No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 15 - The Past Can Come Back

**Tasmine’s Pov**

“Now little thing how much do you remember from last night?” Jaxson asked, I look at him, what did I do? Oh, please tell me we didn’t do anything we shouldn’t have. Jackson noticed the panicked look on my face smiles at me. “Babe nothing like that, more like of what we talked about.” I squint my eyes at him, trying to think. “Um... good to know, I remember you saying something about Jo moving up to Mackay which makes no sense at all as you live in Townsville. Hey, what are you keeping from me, mister?!” He just laughs, he was going to reply but Oliver arrived with our breakfast cutting him off. “I see you are about to finally tell her, took your time mate.” I looked at my husband in shock then back at my best friend, mouth wide open, the pair of them looking at me in amusement.

“You told Oliver before me! And forced him to keep it from me?! JACKSON BROWN I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!” Oliver grabs my arm as I stood up forcing me to sit down a few of our friends and family had looked over our way at my outburst, I glared right back at my husband while I can see his trying to glare at me, but he looks like he wants to burst out into a fit of laughter. “Tasmine shut up and let him bloody talk!” Oliver said, “But you kept something from me!” He leans forward giving me a peck on the lips before taking a bite of his food, while Jackson took a sip of my juice. “That is my drink, Jackson! Spill now before I follow through with tipping that drink on you.” I snapped, “Oliver your wife is a bitch when she is hungover as shit!” Jackson snapped, “I know so can I, just fucking tell her mate not worth her being angry over this.” Oliver grumbled, “Ok, I felt you had heaps on your plate with the upcoming wedding, so I had come down to see Oliver before he went out to work about five weeks ago. Tasmine let me finish.” I went to say something as I would have like to have seen him then too, but he cuts me off.

“I have been given an opportunity of a lifetime work wise, Maxi Pad and Dad were out at work so I couldn’t bother them if you were going to ask me, they don’t know either only Oliver and Josephine and now you will know. Please keep this hush hush until it’s all official.” I nod my head; I wonder what it is? I smile around my mouth full of bacon which is making me feel so much better right now. “Ok, the company I work for is planning on expanding here in Mackay they have asked me to be the Mackay Manager and set it all up with the owner. It starts in about a months’ time they have given me the time I had asked for off for the wedding then right up to a few days before the month is up to look for a place to live here. I am unsure if I should” I cut him off way too dam excited for him and the fact he’s going to be close to us. “Fuck no! You are living with us until you buy your own place mate don’t rent!”

The two men look at me in shock. “Call that being hush hush about it all babe?” Oliver asks, “Yep as lovely as that is I am not living with you two again.” Jackson snapped out fast, “Didn’t mean to Ollie, but this is good news! He’s moving closer to us. What is wrong with living with us? He’s gone for a week then back a week.” I asked, Oliver, starts choking on his food while Jackson scoffs and looks about to have a rant at me. “Tasmine what part of I am sick of hearing you two don’t you get if I move in with you both it will be nonstop!” He goes to say something else I cut him off. “Bring Jose with you we can see who can scream the loudest.”

“Oliver kill me now please!” Oliver shakes his head while trying to hold in his laughter. “No can do, also she seems like she is not going to take no for an answer. So, what part of the town will it be based?” Oliver asked, “I see that she is not listening to me. Northern Beaches is where we have nearly finished building our display home hoping to have the office there until we build more and find a shopfront or an industrial site whichever the owner is happy with.” Jackson said, “And you’re both ignoring me! Jackson live with us until you find a house to buy or rent, please! We will even charge cheap board.” I told him, while Oliver looked at me in shock, “We will?” Oliver asked, “God are you going to be charging me an arm and leg to live in your spare room, Oliver?” Jackson asked, “No.” Oliver said so fast, “Seriously money bags! You were going to charge more than what she wants to!” Jackson snapped.

I wave my fork in front of the pair of them, they both stopped and looked at me. “One fifty for the room a week that includes water, power, phone, and internet you just have to pitch in for the food shop. Deal?” I asked, “Tasmine we should talk about this together first.” Oliver reminded me, “Nope, you chose to keep this from me one fifty is fair it covers everything.” I said ignoring my hubby, “Well I love you both please don’t fight over me.” He starts laughing, as we both looked at him in shock. “Who said we are fighting?” Oliver asked, “The fact you want to talk about the rent price means you are not impressed with it. I’m happy to pay my way but no fighting you two, it’s your first day as husband and wife.” He stated, “He has a point babe.” I said, Oliver shakes his head at me but just eats the last of his breakfast and the bit I gave him from mine as my eyes were bigger than my belly again. “So what about Jose when does she move up?” I asked.

“You don’t remember me telling you?” Jackson asked, “Mate she passed out last night her memory is pretty hazy.” Oliver informs him, Jackson chuckles as he yells out to the boys in the pool. “BOYS YOU WERE RIGHT SHE PASSED OUT ON HIM!” I kicked Jackson under the table, he looked at me not sure what to do. “Shut up!” I snapped at him, “Kick me again and I will tell you what happens at the end of season fifteen of Supernatural!” Jackson said, “You do that, and we are no longer friends!” I said sounding pissed off to my own ears, “YOU WOULDN’T!” He yelled at me in surprise. “Fucking TRY ME!” I snapped, “Jackson Brown and Tasmine Brown don’t you dare force me to throw you both into that pool!” Oliver said over the top of us, “Fine! When did she pass out?” Jackson asked, “Fine! I’m out.” I stood up taking mine and Oliver’s dirty dishes to the wait staff and headed on over to the lounge chair under the big shady tree laying my towel down pulling off my onesie and laying down in my bikini, with my sunglasses and hat on pulling out my phone to read a book.

**Oliver's Pov**

Watching my wife storm off, I don’t know if I should follow or let her calm down first. “Are you in the doghouse already?” Jackson asked with an evil smirk on his face, “Oh shut up.” I told him, I instantly sent a text to her asking if she was ok.


**TASMINE** I’m fine Ollie, just reading and relaxing you can tell Jackson everything but if I hear him yelling it out his dead.

**OLIVER** Ok, I will warn him. I love you.

**TASMINE** Love you too babe.

I smiled at my phone I look up towards her she was watching me with a smile on her face, fuck she looks smoking hot right now. “So?” Jackson asked, I let out a groan, his not going to drop this. “We were getting hot and heavy when she raced off into the bathroom to vomit, I followed to check up on her once she was cleaned up, she said let’s finish what we started then passed out, just catching her in time before she could really hurt herself. When she came too well you guys walked past at the end of it.” Jackson burst out into a fit of laughter, I need to cool down or I’m going to drag her up to our room for another round, but I know she wants to relax and have fun with our friends and family.

“Well that was gold, trust her to make your wedding night a talking point.” Jackson said around a fit of laughter, “Hey!” I snapped at him, “What? I hope my wedding night is like that we pass out because we had too much fun!” Jackson said, I smiled brightly at him, “So you do want to marry Jo?” I asked, “Maybe, let me see how we go living together first.” He told me, I don’t know why he is worried they will get along well together. “Joining me in the pool?” I asked him, “Yeah sure, let’s move all our gear closer to where Tas is so no one can take it.” Jackson said, I nod my head in agreement as I help him in collecting all our friend’s stuff, placing it down on the table next to Tas she hasn’t looked up yet I feel like playing around with her I quietly dive into the pool, when I came up she was still reading I wonder if she is reading those books that get her all hot and bothered the way she is moving her legs around and pressing them together is telling me, yes she is. Trying to get out as quietly as I could as I quickly jumped onto the chair with her as she screamed out in shock. “Fuck Oliver you’re all wet!”

“I know, and I know you are too.” She looks at me in confusion, letting me get comfortable laying on her side cuddling into me. “What are you on about? I’m only wet cause you jumped on here dripping wet.” She stated, “Then show me what you’re reading.” I ordered, catching her bluff, she smirks up at me, biting her bottom lip, she flips her screen over for me to see and I start reading, holy no wonder she was getting bothered this is some steamy stuff. “Want to go back to our room?” She shakes her head then whispers in my ear. “Let’s get freaky in the pool.”

I look at her in shock with an eyebrow up, did she just say what I think I just heard? With our family and friends around? “Babe” She puts a finger to my lips. “Make it look like a kissing session, catch me if you can.” She gets up throwing her phone on the table with the rest of the stuff as she dives into the water swimming towards the pool end away from all our family and friends and a little bit private under a bridge area. Quickly looking around our friends are playing water volleyball; her dad and uncles are laying on the lounge chairs near our friends all looking green. Diving in following her when I resurface, I was facing her, she was biting her lip looking at me like she could eat me. “Mrs. Brown you are being awfully bad right now.” I whispered, “Am I, Mr. Brown? Do I need to be punished?” She asked in a playful voice.

“No the pair of you need to take that back to your bloody room!” Max said loudly behind us, we both snapped our heads at him and yelled at the same time. “PISS OFF MAX!” Max throwing his hands up in the air with the ball in the other hand, laughing. “Well don’t go acting all secretive around us and you wouldn’t be surprised. Come on play a game with us?” What Max didn’t know was my naughty little wife had placed her small hand down my pants and was gently rubbing me, trying to not show it to my cousin as he talks to me like we are doing nothing wrong. “Sure Max just give me a few minutes I need to talk to my wife.” I growled out trying to hide my moan, “Pfft Oliver step away from each other right now.” Max ordered, “Keep your panties on Maxi Pad we are coming over.” Tasmine told him.

I looked at my wife in shock as she bites her bottom lip, tilting her head with a cheeky look in her eyes as her hand has made me hard, then she swam away following Max over towards the rest leaving me with a raging hard on to deal with while her dad looks over towards me. Fuck! Think of shit to get this down now! Tasmine’s Grandma, my mum, grandma, Monica ahh thank god fixing myself up, swimming towards Tasmine while she laughed and played with the others, as I came closer, Sam smirk at me, fuck did they all notice? “Well, Tasmine have you learned your lesson in reading smut out in public around your friends?” Sam asked, I see the look of shock horror on her face as Sam lobs the ball towards her, I thought it was going to hit her in the face instead she hits it hard back at Sam he was too busy laughing to notice as it hits him hard in the face he screamed out in pain while she laughed. “Some things are best kept secret! RACHEL!” She screamed out.

Biting my bottom lip holding in my laugh as I wrapped her up in a hug from behind, leaning down whispering in her ear. “Take it that is your karma for leaving me high and dry back there?” I asked, “I have no idea what you’re talking about love.” She whispered back, biting her earlobe, she leans into me hmm I like that I affect her so much, fuck I cannot keep my hands off her. “Oh, you know what I am talking about Kitten. Also, why would you tell Rachel stuff if you wanted it kept quiet, she is the worst one at keeping secrets.”

Rachel walks out into the pool area from the bar not even aware that she is about to get blasted by Tas. I let my wife go as she swam over towards Rachel with a big grin on her face, Jackson walks past Rachel taking her handbag off her as Tasmine askes her to lean down so she can talk to her, Tasmine whispers something into her ear then grabs a hold of her pulling her down into the pool with her. As the rest of us laugh on at the pair of them when Rachel came back up to the surface, she looked pissed off. “FUCKING HELL TASMINE BROWN THIS IS DRY CLEAN ONLY!” Rachel screamed at Tasmine, “Princess why would you wear something like that around a fucking pool for?!” Dean yelled at her, “Maybe next time if I tell you something in private it will stay private hey?” Tasmine snapped at her, “What the hell?! What dam secret did you tell me?!” Rachel asked shocked, “Oh so did Dean lie about what you told him when you were in his bed?” Sam yells out, she looked at Sam then back at Dean, then back at Tasmine confused Max swam past her and whispered in her ear I’m sure he whispered to her what is going on then guilt was written on her face.

“Dean I’m going to kill you! I’m sorry Tasmine I told him thinking he would keep it to himself! Clearly, he did not!” Rachel snapped at Dean, Tasmine made a beeline towards Dean as Jackson did the same from behind, Dean being the cocky little shit he is thinking he could take Tas on but failed to notice Jackson. Tas jumps up Dean went to grab her but Jackson grabs his arms from behind as my girl footy tackles him laying into him, not hard by the way Dean is laughing. “FUCK TASMINE! HAHAHAHA THAT TICKELS!” Dean yells out, “LEARN TO KEEP A SECRET YOU ASSHOLE!” Tasmine screams out, “JACKSON LET ME GO! I’M NOT GOING TO HURT HER!” Dean snapped, “Nope! I have my sisters back, do you?” Jackson asked, “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t!” Dean snapped, “I’m good now.” She says laughing and swims away from him while the older adults look at us oddly, we are still young at heart. I felt my wife’s hands on me before I had seen her surfacing with a smile on her face.

“Why didn’t you step in?” She asked, “You had it covered babe.” Leaning down kissing her softly before she climbed up my body wrapping herself around me as I hold onto her tightly, I didn’t care if the others are watching I’m enjoying this kiss, she moans out in my mouth fuck that is making me hard again. “I want you, babe.” She talks into my mouth, as I grip her beautiful plump ass in my hands. “Not the only one kitten,” I growled out into her mouth, we pulled apart as we hear Rose and Freddie screaming our names as they raced towards the pool, crap worse timing ever kids!

“Freddie, Rose!” Tasmine yells back at them, Tasmine gave me an I’m sorry smile before swimming towards the edge helping Freddie into his lifejacket while Rose jumps into the pool next to her swimming towards me, crap go down please go down! As Rose got closer to me thank god it went down as she starts splashing me and laughing. “Ollie do you want to play with my new sinker toys?” She asked, I smiled at her, god she looks like a mini Tasmine I hope if we ever have a daughter, she looks like her. “Sure.” I was going to see if Freddie wanted to join us, but Jackson and Max are playing with him, but I couldn’t see Tasmine in the pool. When the hell did, she get out? I quickly look around and I found her, Rach, Jose, and Ava all crowding Justine. Wonder what is going on, Justine looks quite upset.

“Oh, Justine was on the phone with someone on the way down it didn’t sound good Ollie the other person was screaming at her and wouldn’t let her talk until she hit the end call button.” Ahh fuck her ex is back at it again I see, Tasmine looked up catching my eye she is mouthing the words it’s bad. Wonder how the hell he got her new number this time? I hope her family is ok I can see the other males of our group wearing the same worried looks on their faces. Dean and Sam swam up to me smiling at Rose and joined into the game as they both looked at me. “He got her number again?” Dean asked, I nod my head. “How?” Sam asked, “No idea.” I said, “I’m going to see her mum see if she knows how he got her number again.” Dean said, “Surely her mum is not that stupid to hand out her daughters’ number again?” Sam asked, “She did once, that is enough.” I said, “That was before she knew what he had done to her!” Sam snapped at me, “No longer caring Sam I bloody hope it’s because he did the shit tone of digging and found her that way and not because someone who is supposed to love her gave him her number.” Dean said sounding pissed off.

“Well if you three are just going to talk and not play with me I will find someone else!” Rose snapped sounding so much like Tasmine would have thought they were sister’s not cousins, “Come here and play with me, Rosie!” Emma yelled out at her, Rose grabbing her toys swam off towards her cousin as I notice Tasmine racing towards us I quickly swam to the side; I don’t like the look on her face, she is crouching down waiting for us three to all come to the edge of the pool. “Axel has gotten her number off Emily, don’t know how as Justine said she never gave Emily her number. He knows we are all here Emily was more than happy to spill the beans.” Tasmine said sounding worried, “Fuck! I really hate that cow!” I snapped, “Who do you hate bro?” Jackson asked me sounding worried, “Your fucking bitch of an ex-dickhead!” Dean snapped at Jackson, Jackson looked hurt and confused as to what is going on, Tasmine bitch slapped Dean on the back of his head. “Stop being an ass to him! Jackie, she gave Axel, Justine’s number and told him we all are here for the wedding.” Jackson looked like he was going to cry, then be sick then he looked like he was going to murder someone.

“That bitch! She went through my phone! FUCK!” Jackson cried out in fear, “Dad has told the hotel staff and shown his picture to warn them, Uncle Chris is leaving in twenty minutes so is Justine, her mum and Freddie, they are going with him instead of going to Proserpine airport they are driving to Mackay and catching a flight that way back to her home.” Tasmine said, “But did she tell him where she lives?” Jackson asked, “Did you have her address saved on your phone?” I asked him, the look on his face said it all, fuck I wanted to slap him myself, Tas reading his face races off towards her dad and Uncle Chris, I could hear them both swearing. Justine’s mum was ushering Freddie out of the pool, as Justine was looking at her watch in fear, I hate how scared he made her, I hate what he’s done to them, no one should be made to feel that way by someone that suppose to love them. Lee and Chris walked off to someplace, wonder what those two are up to.

Not having a good feeling about this I got out of the water most of us men followed Tas raced into my arms unsure why she is crying. I held onto her tightly, as I whisper it’s going to be ok. “No, it’s not those three are livid with Jackson to the point that they are telling Jo to leave Jackson over it.” She said angrily, “WHAT THE FUCK! I DIDN’T DO THIS! JOSEPHINE!!!” Jackson stormed off towards Jose, as now I worked out why she is crying, she’s angry. “Oh hell no you are not ending this because of Emily’s spiteful spat attack! You end it because you no longer LOVE ME!” Jackson cried out, “PISS OFF JACKSON YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH!” Justine yelled back at him, the look Jackson is giving Justine is scary never seen him so upset before, “Are you, Josephine? Yeah, I didn’t think so!” He snapped, looking right at Jose I can see it ticking over in her mind, I bloody hope for his sake she doesn’t bow down to what they want. Josephine burst into tears running into Jackson’s arms as they held onto each other whispering, so happy for him. “ALRIGHT, SHE LOVES ME YOU ALL CAN GO BACK DOING WHATEVER YOU WANT!” Jackson yelled out.

We laugh, Rachel and Justine looked upset at that but nothing they can do about it. Next thing we knew all hell broke loose with Lee rushing in with a bleeding nose yelling at us to hide them. “HIDE THEM NOW!!”

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