No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 19 - Island Fun!

**Tasmine’s Pov**

Two amazing days chilling, sightseeing with our friends and my husband, it’s what we both need. This is our last day on the island for me and Oliver the rest are staying a little bit longer, we all have chosen to do a day trip to Whitehaven Beach us girls are all laying down on our towels either catching up on some sleep or chatting amongst each other while watching the boys playing around in the ocean. “Tas babe are you listening?” Rachel asked, “Nope she is too busy perving on her husband.” Josephine snickered, “Oh, sorry what did you say?” I asked drawing my eyes off from my hot husband, “What are your plans for your last night on the Islands babe?” Rachel asked, “Um, think Ollie was saying something about dinner and some drinks with you all before I am all his for the night.”

“Really? We cannot have a girl’s night.” Justine asked, “Or a night in?” Ava asked while Josephine smirked at us, “Or a sleepover in your room with horror movies!” Josephine said loudly, “I vote for spending some one-on-one time with my wife thanks.”

Oliver said as he walks up towards me, doing the James Bond walks out of the water, pressing my legs tightly together to try and tam how turned on he just made me, of course, he noticed and smirks at me. “Oh, that is not fair Oliver you get her to yourself all of the time!” Josephine shouted at Oliver, I hold up my hand with my wedding ring flashing it at Josephine, with a smug look on my face. “This here is his ticket to me twenty-four seven, I’m sorry girls we will do a girl’s night when we get back.” I gushed, I am thoroughly enjoying calling him my husband, “You’re ditching us for dick?” Justine complained, “Of course she is, she always ditches us for him.” Jackson snapped. “I do not! You guys give it arrest already we are newlyweds!” I bellowed at them all, “Girls leave the newlyweds alone, not worth having Oliver angry at you, is it?” Sam asked.

“Hey! I wouldn’t get angry at the girl’s Sam, I’m not an asshole!” Oliver snapped at Sam, Oliver lays his towel down next to mine, once he sat down, he leans over giving me a gentle but quick kiss. “Still God dam kissable.” He whispers, I giggle. “I know.” Instead of staying on my towel, I cuddled into him, he chuckles to himself. I look up at Rach as I notice she was watching Dean and not Sam. “Rach where you and Sam playing a prank on Dean?” I asked, she tries to give me the I don’t know what she is talking about, even Oliver noticed it and starts laughing. “Oh, he’s going to flip his switch at you girl!” Oliver chuckled, “Well will teach him a lesson, won’t it.” Rachel huffed out, “And what is that lesson?” I asked sounding shocked, “I’m not at his beck and call.” She said matter of factly, “Told you not to let him call or text you for a booty call because he would use that all of the time, if you want more from him put on your big girl pants on and tell him.” Josephine snapped sounding like she is over telling her this about Dean, we all know he enjoys fucking around.

“Before someone takes him and it’s too late.” Justine pointed out, “Is this what you all talk about when us men aren’t around?” Jackson asked, “That and who has the biggest dicks.” Ava stated, Jackson sat up in shock then excitement, he looked way too happy to know this information, most of us start laughing at his antics. “Wow someone is way too keen to find out this information, are you worried you have the smallest pecker out of us?” Oliver said around a fit of laughter, “We won’t know Tasmine won’t spill on that information.” Josephine said, “WHAT THE FUCK Jo you want to know the size of Oliver?! WHY?!” Jackson screamed at her, “Oh calm down princess Justine filled us in, but Tasmine just won’t confirm if it’s true or not.” Josephine said, “Still not answering my question.” he grumbled. “Probably because you’re overreacting all of us girls talk about that and who was worst in the sack etc, Tas is the only one that doesn’t give as much info out.” Rachel said pouting.

“Little bit proud over here.” He whispered as I smile at him, I’m not sharing all our interment things with the group. “Well, would you be offended if I ask Tasmine what her breast size is?!” Jackson snapped at his girlfriend, “No! Cause I can tell you that! She’s an eight c cup.” Josephine said, “No idea what that just meant.” He confessed, “Wow thought you knew this shit. Eight is her dress size and the c is the size of her cup.” Oliver chuckles, as he gives my breast a good squeeze, while Jackson and Josephine have a hushed argument next to us. I can see Oliver wants to step in but doesn’t want to jump on some sort of Bro code that is going on. Leaning over him I slapped the back of Jackson’s head as he snapped around ready to snap at Oliver when he notices it was me that had done it.

“What the hell Tasmine! Oliver, why are you laughing?” He snapped, “Stop being a whiny bitch right now!” I chuckled, “What she said.” He said, “Well if this makes you feel any better Jo said you’re the best she’s ever been with now drop it in the who has the bigger dick.” I snapped, “I for one am hungry! Who else is?” Ava said changing the conversation, “I am! If you” Dean started but she cut him off, “Just no Dean!” She snapped at him, “I will break down those walls one day sweetie.” He said smirking at her, Rachel stormed off, I guess her plan didn’t work, or Dean really is only after one thing from anyone who is willing to give it to him. “Were you dropped on your head when you were a baby?” Ava asked him, “Am I supposed to be able to answer that question?” He asked lost, “Rachel likes you, you dickhead!” She snaps at him, “No she doesn’t, she made that clear, and besides she is with Sam.” Sam chose then to walk up to Dean slapping him on the back of the head, laughing as Dean looks at Sam and it clicks in, racing up chasing after Rachel.




“It’s like our baby boy has just grown up.” Sam chuckles, we all burst out into a fit of laughter with him, as Jackson starts unpacking the eskies that he bought with him. “Bro I have no idea why you are staying as a builder when you cook like this!” Max said, “Shut up this is my hobby nothing more.” Jackson grumbled, “Keep telling yourself that.” Oliver teased, “Tasmine control your husband.” Jackson ordered, “I will never control him in the sense you’re asking Jackie.” I giggled, “You turned her into a traitor I hate you.” He said as he looks dead serious at Oliver while the rest of us are laughing, fuck he can be such a drama queen when he wants to be. “Oh quit being such a drama queen.” Josephine snapped at him, “Don’t you start, or you will get none of this.” He said waving his hand over his body as Josephine smirks at him, I know that smirk and so does he as the look in his eyes is telling us he may have regretted saying that to her. “I can live without it,” Josephine stated, while Sam burst out into a fit of laughter.

“Oh burn!” Sam yelled out, “Fine you two have to wait now!” Jackson snapped at the pair of them, “If you wanted to touch me like that all you had to do was ask bro.” Sam said in a teasing tone to his voice, “Wow that took a turn for the worse.” Justine mumbled the look of shock horror on Jackson’s face at what Sam had said was priceless, I haven’t laughed this hard for a while, Oliver notice as he starts rubbing his hand up the side of my body, leaning down kissing my temple. “Fuck babe your laugh is turning me on.” He whispers, I go up to kiss him but stopping for a split second he notices as I know what that means and I want to burst out into tears but not out in front of everyone, Oliver wrapping me up in a protective hug. “Kitten?” He asked softly, “Nothing...” I whispered, “Kitten Wife?” he asked again but firmly, “Later Ollie, please.” I begged, he nods his head giving me another kiss as Jackson hands us two plates of food, Oliver grabbing them both.

“You two get your own drinks ok, little thing you good?” Jackson asked, of course, he notices too, I keep forgetting they all know me very well, I just smiled up at him. “I will live if that is what you’re asking.” I mumbled, “I will be back over once I finished handing this out.” Jackson informed me, “What am I chopped liver over here?!” Oliver yelled at his cousin, “I’m sure you can handle someone else comforting our Tassie.” Justine mumbled around a mouth full of food, “Guys I am fine!” I cried out over them all, “Yep keep saying your fine will make us believe you even more.” Sam said around a bite of his food, as I picked at my food no longer hungry of course everyone noticed that. “Tasmine I’m about to sound like a bitch right now but you should really eat more, could be one of the reasons you guys are” Ava started but Oliver cuts her off, “Ava I would stop right now,” Oliver said warningly as I sat there looking at my cousin in sheer shock, did she just say I am too skinny to fall pregnant? Because if that is the case the doctor had never said that to me before!

“Wow, I cannot believe you said that.” Max said in shock, “What? It was just a thought. If she cannot handle her own family saying things like that what is she going to be” Justine cuts Ava off, “Even I can be a bitch, but Ava please stop talking!” Justine yelled out, standing up, placing my plate of food on the esky mumbling I’m no longer hungry as I walked off trying to get as far away from them all as I could I know he wanted to follow me, but I turned around looking at my worried husband. “Just give me a few minutes alone please babe,” I begged, he didn’t look happy about it, but he nods his head in agreement as he glared at my cousin.

Taking a deep breath in and out, am I overreacting? Maybe, but really, she could have pulled me aside and say it quietly not in front of the whole group. I found a nice quiet shady area I sat down just looking out at the waves crashing in front of me, I felt him before I had seen him as he got closer, I felt much better. He sits down next to me not saying anything just watching the waves roll in, he was the one to break the silence. “Kitten I’m here for you, you’re not alone babe.” Oliver whispered, “I know” Leaning into him as he wraps an arm around me, he kisses the top of my head. “Want to keep sitting here in silence or” I cut him off, “Can you just cuddle me please.” I asked, “Sure love.” We sit in silence for a good twenty minutes before I broke the silence again, it’s nice sitting in his arms. “I’m sorry I know I come across as overreacting” He cuts me off. “Stop babe, you have every right to overreact to what she had said she was way out of line. Yes, your skinny but not the level you had been when Noah had died you know how to eat, I’m not worried about it, nor should you be. Now before she made that comment you looked off are you ok?” He asked.

“I know, it just hurts coming from her in front of everyone would have rather her pulling us aside to voice her worry instead of voicing for the world to see. Sometimes I want things kept from them you know?” I asked, “I know babe.” he agreed, “And the other thing started to get cramps” He cuts me off, “Babe why didn’t you say earlier?” He asked, “Because they aren’t painful just annoying.” He kisses my forehead, as he held onto me tighter. “Ok, let me know” I cut him off, “Babe I love you but shh.” Grabbing his chin pulling it down for a soft kiss before the kiss became all-consuming only breaking away to catch our breaths, climbing onto his lap as his hands roam over my legs.

“Love birds time to go!” Justine called out to us, “Fucking hell worse timing ever!” Oliver snapped at her, “Oh you will live mate!” Justine laughed back at him, Oliver mumbles under his breath, ‘Really getting sick of being cocked blocked.’ Helping him up once he was up and fixed himself up, I gave his ass a good squeeze and whispered in his ear. “Welcome to ditch them tonight and order room service.”

“Like fuck we are letting you two order in on your last night with us before you piss off on your overseas holiday together!” Jackson yelled out behind us, “Where the fuck did you come from?” Oliver asked, “From your dad’s brother’s balls mate!” Jackson bellowed out, “Fuck me has someone been giving our child vodka in his water bottle already?” Sam asked laughing, “Child? Are we talking about you or Dean here?” Jackson asked, “Seems to be you little Jackie.” Justine stated, Oliver pulls on my hand leading us away from the small group that had come to get us as they bicker the whole way back to the boat that takes us back to the island, I noticed Ava giving Oliver a good birth away from him, I look up at him I knew right then he had said something to her. “What did you say?” I asked, “Does it matter?” He asked, “Depends are we going to have Uncle James and dad call us up in anger?”

Helping me up into the small boat that takes us to the bigger one, making sure his hands touch my ass, I sat at the back away from the others as they talk amongst themselves some are still bickering, Oliver sat down next to me holding our bags with one hand and his other arm around me. “No, and if they do, I am more than happy to put them in their place.” He snapped, can tell he is still angry about the matter, “Ok, thank” He cuts me off, “Don’t thank me babe no need to.” He stated, “I love you” I whispered, he looks down at me smiling. “Love you too Kitten.”

“Can I ask a question without getting shot down?” Jackson asked with a playful look on his face, “What is it, bro?” Oliver asked, “Would you be naming a child or all your children kittens?” Jackson asked around a fit of laughter, “Fuck mate are you drunk or high?” Oliver asked in shock, “Neither work drug tests us mate you know that.” He said sounding like his normal self again, “Then why would you think we would name our children kittens for?” Oliver asked sounding hurt, “Easy you always call her kitten.” He stated, I start laughing as the pair look at me oddly and confused. “And to think we had talked about naming one after you! Wow... Kittens...” I sneered at him, “What? You where? Oh, please do I love the sound of that, fine I will drop the kittens discussion right now.” Jackson begged, “You’re just going to bring it up once we have one, I just know it.” Oliver snapped, “I wouldn’t let him.” Josephine pipped up, “Thanks.” I said.

The rest of the afternoon went pretty much like the day, I couldn’t help it I dressed up for the night so did Oliver, somehow, we still managed to match in colour, I let out a giggle as I walked up to him his eyes roaming over my body with desire written all over his face. “What does my husband think, Do I look ok in this?” I asked wearing a skin tight but comfortable white dress that stops just below my bum, the top layer of the dress is covered in a beautiful lace pattern, with my hair out in natural loose curls and natural makeup with a glossy lip. Oliver is wearing white casual shorts with a white long sleeve button dress shirt with blue flowers all over it, which is tight fitting on him.

He stands up smiling, hand runs along my hip kissing the top of my head. “Kitten you can make a brown paper bag look beautiful, your sexy as all hell in this dress. Did you get it just for our honeymoon?” I shake my head bitting my thumbnail, as I run a hand over his chest, fuck I have it bad for this man. “Nope, bought it to wear at our wedding reception but failed to remember to change.” He laughs so hard, as he hugs me. “Fuck Tas now I wished you had, would have loved to help you change into this.”

“Just wait my handsome hubby I have a surprise under here for you later on tonight.” He looks at me with enjoyment all over his face, before diving in kissing under my ear like a mad man. “Fuck, I cannot wait that long now!” He snapped, “Deal babe I want to eat some food I am starving.” He grabs his wallet, room key, phone, and my hand pulls me out of the room I know why he did that as if we didn’t, we most likely would not have made it down to the restaurant. Walking in holding hands, finding that we are the last ones to arrive we were greeted with hugs, kisses, and hello’s as soon as I sat Oliver’s hand goes right to my leg. “So Ol” I cut Jackson off as I knew what he was about to say. “Shut up Jackson! You all told us six-thirty well it’s six twenty we are early you all have arrived a lot earlier than us to make it look like we where up to something.” I snapped, “Wow judging by how angry you just seem I can tell he didn’t tap you.” Jackson snapped back at me, “Jackson quit it, please.” Oliver said with a warning to his voice, “Fine. Who is ready to order?” He acted like nothing had happened what is going on with us?

Jackson noticed the look on my face and swapped seats with Jose who was sitting next to me. “Babe is my teasing going too far?” he asked, “Don’t know but your acting different.” I murmured, “Am I?” he asked, “I don’t know are we having our first fight?” I asked, he laughs so hard; Oliver squeezes my leg. “God, I wish all my fights are like that then! Nope little thing we aren’t fighting, besides what you call fighting is so cute. I was picturing the screaming matches you and Lee used to get into that is fighting little thing. Nah I just need more sleep might just be getting a bit too snappy with my teasing.” He said cheerfully, “Thinking the same thing here.” I said, “Need more sleep too?” He asked, I laughed at the look on his face. “I got you to laugh so there is a positive note to the night. Is it because you know you’re going to miss everyone?” He asked, “Yes, wished we all worked and lived in the same town again, I miss having to just rock up to people's houses unannounced instead of making months ahead of plans to catch up.”

“I know babe, now your house will be in good hands ok so don’t stress about that.” He said, “Jackie I know our house is in good hands we wouldn’t have asked you otherwise. But start moving in while we aren’t there.” I demanded, “Told you she wouldn’t have forgotten about that.” Oliver emphasized to Jackson, “I can see that; you’re not going to let this go, are you?” He snapped at me, “Nope, please.” I begged, “I say go for it babe, it means I can see them when I come up to visit you too.” Josephine said, “You still would go visiting them if I had my own place.” Jackson counted, “Not the same babe.” Josephine insisted, “Fine, but while your away I will be looking around.” Jackson hissed, “Go for it, but also, I don’t mind you living with us I hate Tassie being home by herself while I am out on site just encase.”

“Yes, I feel the same too. Take it you’re not ok with the amount she said for rent?” Jackson asked looking over at Oliver, “No, I’m good was more upset about her jumping to big things without talking it over with me first but because it’s you I will let it slide.” Oliver said, “God what are you my father now?” I snapped at my husband, “Oh I” Jackson cuts Oliver off, “No sex talk you two.” The people who had ordered entrées had finished eating them while the table is in full conversation and laughing, I noticed that Ava was at the other end of the table and was avoiding this part of the table. “Jackie, is Ava avoiding us?” Jackson looked up from his phone then looked about, then turns back to me with an evil smirk on his face. “Yes, she doesn’t like the fact that Oliver put her in her place, then when he left to check up on you myself, Jose, Just, and Max all put her in her place she’s not happy.” he sneered, “Well I am glad I ordered a massive seafood basket then.” I snapped.

“Tas babe stop your not skin and bone we all would have said something to you if you were and besides as Oliver stated the Doctor had never stated anything about your weight,” Max reassured, by the time our dinner had arrived we all were quite tipsy and very boisterous, Oliver’s hand has traveled higher now just touching the hem of my dress, not going to lie I was enjoying him like this. Was leaning over talking to Jose when I noticed Oliver had stolen one of my prawns, he had reef and beef, so he had heaps of prawns on his plate as he ordered extra. “You needed more?! That was mine.” I snapped, he chuckles then picks up a prawn off his own plate and feeds it to me, we both giggled like school kids, I looked past Oliver and froze in shock in seeing who was walking towards us.

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