No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 16 - When Life Gives You Lemons You Make Lemonade.


Never in a million years did I think the day after our wedding would have turned out like this, myself and Justine hugging onto each other as Oliver and Theodore standing in front of us trying to shield us from Axel who just ran in after my dad, I wanted to check on my dad as he has blood pouring out of his nose but his trying to hold off Axel with a few other men. “You all cannot keep me away from my own wife and son!” Axel yells out, “We can when there is a DVO against you!” my dad yelled back at him, “Piss off already!” Jackson yelled.

“Babe don’t...” Oliver whispers when he notices I was going to say something and right now probably not the best as he hasn’t spotted where we are just yet. I cannot see her mum, or Freddie I think my uncle and her mum are hiding. Axel shoves my dad and Uncle James trying to gain the upper hand, Uncle Chris comes in shoving him back as he yells. “You bashed Justine up to the point she nearly died, and you broke Freddie’s arm in three places, and what because a piece of paper says they are yours you want them?! They are humans not pets you sick fuck!”

“I did not! She” Axel started to say but Dean cuts him off, “Better not be because she had fallen over!” Axel glares at him, “Piss off Dean your just her used up, side piece that she calls up when she wants a ride! You all behave like you’re on your own Dawson’s Creek show the way you jump from each other to each other!” Sam and Dean raced at him as Chris tackled him to the ground a few punches were shared as they pin him down, yelling and swearing at each other is all you can hear, while Justine is gripping me so tightly shaking. “Babe it’s ok your safe with us, we will never let him hurt you again,” I whispered to her as I try to calm her down a little. Hotel staff members came rushing out with the police following close by which only caused Axel to yell even more. “OH GOOD THE POLICE ARE HERE! ARREST THESE MEN THAT ARE PINNING ME DOWN!” Axel screamed out, “Shut up you abusive fuck!” Sam spat out, “Axel Kidman?” The Police Officer asked, “Yes that is me.” He said sounding so smug, “Well thank you gentleman, Axel Kidman you are under arrest for breaching your DVO and assaulting the hotel manager and any of you gentleman would like to press charges?” The Police Officer said while I try not to laugh at Axel for the face he is now pulling.

“I know I would love to,” Dad said while wiping at his face, Dad was the only one that looked like he took a beating over the others. One of the officers spotted us and made their way over towards us. “No.... please Tas don’t make me talk to them,” Justine begged, “Babe they are here to help you.” I told her, “No, they always” She started but Theodore cut her off, “Justine, when you lived with him it made it worse but you’re not living with him haven’t been for a few years, your safe we all have your back love.” He got down to her level giving her a small smile, Justine throws her arms around his shoulders crying as Oliver holds my hand his way of making sure I was ok. “Which one is Justine Kidman?” A Police Officer asked, Justine looks up at him in fear.

“I am but I no longer go by that name sir, my name is Justine Starr.” She said sounding scared, “I would like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind? Oh, Justine, it’s ok your not in any trouble you are safe.” He said to her, Justine stood up as the officer walked over to a set of seats that they sat at, Theodore followed as Justine wouldn’t let go of his hand. I didn’t let Oliver talk before throwing myself into his warm arms as he held tightly onto me. “Shhh babe it’s ok.” He repeated that until I had stopped crying and shaking, looking up at his face he wiped away my tears, leaning down kissing my lips gently. “It reminded” I whispered but he cut me off, “It reminded you of what had happened to Noah?” I nod my head; I hate people like that the prey on the weak and try to boast themselves up as the better person to hide what they had done.

It took Justine a few months after she married him to fill me in on what he was doing to her, gone from being the Prince charming we all thought he was to Prince of Hell. Justine said it was just words and controlling what she can wear and who she can talk to, nothing physical, it didn’t become physical until after Freddie was born, he was six months old when he broke Freddie’s arm also was the same night, he viscously attacked her. Justine fled that night well after she was out of the hospital and protection was put around them from him, he was charged but got off with a warning when he went to court instead of jail time.

“Is my dad ok?” I asked, “Yeah, looks like a broken nose from here, go to him, sweetie.” I nod my head giving my husband another kiss, oh I like calling him that before racing off towards dad. My dad spotting me past his brother’s shoulders, Uncle James stepped aside letting me rush into dads’ arms. “Dad! Are you ok?” I asked, don’t think I can handle losing him not now that we have reconnected, “Yeah sweetheart I will live, just a broken nose that asshole has a mean left hook. Is Justine ok?” He asked, “Now she is, shaken up but Theo has it under control.” I told him, “Are those two a thing now?” My uncle asked, “No idea Uncle James.” I said.

Max raced past us and joined Justine and Theo doing my best not to laugh looks like she has two knights in shining armor that want to help her. Stepping out of my dad’s hold I grab his face turning it this way and that. “Dad go and see a doctor,” I told him, “We are on it little thing.” My uncle said, “Good.” I said, “Just going to see if the police need more from us and we will be heading on out to one, most likely checking out too and heading back home.” My dad said, “Please see me before leaving!” I said loudly, dad smirked at me, “Ahh is my little girl missing her dad?” He asked, I laughed, as my uncle throws an arm over my shoulders. Of course, I will be missing him, I always miss my dad. “Don’t worry Tas I will make sure he gets looked after; we will defiantly come back after his medical visit before heading back home.” My uncle said.

Two hours later our little motley crew and three of my cousins were all sitting around in the seating area of the bar, Jose and I are sharing the two-seater while Oliver sat across from us watching us closely. Was expecting him to force his way to be next to me but he hasn’t yet, maybe his seeing if we will behave now that we are married. Jose was leaning into me, she is still shaken up from earlier, Justine and Max have gone back up to her room with Freddie thought Theo would but his down here with us. “Tas stop looking at me like that, I did not lose wasn’t into her for that she’s a friend!” Theodore snapped at me, “Well friends mean a lot of things in this group if you believe Axel.” Dean piped up, “Well Dean, he does have a point the person that I can think of that hasn’t is Tasmine.” Rachel said, everyone looks at me, even Oliver has his eyebrows up in shock, he puts his hand up like he was back at high school. “Beg to differ Rach I should be on that list too,” Oliver said, Rachel shakes her head at Oliver as the rest of the group looked on in a mixture of confusion and enjoyment.

“Nope Mr. Oliver you did sleep with Justine before our Tassie arrived back home, where Tas has only slept with you and no one else from our group.” Rachel pointed out, while Jackson starts laughing as Josephine sat up looking at us both. “Wait have Jackson and Tasmine slept together?” Josephine asked, both myself and Jackson sat up in shock horror. “FUCK NO! EWWW!” I cried out, “WHAT THE HELL BABE?!” Jackson screamed out, “Well answer the question.” Sam said, Oliver sat there drinking his beer in amusement, while everyone looks between myself and Jackson, I swear I had told them we had shared a horrible kiss? “We had shared a kiss that we wish to never ever repeat as it was gross like kissing your brother gross!” I said, “hahaha fuck you two when was this?!” Dean said laughing, “Was around the time Oliver and Vincent started fighting after Noah’s death where we were keeping an eye on her as she wasn’t sleeping nor eating.” Jackson said, “Oh that’s right I had completely forgotten about that.” Josephine said.

“See such a forgettable event why should we bring it up for?” I asked, “What puts you into this group is having sex with someone or kissing?” Oliver asked, “Well for those who are related to each other automatically rules that option out. I think it should include kissing because if that’s the case Tasmine is out and with the rest of us.” Henry said, “Yes, I agree those two are always jamming their tongues down each other’s throats whenever they can just so Mr. Oliver can get his rocks off.” Ava said the group burst out into fits of laughter. “Hey! Any male enjoys seeing two girls at it! I just don’t see the point in keeping that part hidden when they don’t.” Oliver points at us two, we laugh. Jose goes to lean in for a kiss I place my hand up and she kisses it while the boys groaned us girls giggling like crazy people. “Think we all should crash her room to see if she is ok,” Sam said.

“Yes let’s go, also we all should facetime bitch face and go off at her.” Jackson said, “Not worth wasting your data bro.” Oliver said, “I will join you in on it.” Rachel said, while Josephine glared at her, I noticed but Rachel didn’t, “No Rach, I have a better idea.” Josephine said, Jackson, has a smirk on his face. “Thinking what I am thinking sexy girl?” He asked, she blushes and hides behind me as she whispers what she thinks he is thinking. “He wants to film us having sex and send it to her.” I shake my head at her out of fear of the shit that I have dealt with someone filming me, and I’m still getting comments and messages sent to me privately as they found it. “I wouldn’t how about you call her up and make her hear him hitting the best spots.” She looks back at me with a smirk on her face as she looks over at him, and mouths the words deal to him. We all finished off our drinks and made our way up to Justine’s room, on the way I had seen Dad and my Uncle we said our goodbyes. Just as Sam went to knock on her door she screamed out.


We all looked at each other and burst out into hush giggles. “Well, glad it’s not us this time!” Oliver said, “For once bro I agree with you!” Jackson said laughing, “Babe let's go do that thing for bitch face.” Josephine said, Jackson’s face brakes out into a big smile as he picks her up throwing her over his shoulder and making a beeline to his room. “By you fuckers see you in like two days!” Jackson yelled back at us, “We cannot do that we all check out tomorrow to head to the island’s you idiot!” Josephine snapped, “Be quiet you!” Jackson snapped at her, we just laugh at their craziness, Oliver snakes his arm around my waist biting my earlobe.

“About time those two are together and happy,” Sam said, we all agree. “Babe let's lock ourselves in our room for the rest of the day and order room service.” Oliver said loudly, “Deal let's go hubby!” I cried out, Oliver throws me over his shoulder as I laugh out as he races off towards the room. “By guys see you when we need to check out!” I wave at our friends as they laugh and headed off to do their own thing.

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