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Chapter 23 - Kiss Me Infect Me With Your Love


For the past four days, we have been doing couples massage, we have been going to the gym every morning, once we finished our workout, we head on over to do either a leisure activity such as playing a round of tennis, or mini-golf, or cultural activity, then dine out at one of the six restaurants the resorts have to offer, today it is my choice in picking what we do today. Oliver doesn’t know that my period has finished, he told me the day my period finishes we are not leaving our villa for twenty-four hours. I love the sound of that but right now I want to be pampered, so I have booked us in for another couple day spa session after we finish our workout.

“Babe come on, give me ten more,” Oliver ordered, I groan out, glaring at him. “You’re worse than a drill sergeant you know that?!” I grumbled, “Yes, I’m your husband, come on kitten it’s only ten more sit-ups.” He said, “Says the man that does it that fast and easy.” I complained, “This body doesn’t happen all by itself love.” He said running his hands along his body, “You sound like you’re in love with yourself.” I mumbled, he was holding my feet down for me as I giggle which didn’t last long as it started to hurt screaming out when I had finished the ten, he wanted, placing the weights next to me as I collapsed back down on the floor with him kneeling over me with a big smile on his face. “Of course I love myself kitten, I see the way you look at my body I love seeing that look” I didn’t let him finish, grabbing his singlet pulling him down on top of me kissing him hard wrapping my body around his talking into his mouth. “Shut up” Fuck, I want him now, I know we are not alone in this gym but fair out I am so turned on by him, he pulls away smiling, hands firmly on my ass.

“Wow, wife we aren’t alone in here.” He said sounding shocked, “I know part of the thrill, I think.” I giggled, “Let’s warm down then hit the showers, what are our plans for today love?” He asked, “Couples Spa session.” I said with the biggest smile on my face, I can see him thinking it over then whispering in my ear. “Does that mean your period has finished?” Fuck he fucken guessed it, lie Tasmine fucken lie! “No, it’s nearly finished.”

“I know when you’re lying to me kitten.” He bites my bottom lip, I moan out, he chuckles bloody hell his worked it out, for once I would like to keep a few things from him for a surprise. He stands up adjusting himself before holding his hand out for me to take, as he helps me up. We grab our stuff and head back to our villa to use the shower. “The last one in is a rotten egg!” I screamed out, “Really? This again? You never win my love!” Oliver yelled out behind me, “One day I might!” I raced past him as he closes our door, I yell out back to him. “Does that make you John Snow?!”

“What? I don’t get that comment babe, he vowed to not touch a woman. Is that what you want me to do not touch you? Because if that’s the case you married the wrong man.” He chortled, “I noticed that! Hahaha, Arghhh!” He caught up to me throwing me over his shoulder giving my ass a good few slaps as I scream out in enjoyment. “Might want to cancel” I cut him off. “NO! We are not! I want a back massa” He cuts me off. “I can do all of that for you, my love.” He said sounding cocky, I know he could but that is not the point here, “Oh hubby I know you can but, please can we? It’s my day to choose you cannot make me cancel on” He curs me off. “Ok, alright kitten you can have your appointment. When do we need to be there?” He asked, “Nine thirty” He places me down onto the sink, looking at me amused. “Only time for a shower? Really Tasmine.”

I smirked up at him, as I pull my singlet off. “Has a tight time frame ever bothered you before?” He chuckles as his hands slip down from my shoulders hocking under the sports bra unclipping it as he takes it off leaning down taking a nipple in his mouth, gripping his head in my hand, I moaned out as he growls around my nipple. “Can we?” he asked, “Oh hmmm yes...” I moaned out, “Strip fast now kitten.” He ordered as we both got out of our dirty gym clothes, he noticed my underpants had no panty liner on them he arches an eyebrow at me. “Take your tampon out babe.” I just stood there looking at him, he worked out my bluff, he bites his bottom lip as his eyes rake over my body. “No tampon?” I shake my head now biting my bottom lip as he turns around turning the shower on with a smirk on his face. “So my beautiful wife has finished her period and didn’t tell me, hmm I hope it was because she had a surprise for me, and I happened to have worked it all out. Have I hit the nail on the head love?”

“Bloody hell Oliver David Christopher Brown! I was trying to surprise you, you arghh!” He just stood in the shower laughing at me. “Oh wow, you have used my full name! Does that mean I will be getting spanked?” He asked around his laughter, “No you bloody idjit!” I walked past him and started having a shower as he looked at me confused. “Wait are you angry at me?” he asked, “Yes, I am Oliver.” I snapped, “No, I am not having my wife angry at me on our honeymoon.” He stalks towards me grabbing my arms pinning them above my head pressing his whole body against mine as he kisses me, to prove his point, the second I kissed back he pulled away leaning his forehead against mine. “Why are you, upset babe?” he asked, “I just wanted to surprise you and you kept on pushing!” I snapped at him.

“Oh kitten you can still surprise me, I still don’t know when and the how’s.” He said, “Still ma” He didn’t let me finish as he kisses me again, his body still pressed against mine, I can feel his hard member pressing into my stomach, he didn’t pull away when I started kissing him back, I want to touch him, but his grip tightens on my hands. His free hand grabs one of my legs lifting me up higher as he lowers me down onto him, moaning into his mouth as he invades me so slowly god, I love this feeling of him. “I want to touch you” I moaned out in his mouth, he lets my hands go as he grabs my hips slamming into me hard, I scream out, pulling at his hair with one hand as the other grips his arm, wrapping my legs around his waist locking him in. “Tas cum with me now!” He growls out biting my bottom lip his hand rubs hard and fast on my clit as he pounds into me trying to get to his release, looking into each other’s as I moan out my climax just as I try to catch my breath, he moans out kissing me releasing himself deep into me, kissing my neck as he holds tightly onto me.

“I love you so much Tasmine.” He said against my neck sending a shiver down that whole side of my body, he chuckles as I kiss his cheek. “I love you so much too Oliver.” I managed to say now that my breathing has gone back to normal, “Good, now let’s get cleaned up for this couple’s spa session hey?” He asked.

Wow, I want to do that spa session again I feel like I have baby skin and am so refreshed and relaxed and horny for my husband so badly lying next to him with just a towel on was hard to keep myself in check with others around us. Now that my period is finished, we are trying out the pool bar, that you can swim right up to I love this idea. Swimming back to Oliver with two cocktails in my hands and a buzzer for our food. “Wow kitten what are those?” He asked, “Cocktail of the day and lunch.” I said smiling at him, “Hmmm it tastes good, wickedly strong but good.”

“Yes, I think when we get back, we may need to start a detox.” He laughs as he wraps me up in a hug kissing me roughly savoring the taste of the cocktail from my mouth. “As soon as we finish our lunch, we are going back to our villa Mrs. Brown.” he ordered, “Really? You don’t want to do” He cuts me off, “Oh there will be a lot of doing going on just not what you just said.” He declared, “Is that all your thinking about?” I asked, he chuckles. “Oh stop Tas I had seen how affected you had been during our spa session don’t pretend you’re not thinking it too. Admit it you want me just as much as I want you.” His now kissing my jawline, his hands pulling me into his lap as he continues kissing towards my lips. “Hmm Oooo fuck it let’s get our food as a takeaway.” I moaned out, “That’s my girl.”

We drank our drinks so fast, wow that is going to go to my head fast just as our buzzer went off Oliver gave me a passionate kiss before heading towards the bar to collect our order and see if we can get it to go instead. Climbing out walking towards our seats wrapping my towel around me as I start picking up our items, a group of men is sitting a few seats away watching me I know they aren’t from an English-speaking country as they have been talking the whole time and I haven’t a clue what they are saying. They must be trying to get my attention but not understand each other, one of them moved over to the empty seat next to me, in a deep European accent with a smile on his face, still doesn’t make me feel any less uneasy about him. “Hello,” He said, “Hello” I replied politely, “Hope your husband knows you are kissing a man like that.” I looked at him oddly and confused, then pointed to Oliver. “That man?” I asked, the stranger nods his head, then points at my wedding rings. Has Oliver taken his off? No, he hasn’t from my memory. “Well that man is my husband,” I said, the stranger looked shocked, then turned around saying a few things to his friends they don’t seem to be impressed with what he said. “Are you sure love? We are positive we had seen you both kissing other people.” Oliver chose then to walk up, he looked confused but also possessive of me as he took his items from my lap and throwing his towel over his shoulder before leaning down giving me a possessive kiss.

“You ok kitten?” He whispers I nod my head; Oliver turns to the man sitting next to us. “Can I help you mate?” Oliver asked, “Yes, was just” I cut the stranger off while grabbing Oliver’s hand. “They seem to think we are not husband and wife because they had seen us kissing other people,” I told him, “Hmm is that so sweetie, thanks for your opinion going to go spend the rest of my honeymoon with my wife.” Oliver snapped, I stood up, still holding hands as we walk off the group talking loudly, Oliver shaking his head laughing. “Fuck babe why did you start talking to them?” he asked, “Hey I didn’t they started talking to me!” I cried out, “What did he say to you, I had noticed you had pointed to me.”

“He had asked if my husband knew I was kissing another man like that, I pointed to you to make sure they were talking about you, and he was I said well that man is my husband, they didn’t seem to like what I had said. Are you not wearing your ring or something?” I asked, he holds his hand up in front of me with his ring on, hmm no idea what they are talking about. “Let’s quickly eat this.” He said, “Magic words hubby, magic words.”

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