly aware of what you had told Oliver when he was a teenager. Now drop it as it stopped applying when he asked me to marry him. We haven’t gone and done the mistakes that you and mum had made that you were so afraid of us doing” He puts a finger to my lip, stopping me. “If you had let me finish Tasmine you would have known that was not what I was going to say. I was going to say I am so glad you two had proven me wrong because right now I am so happy to see you this happy and to know that he will always look after you and when you have children, he would be an amazing father too.” He smiled at me as he wraps me up in a hug again. “Ok, you two let’s go get these two love birds married!” Grandma announced to everyone.

As we stand at the arch entryway to our wedding, and the girls all smiling and talking happily with each other. Our wedding venue is breathtakingly beautiful archway full of greenery, with a pergola overlooking the ocean, with white flowers and greenery hanging from the top of the sides of the pergola. Tasmine's wedding dress is not too thin straps, that pungle just down blow my bust, the bodice is made up of ribbon roses, with a nude coloured liner with flowing tulle over the top, the roses flow down in a nice pattern down the dress.

Josephine, Rachel, and Justine are wearing different dresses to suit their bodies, they are also in different colours too, Josephine is wearing maroon coloured dress, Rachel is wearing a maroon soft pink type of coloured dress and Justine is wearing pale pink coloured dress. Emma is wearing the same coloured dress as Josephine however she has sleeves that fall off the shoulder, Rose is wearing the mini version of Justine's dress in the same colour, and little Freddie is wearing a maroon suit with a white button down shirt and a black tie, he looks like a little spunk.

“Tas your hot today,” Jo said with a big smirk on her face. “Babe, I love you but we” She laughs cutting me off. “Tas wasn’t thinking that at all, you are smoking hot today and Oliver is one lucky man!” She whispers yells at me. “You too, Jackie is going” Dad cuts us off. “Girls the music has started.” Then I heard over the sound system Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. We both looked at him in shock as the girls started to make their way down the aisle. It was now just myself and Dad standing in the archway looking right ahead, I wasn’t paying any attention to our loved ones on either side of the aisle, I couldn’t take my eyes off his face.

He has that large smile on his face that I love so much. I felt like I raced towards him before I knew it dad had given me a soft kiss on my cheek and I was left standing in front of the man I love so much, he mouths the words ‘your fucking smoking kitten.’ I mouth that he was smoking hot too, we both giggle.

What Jackson, Max, and Dean are wearing, adult style suits like Freddie is wearing. Oliver is wearing a grey suit with a white button down top with a maroon tie.

“Hi, I would like to welcome you all here today in celebrating the marriage of Oliver Brown and Tasmine Kelly. My name is Renee Bradly I am the celebrant, here to join these two in marriage. Before you are married in my presence and in the presence of these witnesses, I am to remind you of the solemn and binding nature of the relationship into which you are now about to enter. Marriage, according to the law in Australia, is the union of two people to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life. Now, who gives Tasmine away today?” Renee asked, my dad, grandma, all of my uncles, and aunties yelled out, “We do.” I smiled doing my best not to cry. “I have married a lot of couples in my day, it’s been a while since I had the opportunity to marry a couple that has known each other for so long. Watching them interact with each other for our first meeting I knew right away what they had found is what a lot of us dream of, and that is true love. I was shocked to hear that Tasmine had absolutely hated him when she first met him back in year eleven was it?” Renee asked, Oliver, laughs. “Yes!” Oliver yells out.

Causing everyone to laugh. “Yes, clearly it had taken her a while to work out she had feelings for him. But once they did nothing was stopping them, which has led them here today, we have come to the time for these two to say their vows.” I smiled up at Oliver as he pulls out a piece of paper I giggle as I notice there is nothing written on it at all, but he kept up the joke for the others. “I, Oliver, am so proud to stand here today with you after all of our years together and make what I have known to be true for so long, an official partnership. We have earned our special day today through years of support, compromise, and respect for one another as we made the commitment to not just grow up as individuals, but to grow up together. I am so grateful for the hurdles we have had to overcome because they have made us so strong that I know we will not just survive an eternity together; we will thrive in our life together. I promise to look at you the same way I did the first time we met on your father’s doorstep until death does us part. I call upon the people here present to witness that I Oliver Brown, take you, Tasmine Kelly, to be my lawful wedded wife.” He smiles at me as he gives my hands a light squeeze.

“I know that there is no other place I want to be than right here, right now, committing to you and our life together until we cease to exist. I can think of nothing more special or precious in this world than the two of us standing up here in front of our family and friends, declaring to each other and to the world, that we will love, support, and honor each other forever. Forever is a word that did not really have meaning for me until now, because now I have something that truly is forever, we have something that truly is forever. I promise to never forget the gravity of the promises we make today and will do everything in my soul to love you every minute, of every day, that we are lucky enough to have together from this day forward. I call upon the people here present to witness that I, Tasmine Kelly, take you, Oliver Brown, to be my lawful wedded husband.” I smile at him as he mouths, he loves me, keep those tears at bay Tasmine!

“Now, do we have the rings?” Renee asked, as Jacksons start patting his pockets while Oliver looked like he was going to kill him, as Jackson pulls the rings out of his pocket laughing. “Sorry bro, I had to do that!” He steps out of Oliver’s reach as everyone starts laughing. “Now Oliver repeat after me please, I give you this ring as a token of my love.” Oliver smiled as he grabs my ring hand placing the ring right on the tip of my finger. “I give you this ring as a token of my love.” He slips the ring on, as I grab his hand doing the same with his ring. “I give you this ring as a token of my love.”

“I would like to announce you, husband and wife, you may now kiss,” Renee said loudly, Oliver leans down giving me a small peck on the lips, pulling away laughing then whispering. “Fuck I have waited too long to kiss those lips.” He grabs the back of my head pulling me in for a heated kiss, I grip his suit jacket trying to hide how turned on he just made me. We pull apart to our families and friends screaming and cheering their joys at us. Oliver wraps his arm around me pulling me in tightly as he whispers. “Do you think they will notice if I take you up to our room now?” I laughed. “You can wait a little bit longer, husband.” He growls in my ear. “Keep saying that” He was cut off by Jackson. “Ollie cut it, let’s go celebrate this long awaited wedding!”

We went down the aisle holding hands laughing, crying, and hugging our loved ones as we made it to the end, to mingle with them and then raced off to do our photo’s I haven’t smiled this much in my life. It was a great afternoon out and about getting our photos taken, Oliver lived up to his comment earlier wanting to devour me whenever he could.

Sitting at our wedding table as everyone around us chatted, laughed, and ate, while I joined in but picked at my food. Feeling his hand on my leg I look his way. “Kitten why aren’t you eating? You will need something to soak up that alcohol.” He said softly with worry on his face. “I’m only having one drink babe; don’t think I want to drink ever again after that night.” He arches an eyebrow up at me. “You didn’t answer me about you not eating.” He stated, “I’m not hungry Oliver.” Ever since Noah had died and I lost all that weight from not eating him, and everyone around me that loves us makes that comment when I don’t eat. I know they are worried but I am over it.

“Ok, sweetie but please take a few bites just to soak up the alcohol.” He leans forward kissing under my ear, causing me to moan out. “You want to know what I dreed the most about today is?” I looked at him. “That I would run off?” He shakes his head no. “No, I know you wouldn’t do that, I dreed Jackie’s speech” I cut him off as I burst out into a fit of laughter. “You are not the only one! He knows all our dirty darkest secrets!”

“Who knows your dirty darkest secrets?” Speck of the devil himself said next to Oliver with a big smirk on his face, both I and Oliver shared a look of how much did he just hear? Oliver turned around looking at his cousin and best mate. “You, you big dickhead.” That just got us with Jackson laughing. “Well, you both are about to find out exactly how scared you should be.” Oliver groaned knowing he had heard all of it, Jackson winks at us as he stood up tapping his knife against his beer glass to get everyone to stop talking. “Ok, you all know who I am, if not then where the hell have you been hiding?” Everyone burst out into laughter. “Ok, ok it wasn’t that funny now shhh. Now I am Jackson aka Jackie thanks to the beautiful blushing bride for making that nickname stick back in high school.” I cut him off yelling out. “Your very much welcome Jackie!” More laughter. “Thanks, little thing, Oliver can I point it out that I am so grateful for your horrible parents as you and Monica spent more time at our house than your own growing up, mum would have loved today and she most defiantly would have been over the moon that your married Tasmine.” He had stopped to wipe a few stray tears, I notice even Oliver and Max had whipped away their tears too.

“First I would like to say thank you Tasmine, yes myself and Oliver are cousins however the love you two have and your friendship have bought myself, Oliver and Maxie Pad closer together we are now more like supper best friends than cousins, brothers, don’t believe we all would have been this close if you weren’t in the picture little thing.” He took a sip of his drink then he continued. “Oliver I remember the day you came to me telling me Tasmine was the one you want to be your wife and my first thought was does she know this? Cause if she did, she would have wanted to punch you. You see he told me this well and truly before they had even started dating, hence why she would have wanted to hit him. I always thought it was odd how he felt like that right away, but now I get it man I get it. I am also so dam happy to be your best man tonight and to witness this magical moment in your lives. As much as your public display of passion annoys me, I wouldn’t have it any other way. As you both are what people do say true love is real and you can find it at any time. Enjoy your new lives as husband and wife, also Tassie you are now officially stuck with all of us Brown boys!”

The room erupted into loud cheers. “Let’s all raise our glasses in celebrating Mr. and Mrs. Brown! We all love you and about bloody time you two got married! Cheers!” As everyone finished their cheers, Jackson sat back down looking at us both. “See nothing to fear my loves!” Jackson said with a big smile on his face, Oliver just shakes his head. “Thanks mate!” They bro hugged; Jackson pulled away grabbing my arm pulling me into a hug squishing Oliver in the middle. “I love you both so much!” Jackson whispered, I go to reply but we were stopped by another person taping their knife to their glass, I look up to see my maid of honor standing up looking nervous as anything.

“Well, how the hell do I follow such an amazing speech like that! Thanks, Jackie!” Josephine said trying not to laugh. “You’re welcome, my sexy girl!” Jackson shouted out as she blushed so much, I reached up grabbing her hand giving it a gentle squeeze, she looks down seeing me smiling up at her she nods her head. “For those who do not know me, I am one of Tasmine’s female best friends Josephine, also Jackie’s girlfriend if you didn’t work that out. I was one of the lucky ones to watch these two hate each other, then them becoming friends, and then boyfriend and girlfriend. To be still dating the person you dated back in high school and marrying them is a big feat and I am so proud to have witnessed this with the pair of you. With a dad like Lee to still managed to make it work in the early years.” Dad cut her off. “I object to that young lady!” We all start laughing, as Oliver spoke up. “We all know if you had your way back then we may have never been together!” Dad just laughs and gives Oliver the rude finger. “Doubt anything would have stopped you two being together!” Chris yells out.

“Well yes, we all know that Lee was over the top strict, enough about that. Now Tasmine told me to never tell you all this, and I thought no you all need to know this as you know what are friends for other than embarrassing you? Right? This was a few years ago, I had received a missed call from her and she had left a voice message.” I cut her off. “You cow! You said you wouldn’t bring this up!” Oliver and Jackson both snapped their eyes at me. “Shh Tasmine we want to hear this!” They both said at the same time, “Thank you, boys, anyway I clicked on to hear her message and no joke she is talking away leaving her message then she says hold up you’re calling me I’m just going to put you on hold just a sec and no joke she puts my answering machine on hold! I had to call her back up to find out if she was drunk or high as it’s not normally her go to blonde thing to do. Turns out she is a secret blonde; babe do not change your hair colour to blonde ok!” She is waiting for everyone to stop laughing.

“Well, I suck at public speeches so I will end it now, with a toast to the bride and groom hoping that your lives together bring more happiness, love, and hopefully a few mini little Oliver’s and Tasmine’s running around, as I will be the best Auntie and spoil them rotten!” Everyone laughed and toasted us as Oliver gave my leg a gentle squeeze, as my dad stood up pulling out a piece of paper, I want to laugh instead I nearly burst out into tears, Oliver sensing my change in mood quickly puts an arm around me bring me in closer to him, which did start to calm me down. “Um, Hi all, well you all do know who I am, if not for the very small few that don’t, I am the father of the bride, Lee. Watching your own child being born was the most magical day of my life to then watch you learn how to sit, laugh, walk and run. What is more magical is to see that those little friends that you had while learning all of this are sitting right next to you. I never wanted to tell you this but I feel like it’s fitting right now.” Jackson and Max cut him off. “Well then spit it out, old man!” they both said while laughing as my dad gives them his best glare and their dad looks like he wanted to stand up and slap the pair of them while I joined in on the laughing.

“Right! Thanks for that comment boys. Tasmine you were about four you just had a major fight with Jackson and Noah over some sort of toy so all three of you were in the kitchen crying and trying to get the mums to take your side in the fight. Us dads are doing our best not to be noticed by the mums stayed down stairs, Oliver, Max, Monica, and Mason were playing on the fort, next thing I knew Oliver was standing in front of me and his dad with the biggest smile on his face then he just said happily, ‘One day dad I will be marrying Tasmine because she is cute as a kitten and has sharp claws like one too.’ I am not going to lie I burst out into a fit of laughter as that was the cuties thing I had heard, and to be honest I thought it was just a little kid thing. Boy was I wrong.” Everyone started laughing.

“The day Oliver had come to me to ask for Tasmine’s hand in marriage I was reminded by that day, he had the same look on his face which did shock me if I am being honest but also, I am so proud that my little girl has managed to find someone who truly does love her and respects her that only a father could have asked for. I am proud of the adults the pair of you have become, I cannot wait to see what life has installed for the pair of you. Let’s all raise a glass again for Mr and Mrs Brown!” He did it, he had me in tears, I stood up and walked up to dad giving him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks, dad.” He laughs. “Your welcome baby girl.”

As I sat down, I noticed Uncle Charles had just stood up. “Ok, I know you all have heard heaps of speeches tonight so I will make this a quick one. Oliver, I know I am not your father, but I feel like you are my son, I am so proud to be here today to witness you marrying your childhood sweetheart, you remind me so much of myself, and” He stopped, it’s like he couldn’t say the next words he took a drink of his beer. “I cannot wait to see what life throws at the pair of you as you have handled it so well this far that has only made the pair of your stronger. Cheers for bring a massive smile on my face and warming up my ice-cold heart.” He holds up his beer to us as everyone cheers.

Once all the speeches had been done, it was time for cutting the cake, we thoroughly enjoyed doing that, besides Jackson’s disappointment of the pair of us not smashing cake in our faces like he was begging us to. Oliver came up next to me holding his hand out to me. “Kitten you up for our first dance?” He asked, I laughed, “Of course Ollie.” We walk towards the middle of the dance floor as Shawn Mendes, There’s nothing holdin’ me back starts playing, I looked up at him.

“I know it’s not the song you picked, but babe this sums us up more than” I put a finger to his lips stopping him. “It’s so much better thank you.” He laughs, “You will listen to me next time?” He asked while laughing. “Hmm maybe.” As he dances us around the dance floor once the rest of our guests started joining us, we became dirtier with our dance moves. “Wife are you ready to go back up to our room yet?” He asks as he grinds into me from behind. “Hmm, a bit longer please I’m having so much fun with our loved ones and you.”

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