No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 25 - Shit Has Hit The Fan!

**Oliver’s Pov**

After talking to Lee my father-in-law and Uncle all I want to do is punch something, Tas has picked up on it this fascination that Vincent has with her is downright crazy so angry that we couldn’t have a wedding without him trying to fuck it up, or the fact we couldn’t have a peaceful honeymoon without him causing chaos at home for us. Lying down on my back with my wife sitting next to me looking at her phone while my hand is on her leg, she’s way too quiet for my liking, but I know she needs it to process it all in. We both chose to not look at our phones today, turns out we should have. Beating myself up about it but even if we did look at our phones during the day what could we do being so far away. Right, I need to know if my brother is ok, I know Uncle Charles said he was doesn’t mean a thing with him, he could be right in his eyes, but Jackie could be a balling mess and doesn’t want dad to know, feels weird calling him Uncle as his more of a father to me than anything.

“Kitten?” I quietly said her name, “Hmmm?” She replied, “Hand me your phone please babe.” I ordered, “Why? What’s wrong with yours?” She asked sounding lost, “Flat babe.” I told her, I hate how fast it goes flat now with the new app I had to upload on it for work, “Ok, you calling Jackie up?” She asked, “Yep, thought you were but you’re just sitting there. Are you ok?” I softly asked, “Not sure...” She mumbles, quickly dialing his number as I watch her, she moves around so she is cuddling up to me while I wait for Jackie to answer the phone putting it on loudspeaker so she can hear too.


**JACKSON** Hey Brother! I bet you are regretting not answering your phone today!

**OLIVER** Hey! Of course, we are you asshole! Are you ok?

**JACKSON** Nothing but pain killers and a good blow job won’t fix.

**JOSEPHINE** Hey is that all I am to you?!

**TASMINE** Seems it.

**JACKSON** Oh no we are not doing this gang up on Jackson! I’m the hurt one here!

**JOSEPHINE** Oh we know babe, we know.

**TASMINE** No Jackie how are you really? Also, we are

**JACKSON** If you are about to say sorry for being on your honeymoon and enjoying yourself and not answering your phones I will find a way to bitch slap you through this phone Tasmine! Your house is a little hurt, so am I but we are fixable ok. Dad and Lee are not far off from arriving from the last text that they had sent, we will try and see if your insurance will talk to us but seeing as all of us are not the policy holders, I doubt it but no harm in trying right.

**OLIVER** How much damaged di

**JACKSON** I was cooking at the time he chose then to set it alight, so your stovetop and oven, benches around your stovetop and oven, wall, ceiling, possibly the floor around the area plus water damage from the fire fighters in putting it out, will need replacing. I cannot touch anything to it until an assessor has been out, I have taken heaps of photos for you and the company I work for does insurance jobs for RACQ up north so hopefully, they will let us do it for you too. But will be putting my bid in so that you can pick, with family rates of course.

**TASMINE** Jackson no family rates!


**OLIVER** Is he dead yet?

**JACKSON** Fucking wish he was mate! The asshole tried to stab me a few times



**JACKSON** As I had said, I was cooking dinner when he broke in from the front, I didn’t hear him come in until I had turned around and he punched me in the face breaking my nose, during that time he took the knife I was using off the bench starting waving it around the place slicing parts of my body, Tas I’m ok really.

Tas had made a crying sound, was about to say something when he had said that fuck, I am scared just hearing this, my best mate, brother was nearly taken away from us by Vincent god if I could go back in time and remove him from our group of friends I would!

**JACKSON** Thanks for having that marble paper towel holder that helped out big time, used that on him until he dropped the knife, I also broke a few of his body parts before I had managed to try and stop the fire from spreading.

**OLIVER** I am so sorry you got hurt but also so dam grateful that you stopped him

**JACKSON** Ollie big brother shut up! I will do just about anything to make sure my family is safe, and I did. A few cuts and a broken nose are not bad at all, him on the other hand I did break his skull with that roll Tas knocking him right out, maybe a few fingers and a wrist but man I did enjoy seeing the look of shock horror when he realized it was just me home and not you Tas.


**JACKSON** Yep, it’s like he thought you had gone back to work and Tas was home alone cooking dinner. Mate I don’t like her being home here by herself until his been sentenced I don’t think he will be out on bail but

**OLIVER** I agree with you bro.

**JACKSON** Don’t think I haven’t noticed how quiet you are little thing. Now get out of your head I am fine! I will see you when Wednesday is it?

**JOSEPHINE** Yes, I agree with my man here, baby girl his fine I would have said something if he wasn’t, he has some wicked black eyes but is his cheeky old self. Get that fucking hand off me, Jackson! Sorry.

**JACKSON** HEY! If I want to grope my girl I will!

**JOSEPHINE** Not while we are on the phone with our besties!

I look over at Tas and she burst out into a fit of laughter, we can picture what the pair of them are doing right now.

**OLIVER** Who said we aren’t up to something while on the phone to you guys?

**JACKSON** Can tell by the tone and sound of your voices brother! Also is that little thing I can hear laughing? Good keep doing that! Don’t worry little thing we will have most of it all sorted for you when you get home.

**TASMINE** Ok, thank you, brother.

**JACKSON** Don’t want to sound like an asshole

**OLIVER** But you are

**JACKSON** Oh shut up! I want to go be with my girl I know you do to Ollie I will see you both when you get home, is your car parked at the airport?

**OLIVER** Ok, yes it is, will you be home when we get in?

**JACKSON** Yes thanks to crazy I will be home resting hopefully able to do some paperwork from here. I love you both, enjoy the rest of your honeymoon.

**JOSEPHINE** I love you both too! CYA!

**TASMINE** I love you both as well! See you both when we get in.

**OLIVER** Yes love you both, be safe! See you when we get home, will text when we land.

**JACKSON** Good, now go fuck my wild bunnies!

We all burst out into fits of laughter as Jackson ends the call, ok Jackson being his normal self is telling us not to worry giving Tas a quick kiss on her forehead as she cuddles into me. “Good hearing him sounding ok means” I cut her off, “Not to stress so much?” I asked, “Yes.” She said but she is not sounding like herself at all, which is worrying me, “Kitten what’s wrong?” I asked, “Noth” I cut her off, “Come on Tasmine” I snapped, “Those men by the pool you don’t think Vincent had anything to do with that?” She asked, “No, I don’t think they did. How only Jackson, Josephine, and our dads know where we have gone too, we’ve kept everyone else in the dark on our location.” She looks like she is thinking, “Just seemed odd.” She muttered, “Yes but there is another young couple that does look like us from afar maybe that is who they think we are.” I told her, “Ok... night.”

I looked at her in shock, is that all? No good night kiss, nothing? Right, what is going on here, sliding down a little laying on my side so we are face to face. “Babe spill now,” I ordered, “I just keep thinking of the what-ifs, what if he had chosen to do that and you had gone to work, and it was just me home he would have killed me. I just don’t get how he jumps from being friends to being a dick, then being an abusive asshole to this crazy stalker. What does he get out of this? Like really is it all just a game to him?” Shit, she has gone way too far in her head; I know she is voicing my own fears too, but I’m worried. “Did you not hear what Uncle Charles had said?” She looked up to me as I brush her cheek, she throws a leg over mine pulling herself closer to me.

“Babe he said not to try and understand crazy as it will send you crazy trying to. How about we let the police and our insurance deal with him ok. Right now, we are on the last night of our honeymoon and I want to be balls deep in you again.” She laughs, fuck her beautiful sexy laugh that I love, rotating her hips as she grinds on me kissing under my ear, fuck I love her so much hate the fact that someone wants to remove her from me, I don’t think I will ever be whole if something happens to her, she is my other half, what I was like after Monica will have been nothing compared to what I would do if something horrible happens to my little kitten.

“Ollie, what is wrong?” She asked, I held onto her tightly breathing in her scent. “I” Fuck I just couldn’t say it, she pulls away looking at my face, she must be able to read what is on my face. “You started thinking of life without me? Oh, Ollie come here.” She rolls over so she is laying on her back pulling me with her, her little hand reaches down inserting my hard dick into her I groan out. “Tas...” I groan, “Shhhh make slow love to me and forget that crazy motherfucker until we are back home.” She ordered me, “Baby girl your it for me forever, I love you.”

“Oh Ollie you are it for me too, forever, I love you.” She whispered against my lips as I slowly grind into her watching her face full of love, making those beautiful moaning looks that she makes during sex.

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