No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 14 - I hurt all over

**Tasmine’s Pov**

Groaning out in pain as I slowly wake up with Oliver cuddling up to me, smiling to myself then freezing when I realize I still have my wedding night underwear on. Oh man, what happened? And why didn’t we have sex? “Kitten you better be awake cause you want to vomit again or need to pee because right now my head is killing me.” Oliver mumbles. “Oh, was it a bad” He cuts me off, “That is not vomiting or peeing Mrs. Brown.” I groan. “Well, then Mr. Brown move off me so I can do those two things.” He groans but lets me up, as I climb out of the bed, he gives my ass a light tap, I giggle. “Oh, babe don’t make me laugh, why did I drink so much last night?” I asked him, he starts laughing. “So, your six drinks were too much? Plus, the twelve shots you had were too much on next to an empty stomach?” I looked at him in shock. “Oh... hold that thought, Ollie.”

I bolted into the bathroom only just making it. A good twenty minutes later I was done emptying my stomach and cleaning up and freshening myself up, also fetching out some painkillers and a glass of water for Oliver as well. Walking out to find him sitting up still with his tradie underpants on with a small smile on his face, fuck his fit body on display for me. Wow, he is like a fine wine he has aged well.

“Oh, thank you, sweetie.” I hand him the pills and the water; he hands the water back when done I placed it onto the bedside table as I climb into the bed, he gave me a smirk. “Are we ever going to finish off what we tried to do last night?” He asked I crawl my way over to him climbing onto his lap as I sat down, he holds my hands smiling. “What happened last night Oliver?” I asked quietly, he looks like a mixture of amused, worried, and upset. “Well, we were getting all hot and heavy in your words ‘Doing my best moves’ before your stomach chose to empty itself, once you felt better you stood up started to sway a little then you passed out, I caught you before you hit the floor.” I look down at our joined hands playing with his wedding ring, we finally have done it and I feel like nothing has changed only that our view in the world to others has changed. “Oh, I am so sorry” He lets go of my hand putting a finger over my lips stopping me.

“Stop, we both had drunk a lot last night, and we both enjoyed ourselves as we should it was a party” I cut him off. “Are you mad at me for not staying awake for our wedding night?” He smiles up at me brushing my face. “Oh, Kitten I would never be mad at you for passing out. I am upset that you didn’t listen and had more food. However, the sun is not up yet so it is still our wedding night.” Throwing my arms around his shoulders holding onto him tightly as his hands go right to my ass.

“Ollie, I love you so much!” I start kissing just under his earlobe as he groans out. “Kitten, I love you so much too, I need you right now it’s going to be hard and fast if” I didn’t let him finish I kissed him like it was our first time being alone in bed, fuck I don’t care that my stomach still feels off, that my head hurts like hell I want this handsome man.

“Ok if I rip this thing off you?” I stopped pulling his underpants down. “No! You are not doing that!” He chuckles. “Ok, my feisty little kitten I won’t.” Kissing my breasts as he gently removes my underwear off my shoulders, unclipping it at the back, I quickly squatted up on the bed pulling my panties down, stepping out of them as Oliver held onto me keeping my balance. I slowly sat back down on him as his hands roam over my body, biting his bottom lip. “Fuck, I have the most beautiful wife ever!” I laughed, as my hands roam over his chest. “Shut up handsome husband and fuck me.” Pulling me in for a smoking hot kiss as he slams up into me, moving at his pace his thumb rubbing hard, fast circles on my clit as we both screamed out our climaxes, he really wasn’t kidding about it being fast. Gripping my hips as he lifts me flipping me around slamming into me from behind, screaming out.

“Oh, fuck OLIVER!” Gripping my hips tightly as he goes harder into me, doing my best to hold myself up from his onslaught, also not being quiet at all moaning loudly and screaming his name out, fuck I love it when he’s like this. “That’s it kitten scream my name!” Oliver yells out, “OLIVER I’M CUMMING!” He reaches around rubbing hard on my clit as my whole body shakes as I explode screaming his name, not even letting me come down from my high he grips my hips flipping me over onto my back throwing my legs over his shoulders slamming into me, fuck I don’t think I can take it anymore, his driving me nuts in the best way. As he slowly thrust deeply into me. “Hmmm fuck Tasmine you feel so dam good!” His thrust has started to become erratic he is not far off nor am I as he rubs my clit fast.

“Fuuuuckkk Oliver! Shhhiiit!!! Hmmm!” My toes curl over as my whole body goes stiff and then shaking as I squirt over him as he fills me up, we both screaming each other’s names out as he collapses onto me both out of breath. “Hmm Ollie, shit wow...” I pant out, he laughs as he slips out of me moving us so that we are laying on the pillows cuddling into each other. “Lost for words my little wife?” I looked up at him. “Little?” I asked, “Yeah, the nickname Jackie uses.” He said, I smiled at him. “I like it.” I whispered, “Good, now let’s get some sleep before they all start waking us up.” He said, giving me a soft kiss on my temple just as his phone pins he reaches over to see what it was and starts laughing, holding the phone up for me to read, a message from our motley crew group chat.

**Group Chat Message**

**Jackson** Really? You two still going at it?!
**Dean** Fuck that sounded so intense guys.
**Josephine** Making me want a threesome even more!
**Jackson** Not going to happen Jo.
**Rachel** Well she was right about one thing, what she did, did build up their tension.
**Max** We did pick the worst time to be walking past their room, didn’t we?
**Sam** Alright any of you single girls up to release the tension hearing them just gave us?
**Justine** Right cause you’re the man that will do that?
**Rachel** Shut up Sam!
**Josephine** Shut up Sam!
**Sam** Go away Jo, you have Jackie for that!

We just laid in each other’s arms watching the group chat going, when Max shared a meme of people in a group chat watching but not commenting and tagging us two in it.

**Oliver** Maxi Pad we are too tired to talk and reading what you crazy people are talking about is a trip by the way!
**Dean** Tas didn’t pass out? She looked pretty close to passing out when you two had left.
**Tasmine** What you all heard is one of the reasons why he is my husband!
**Oliver** Thanks, babe! To answer your question Dean, we both had a quick power nap before you all heard what we did when we woke up.
**Jackson** Nap? Bullshit she passed out on you! I will find out later today, but first I need to
**Dean** Going to finish that?
**Sam** Think Jo is right now.
**Justine** I am off to bed, leave the couples be!

Oliver groans as he throws his phone to the bedside table. “Want to go back to sleep?” Oliver asked, I looked at him with very tired eyes. “Please.” We quickly gave each other a soft kiss before his heartbeat lures me to sleep.

Waking to soft kisses on my shoulder. “Hmmm morning,” I said opening my eyes to find Oliver smirking up at me. “Morning beautiful.” Groaning gently shoving him off me as I raced to the bathroom only just making it, I can hear him following me. “Tas are you still hungover?” Waited until I was finished. “Think so, I feel better now, want to jump in the shower with me?” Oliver didn’t answer he just turns around turning the shower on picking me up, holding onto me as he sorts out the temperature with his free hand, once right he walked under it, I let out a sigh as it felt so good against my skin. “If you are still feeling sick tomorrow I am taking you to the doctor’s before we leave.” I looked at him, trying to read his face he looks worried.

“Oliver, what’s wrong? Think I will be ok once I get some fatty food into my stomach.” He smiled as he puts me down onto my feet. “Don’t know, just worried about you, that is all.” He’s not telling me everything but he’s got that look on his face to not push him, so I won’t. We quickly washed each other and had a make-out session, before stepping out drying and quickly getting dressed I raced into the bathroom to finish off my hair and makeup walking out to spot what Oliver is wearing today and burst into a fit of laughter. He has his hair spiked up, wearing his sunnies, a muscle singlet with Ace Ventura on it, and bright coloured bord shorts. “Oh, babe you look so good! Love that shirt!” He laughs. “Thanks and you look too good to leave this room.” He growls out, wearing a white boob tube onesie with natural waterproof makeup and my hair up in a bun.

He walks up to me hands roaming over my body as he leans down kissing me softly. “Let’s get some fatty food into our stomachs hey wife?” He smirked. “You’re enjoying calling me that aren’t you?” I giggle. “And your enjoying hearing me calling you it.” He said sounding cocky, “Oh, I love hearing it.” Grabbing my hand as we make our way down to the hotel restaurant and pool area spotting most of our family and friends are spread out around the place, we wave at the ones that spotted us before we ordered our food and took a table outside by the pool. Oliver moves his chair closer to me as his hand stays on my leg high up. “Hmm, babe my family can see your” He kisses my neck. “Don’t care right now.” Yep, neither do I now, turning around kissing me softly at first before it becomes passionate. Someone started coughing, we both pulled away to find half of our motley crew with big grins on their faces.

“So?” Jackson asked both me and Oliver looked at each other. “So, what brother?” Oliver asked, “Oliver, you know what we are all talking about.” Max said as they all started pulling chairs around our table. “Maybe you all should take a hint and leave us be until we have eaten our food,” Oliver whispered yelled at them as his hand squeezes my thigh. “After the type of sex, you two had earlier this morning think you would have been in a better mood Oliver,” Sam said his eyes are laughing, I can tell something is upsetting Oliver so I placed my hand on his leg which seems to start calming him down. “Oh, Sammy I am in a good mood, just not so keen on having to hear you all this early before my coffee and food.” Oliver snapped, everyone knew what that smile meant and Sam put his hand up. “Ok, I will stop poking the bear. I will head into the pool once you have finished eating, your open target mate!” Sam said.

They all stood up, apart from Jackson, and took their tops off, leaving their keys, wallets, and phones on the table and jumping into the pool. Oliver stood up to head to the counter as our drinks and food are ready as the buzzer is going off, leaving me and Jackson alone at the table. “Now little thing how much do you remember from last night?” Jackson asked.

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