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Chapter 21 - Honeymoon Time!

**Tasmine’s Pov**

Oliver had managed to surprise me with an upgrade of our flights from Brisbane to Bora Bora to first class, never flown first class before a few heads had turned when he surprised me with all the screaming and laughing, I was doing. Considering our last night on the island we welcomed an unwelcomed gift of my period, so traveling for over fifteen hours wasn’t fun by the time we reached our villa I had crashed on the massive bed curled up into a ball in pain, Oliver leans over giving me a soft kiss on the forehead. “Kitten, I’m going to see if I can get you a few things, did you pack any pain medication?” He asked, fuck I love how caring he is, opening my eyes, he knows I’m not far off from crying. “No.... I thought we would get into trouble for packing drugs...” He brushes my cheek with a smile on his face. “That is ok sweetie, I’m going to see if I can get you something. Do you want your normal period stash or close to what I can find?” He softly asked, “Yes please, babe?” I asked, “Hmmm,” He said, “I’m sor” He holds a finger to my lips.

“Don’t love, you have no control over this doing everything I can to make you feel better we are here for eight days, eight days of no one wanting to bust into our room and annoy us, no one telling us we have sex too much. Eight days alone together, I don’t care what we are doing babe it’s eight days of just you and me.” Wow didn’t think I could love him more than I already do but just hearing that had me crying, he quickly wraps me up in his arms. “Oh... Ollie that was so” I couldn’t finish what I said around my crying, “Kitten did I get too mushy for you?” He asked, “Don’t ever stop! I loved it.” I told him, “I wouldn’t dream of stopping, well” I cut him off, “Maybe don’t talk like that in earshot of Jackson.” I told him, “Yep.” He chuckles, as we know if Jackson heard all of that he would have teased him like the world was going to end. Before standing up he gives me a gentle kiss, leaving me to go find anything to help me out, cause you know I had completely forgotten to get stuff while we were at the airport all I was thinking I need a bed, must have fallen asleep were woken up by soft feather like kisses along my shoulder up to my neck, moaning out he chuckles.

“Hmmm, I found some items for you, now take two of these now, please.” He ordered he hands me a glass of water and two painkillers, taking them from his hands, oh please work fast. Placing the items down onto the bedside table as he climbs in next to me pulling me onto his lap wrapping the sheet around us as he kisses my earlobe. “Now room service for dinner and did you want to see if we can watch a movie or would you like to sit out on our deck and watch the sunset?” He asked, “Hmm, yum you pick the food tonight babe, also I like the sound of being cuddled up to you watching the sunset.” I gleefully said, he smiled as he pulls out his phone opening an app, and ordered our dinner, before bursting out into a fit of laughter, sitting up looking at him oddly. What the hell is going on with him?

“What is so funny?” I asked, he shakes his head moving his phone away from my view, I go to snatch it out of his hands. “Babe no, please.” He begged, “Well then please tell me.” I begged, not enjoying him keeping this from me, he lets out a sigh. “I can’t” he started but I cut him off, “Why can’t you?” I asked, “It’s the boy’s chat, one of them tried something with a girl, and well it didn’t end well. Been told to keep it to myself as there are pictures.” He said trying not to laugh again, “Well now I must know! Please show me, pretty please.” I give him my best puppy dog eyes just as another bout of cramps hits me as I hold onto my stomach. “Ok, shh you cannot tell the other girls at all. I mean it Tas he will have my balls.” He snapped at me, “I promise, but how will he have your balls? Whoever it is must get them off me first.” He burst out into a deep belly laugh at what I had just said handing me the phone as I look at what Sam has tried to do with a girl who is now in the Emergency department waiting to get seen too. “How? and what would make you think doing that would not hurt?” I asked, “He said she had someone do it before, and it was good.” Oliver stated, “Who is that thought?” I asked, “No idea who she is, no girl from our group.” He said, but I’m getting a feeling it was Rachel, “Come on eating pop rocks while giving someone a blow job sounds horrible!” I said around a fit of laughter, “It’s funny and painful at the same time, I cannot believe it burnt him.” Oliver said laughing, “Fucking hell how am I going to keep a straight face when I see him, cause all I am now thinking thanks to Jackie pop goes the weasel.” I laughed so hard that it made my stomach hurt more than it already did.

“I now regret telling you.” Oliver grumbled, “Oh Ollie, no secrets in our marriage mister, but I promise you I will never tell anyone.” I insisted, “Better miss.” He grumbles he leans down kissing me softly, grabbing my hand pulling me up gently off the bed with a devilish smirk on his face picking me up in a bridal lift walking us out to our veranda next to the plunge pool I cannot wait to get into that with him and watch the sunset. He sits down in the long lounge deck chair placing me in the middle of his legs. “You comfy? Not hurting you” He started to ask but I cut him off, “Shhh I’m good babe, this is comfy and so quiet and beautiful, cannot believe we are here. Seven years of being together it feels so much longer in a good way, and now husband and wife its phenomenal. I cannot wait to see what life with each other brings.”

He didn’t say anything instead he lifts me higher up on his lap holding my face in his hands as he brushes one check gently, looking at me with so much love on his face, I smile snagging my bottom lip between my top teeth, his thumb pulls it out gently before he leans up to me kissing me softly, slowly exploring my mouth, he growls out while his hands roam down to my ass gripping it tightly. Pulling at his hair, I really love him with longer hair, pulling apart as his phone starts ringing, he groans out. “I’m sorry Kitten” I cut him off, “Babe it’s ok we cannot finish what we just started until shark week is finished.” He shakes his head trying not to laugh at me as he pulls his phone out of his pants pocket and groans out as he answers it.


**SCOTT** Oliver, why am I at the service bay and you’re not here?

I sat up looking at Oliver in shock as we both shared a confused look before Oliver answered.

**OLIVER** Scott, are you forgetting something?

**SCOTT** Brown I am not! I need my best man here like yesterday! So why the hell are you not here and don’t you dare say your girlfriend is missing you, we all have people missing us!

Wow, I am not liking this man at all, I hate that he’s Oliver’s boss because I cannot say anything right now as it’s not my place.

**OLIVER** Vella! Read your paperwork more often! I had applied for leave and you had approved it over eight months ago

**SCOTT** I did not! I would never have approved your leave for this time of year! When we have a large job list!

**OLIVER** Scott you did, and so did Jason he approved it best you see him and there was a good reason for my WIFE in missing me hadn’t seen her for over a month, best you go look into your subcontractors for the time I have off because I am not going home early from my honeymoon. After all, you failed to look at all your paperwork when you did the rosters.

**SCOTT** What? You are married when the hell did this happen and why was I not invited?!

I scoffed, like hell would we had invited this guy to our wedding, I glared at the phone.

**OLIVER** Last weekend we got married, it was an exceedingly small wedding mostly family and close friends.

**SCOTT** So when will I be seeing you here?

**OLIVER** Check your paperwork, I got to go is that all Scott?

**SCOTT** You’re on holiday where do you have to go to in a rush?

**OLIVER** Not just on holidays Scott, honeymoon. Bye Scott.

He didn’t wait for him to answer before hitting the end call button, he looked like he wanted to say something but didn’t, instead wraps me up in a hug as we watch the sunset in silence. “Is he always like that?” I asked as he keeps this part of his job from me, now I understand why they are assholes. “More so when Jason is not around.” He told me, “How about I cheer you up?” I asked with a playful smirk, he smirks at me raising an eyebrow. “Hhmmm what do you have in mind my beautiful kitten?” He whispered, “We finally watch the last season of Supernatural so Jackie cannot spoil it on us.”

“Kitten, are you fucken serious right now?” He asked the look on his face was sheer shock and bewilderment, I start laughing, I wouldn’t mind chilling and watching that but on our honeymoon? Unsure if he feels the same way, judging by the look on his face, I would say not. “What were you really going to do love? I love supernatural as much as you, but I know you are talking about something else with that smirk.” Instead of answering him turning myself around I start kissing him softly, biting on his bottom lip as I pull away trailing kisses under his jaw all the way to his earlobe, he groans out tilting his head back giving me full access to his neck, his hands roam softly over my body I froze when he got to my stomach, he gently nudges me forward so he can look me in the eyes. “Kitten you’re in pain please stop.” He whispered, “Ollie I want” He cuts me off, “I know you do, but I also know you’re in pain just cuddle and try to get comfortable with the cramps we have plenty of time for the other stuff.” He said softly, “You’re turning down” He shakes his head, “No not turning down, asking to do it later when you’re not hurting, and doing that will only make you vomit, which” I put a finger to his lips stopping him, “Ok, I get it”

“Hmm, I love you sitting like this on my lap.” I kiss him on his cheek as we sit in silence cuddled up on his lap as his heartbeat lulls me to sleep, jetlag hits me harder than I thought. I woke up later that night in bed with Oliver draping an arm just under my breast, fuck the pain is horrible, this is the only thing I miss when I was on birth control it helped out so much with the pain. Slipping out of bed to sort me out, a good twenty minutes later I walked out from the bathroom finding Oliver sitting up awake, with a worried look on his face. “Tasmine stop.” He called out, he raced out of bed lift me up in his arms walking us to the bed, I must have looked like shit. “Tassie have you taken” I cut him off, “Yes, Ollie I have.” He must be worried if he’s using my full name and Tassie. “Ollie I’m ok” He cuts me off, “Stop you’re not ok, you got your I’m in heaps of pain look on your face, you have gotten pail, and your about to cry, oh Tasmine.” I burst out into tears; I hate how emotional I get during my periods I know he’s waiting for the crazy angry mood, but I think I already had that moment leading up to our wedding.

“Oliver, go back to sleep I” Oliver cover’s my mouth. “Kitten quit talking right now, staying up with you now get comfortable let’s catch up on Supernatural.” He ordered, “WOW! Really?” I asked, he laughs, nodding his head pulling out his laptop. “Yes really Kitten, I don’t joke about that.” He gives me a quick kiss before he sets up his laptop on his lap, draping an arm over my shoulder as I cuddle into him, I lasted one episode before falling asleep on his chest.

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