No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 17 - The Plan

**Josephine’s Pov**

Giggling as Jackson throws me over his shoulder giving my ass a squeeze while I watch our friends laughing at us as he takes off to his room, I should say our room spent more time in it than in my own. As we turned the corner, I gave his ass a squeeze too. “Hmm keep doing that babe.” Jackson told me, “Planning on.”

“Good, now why the hell did you think I had slept with Tasmine for?” Jackson asked, I shrug my shoulders, it just popped into my head, she dated Noah, then Oliver just guessed she may have done something with Jackson and Mason, but I was wrong, she had kept a lot of what happened during year eleven to herself, so my thoughts go nuts even when I know she is not like that nor is he. “Don’t know just said the first thing that popped into my head.” I said, “Really? You’ve known us for years now, what made you think I would do that with her? Oliver would never let anyone near her if they wanted to do that.” Jackson said, “I know, I know. I’m sorry does that mean you will be punishing me.” I asked, “Want me too?” I can hear the smirk in his voice oh he wants to, I didn’t say anything running my hands down his lower back trying to reach his balls when he throws me onto his bed, when the hell did, he opened the room door? “Arh!” I cried out.

Was going to tell him off then I saw the look on his face, fuck he’s sexy as all hell. “So beautiful what is this plan of yours?” He asked he starts climbing over me kissing any part of my body that is near him, fuck I cannot think when he is doing this to me. “Um... hmmm it was more of Tassie’s idea than mine.” I panted out, he shot up looking at me in shock horror. “Well, that was an instant dick softener, Josephine!” He snapped, I laughed at his overdramatized voice and face. “Fuck Jack it’s not that bad!” I said, “It is when it’s coming from my bloody sister!” I groan, sitting up cross-legged in front of him. “Ok, due to that video that has Tas and Noah in it she said it safer to just call up the bitch while you’re hitting the best part of me,” I told him he looked shocked, “Fuck! Tasmine said that?!” I smiled at him, he really doesn’t know how dirty she can be most of it is what Oliver has shared with her and myself when he lets me show her new things. But I get the feeling he won’t let us play around with each other now that they are married.

“Wait a second you know more than you’re telling me, spill.” He ordered, “Well you wouldn’t want to know about it ok, just leave it at that.” I mumbled, “No, if you want what we have here to work you need to be open with me and not keep things from me again.” he countered, I let out a sigh. “Fine, but I did warn you. Oliver and Tasmine can be quite kinky if you know what I mean, and every now and then I would show or bring her something new to try out I do have a feeling that now they are married Oliver won’t let us do that again.” finished off with a loud sighed, “Wait! Have you three done a” I cut him off. “As much as I would enjoy seeing what Tas is like he won’t let it ever happen. No, I mean I show her videos, photos, or take her into a shop.” I emphasized, letting him know that I have not gone that far with his sister, “Right, enough about them. Do you want to do that plan while I’m making you squirt?” Jackson exclaimed.

I laughed so hard, as he pounces on me kiss me like a mad man. I cannot believe I made us wait this long to be together thinking he was a player, a joker, only good to be in bed with, but every time one of us wanted to spill our love for each other the other was with someone. When I notice Emily was not by his side, I realized they must have broken up, I couldn’t wait I wanted him for more than just fun. We thought we had kept it on the down-low turns out we hadn’t, and our little group is happy for us, more so Tas and Oliver as we are both closer to them than the rest of the group. Fuck his hand has reached under my dress I cannot think while his hand is so close to me.

“Fuck I love how fucking wet you get. Now stand up and strip for me.” He commanded he moves off me as I stand up and slowly do a striptease for him, down to my swimmers he pulls on the string on my bikini letting my breast fall out as the fabric falls to the floor. Watching his eyes roam over me with hunger sends a pool of liquid to my swimmer’s bottoms. “Fuck I love your breast.” He whispered, he pulls on my nipple as he sucks on the other one, leaning into him, I moan out. His free hand pulls free my swimmer bottoms letting them fall to the floor as he kneels down onto the ground burying his face licking my clit, my legs shake at the new sensation. “Fuckkkk...” I whimpered out, “How do you want it, babe?” His words vibrated over my clit while my legs shake again, he knows they are about to give out when he picks me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. Looking over his bag I see his toys and smile, he sees where I was looking and walks us towards it.

“Grab the one you want babe.” Leaning over I grab the glass dildo out with a smirk on my face holding it up to him, he winks. “Love your choice beautiful, which hole?” Instead of answering him, I climb down off him grabbing the lube putting some on it as I climb onto the bed laying in the middle making sure he is watching, which he is, spreading my legs I slowly insert it into my dripping wet entrance as he grabs the lube and rubs some onto himself. “Fuck Jo I love your choice,” Jackson murmured, “Shut up and get over here already!” I insisted loudly, he rushes towards me removing my hand from the toy as he moves me in a position that he wants me in, putting some lube on my ass as he slowly enters me, moaning out as he pulls the toy out. Once he was fully in, he interests the toy, I scream out in enjoyment I love him making me feel so full. “Fuck you feel so good.” Jackson moaned out.

“Get your phone ready, I won’t last!” I cried out, “Are we doing a phone call or video calling?” He asked, “Video babe!” Jackson is holding the phone so you can see his dick in my ass and the glass dildo inside of me as I moan out from his slow hard thrusts, while his hand is slowly twisting and moving the dildo, I’m in heaven right now.


**Emily** Jackson what the fuck?! Did you just dial me while having sex with, wait a second is that Josephine?!

**Josephine** Hmm fuck harder Jackie!

**Emily** WHAT THE HELL?! We haven’t been broken up long enough and your balls deep in the group’s slut?!

**Jackson** Oh, hmm I rather be balls deep in her than you. This is what we and the group think of your dog act in letting Axel know where Justine and Freddie were.

**Emily** I have no idea what


Jackson leaned down rubbing my clit hard with his fingers he knows I’m close as I have tightened around him and my screams have gotten louder, he picks up his speed as he moans, tilting my body towards the phone as I squirted out onto his phone, screaming.



**Emily** You two are sick you know that! I hope the slut cheats on you just like you did on me!

**Jackson** Never cheated on you, you daft bitch! Josephine is more of a woman than you ever will be she knows what she wants and goes and gets it instead of jerking people off for thrills and information!

**Josephine** And you bitch just lost the best man you will ever be with! He’s mine now!

**Jackson** That I am baby!

He hits the end button on her shocked, angry look on her face, laughing. “Fuck that was hot!” Jackson shouted, “Sure was, now make love to me handsome.” I murmured, “Would love to.” He growls out.

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