No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 22 - Honeymoon Time Part Two

**Oliver’s Pov**

Laying here with my beautiful wife who is sound asleep in my arms finally the poor thing is in pain, I hate seeing her hurt and not being able to do much to help her. Tomorrow the pain should be down, glad she only has that for three days the most, not the best timing I would say but hey cannot control them while we are trying for a baby. I know she found it odd that I bought my laptop with us on our honeymoon, but I had a feeling she might get her period, and knowing her watching Supernatural does cheer her up and I will do anything to cheer her up. Also, I bought it so I could quickly work on my resume after what Scott was just like I’m not impressed by his behavior at all, a workplace that doesn’t pay any attention to their staff when they take time off is not a place I want to stay at.

Glad I have my phone on silent it’s been going off ever since she was in the bathroom a few hours ago. I don’t want to tell her what is going on, for once I want her to enjoy her time away and not have to deal with the drama that Vincent is stirring up back at home with our loved ones, I have warned them all to not mention any of it to her while we are away and let me fill her in when we get back. I really hate how he has turned out, but I also know the real reason why he started out watching her, but now it has gone to crazy levels and I have no idea why he snapped like the way he has, I know she needs to know but I would rather protect her then fill her in right now.

My phone vibrates again it’s Jackson asking if I can talk, I rather not but he never askes so it must be important I just bloody hope it has nothing to do with Vincent over him, feel sad for Ava wasting so many years with him. Letting him know to give me a few minutes to sneak out. Placing my now turned off computer onto the side table, while slowly moving her onto the pillows giving her forehead a gentle kiss, before lifting the sheet up over her shoulders, quickly heading into the bathroom to use it. Once ready I made my way out onto the veranda with my phone closing the door so the aircon stays in but also, so I don’t wake her up, he answered on the second ring fuck was he sitting by his phone waiting for me to call him?


**OLIVER** This better be good brother.

**JACKSON** I’m sorry Oliver really am, to be asking you to call me up on your honeymoon, is little thing ok with you calling? Cause if you

**OLIVER** She’s asleep, what is it?

**JACKSON** Ok, how much does she

**OLIVER** If this has anything to do with what Vincent has done then no, but also drop

**JACKSON** I know what you have said Oliver, but I don’t think you should fill her in at all, she shouldn’t know it. It will change her views on Noah and maybe even yourself and Justine mate.

**OLIVER** I know that but also that happened nearly eight years ago, he needs to move on already.

**JACKSON** Yeah if I was you, I wouldn’t go out to work until he is sorted.

**OLIVER** Hold up is he threatening her life now?!

**JACKSON** No! But I wouldn’t trust him being free and the DVO has only just made him angry, he has already come by your house man.

**OLIVER** Fuck, what did he do?

**JACKSON** Just yelled and screamed at me, telling me he needs to talk to you, he was so drunk I had called the police, but he had taken off by the time they showed up.

**OLIVER** What is it that he so desperately needs to talk to me about?

**JACKSON** Well Noah, Justine, and you are all he kept on saying and something that Noah had said to him which makes no sense to me as Noah never said any of this to me and I was one of his best friends.

**OLIVER** I know that’s why it doesn’t make sense, but I know it’s true Jackie.

**JACKSON** What his saying has some truth to it? If that is the case, she needs to know and why the fuck had you not told her when you first started dating?

**OLIVER** Told her enough, the rest I found out later. She didn’t need to know the extent of it all.

**JACKSON** Her views on that subject yeah, she did need to know it all.

**OLIVER** No she didn’t Jackson, I am not that person anymore and I won’t be punished for shit I did in my youth.

**JACKSON** I have found a house to buy but I don’t feel right in buying it right now if he’s going to be like this and

**OLIVER** I don’t go back to work right away I am home for three weeks before I go back, I’ve taken annual and long service.

**JACKSON** Just saying I will be shocked if she doesn’t lose her shit at you for keeping this all from her. Also, that is good, the closing settlement date is in four weeks’ time. But Oliver why aren’t you two getting busy or have you gone at it too much and will soon become like good old pop goes the weasel? Or is she preg

**OLIVER** Jackie I would drop the pregnancy question if you’re planning on calling her, she will bite your head off.

**JACKSON** She needs to stop putting so much pressure on herself

**OLIVER** I know she does, but you do think she would listen?

**JACKSON** Nope

**OLIVER** No sex for a few more days period showed up on our last day at the island

**JACKSON** Oh fuck that explains why she was so upset

**OLIVER** Thanks I know

**JACKSON** She sure knows how to keep you on your toes bro, yes please babe.

We both chuckle, I wonder if I am on loudspeaker?

**OLIVER** Jackson am I on loudspeaker?

**JACKSON** No, Jo just asked if I wanted a beer.

**OLIVER** So how is the little weasel?

Hearing him laughing so hard as my phone chimes, I look at it and Jackson sent me an updated photo of Sam’s body I start laughing too.

**OLIVER** Fuck what was he thinking when he let her do that?

**JACKSON** No idea he was drunk at the time when he let her do it.

**OLIVER** Idiot

**JACKSON** You know he’s gone to Lee with all of this right?

**OLIVER** Really, he thinks Lee would be on his side after hearing all of that?

**JACKSON** Yes in his mind he thinks if he gets Charles and Lee on his side you will have no one, not even his dad is on his side.

**OLIVER** How do you know all of this? Also, what does it have to do with Uncle Charles and Lee?

**JACKSON** Lee called me up to fill me in, then dad filled me in, don’t worry Ollie they are on yours, and Tas side they are just angry at him for still trying to pull you two apart.

**OLIVER** Awesome I knew Lee and Charles would never side with that asshole really am getting sick of him trying to break us apart. I feel like we are always on repeat and it’s not the best part of our lives back then either, it’s like fucking drop it and move on already.

“Who are you talking to?” Tasmine asked, “Talking to Jackie, kitten.” She smiles at me and climbs onto my lap as I can hear Jackson laughing on the other end.

**JACKSON** Did you just get busted?

**OLIVER** No I did not Jackie.

“Why are you two talking about my dad?” She asked.

**JACKSON** Well on that note Oliver I will leave you to it!

**OLIVER** Jackson I will kill you when we get home!

**JACKSON** Bring it on! Also, she might kill you first!

“Why would I kill you first?” Fuck she heard all of that, dam him and his foghorn voice, letting out a sigh as I put my phone down on the table next to us, she cuddles into me looking up at me with those beautiful eyes of hers, why did I keep this from her for? “Ollie, what’s going on? Your phone has been vibrating like crazy and I wake up to find you out here talking to Jackson after he clearly stated he would only call if he had no choice.” She reminded me, “How are you feeling love?” I asked, she gives me that look like she is not impressed. “Don’t change the subject babe. Yes, pain is not so bad right now, spill it now.” She insisted, “It’s to do with Vincent” I groaned out, she rolls her eyes and sighs, as she grabs my hand that is around her stomach holding it with her little one.

“What does this low life want now? Why can’t we enjoy our honeymoon without him popping his fucking ugly head up?” I laughed; fuck I couldn’t help it laughed so hard. I need to tell her, but should I tell her now. “You want me to tell you? Can I tell you when we get home?” I asked, “Babe please just tell me.” She insisted, “Ok, but please do not hold this against me. I am not that person anymore.” I emphasized I need her to know that I am no longer that person, haven’t been since I saw her on her in her dad’s loungeroom that first or second day she was in town. “If this is to do with your past then babe, I know you’re not that person anymore.” Good, I thought, “Ok, Vincent didn’t stay long in jail as he made bail, not happy we have put a DVO on him his already been to the house and abused Jackie that was one of the reasons why he called.” I hold up my hand to stop her as she opened her mouth, god I love this woman on my lap, but she needs to let me finish before I chicken out.

“Ok, we are going back over eight years ago kitten well and truly before I had seen you in your father’s lounge room looking so cute.” She nods her head, rubbing small circles on my hand with her thumb. “It was back when Justine and Noah were dating and we all were friends. Babe, please don’t hold this against me with what I say next as I wasn’t in the best of places” She cuts me off, “My handsome hubby I know you were in a dark place after Monica please stop beating yourself up for the choices you had made back then, they aren’t ruling your life now so why should you put so much power into it now?” Fuck am I worrying about nothing? Or have I let him get into my head? If that is the case his gotten into all of our heads. “Because he is trying to use it against me to break us up.”

She chuckles and it’s her bitchy one too. “Let him try, we are stronger than he thinks. He thinks we are the same uneasy teens that were trying to find their way in the world. We are stronger together even though we are strong on our own too.” She declared, “That is true. The night that Noah had caught us was what caused us all to end but it wasn’t the start. I know I should have told you this, but I was ashamed of what I had done, I didn’t want you to think less of me or Justine for that matter. I was doing anything I can to forget what Monica had done and also to try and get my mind off the crush I had on you. Stop please let me finish.” She nods her head. “I partied a lot you know that, but also, I used to try anything and didn’t care what it was. Like what Mason was like at Schoolies was what I was like during that time, Justine was also going through some hard stuff with her father and issues with Noah not filling her in on how horrible his home life was like. She knew that us three boys knew but we never told her as he told us to never tell her, as it was his story to tell, think she only knows because you told her if I am being honest. I, Mason, Jackson, and Justine had all crashed at Noah’s house after a crazy party somehow it was just myself, Noah, and Justine in his room no idea where the others had crashed, we were up talking Noah had his computer on didn’t think anything of it at all. Justine and I had started to get close together it was our first kiss that day, we kept on sneaking out catching up without Noah, then we got bad we started doing drugs together, no matter what Noah had said I didn’t spike her drink we had taken the drugs together what I didn’t know at the time she had already taken something else they didn’t mix well but that didn’t show effect until after we had been caught in Jackson’s room.”

“Oliver, I had worked this bit out for myself, is this what Vincent is trying to break us up about?” She asked, I shake my head at her. “No, Noah knew before that party he knew from the day that we had kissed he had left his computer on filming us and he just didn’t care, he only cared once he seen that we had been using drugs. We fought pretty badly that night and a few days after as well, being a drug and alcohol-fueled fight it had gotten nasty. Justine had been taken to the hospital and refused to see me and somehow her mum spun it around that I sold the pills to students at the school.” She cuts me off again, “Babe as much as I love hearing you talking but please get to the parts that I do not know.” She complained, I laughed. “Ok, sorry kitten before Noah had gone to that faithful party, he had told Vincent to keep a close eye on me and you, I had chosen not to show up to that party, so Noah was fine even though I was living at that house I stayed away. Noah had seen me before it too, I knew looking at him that his dad had gotten worse.”

I heard her suck in her breath, I know the memories of that night still hurts her, hurts me too but I wasn’t there to see it nor able to help him out. I know I would have tried to kill his dad for that shit. “What happened between the two of you?” She asked, “Noah had confessed that he knew I was with Justine for five months before we got busted, he apologized to me which I had found odd, as he now understood how hard it was for me at the time. Believe it had something to do with living with you and still not allowed to be with you, that I was doing everything in my power to forget you, not going to sugar coat it, you were always the person we fought about from a young age before you left, and more so when you came back. But he also said that he is not going to correct people on the story of myself spiking Justine’s drink as he said it was my punishment for what we had done. But he also threw in the jab about you, that if anything happened to him or you two broke up that you would never be with me, he would make sure that your views on me are not kind. Had told him good luck with that, as you’re a smart girl can work out when people are lying to her. He just laughed and said he didn’t have to try hard as I was making it easy for him by being mean to you and you disliked druggies and that was all I was to him a druggie with anger issues.”

“I know all of this Oliver, and yet I still chose to be with you. He had said whatever he liked to say but I can make up my own mind of people is this what Vincent using against you because news flash you have already told me all of this.” I looked at her in shock. “I have when?” She laughed so hard. “Your twenty-first babe you don’t remember that part of the night I take it.” She recalled, “No, but there is more.” Man must have been from the blackout moments of that night, “More?” She asked, “Sadly, Jackson hadn’t found all of Noah’s artworks.” She looked at me oddly, wow I don’t think she knows. “I had found them after Jackson left the room, they had been a mixture of everyone, the ones on the bottom I wanted to punch him for, but it felt wrong thinking that of someone who had just died.” I grumbled, “What was it?” She asked, “Naked drawings of you.” Her face drops in shock, “Please tell me Vincent doesn’t have them?! And that he hasn’t seen them!” She begged, “No to both, I still have them.” She looked at me oddly, clearly trying to work where I have them. “You have them at your work, don’t you?” She asked, “No! They are in our room.” No way would I leave them at work for others to get a hold of, “Wait that black shoebox on the top of the cupboard that I cannot reach?” She asked, “Yes”

“So what does that have to do with Vincent and my dad or are you trying to be a chicken shit and not tell me?” She asked, I give her your right look and she looks like she wants to slap me but changes her mind smiling at me, and moves around so she is riding me, oh she is going to make this hard for me. “Fine....” I mumble, “Good because I would love to do something with you in the shower if you fill me in.” She whispered, “Noah and Vincent had made a pack with each other about you.” She took a breath in; oh, she is getting angry and it’s not at me this time. “What type of fucking pack? Clearly, one that sends you crazy.” She snaps, “The pack was that if something horrible to happen to Noah, he had asked for Vincent to keep a close eye on you because he knew that you would not cope well not since losing your mum, he knew you had yet to deal with her loss which he was right about that. But also, to keep a close eye on our friendship if I showed signs of being on drugs, partying, drinking, or jumping from girl to girl he had to try and get me to stay clear of you, the same thing if I showed signs of only wanting you for your V-card for him to step in. But if we looked like we were going to last leave us be, if I’m keeping myself clean, I would be wonderful for you if he, Noah wasn’t around for whatever was the reason. That is what Noah said I found that out from his sister as what Vincent was saying didn’t seem something Noah would have said.”

“What? How? And, how is she?” I laughed, she hardly knew his sister, but she always wondered how they are, I hardly know her now, but she has gotten back to me with the truth. “He is telling people that Noah had made a pack that he had to keep me away from you at all times at all cost, along with the fact I am still using, and I have also shared naked photos of you around with my work friends, most likely more but I had stopped listening to all the lies. I had put him in his place, and he screamed at me that Noah’s sister had been in the room for me to ask her what had happened then if I didn’t believe him.” She looked shocked, “When did all of this happen? Hold up this happened at Ava’s Twenty-first, didn’t it? I had heard him yelling at you to believe him, but Jackson had stopped me saying I should mind my own business that if you wanted me to know you will tell me.”

“I didn’t believe him it took Noah’s sister so long to get back to me that I had seen it as best you didn’t know, as what did it matter, what our dear dead friend had thought. I knew you loved me and not Vincent I” She cuts me off, “Stop babe just stop, his gotten into your head I don’t care what Noah had said all those years ago I gotten to know the real you. Vincent showed me his true colours when I had told you both to be friends. Uncle Chris said if they genuinely wanted to be your friend, they would show it if they were after one thing, they will become angry and aggressive well you know the rest, that was how I made my choice my gut had trusted you. I don’t care that you had done drugs in the past, that’s in the past besides I know you wouldn’t do them now and risk your career babe those that love you and know you will believe you, those that believe him do not know you and are they worth you knowing them?” She asked, God, I have no idea why I doubted her and let him into my head, she just became ten times hotter right now, grabbing the back of her head pulling her down into a passionate kiss, wrapping her arms around my shoulders pressing herself into me as my other hand slowly runs down her back to her beautiful plump ass.

“Fuck why did I have doubts?” I groaned out, “He knows how to get into people’s heads and making them doubt themselves, babe stop giving him space in your mind his not worth it. Now take me into the shower I want you so much.” She ordered, “Shit I am” She puts her small finger to my lips stopping me with a playful smirk on her face. “If the next word is going to be sorry you can watch me using a toy on myself in the shower not allowed to touch me.” I looked at her in shock, “What? No never was” She cuts me off, “Good, now be a good husband and follow me.” She laughs as she races off inside with me not far off, oh well we will worry about the crazy person when we are home, in the meantime, I’m going to fuck the shit out of my wife now.

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