No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 18 - Last Day at the Hotel

**Max’s Pov**

Laying in Justine’s bed with her sprawled out on top of me passed out from our latest session, shit I am so spent right now but I cannot turn my brain off. We have been secretly seeing each other for the past twelve months I couldn’t keep it a secret after seeing her so shaken up in Tasmine’s and Theodore’s arms, that I raced over and took over from Theodore which he was happy to, I was expecting to fight him over her, but he is like Tasmine friendly to everyone. “Max, babe go to sleep already.” She mumbles, I love that she is the only one in the group that doesn’t call me Maxi Pad, I don’t mind that nickname my brother and cousins had given me when we were kids it brings Monica back to our memories every time as it was her that came up with the nickname, I miss her more than those two know, she was born only two weeks after I was and we had been so close like what Oliver and Jackson are now I just wished she had told us how bad she was hurting we would have done something to help or stop her.

“What’s wrong?” Justine asked with a soothing voice, I look down at her beautiful sleepy face, giving her a small smile. “Nothing.” I whispered, “Pfft please, stop lying what is wrong?” She asked, “Think we need to tell everyone about us, babe, I cannot keep my feelings about you secret any longer.” She lets out a sigh climbing up, so she is laying next to me pulling her phone off the nightstand and showing me it, I see all the notifications from our friends and my family, oh crap they all know how? “They all know how?” I asked, “Apparently, they came up to my door to see how I was, and it was during the time of my climax they heard it all, Oliver even stated thank fuck it wasn’t him and Tasmine this time is what Dean said in his latest text message.” She said reading the messages, “Ok well that was easy, now are you going to give me an answer?” I asked.

“You know you have to give me more time than that it’s not just me I am thinking of here, I have Freddie and my mum to think about too.” she reassured me, “I know babe, and I have told you I love them too like they are my own they can join us,” I told her, “Max you’re asking me to up and move to Western Australia from the Sunshine Coast to a town that is mainly a mining town.” She sighed, I get it it’s a lot to give up, “Yes, Dampier isn’t that bad there is a hairdressing salon in town there is work for you and your mum I am sure she can get a transfer to the law firm in town.” I said she looked at me like she doubted my plan, “Can I talk to her about it first, please? I get where you are coming from, I do, you will get your answer it will be a few days later though.”

“Ok, I can live with that, also I can ask my supervisor if I can become fly in and fly out and move to Sunshine Coast if you cannot move to WA,” I informed her, ’But that means you are away for two weeks and only home for a week.” She said sounding sad, “Yes but will be home for two weeks.” I said, “I don’t know if I would like that, I have seen how hard it is for Tasmine and that’s drive in and out.” She mumbles, “I know I never said it was going to be easy love.” I whispered, “I know, but why did you have to get a job on the other side of the country?” She asked, “You know why.” I hissed at her, she looks at me, trying to think. How could she not remember the why? It broke my heart that day I needed to get so far away from her, so it didn’t hurt anymore.

“You’re talking about when I started dating Axel?” She asked, I let out a heavy sigh. “Yes, I told you I was madly in love with you instead of talking to me, the next time I see you, you’re with my co-worker Axel, who also knew I had feelings for you,” I said sounding hurt to my own ears, she looks down I hate seeing her looking sad, I know she beats herself up about how that all ended but it wasn’t all her fault. “Are we ever going to get past that messy breakup? I know I had hurt you then, I am truly sorry about that in hindsight I wish I never did break up with you, but he” I cut her off, “Yeah you did, I know I’m sorry for being a prick to you during that time too. It just hurts I told you he was a charmer and that not to trust his word” She puts a finger to my lips stopping me from talking, she smiles at me.

“Get this into your head, Max, I love you always have it just wasn’t our time during that moment in time. I don’t regret having Freddie so stop I just wished you had been wrong about him I thought you had said that out of spite I didn’t listen to my gut and it was too late for me to get out when I was proven wrong. However, I am now out thanks to you and our loved ones I would have been dead if you hadn’t come over that night with Sam, Dean, Jackson, and Oliver I am so grateful for Josephine and Tasmine for forcing you all to check up on me.” Spotting the tears that had fallen down my face she wipes at them with a sad smile on her face. “I hate that I was right babe, I wished I had gotten there sooner before you were hurt before he touched you.”

Justine leans up kissing me softly, the kiss tastes like salt from our tears, fuck what was I thinking escaping to WA to get away from her would work? All it did was make my feelings for her stronger. What Oliver doesn’t know is Tasmine’s eighteenth birthday had started a lot of major feelings for each member of our little group for each other. Seeing the way those two looked at each other opened up my own eyes to her, seemed so with Jackson and Josephine but us four were idiots and so scared of those feelings that we chose to ignore them at the cost of time with each other. “I wished we didn’t ignore our own feelings for each other for so long.” She whispered, “You’re not the only one babe. But that’s all in the past now you’re with me now and that is all that matters.”

“It’s that simple for you? You are not angry at me for going to the courthouse to marry him? Not angry at me for him being Freddie’s father?” She demanded, “I’m angry for you as you didn’t get to have a wedding and your loved ones weren’t around you that he forced us out of it. That he forced you out of our group of friends that he forced you to become pregnant I am just angry at what he has done to you, but never angry at you babe. I am grateful now that your divorced that abusive fuck and we now have a chance of becoming husband and wife one day.”

“Oh, Max! I fucking love you!” Justine yelled out, throwing her arms around me kissing me so passionately, fuck now I know what Oliver means when you find the girl for you every kiss is better each time and it’s the best sex of your life each time, I now get why Oliver and Tasmine are the way they are, shit and he knew this at such a young age, one lucky bastard, it took the rest of us a shit tone of heartbreak to work that out. Justine teasingly begins to kiss down my jawbone to my neck, bring one of my hands to the back of her head, tilting my own to give her better access, letting a needy grown deep within my chest as my other hand lands on her naked beautiful plump ass and squeezing it gently, I love how curvy her body became after Freddie it’s so sexy.

Neither of us wasting any more time, wanting the same thing while she gently kisses and sucks on my neck, she slides herself lower half down a bit, raising back up to look down at me, I raise my hips off the bed, wanting to be inside of her as much as she wants me to be. The look on her face makes me harder for her, so sexy and hooded with desire. Both of my hands now resting on her ass, she raises herself so that her pussy is hovering over me, I grab ahold of my dick with one hand, helping her to guide it as she lowers herself down onto me, moving painfully slow the way she loves it as I invade her body, she lets out her sexy moan just as she sits all the way down. “Hmmm good God Max, I love how big you are.” I couldn’t respond with myself in her I groan out, as I buck my hips upwards again, and she starts to pick up a steady rhythm, still going slowly, but totally in control as she slides up and down on my hard length. I groan out enjoying the view of her riding me, she rides me harder as I can feel she is nearly over the edge, my hands placed on her hips, fingers pressing hard into her skin the closer I get to my own edge. “Oh God, I’m gonna” Justine pants out.

“I feel you, baby, come on, cum for me Justine.” My voice coaxed her over the edge as waves of pleasure flood over her, no longer able to hold herself up I wrap my arms around her, still inside of her in one motion I flip us both over so that I am on top of her, holding my weight off of her with one arm, taking her lips with mine in a hungry kiss as I begin to move inside of her, the pressure I know is so much more intense for her that she reaches another orgasm, locking her legs around my waist, entangling her fingers into my hair, gently tugging as we both deepen the kiss. Pulling away just slightly, my lips still brushing against hers when I spoke up. “I love you, Justine.” I murmured, “I know, I love you too Max, oh fuck! Yes, you feel so fucking good!” She cried out. “I am about to cum all up in that tight little pussy of yours, you about to cum with me too baby?” My thrusts begin to get harder and a bit faster after I asked her this. “Yes, yes, don’t stop, I’m there!” I continue to thrust into her as I feel myself going over the edge filling her up as she screams out my name, I join her in screaming out her name, burying my head into her neck breathing in her scent as I try to recover from another good round of sex with her. Justine playing with my hair as she catches her breath.

“Fuck Max how did you make that so much better than our last round?” She askes puffed, “Don’t know, but I need a good hour or two if you want to go again babe I am spent.” She laughs, fuck my dick twitches again inside of her, she has such a beautiful laugh. “Nope, I cannot go again, starting to feel sore.” I quickly pull myself out of her, racing into her bathroom grabbing a face cloth wetting it with warm water before coming back out to clean her up before I clean myself up throwing the cloth into the dirty pile of laundry on the floor in the bathroom before climbing into bed with my arms open wide for her to climb into me cuddling up to me as I throw the sheets over us, she kisses my chest.

“I love this,” Justine murmured, “So do I, how long does your mum have Freddie for?” I asked, “Until I get back from the island, so three or four days.” she whispered, “You ok with being away from him that long?” I asked, I know she doesn’t spend more than twenty-four hours away from him, “Yeah, because you’re here with me, and besides she wants to be with him she misses him. Has your brother worked out why he hadn’t seen you for a year yet?” She asked, I scoffed, “Doubt it, I’m easy to forget Brown boy.” I grumbled, “Oh, no you’re not!” She snapped, “I am even Tasmine and Oliver had forgotten that I was even in the bridal party days before we had arrived.” She sat up looking at me in shock. “Your kidding, right?”

“I wish I was, don’t get all angry at them, it wasn’t a great time for them emotionally.” I told her, “What do you mean? I am allowed to defend you, you know.” I laugh at her serious face. “I know babe, that I know. I just know that they are both taking the not getting pregnant hard, a lot harder than they both are letting everyone know. They wanted to be in the first trimester by the time their wedding came around, and it sadly never happened, I’m not going to go rain all hell on them when they are already in hell. Just going to laugh it off and play on it for the rest of my life.” That caused her to give me her real belly laugh that she does and starts snorting which I find cute as all hell have always thought that when she became a member of our mix match group of friends back in year nine when she moved to the town after her mum left her dad. I know Oliver has been wanting to have a family with Tasmine since they moved in together, and for them to finally get the chance to try and nothing is working I feel for them, Justine interrupted my thinking.

“You keep going into your head too much babe. Give Tasmine’s body a chance to recover from being on birth control for so long, once that happens, they will fall I am sure of it, if not there are drugs out in the world that will help them. You just want to be an Uncle, don’t you?” She teased, “I wouldn’t mind it. Yeah, I keep thinking, but all good things.” I mumbled, “How about we get some sleep before we have to check out or before our motley crew members come barging in here.” That last part just had me laughing my head off, I can picture them doing that too, we all seem to be doing it the most to poor Oliver and Tasmine but they do like upsetting my brother so that is one of the main reasons for us walking in on them. Then both our phones went off like crazy people, we both groaning knowing it’s most likely our crazy group of friends that we have.


**JACKSON** Little brother you need to be a little louder the people in the bar didn’t hear you!

**JOSEPHINE** Leave them be Jackson!

**JACKSON** Are you mad at me love? You’re using my full name.

**SAM** That is your name dickhead, get used to it.

**MAX** Your point is Jackson?

We both giggle, fuck he can be so annoying some days.

**JACKSON** Nothing just pointing it out there that you are sharing this hotel with other people who have to hear you both.

**JUSTINE** Well then you should be making my sister squirt more often as when you’re not you’re annoying everyone else.

**DEAN** FUCK ME! I need to find myself a girl hearing all of you loved up couples is making me desperate! Rachel you keen to rid me a few times?

**RACHEL** Never going to happen!

**DEAN** You did a few months back.

**RACHEL** Summing that one up to a drunk lonely moment.

**SAM** hahaha burn! Besides she can’t she is in my bed right now.

**DEAN** Bullshit! Pictures or it never happened!


**TASMINE** Fuck, I cannot stop laughing at you all! Who cares who’s bed she is in? Like really...

**JOSEPHINE** Shhh Tassie, I want to see!

**JACKSON** Of course, you do my little minx.

**MAX** Anyone else want to vomit now?

**SAM** Your proof Deanie boy xo

A photo of Sam's lower half of his body in his boxers with Rachel laying in between them while she is on her phone in her pj's too.

**DEAN** Really?! I’m the only single one here?!

**AVA** Nope I am.


**AVA** NOPE! You and I are never going to happen!

**MAX** Dean girls don’t like desperate men!

**JACKSON** Maybe you need to learn to play hard to get mate seems to work you know... hahaha

**OLIVER** Nothing wrong with being honest with a girl.

**TASMINE** There is such a thing as being too honest Oliver.

**OLIVER** What does that mean??



**SAM** Are they having their first fight as a married couple??

**AVA** Ahhh you guys are so cute! Someone hand me the vomit bag, please!

**THEODORE** WOW why am I in this group chat?

**HENRY** Was thinking the same thing, big brother...

**EMILY** Ava added me, so I added you guys.

**DEAN** Last time I checked Theo, Henry, Ava, and Ems we are all friends with you too, just because you’re related to Tas, now Jackie, Ollie, and Maxi Pad it seems fitting that you welcomed into this crazy group we called the Motely Crew!

**THEODORE** But that is a rock band?

**JOSEPHINE** Babe you are thinking about that way too hard, also anyone else notices that Oliver and Tasmine have left the group...

**RACHEL** Nah they are just bickering right now.

**JACKSON** Really, they are fighting about that?

**RACHEL** Shh trying to hear what they are saying.

**SAM** Babe I am guessing they are fucking but yelling out like they are fighting to throw us off.

**JUSTINE** Well I am off, going back to sleep unless you guys want to talk about something more serious than our group’s sex lives.

**AVA** Yeah, I want to know who is going to the Islands tomorrow? I know Emily has already left with dad.

**EMILY** Tad pissed dad wouldn’t let me join you guys on that.

**HENRY** You’re not the only one who is missing out on it, I’m heading back home with mum and dad right now as I have exams to get back to.

**THEODORE** I’m out I have to go back to work, but I have already said my goodbyes to you all before I had left.

**SAM** So it’s now going to be myself, Rach, Dean, Jackie, Maxi Pad, Jo, Just, Ollie and Tas? Did I forget anyone?


**TASMINE** WTF AVA! Why would he be joining us? He has already left, hasn’t he?

**OLIVER** Well if he shows his face I’m no longer holding back.

**DEAN** We noticed that was one fast session mate, just FYI girls hate it when it’s that quick!

**OLIVER** Could be typing this while banging the shit out of my wife. In the hopes of making a baby Brown.

**MAX** Well thank you for that picture Oliver! On that note, I am going back to sleep, wake me up when it’s check-out time assholes!

Putting my phone up as my beautiful girl cuddles up to me with a smile on her face. “I love the fact we all are still close, maybe more so than back in the day.” She said with a smile on her face, “Me too, also night Justine I love you.” She leans up giving me a soft kiss as our phones keep pinning, while still kissing her I put both phones on silent. “Night babe I love you too.”

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