No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 13 - The Big Party

**Tasmine’s Pov**

“Baby girl I am going to head up to my room, I am getting way too old to stay up this late.” My dad said throwing his arms around me. “Dad it’s fine I understand, but did think you and all my uncles would have lasted longer?” I giggled, may have hit the drink a bit harder than I thought. “We have sweetie, we are the last oldies.” He laughed. “I am so happy for you sweetheart, it’s lovely to see the pair of you both smiling like that.” He gives me a gentle kiss on the forehead before, saying his goodbyes to the rest of the group that is left.

Spotting Jackson by himself for the first time in a long time as Jo has not left his side most of the night. I raced over to him he smiles at me. “What can I do for you little thing?” I smiled at him as I throw my arms around his shoulders, he starts laughing. “Jackie! No wait I should change that to Jackers!” He is laughing as he holds onto me tightly. “Tas, how much have you had to drink love? Also, we have talked about this I prefer Jackie over that other shit name!” He said sounding pissed but still laughing, “Now, what is up with you and Jo? Also, I know but you keep complaining about that nickname. Only a little bit. Have I told you how much I love you?” He starts dancing us to the music as I hold onto him. “Nothing is going on with us. Also, you tell me every day how much you love me.” I laughed. “Bullshit brother! She wouldn’t leave your side, are you two fighting or does she want to take you back up to your room for sex like Oliver keeps begging me for?” He pulled me away to look at me. “Tas, babe how much have you had to drink? Cause you didn’t just spoke that to me you yelled it, everyone heard.”

“I am fine only had about six drinks, now what is going on with two of my best mates?” He lets a loud sigh. “You are not going to drop this, are you? Fine Tasmine, Josephine is upset as she cannot get transferred to Mackay until just before Christmas.” Oh no. “Jackson, I am so sorry!” I said throwing my arms around him higher hugging him tightly, I know how hard that is going to be for the pair of them. “I am so sorry, if I had any idea of how painful it had been for you and Oliver, I would not have made all of the jokes all of those years ago!” I didn’t mean to but I burst out into a fit of laughter. “Hey, Tasmine that wasn’t funny!” He snapped at me. “I don’t mean to, but wow I had completely forgotten what you were like that year! I only remember how painful it was being away from him.”

“Who was so painful in being away from?” Oliver said looking at us both amused. “Your wife is mean Oliver!” Jackson snapped, “Hey I am not! I was giving you some support!” I snapped back at him. “You call that support? Arghh talk to me about that when your sober Tas.” He said as he handed me over to Oliver. “Here take her, she is a lot drunker than she looks,” Jackson said, Oliver started laughing. “And what you think I am sober than her?! But Jack you’re telling me what just happened between the pair of you.” Oliver ordered, “Jo cannot move to Mackay until Christmas until she is allowed to be transferred then.” I felt Oliver groan out. “Oh man, I am so sorry! Come here!” Jackson started waving his hands around.

“NOPE, NOT DOING THIS! JOSE! Where the hell have you gone to?!” Jackson screamed out as he finally spotted her and raced over to her to get as far away from Oliver as he could. I held onto Oliver tighter as he seemed to be slipping. “Kitten? Hold up!” He changes his hold on me, I start laughing. “Ok, wife we are going to our room.” That just had me laughing even more. “Ok, as much as I love you all, I need to take my very drunk wife back up to our room before she passes out on me,” Oliver called out, “Hey! I am so not drunk! Hold up let me say goodbye to them! I love them too!” I yelled out, “For the love of good girl just go up to the room, we all know you love us!” Sam yelled out, as they all laughed at us. “Is it just me, or is she coming across afraid to have sex with him?” Rachel asked, “Yes which is very odd, as they are worst than rabbits.” Dean said laughing. “Oh, shut up the lot of you!” Oliver snapped at them, while I just laughed, he looks down at me oddly. “Oh, hubby they are full of shit! I am not afraid of having amazing sex with you, I was just enjoying the party just a little bit too much! That is all! Plus, it builds up the tension between us!” Oliver is now laughing too. “Wow, now I know why you are my wife, let’s go!”

He throws me over his shoulder while I waved at our friends who are now laughing as I give Oliver’s ass a good squeeze, and poked my tongue out to lick it, while he was squeezing my ass.

“Ok Tas your very drunk, let me help you out of your dress.” I looked at him as he puts me down on my feet. “So are you!” I snapped, he laughs. “Yes, kitten I am but your swaying, stay still for a second so I can get this off, how does it come undone?” He asked, I laugh. “Buttons then it has a zip.”

“Right thanks babe, also you look so hot today, I cannot wait to see what you have under here for me.” I giggled again as his hands softly run along my shoulder blades. “That tickles, hmmm Ollie I really didn’t drink that much.” He leans down kissing my shoulder. “But you hardly touched your food, hence why I had said please eat a little bit more to soak all of those drinks up.” I lean into him as he seemed to have stopped the room from spinning. “No you’re not listening to me hubby, I only had about six drinks, six drinks does not get me this drunk!” He laughs. “Have you forgotten how many shots you and the girls had?” He asked while laughing. “I didn’t have any shots tonight” He cuts me off. “I beg to differ babe.” Oliver said I scoffed, “Did you want to have sex tonight or wait tomorrow?” He stopped moving his hands and looking at me in shock. “Babe it’s our wedding night, I want to have sex with you.” He growled out. “Then stop picking a fight with me.” He chuckles as he sucks my earlobe, causing me to moan out, he finally undone the back of my wedding dress grabbing his arms as I turn around in his so I am now facing me as I slowly let my wedding dress fall down around my feet as he sucks in his breath. “Oh, fuck Tasmine, I thought today couldn’t get any better wow!”

“Does my husband like his surprise?” I whispered with a big grin on my face. “Yes!” He picks me up throwing me onto the bed while I laugh so hard, before pushing him off me so I can race into the bathroom to vomit. “Babe!” I yelled out which I didn’t have to as he was standing at the doorway looking at me with worry and amusement on his face. “Well, definitely going to have to tell our motley crew how our wedding night went, you in your smoking hot underwear vomiting up while I watched on.” I gave him the finger. “Love you to Oliver!” I snapped before another round of vomit hits me, he got down to my level holding my hair back as he is rubbing my back. “I love you too Tasmine.” He whispered, I chuckled. “Stop that.” I grumbled, “Stop what?” He asked, “Making it hard for me to be angry at you for more than a few minutes.” I said, “Well kitten I don’t want you angry at me at all.” He said softly, “I’m sorry.” I whispered, “For what?” He asked, “For vomiting when you’re doing your best moves.” He chuckles. “Best moves, uh?” He asked with a smirk and arching an eyebrow, “Oh, zip it, you know they were.” I playfully shove him, as he laughs hard. “How are you feeling now babe?” He brushes some hair off my face.

“Better now, let me brush my teeth and we can finish what we started.” He laughs. “Oh, my beautiful wife we will definitely be finishing off what we had started.” I flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and face and cleaned my teeth I turned to Oliver who is now standing in his tradie underwear looking so dam good. “I love you.” Then everything went black for me, as I watch Oliver race towards me.

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