No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 27 - Welcome Home

**Tasmine’s Pov**

It felt longer coming home than going to the place, it didn’t help that Oliver couldn’t keep his hands to himself, I am so worked up that I dragged him into the disabled toilets. Oliver closed and locked the door placing our bags in front of it. “Tasmine wh” I didn’t let him finish as I pulled him down to my height kissing him lifting me up pinning me against the wall as he ravishes me. “You want to do it in an airport toilet?” He asked, “Well you didn’t want to do it in the airplane toilet.” I complained, “Because every time we tried someone used the loo, come on let’s go to the hotel and fuck in there.” Oliver demanded, “You don’t want to do it in public?” I asked shocked, “I do, just not in a public restroom.” He stated, “We did at your senior dance.” I reminded him, he was about to respond when someone knocked on the door, he whispers in my ear. “Saved by the knock.”

We quickly fixed ourselves up leaving the room to find ourselves face to face with an angry old man who wanted to us the room, he told us that the loo was for loo stuff, not hanky panky we just giggle. “Babe let’s go check in and see if we are staying and see these people you want to catch up with or are we catching the next flight home?” He asked, “Catch the next flight home babe.” He stopped and looked at me, thinking he’s trying to work out what is going on in my head. “You sure you don’t” I cut him off, “Yes, positive they had years to reach out to me and catch up with me beside Dean, Rach, and Sambo are flying back to our place if I have read the group chat correctly,” I told him, “Ok let’s go book our flights, also Max and Justine are joining us too.” Oliver reminded me, “Good, I miss them all. Wish they all were coming back for a good reason.” I mumbled, “I know, I wish that to babe, let’s see if we can get on a flight home.”

He leans down giving me a quick kiss before heading on over to the check-in counter, checking my phone which is quiet for a change, he walks up to me with a smile on his face. “We fly out on the last flight out tonight; sorry it was the earliest flight that had two seats left. Want to head to the hotel to help you in that” He nods his head downstairs at me, with a smirk and biting his bottom lip. Grabbing our bags making our way towards the taxi rank. “What the fuck are you two dickheads doing?!” Sam yelled out at us, we spun around finding Sam, Rach, Max, and Justine looking at us with big smiles on their faces. “Well don’t you two look tan as fuck!” Justine cried out, “What is going on here?” Oliver asked, “Think we all would have you staying at a hotel tonight?” Max asked, “But I only just texted Jackson that!” Oliver said shocked, “Yeah bro his fast now that he’s resting and not working.” Max said, “But you guys are fast!” I said, “We were already on our way he told us when your flight was landing, he wants you guys home more than you know.” Rachel said, “I know.” Oliver said, “Well come on we are camping out at my place now move it!” Sam said loudly, “How? I know you don’t have a seven-seater!” Oliver yelled back at Sam.

“That is because we are heading onto our flight.” Justine told him, “What? You are?” I asked, oh no, no tears Tas as I race into Justine’s and Max’s arms, Oliver just gave them both bro hugs. “If I didn’t know any better, I would say you’re trying to hold back your tears Tas.” Max whispered, “Oh shut up.” I grumbled, we said our byes to the happy couple as we made our way towards Sam’s car Rach holding my hand not letting go, I look at her oddly she’s acting weird. But it’s not the time and place to ask, she jumps in the front with Sam leaving myself and Oliver in the back seat who wasn’t keeping his hands to himself. “Ollie, please” I whispered, “Oi you two none of that in this car mate unless you want to include me!” Sam yelled out to us, “Why would we want you to join us?” Oliver asked, “Oh what the girls haven’t filled you in on” Rachel cuts Sam off, “No we haven’t.” Rachel stated, “Why the hell not?” Sam asked in shock.

“Believe it may not be as good as you think it is.” I stated, “Wow!” Oliver laughed out, “Oh sip it all of you.” Sam snapped at the pair of us, “But we love your adorable ass babe!” Rachel told him, “Where is Dean?” I asked, “No you all don’t love my ass, if you did, I would be shaking up with one of you.” Sam said, “Didn’t answer bro” Oliver reminded him, “He’s back at my place couldn’t fit.” Sam replied, “Are you Dean and Rach ok?” Oliver asked, “Peachy Oliver.” Rachel snapped, Oliver and I looking at each other questionable, something is going on with those three, but if they aren’t going to talk to us about it, I can tell Oliver is keen to know what is going on with the three of them. “You two planning on filling us in if we have to spend most of the day with you three, I don’t want to be in the middle of some sort of fight you all are having,” Oliver said.

“Oliver we love you but no, it’s none of your” Rachel started but Sam cuts her off, “He has a point” Sam started but Rachel cuts him off, “So? For once I would like to keep things to ourselves.” Rachel snapped, “Fine, don’t tell us but you three better not be shitty at us or around us.” Oliver demanded, “I can do that, Rach?” Sam asked, “I... fine I can.” Rachel mumbled, “Good, now would you two mind if I gave my husband a blowie in the back here?” The look of shock horror on all three of their faces was priceless, while I was laughing. “What the hell?” Oliver asked shocked, “NOT IN MY CAR TASMINE!” Sam yelled out, “Wow....” Rachel muttered, “Good now you have something else to talk about other than whatever this is going on.” I said.

“Wow that is one way to change the subject,” Sam mumbled, the car ride to Sam’s place was filled with silence, while my comment had made Oliver worse in the back seat. As soon as the car stopped, I raced out into the house and into Dean’s arms as he laughed. “God you weren’t gone that long, little thing!” He said around a fit of laughter, “I was like this with them all! I missed you all ok! Also, fill me” He cuts me off, “Seriously that’s why you raced in here before them, if they didn’t tell you I won’t be love it’s not my story to tell, stop pushing it.” He snapped at me, “Ollie you were right!” Sam cried out, “Of course I was, I know her.” Oliver stated.

Oliver walks up saying his hello to Dean with a bro hug as he looks at me with a smirk on his face. “Spare room now Tasmine.” Oliver snapped at me, “NOT IN MY HOUSE YOU HORNY SHITS!” Sam yelled at us, “Oh sip it weasel!” Oliver yelled at Sam, while Sam looked at him in sheer shock, “WHAT THE HELL!” Sam screamed, “You heard me!” Oliver yelled back, “I don’t think I want to” Oliver cuts me off, “TASMINE NOW!” He roared at me, being so shocked at the tone of Oliver’s voice I let him drag me into the spare room he locks the door pinning me to the wall. “Babe?” I whispered.

“Shhh, I fucking need you, sweetheart.” He picks me up walking us to the armchair in the corner pulling my underpants aside as I throw my dress to the floor, he quickly unbuttons his pants bending me over onto the chair as he slams into me, I stuff a blanket into my mouth to try and keep myself quiet as he pounds into me hard. We climaxed together fast, wasn’t a normal climaxed I squirted as Oliver’s seed drips down my thigh, he growls in my ear. “Fuck, that” He growled out I cut him off, “Shhhh bathroom now” I ordered, “Yes” Pulling out of me as we make our way to the bathroom, cleaning ourselves up, he smirks at me. “You had looked scared back out there.” He stated, “Are you kidding me? I thought you were going to have a big fight with me, and I was trying to rake my brain in what the hell had I done wrong.” He chuckles as he wraps me up in a hug, kissing my forehead. “I am so sorry for making you think that it was the only thing I could think off” I cut him off, “To get them to leave us alone?” I finished for him, “Yes, going to cope it when we get out of this room for the comment I made to Sambo.” He complained.

“He will live love; I have a feeling that what happened to Sam what they said is not the truth I get the feeling both Rach and Dean were in on it as in joining in” Oliver cuts me off, “Babe it’s not new that Dean and Sam are bisexual, so your point is?” He asked, “Think it was just the three of them babe, something is up with all three” We keep finishing each other sentences, “Yeah that I can see, but babe they will tell us when they are ready besides knowing your nosing ass will hound them enough for them to spill.” He chuckles, “Doubt it, should we act like we just fought or” He cuts me off again, “No point in doing that babe they know us; they know what we look like after we have had a fight and when we have had sex.” And he was correct, “Dam we need to get friends who don’t know us so well.” He laughs, grabbing my hand pulling me along with him. We walk out to the living area to only find them all in a screaming match with each other.

“I NO LONGER CARE THEY ARE OUR BEST FRIENDS THEY KNOW SOMETHING IS UP!” Sam screamed, “IT’S NOT YOURS TO SHARE!” Rachel snapped, “HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT?!” Sam yelled out in pain, “Well you two might need to let the rest know seeing as they are standing right here listening.” Dean said over the top of everyone, Oliver hold on my hand has tightened on me, what the hell did we just walk in on. I put my free hand up looking at them all with sad eyes. “We love you, all three of you. But if you’re not ready to share we are ok with that please stop fighting I hate it when you guys fight. Besides I want you all to channel that anger into how to kill Vincent.” I said, Sam wiped his face groaning, shaking his head I haven’t seen him this upset since he was twenty when his grandad had passed away. “I’m sorry Tassie I” Sam started saying, he takes a deep breath in then out. “I can’t” he mumbles, he storms past us, Oliver lets go of my hand leaning down to whisper in my ear. “I’m going to check up on him.”

“Go,” I whispered back to him, I was left standing in the room while the other two were doing everything but look at me. I hate what is going on here. “Fine if you’re not going to fill me in, can you at least tell me something as to why you three are fighting? Has this to do with the prank Rach and Sam did to you, Dean?” I asked, “Fuck I wished Tasmine.” Dean said, “I cannot tell her Dean! It will kill her!” Rachel screamed out, “The only thing that could kill me is if you have slept with Oliver. Now have you?” I asked, “What fuck no?! Your husband is handsome like most of the men in our group, but I don’t have those feelings for him, babe. Please believe me.” Rachel said, “I do but what will kill me? Rach please I hate seeing you all like this” I begged she cuts me off screaming, “I’M PREGNANT!”

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