No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 26 - Time To Head Home

**Tasmine’s POV**

Walking out of the bathroom found Oliver no longer sound asleep as his eyes roam over my naked body, I know he’s enjoying the love bites he has added to my body this time he put them in places that only he would see. “Did you sleep well, my little wife?” I smiled at him biting my bottom lip. “Yes it was the best sleep after all the lovemaking, we had done, hubby. How was your sleep?” He groans, his eyes had darkened as he watches me bending over in front of our suitcases, he adjusts his dick under the blankets, making sure that I can see how hard he is again, his naked body, a work of art, and his all mine. “Fucking wonderful, considering it was our last night in paradise. Why don’t you come back to bed my beautiful little kitten? I have a parting gift from paradise for you.” He says in a low raspy voice, I know that voice it sends shivers down my whole body in anticipation, still clutching his massive length, fuck do we have time for what he wants to do?

I stand back up straight, a playful smirk on my face while biting my thumbnail as I look him over. His eyes have gone dark, he watches me eagerly waiting for a response, as I slowly begin to make my way towards him, his eyes never leaving mine, scanning my body and back up to my eyes slowly taking me in, fuck I love how he looks at me. “Is that so? Do we have time?” A slow smile spreads across his face and he nods, catching his bottom lip beneath his teeth as he watches me. Once I had reached the edge of the bed, I grip the sheets pulling them off him revealing his naked and ready body. After all of these years, he causes my breath to hitch for a brief second as my eyes rake over his body.

“Does Mrs. Brown enjoy what she sees?” I nod my head as I slowly climb onto the bed with him, his still laying on his back and I climb on top of him, straddling his torso leaning forward, first brushing my lips against his teasingly, and then beginning to kiss down his jawbone to his neck. He brings one of his hands up to the back of my head, tilting his own to give me better access, he lets out a low and needy groan deep from within his chest, his other hand roaming down to my ass giving it a good squeeze. Neither of us wastes any time, as we have to check out soon, sliding my lower half down a bit, raising back up to look down at him, he raises his hips off the bed, wanting to be inside of me as much as I wanted him to be.

The look on his face makes me even wetter, so serious and hooded with desire, both his hands now resting on my ass, I raise myself up so that my dripping pussy is hovering over him, he grabs ahold of his dick with one hand, helping me to guide it as I lower myself down onto him, slowly as every inch of my husband invades my body, loving the fullness of him, I moan out as he grunts. He bucks his hips upwards again, and I start to pick up a steady rhythm, still going slowly, but totally in control as I slide up and down on his hard length. It’s like his memorizing how I look on top of him the way he’s watching me, making me work more as I enjoy him watching me, I get off it. Riding him until it feels like I am about to go over the edge, and keep going, his hands placed on my hips, his fingers pressing into my skin the closer he gets. “Oh, God! I’m”

“Kitten, cum for me Tasmine!” His words coaxed me over the edge, as waves of pleasure flood over me, my legs becoming weak that I can no longer hold myself up as I lean over the top of him, pressing my breast against his chest, still inside me when he slips his arms around my waist and in one motion flips us both over so that he’s on top of me, laying on my back. He holds his weight off of me with one arm, taking my lips with his in a hungry kiss as he begins to move inside me, the pressure was so intense now that I had already orgasmed, locking my legs around his waist and entangling my fingers in his hair, gently tugging as we both deepen the kiss, he pulls away just slightly, his lips still brushing against mine he spoke up. “No matter what babe, we will sort that shit storm that is waiting for us at home, together.”

“Fuck... yes, I know, shit! Oh god...” I cried out, “You close kitten? Ready to join me?” His thrusts begin to get harder and faster after he askes me this, as I scream his name telling him not to stop, as he explodes deep in me screaming my name out. Clasping half on me catching his breath, fuck we need to clean up, finish packing and head out, I don’t want to. “Fuck Tas I don’t want to leave this room, this bubble of ours.” Oliver complains, “Me either, we are going to have to have quiet sex when we get home.” He scoffs as he rolls over pulling me with him cuddling into me. “We have never had quiet sex babe.” He reminded me, “I know but how can you have quiet sex, are they not hitting the g-spot or something?” I asked, I just want to scream when he is hitting the spots that set me on fire, “Who knows love.” His phone starts going off we both groan.

“Is that someone after you already?” I complained, “No that is the alarm to get up and start packing.” He climbs out of the bed taking me with him as he makes his way towards the bathroom, we had a quick shower once dress we quickly give the room a quick clean, yes, we are the type of people that like leaving the staff with a made bed and towels off the floor and rubbish in the bin make it easy for them. Once done we both went to different rooms to make sure we have all our stuff packed and ready to go. “Alright, Tasmine Brown ready to head back to Australia?” He asked me, “As ready as I will ever be Oliver Brown.” We made our way to the front desk to hand the keys back and check out when the strangers by the pool walked past us. The one that spoke to us yesterday walked up to us causing Oliver to tense up, the stranger didn’t notice as he doesn’t know Oliver.

“Would like to how do you say it apologize to you both, we don’t like um cheaters as that is why we are here. It was supposed to be my honeymoon too, my friend had seen a female who looks like you kissing two different men. Sorry we thought it was you, turns out we are wrong it wasn’t you” Oliver holds his hand up to stop the stranger as he struggles to find the correct English words. “It’s ok mate we get it. So sorry for what she had done to you, clearly not worth it mate you will find someone who is.” Oliver said sounding friendly, “Thank you, hopefully, she will look at me like your wife does.” I smiled so big at them both, I needed to hear that with the shit we are about to walk into. “Thank you.” We said our goodbyes to the stranger and made our way to the airport sitting in the bar waiting for our flight to be called as Oliver drinks his first drink for the day of rum, while I drink a soft drink don’t think I can drink just yet. Oliver sitting in a highchair pulling me so I am standing in between his legs with one arm wrapped around my stomach.

“What are you worried about kitten?” He asked, “All of it, I know Jackie said he is ok and dad and Charles said he is good, but I am worried about him, his mental health but also our home. I had things from mum in that kitchen and grandma and grandad and your grandparents I hope” He cuts me off, “Babe they are objects, we can replace objects we cannot replace lives.” He reminded me, “Your right.” I agreed, “Wow you’re listening to me?” Oliver asked shocked, “Yeah only when I think your right.” He chuckles as he leans down biting my earlobe. “Still stubborn as all hell I see.” I chuckle, “Oh shhh hubby I want to hear the sports highlights.” I told him, “What? Since when? Hey, that is my drink kitten!” I chuckle as I drank the last of his rum, turning around in his arms with the drink still in my mouth kissing him sharing the drink with him as he growls in my mouth, oh our trip home is going to be fun.

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