No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 2 - Time To Pack

**Tasmine Pov**

Lying in bed with my legs on his stomach as I try and catch my breath. We spent the next twenty-four hours in this bed only getting up to use the bathroom or eat. “Never again am I going to be that long away from you. Fuck! My eyeballs are sore, what about you kitten?” Oliver asked, sounding very tired, I let out a loud groan. “I think my hair hurts is that even possible?” I asked, “After what we just did, yes, it is.” He lets out his beautiful laugh that I love, his hand runs up and down my legs. “Want me to lift you up to here?” He asked, I looked over at him. “If you got the energy left to do it,” I mumbled, he smiles at me. “For you, I do kitten.” He whispered, he grabs my legs and pulls me up closer to his chest, then turns me around pulling me up into his arms, kissing my forehead before he pulls up the sheet and blanket as he turns the aircon up.

“Get some sleep kitten we are going to need it.” He whispered, cuddling into him kissing his chest. “Hmmm, I love you, Ollie,” I whispered, he smiles against my forehead. “Love you too Kitten.” He said softly, kissing my forehead, I kiss his chest as he held onto me tightly as I fall asleep to his heartbeat, god I love this man more than anything. I hope to god I do give him what he wants the most, not just him myself too.

“Oi are you two awake yet!” is that Jackson’s voice why am I hearing Jackson’s voice for?

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang.

“COME ON IT’S TWO PM! LET ME IN!!” Jackson yelled out, I let out a groan, I go to roll out of bed when Oliver grabs my waist pulling me closer to him. “No Kitten it is too early.” He grumbles, “Tell that to Jackie who is going to break that door down soon.” I groan out at him, he sat up so fast. “Stay, I will go let him in.” He ordered, rolling back over I mumble. “Put some pants on first.” Oliver gave me his smartass look, “No, was thinking of opening that door butt naked.” He stated, I giggled. “As much as I would love that, just get the bloody door before we lose our best man!” I snapped at him, Oliver groans as he gets out of the bed, slipping on a pair of boxers, and heads to the front door yelling out to Jackson.

“Fine! OI, YOU FUCKER I AM COMING! QUIT BANGING ON THAT DOOR!” Oliver yells out, I can hear the door being unlocked and opening, muffled voices before they got loud. “Bro what the hell took you so long?!” Jackson complained, “We were sound asleep.” Oliver told him, “Ahh man did you only just gotten back in from work?” Jackson asked, “Over twenty-four hours ago.” Oliver said, wow Oliver sounds still quite tired, we both need another eight hours of sleep. “Crap why did you not text me this, I would have come to your house later!” Jackson yelled at him. “Was a bit busy.” Oliver said I can picture he had the playful smirk of his on his face too, “Really, you two have gotten worse with age! Thought it would have been the other way around.” Jackson complained again. Wait for what? He thought we would have slowed down. God, I hope we never slow down.

“A month without seeing each other Jack what do you think she did when she had seen me?” Oliver snapped, I can picture the disgusted look on Jackson’s face when he’s about to throw a speech at us. “How many times do I have to tell you I don’t want to hear about your sex life, we are cousins, best friends, brothers and she is my sister from another father no way do I need to hear about your sex life. I heard enough when we used to share a wall of our bedrooms!” He yelled, wow he is still going on about that. That was years ago! “Still the same Jackie that I remember!” Oliver said sounding like he is trying not to laugh, “Bitch please we had seen each other like five weeks ago.” Jackson snapped, I giggle to myself hearing these two talk is very comical some days.

“I cannot wait for the weekend. I feel like I have waited my whole life for this.” Oliver said, my heart, swells at hearing him. “Really? I remember the under eighteen-year-old Oliver said he would never get married. One chick for the rest of my life I would die a sad lonely man!” Jackson said dramatically, I try not to laugh I have heard that story so many times more so after he asked me to marry him. “Hey, that was well and truly before I had met Tassie again and you know that!” Oliver snapped, Jackson starts laughing. “I know but do enjoy bringing it up whenever I can! Where is my sister?” He asked, argh shit, I quickly make sure I am covered. “In bed still,” Oliver told him, I start laughing as I can picture the pair of their faces.

“Well, that is not going to happen. TIME TO WAKE UP SISTER! YOUR FAVOURITE BROTHER IS HERE!” Jackson calls out, I can hear them scuffling, Oliver must be trying to stop him. “I would not do that!” Oliver snapped, I can hear the pair of them at the door, bugger looks like he’s not going to let me sleep. Making sure I am still covered before I felt them both on the bed. “Really boys really?” I asked, arching my eyebrows up at them both. They both looked at each other with big grins on their faces and answered yes at the same time. “You know you could have waited like a few more minutes and I would have been out,” I said, Jackson, pokes my nose. “Lier, you would not have been. Not when the aircon is this cold and you are tired.” He stated, I poke my tongue out at him. “Does it matter? I would have come out eventually. Giving you two some brother time without little old me tagging along.” I said I can feel Oliver trying not to laugh at me, “Sorry, I came here to see you both and that is what I am doing, plus I am your ride to the island and you both need to hand me the keys to this place and tell me what I need to do while you guys are away.” he said with a matter of factly type of tone in his voice, I let out a groan, Oliver snakes his arm around my stomach pulling me closer to him.

“Ok, Jackie go I need to get up meet you in the living area,” I told him, he raised half up on the bed looking at me shocked. “So? Why do I need to leave the room?” He asked, I rolled my eyes at him, he just glares right back at me. “I am naked, and to be honest I prefer you never see that. Now get out.” I snapped, Oliver’s grip on me tightening. “Come on Jack, you heard her. Out.” Oliver ordered him, his now smirking at Jackson, who has now sat up looking upset at us both, with his arms up in the air he yells out. “He gets to stay?!” Jackson yells out, I smile up at Jackson. “Of course, he does, I am marrying him not you! Now out!” I snapped at my best friend, Oliver starts pushing him out of the bed as I sat up making sure nothing was on the show, Jackson fell out of bed yelling and cursing at Oliver, while Oliver was laughing back at him. “The pair of you will pay for that.” Jackson called out, “Will not happen little brother! You are not seeing her naked, now out.” Oliver ordered Jackson does the fake vomit. “Could not think of anything worse! To this day I still do not understand what she sees in you!” He calls out.

He jumps to the side avoiding the pillow that Oliver had thrown at him, laughing, and runs out of the room. Oliver turns to me with that sparkle in his eyes that I know very well, he wants another round. “Ollie I am way too sore.” I moaned out, “That does not mean I do not want to watch you get out of this bed naked.” He said wearing a smirk on his face, I let out a laugh as I throw the sheets at him exposing myself and bottling into the bathroom laughing as he tries to come after me. As I step under the warm water, he is now joining me, his hands running over my body sending shivers all over. Yes, his touch still affects my body so much, I do the same to his.

“Hmmm, what you could not shower by yourself?” I asked, “What? Miss being in the same room as you naked? Not a chance my love.” He says this as he leans down kissing my neck. “I cannot wait to finally call you my wife.” He whispered, “Me either.” I whispered back, we washed each other and had a few passionate kissing sessions, before getting dressed and heading back out to the living area where we found Jackson on the phone not looking happy at all.

**Oliver’s POV**

Oh man, I know that look way too well, I wonder who is on the other end making him angry. Tasmine notices the look too and grabs my hand shaking her head. “Babe leaves him be, he will tell us what is going on when he’s off the phone. Want a coffee?” She asked, how did I get so lucky in finding her, she knows me more than I know myself and she still wants to be with me?

“Yes, please kitten.” She gives me that smile that I love when I drop that nickname for her. I can tell we had sex way too much last night by the way she walked off towards the kitchen, I should be upset that she is hurting but I feel proud, hopefully, one day we will be blessed with a miniature her or me running around the house. “Oi! Did you want Tim tams with your coffee?!” She is standing at the end of the kitchen bench looking at me a little pissed must have tried to get my attention more than once, best I answer.

“Yes! You bring out the new ones?” I asked, she smiles at me and nods her head. “Good, I have been dying to try them, kitten.” She laughs, before heading back over to the kettle, Jackson yells at his phone. “Are you fucking serious?! You could have saved us a lot of time and money by telling me all of this to my face a few nights ago!” He’s looking at me, that look is telling me he is about to break, I sit down in front of him as he walks up the length of my lounge room listening to whoever is on the other end. “Is that what you think of them? Why agree to come to their wedding with me if that is what you genuinely think of my family?! No Fuck you, you bloody bitch, and go back under the hole you came out of!” He throws his phone just missing me.

“Oi! I did nothing to you!” I yelled back at him. “What the hell did Emily just say to you?” Worked out it was his now ex-girlfriend Emily that called, she was a hit and miss with us some days she is nice and friendly towards myself and Tasmine on other days she’s a cold bitch, not going to lie and say I was going to miss her to him. About time they broke up and thank God she won’t be at our wedding. “Nothing nice that is worth repeating.” He finally sits down next to me, if we were in a cartoon, you could see steam coming out of his ears. “Well, I can see that. Still going to fill me in on what just went down?” He looks at me sadly, I know he liked her. “She just broke it off with me.”

I know myself and Tasmine won’t find this news shocking, only because she shows a different side to his friends and family when he’s not around but to him, she was a saint around him. I didn’t want to cause issues in our relationship with him so I held my tongue hoping she showed him her true colours looks like today it was. “What? Why? Thought the pair of you were good?” Play normal Oliver, one day he will meet someone who genuinely loves him and he loves them back, Tasmine chose then to yell out to him. “Want a coffee to Jack?” He looks stunned at me. “Too late in the afternoon for one Tassie!” He yelled back at her, my kitten replies with her smart mouth. “Ok! Now you are sounding so old!” Trying not to laugh at my soon-to-be wife.

“She seemed to think that us three are involved in a love triangle and enjoy doing threesomes with each other. Does not seem to get the fact that the pair of you are my family. That I am being selfish for coming down to Mackay a good six days before the wedding. Something about the wedding is on a Saturday afternoon so I should be at the hotel on Friday. That you two are being very selfish for forcing everyone to travel and stay at the hotel and doing an Island stay for more than one night, that you should be paying everyone for coming to this thing. That Tasmine is an arrogant cow and needs to learn to jump from dick to dick might loosen her up some more and I stopped listen when she started raving on about you.” Jackson said with a flea of the dramatics that he does, I looked at him stunned, wow she finally said what we all thought she thought of us. “What the fuck?! Gez Thanks, mate.” I snapped, I wanted to know what she really thought of me.

“Seems like it was full of bullshit Ollie, if she did not want to go, she should have just said that. Not that bloody hard.” He said, now I am stunned. “What made it bullshit?” I asked, just fucken tell me, brother, I thought, he looked upset with me now. “That part your hold up on? She said you tried to get into her pants a few times. I know that is not true. As I stated before Ollie it was bullshit.” Wow, I would have never done that, even if she was voted the world’s hottest female I still would not, Tassie means so much more to me than a quick fling, besides in my eyes Tasmine is the world’s hottest female. “Yes, that is complete bullshit, I only have eyes for Tassie and no one else.”

“Good to know should know that before I walk down the aisle. Sorry to hear that Jack, you deserve to find someone that loves you and everyone in it.” She smiled at me, then gives him a sad look walking past him giving his hand a gentle squeeze as she places the tam-tams on the coffee table, handing me my cup of coffee before she sits done with her legs in my lap dipping her bickie in her cup. “Yes, will not be happening in Townsville.” I looked up at him in confusion. “What why?” I asked, I thought he had loved it up in Townsville, “Too far away from the people I love, also if you two start popping kids out soon, I want to be close by for that shit.” Tasmine dropped her bickie in her cup as she looked at him in shock. “Really? Do you want to watch me give birth too?” Jackson just about chocked on his bickie while I was doing my best not to lean over and punch him.

“Oh, hell no that is Oliver’s job.” He stated, dam right it is! No one gets to see that part of her unless they are medically trying to help her, “Good, because I will kill you if I catch you looking at” Tasmine, stood up just then looking at us both. “Oh, my way too much testosterone in this room, I am taking my Tim tams into the bedroom.” She leans down picking up the packet and goes to make her way to our room. “What? Like hell you are!” Jackson yells at her as I worked out what she is about to do. “Oh, you are so not taking those!” I yelled at her, then Jackson said the one thing you should not say to a girl who’s about to get married. “Besides don’t you have a dress to fit into this weekend?” I stood looking at him in shock, I cannot believe he just said that neither could Tasmine judging by the look she is giving him.

“Really?! You are not getting any now Jackson!” Tasmine screamed at him, “Shit! We cannot let her run off she is faster than us!” Jackson yelled out, I wanted to punch the idiot. “I know that!”


I sprinted off out to the back yard knowing full well that there is only one biscuit left in the packet I quickly shove it into my mouth closing the packet back up. Only stopping at the part of the fence that I know I can clear. “Wait Kitten do not!”

“I will buy another packet if it means that much to the pair of you!”

“Why? When we can have that one.” Jackson askes, I go climbing the part of the fence that I normally do to get to the walking park when I am being lazy, I feel two extraordinarily strong hands on my hips pulling me back down into their chest. “You did not even try kitten, why is that?” Oliver asked, Jackson, grabs the packet from me and looks at it, then back up at me. “You bloody cow you knew it was empty!” Jackson snapped at me, I go to poke my tongue out but Oliver captures me with a kiss, with a big smile on his face. “You know how to play us both. Fuck I love you.” I laughed and whispered it back into his mouth during our kiss.

“Ok, you two love birds go pack your bags so we can ship out!” Jackson yelled out over the top of us, I salute him, “Yes sir!” He points a finger at me, “Piss off with that Sir crap!” I let out another laugh as I headed off back to our room pulling out the suitcases that I had already pulled down a few days ago. I have two, one is for the days that lead up to our wedding, the wedding day, and the few days after the wedding. The other one is for our honeymoon, I do not think Oliver is doing the same thing, but I really do not want to bring some things with me to the honeymoon like my dress. “You are not packing light, are you?” Jackson asked, I look up at him. “I am.” Oliver walks in taking a closer look at what I was doing. “Pfft sure, Tassie,” Oliver whispered, I huffed at him; he knows I am getting annoyed.

“Are you both going to be ganging up on me for the rest of the week?” Oliver was quick to say ‘No’ While Jackson took his time in answering. “Maybe,” Jackson said, nope I am not having this. “Out so I can pack these bags, I do not want to forget anything!” I snapped at the pair of them, Jackson throws his hands up in the air. “Only need to tell me once,” Jackson said, Oliver on the other hand just stood there looking at me in confusion. “Really?” He said to his cousin as we always have to tell him more than a dozen times before he backs off.

The two of them laughed and walked out, good I have some alone time that I can pack a few surprises for Oliver, thanks to Justine who came shopping with me she believes every girl should have a rainbow of adult underwear for their man in the wardrobe. Also said that Oliver would love every single one of them. Which I know he will, I have not seen her this happy since her break up of her marriage with an asshole, glad she found his true colours just sad it had to have happened after he had hurt her.

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