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Chapter 24 - She's My Cherry Pie

**Oliver’s Pov**

It’s our last day here we leave tomorrow which we both don’t want to go home we are enjoying our time together away from everyone is great. Laying here next to the pool with just my boardies on while my beautiful wife is sound asleep on top of me. We had managed to keep ourselves busy by doing heaps of snorkeling, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, bicycle boats, and swimming, once done doing those we have been enjoying the food, drinks, and the culture and then playing around back at our villa. She starts groaning and moaning in her sleep, I gently rub circles on her back to try and calm her down poor thing must be having a nightmare, she wriggles down so that her breast is now pressed against my dick, fuck it’s going to wake her up now, dam it, I want her to sleep more she looks like she needs it more than I do.

I have my EarPods in listening to some music while I chill here, I can hear my phone going off I know it’s the motley crew with their group message I had thought I had it on silent the group chat looks like I don’t. “Does your phone ever shut up?” She groans out, “Since we left Australia, no it doesn’t, kitten go back to sleep oh fuck!” I cried out, she sat up pulling me free from my pants running her tongue from my balls all the way to the tip, ahh I cannot think when she is doing this to me. Wrapping her small hands around me, lowering her lips around and over it, her tongue moves slowly under the ridge and around the tip in a figure eight movement causing me to hiss, she slowly takes me into her mouth, fuck she takes all of me in, pulling away slowly, my hands stroking her back and shoulders which I notice sends shivers down her body. She slips into the pool moving my legs, so they are dangling in the water.

“Oh, fuck Tasmine!” Hearing me moan out her name she moans out sending a shock wave over my dick, kissing and nipping down and sucking her way towards my balls, slowly working her way back up, hand on the base of my cock as she sucks and glides, fuck she feels so good, not far off from my orgasm. “Tasmine” Speeding up her hand, sliding up and down, at the same time she is sucking and swirling the tip, gliding me down towards the back of her throat, she feels me convulse, sending my seed down the back of her throat as I scream out her name. “FUCK TASMINE YES!!” Sucking me dry, once finished she swims backward throwing her skimpy bikini off to the side with a smirk on her face.

“Come here big boy and fill me up.” Fuck love how naughty she can be, diving into the pool swimming towards her pinning her to the edge of the pool as she wraps her arms and legs around my body with a big smile on her face. “I don’t want to go home, how much would it cost to add more days here?” She asked the one question I wished we can do but it’s way too hard to extend our visas and other paperwork, “Our flights, visa’s you name it. I would love to do that too babe, but we have no choice we need to go home.” I sighed, “I know, I just” I cut her off, “Enjoying our quiet time?” I asked, “YES!” she cries out, she grinds herself against me as I moan out, I don’t wait for her permission slamming into her she screams out, we made love against the pool wall as the sun sets behind us, I don’t think we have ever had sex in such a romantic spot.

Lying in bed just talking about shit really, which is good I liked it nothing too serious looking at my sexy wife in my shirt as she raves on about baby Yoda again, love how her face lights up when she is talking about something she enjoys. “Take it for your birthday and Christmas you want me to get you baby Yoda stuff?” She laughs, as she takes a bite of my food trying to keep my container from her as she laughs again giving me those puppy dog eyes of hers that work every time, god help me when we have children if I cannot hold my ground with her. “Yes would love that! But also share!” She pouted, “Right I will start looking, but hey this is my dinner eat yours you little shit!” I snapped but still laughing with her, she laughs again then she does the one thing I had hoped Jackson hadn’t taught her, leaning over with a big smile on her face then licking my cheek as I go to whip my face, she takes a bite of my food laughing. Placing my container on the bedside table taking hers from her too and placing it in the same spot as she continues laughing hard as I shower her with kisses and every second or third kiss, I turn it into a lick. “HAHAHAHA Stop! Please stop! Waving the white flag!”

I stop leaning over the top of her pinning her to the bed, she still has a playful look on her face she grabs my hair pulling me down kissing me, we are getting all hot and heavy when her phone starts ringing this time, we both groan out in frustration, why can’t they leave us alone for more than a few days? She rolls over grabbing her phone I lay down half on top of her once she rolls over and wraps her legs around me pulling me into her closer, as she puts the call on loudspeaker.


**TASMINE** Hello?

**LEE** Tasmine I am so sorry for calling you, are you and Oliver free for a few seconds?

**OLIVER** Yes, we both are.

**TASMINE** What is wrong dad?

**LEE** First of Jackson is ok, his in the hospital

We both cut him off.



**LEE** Guys his ok, just a broken nose and a few stitches but he will live.

**OLIVER** What the fuck happened to him?

**LEE** Take it you haven’t looked at your phones all day?

**TASMINE** No, was trying to get some us time. Who did this to him?

**LEE** Vincent broke into your house


**TASMINE** Is Jo ok?

**LEE** Jo thank god wasn’t at your place at the time, she was doing a food shop to work on a surprise dinner for when you came home. Going to need to file a claim

**OLIVER** How much damage did he do Lee?

**LEE** Fire to the kitchen area Jackson managed to get it under control before it could spread.

**OLIVER** Where is Vincent now?!

**LEE** At the hospital under police guard, Jackson had knocked him out before the firemen, police, and ambos arrived, I’m on my way down right now with Charles to help Jo out until you guys get home. When do you guys get home?

**TASMINE** Clearly not soon enough! What the fuck is wrong with him to keep on doing this to us? Can you say hello to Charles for us too, please?

**LEE** The kids say hello Charles. Also do not rush home or book earlier flights come when your flights say to come, we will sort the rest out. Just let us know where you keep all your insurance paperwork.

We heard Charles saying hello back to us he must be driving. We both let out groans when we realized where the paperwork is kept.

**OLIVER** In the fucking kitchen it was all kept.

**LEE** Fuck why would you keep it all in the kitchen for?

**TASMINE** It was big enough for us to have our home office at the end of it, that is where it was all kept, dad!

**CHARLES** Who is your insurance with?

**OLIVER** RACQ Uncle Charles. Is the house still lockable?

**CHARLES** Ok, I’m with them will see if they will talk to us tomorrow until you guys get back into the country. Um from what Jose said it is.

**OLIVER** Ok, we leave here tomorrow we won’t be back in Mackay until Wednesday.

**LEE** Shouldn’t it be Monday?

**OLIVER** Visiting friends and family Monday and Tuesday our flight back home is Wednesday.

**LEE** What family and friends?

**TASMINE** Mum’s

That was all she said, I know Lee really wants to tell her off but I doubt she will listen but who knows she may want to change her mind and come home sooner I know I do I want to see what the asshole has done to our home.

**CHARLES** Try not to worry about the why’s as it could send you both crazy just be grateful that you have insurance that cover you and that Jackson is good.

**LEE** Why are you even bothering with seeing those people?

**TASMINE** I don’t know now dad! I will let you know once I thought about it!

**OLIVER** I’m going to call Jackie up to see how he is, thank you Lee and Uncle Charles see you both soon. Also, keep us posted on what is going on, please.

**LEE** Will do, also thanks, Oliver.

**OLIVER** For what?

**LEE** For being the man you said you were going to be to her.

**CHARLES** Oh wow boy you got that old man all sooky hahaha ouch fuck off Lee! Bye kids call you when we get to Mackay or text will double check the time of your location before we do that!

Lee hits the end call button while myself and Tasmine burst out into a fit of laughter until it sank in that he tried to destroy our house, looking at Tasmine I notice the look of horror on her face, wrapping her up in a protective hug, “Why? Fuck call Jackie up I need to know if he’s ok.” She ordered, “Don’t know but he needs to get it into his head that you are my wife and move on already! Fuck yes, let’s see if our little brother is ok, I think we should buy him a slab of beer and about five bottles of the most expensive rum we can find.” I told her.

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