No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 28 - We All Should Be Happy

**Tasmine’s POV**

I looked at my best friend in shock, why does she think this will kill me? This is good news I jumped up and down screaming in joy as I raced towards her wrapping her up in a hug as she looks at me in shock before putting her arms around me. “Are you kidding me, you thought this would kill me?! Babe I am so happy for you and Dean, but sweetie that is bloody fast, or were you two like Max and kept it on the down low?” I asked while Dean let out a sigh, “Tas it’s not mine.” He whispered, “Don’t you fucking say that Dean! We don’t know yet!” Rachel cried out, “What? I’m lost” I started but Sam cuts me off, “You think your lost, try being in our shoes.” Sam snapped, “Yeah well, we have until our flight leaves in about five hours so spill you three now, I hate fights in our group.” Oliver ordered, Oliver grabs my hand pulling me onto his lap on the lounge as he wraps his arms around me looking up at three of our best friends. Sam sat down next to us rubbing my feet, I know he’s only doing this to keep himself calm Dean and Rach sat down at either end of the room.

“Well, what makes you think it’s not your child Dean?” Oliver asked, “Do we” Rachel started, “Yes, we do!” Sam yelled out, “Because she has been with him before she was with me, it’s clearly his!” Dean yells out, “Hold up! What is the problem here? We all know you three fuck all the time either as a threesome or other ways, unless” I started and Oliver finished it off for me, “Someone has fallen in love while the rest haven’t.” Oliver finished, “How the fuck did you two get that fucking good?” Sam asked shocked, “Read the room weasel” Oliver snapped, “STOP FUCKING CALLING ME THAT!” Sam roared, “Ok, I will stop.” Oliver concluded, “Does she fucking know OLIVER?!” Sam roared at Oliver, “Know what? About Rach, she just told me.” I look at him in shock and confusion doing my best to not show that I know what they are talking about.

“Bullshit Tasmine he told you.” Sam snapped at me, “That you like men as well? I know that you told me over seven years ago. What are you talking about Sambo?” I asked, “I don’t believe he kept that from you?” He said, “Kept what from me? Oliver there better not have been another person!” I spun around on Oliver’s lap glaring at him as he looked at me in shock horror then back at Sam. “Fuck Kitten there is no one only you baby girl! Sam what the hell?!” Oliver snapped at Sam, “Alright good, now yes Tassie as you have put it we have been having group sessions on and off for the last six months, only stopping a few days ago when she said she was pregnant.” Sam informed us, “None of you use protection?” I asked, “Clearly, it’s not one hundred percent.” Rachel snapped at me, I scoff, I looked at all three. “Yes, it is ninety-nine point nine percent the pill is the one that is not.” I said, “I cannot go on what you were on babe with my medical history they wouldn’t let me.” Rachel said, “So? Those two should have been wrapped up or no love if none of you wanted to have a child.” I snapped.

“Thanks, mum.” Dean snapped, “Hey she has a fair point.” Oliver protectively said, “Well you being angry with this situation worth losing our friendship, Dean?” Sam asked, “NO! Never said it was going to end our friendship!” Dean cried out in shock, “Then why are you so angry at me?!” Sam cried out, “Because I love you both how the fuck can you bring a child into a world that still looks down at gay couples and couples that are out of the norm?!” Dean roared out, “And who would know about your relationship apart from those that love you all?” Oliver asked, “Children talk Oliver, and you all talking like I was going to keep this child!” Rachel yells out.

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