No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 20 - It's On Like Donkey Kong

**Tasmine’s Pov**

Oliver noticing the look on my face quickly spun around as a few others from our table noticed what was going on, Oliver stormed out of his chair as I followed him. “What the fuck are you still doing here!” Oliver snapped, “I paid to be here I have every right to use what I have paid!” Vincent roared back at Oliver, “So?! That doesn’t mean your welcome to be around us!” I yelled, “Last time I checked Tasmine Kelly Australia is still a free country!” He snapped at me, “Don’t fucking care if it’s a free country you’re a violent asshole that needs to leave now!” Ava declared, “No can do Princess Ava Kelly I have food to pick up, now if you please excuse me.” Vincent sneered, Oliver not trusting Vincent moved himself, so he was in front of us girls as Vincent went to head to the counter to collect his order, we all stood watching him on his way back he whispered loud enough for Oliver to hear. “If you were my wife Tasmine, I would never let you out in public in a dress like that, which makes you look like a slut.”

“I have no idea why you waited around me for so long, it’s like waiting for rain in a drought, it’s useless and very disappointing, just like it would be if I was your wife.” I spat out, Ava chuckles behind me while Oliver looks at me with pride, Vincent however wasn’t happy with what I said. He goes to grab me Oliver blocks him right away, never seen Oliver so angry. “Try to touch her again and lookout.” Oliver threatened, “She is not your property; you don’t own her!” Vincent bellowed out at Oliver, “Of course I don’t own her, she is MY partner, MY best friend, MY WIFE! You need to learn to back the fuck off! She has told you enough times she doesn’t see you that way!” Oliver yelled at him, Vincent walked right up to Oliver; Oliver is only a few inches taller than him the two men are glaring at each other as the rest of the men at our table trying to usher them outside as onlookers are looking at us worried.

“Move it the pair of you now!” Jackson ordered, nearly all of us have gone outside Max managed to keep Vincent away from Oliver long enough until we were on the grass area near the car park. Vincent stormed over towards Oliver, I stepped away as I didn’t want to be near them. “Get off your high horse, Oliver Brown!” Vincent ordered, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think your brain might be missing.” Oliver jabbed at Vincent, Vincent did take it the wrong way it happened so fast Vincent punches Oliver right on his jaw, the laugh that came out of Oliver scared me, I have never heard him do that sound before. “Oh, how I have waited for you to do that to me for years.” Oliver spat out, Vincent went to punch Oliver again, but he blocked it and throws a three-punch combo that sent Vincent stumbling back. “I don’t ever want to see you near my wife again are you hearing me! NOW FUCK OFF!” Oliver roared, “I will have you for assault you asshole!” Vincent spat.

“Never going to happen as you hit him twice before he had hit back!” Ava said in a sing-song voice while waving her phone around showing him that it was all on film, Vincent goes to storm towards her when Sam, Dean, and Max all stood in front of her. “Try us mate I dare you!” Sam yelled, Vincent huffs rubbing the spots Oliver had hit you can see he split the skin in a few places. As soon as he turns around and headed towards his car, I raced over to Oliver to check him out, instead of letting me look he just wraps me up in a hug sniffing my neck groaning. “Fuck, think I need a strong drink after that!” Dean huffed out, “You need a strong drink? Think Oliver, Tasmine, and Ava need it more than you!” Jackson snapped, “Oh shut up voice of reason!” Dean grumbled, “You ok?” I asked Oliver softly who is still holding onto me tightly, he nods his head not letting me go as much as I enjoy being in his arms it was getting hard to breath.

“Babe I need to breathe.” He loosens his hold on me, he starts kissing my neck before biting my earlobe. “Oliver?” I asked, “hmmm” He responded, “Do we need to take you to see a Doctor?” I asked, “Kitten I’m good, just want you right now babe.” He replied, “Going to have to wait someone had called the cops.” max told us, “Fucking hell, is Vincent still here?” Oliver asked, “Yes.” Sam said laughing, holding up Vincent’s car keys I knew it was fishy the way they had removed him from the venue. Vincent comes storming back towards us looking ready to kill us as he booms out.

“RIGHT YOU ASSHOLES WHICH ONE OF YOU HAS MY KEYS?!” Vincent glowered, “Um would you take none of us?” Ava asked, I noticed Rachel, Justine, and Josephine had all stayed at the table, which is good on them so we don’t lose our table as I want my chocolate dessert. “Sick of hearing your voice, I want my Chocolate.” I declared, turning around and was about to make my way back when I was knocked managed to only stumble and not face plant it when I turned around both Oliver and Max were wrestling with Vincent. “REALLY?! You’re going to attack a female! And while her back was turned! You are a pathic piece of a human!” Oliver snapped, “You feel better trying to hit a female?” Max asked, holy did he really have a go at me, Ava grabs my hand, Jackson grabs my other hand they lead me back to our table.

“Ollie will be ok, come on I hear you wanted your chocolate,” Jackson said soothingly, “Come on babe let the men and the police deal with it,” Ava said, “Did he really try and hit me?” I asked them both, “Yep, he tried to king hit you. Never seen Oliver that angry before, glad the police had seen what Vincent had tried to do.” Jackson said, “Shit...” I mumbled, “Understatement of the year cousin.” I looked at Ava, “Talking to me now?” I snapped, “Yep, cannot stay mad at you for long.” She said, “Good, now where is my Chocolate dessert girls?” I asked loudly, “Right here babe!” Rachel answered, Jackson raced over towards Jose’s seat forcing her up onto his lap as they shared her dessert as I looked at my Chocolate plate for two, with no Oliver.

“Tassie I’m sorry babe,” Ava whispered, I looked up at her, as she took a good sip of her drink. “For which part Ava?” I asked, “Everything, for saying what I had thought at the time without thinking it through to keep him in your life longer than it needed to.” I cut her off, “I accept your apology for what you had said, but don’t apologize for Vincent you have no control over what he says or does.” I told her, “Thank you” She rushes into my arms holding onto me tightly as I held onto her, she whispers in my ear. “I love you, and I wished you were my sister and not my cousin.” I laughed, as I felt the same. “Yes, a million times to that!” I said around a fit of laughter, we pull apart and I slowly start eating my chocolate it’s not the same without him here, to join me. I was halfway through it when I felt his hand run over my shoulder, looking up at him with a smile on my face.

“Oh kitten keep looking at me like that and we will need to go into the toilets before we go back to our room.” He growled, “Well then hurry up and eat your share.” I ordered, moving his chair closer to mine taking my spoon off me as he dipped the spoon into the chocolate mousse, taking a bite before doing it again. “Open.” He ordered, I did what he said he placed the spoon in my mouth, moaning out it tasted amazing. As soon as I swallowed slammed his lips onto mine forcing his tongue in my mouth tasting the last of the chocolate. “Had enough chocolate?” He asked, “Hmm, yes.” I moaned out, “Alright, night guys, see you when we go to check out tomorrow make sure you are all up and ready for us to say goodbye to you at ten in the morning.” Oliver reminded them all, “We will be mother!” Jackson yelled out, we quickly said our goodbyes before Oliver fixed up our bill, once out of the restaurant I took one look at him and noticed some more bruises on his face.

“Babe, how much do you hurt?” I asked, “It’s nothing” Judging by the tone of his voice means to drop it. Oh, I will but once we are in our room, I will be making him spill. We walk along the beach hand in hand, holding my shoes in the other hand as the waves crash over our feet. “How much trouble are you in with the Police?” I asked, he stopped walking and looked at me, I couldn’t read his face which is odd as he is normally an open book to me. “I’m not babe, we are pressing charges on him and putting a DVO against him.” He stated, I looked back at him shocked then jumped up into his arms, he was shocked for a mere millisecond before catching me. “Fuck yes! Thank you!” I cried out, “Your welcome love, but I don’t ever want you in that position ever again. Seeing him trying to king hit you scared me so much, I never want to lose you!” I know his crying not going to stop him, I held onto him tighter if my dress wasn’t so short, I would have wrapped my legs around him too, his hands firmly on my ass.

“Want to break a few laws right now?” He asked, I laughed at the checky face his pulling. “When has that ever stopped us?” I asked, “Babe sum that up as a stupid question.” He murmured, “But I would rather be in our room than out here on the beach, I want to scream your name cannot do that out here.” I told him, “Right Kitten Wife that is what we are doing.” I laughed as he throws me over his shoulder making sure my ass is not flashing and racing off towards our hotel.

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