No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 29 - What Did She Just Say?

**Sam’s POV**

The look of shock horror on everyone’s faces when she had said that hurts, hurts so much that she has thought of not wanting our child or Dean’s child. I spot a tear falling down Tasmine’s face oh fuck why would she say that to a couple who have been having issues trying, and here we are not even trying and we fucking fall pregnant. “What?” Tasmine whispers it so softly, I can see Oliver is holding onto her tightly whispering into her ear trying to comfort her. Rach just standing there not even noticing how much she has hurt everyone in the room. “You don’t mean that!” Dean yelled at her sound so hurt, “It’s my body, Dean! Not yours, I have never wanted to be a mother ever! Poor Tasmine is the main one in our group whose childhood dream was to have heaps of children, so they didn’t grow up as lonely as she felt! I’m not mother material and don’t ever want to be?!” Rachel screamed at Dean while I scrunch up my face why say this in front of Tasmine for? “And what our views don’t even matter to you?! One of us is the father and you what giving us no say?!” I snapped at her.

“I I can’t sorry...” Tasmine races off Oliver’s lap shoulder barging Rachel as she races past her down the hallway into the spare room with Oliver racing after her, then the door slammed shut. Fuck, I want to scream and yell at Rach at her hateful words. “And you thought it was a nice thing to do in front of Tasmine? You say you love her, but you say mean things like that to her?!” I asked in the most pissed of the tone of my voice I could master, “I do love her! She knows I never want to be a mother!” Rachel snapped still not getting it, “You find out in the next hour who the father is, then we all three of us will work out what to do next. You’re not going to kill that is for sure, if you don’t want to raise it yourself myself and Sam would step up or even ask Tasmine and Oliver to raise it” She cuts Dean off, “You do that, and I won’t be able to stay friends with any of you!” Rachel yelled, “Why the fuck not?” I asked, “You, yourself Dean have said it will be hard to raise a child with our relationship what makes you think it will be fine with two dads?!” She changed the subject, “Better than being dead?! I hate what you’re doing Rachel, what I had said to you means so little?!” I yelled at her.

I just want to sit down and cry, my heart felt so full when she told me she was expecting I know I muck around with her, but she does have part of my heart so does Dean I cannot be with other people when I’m madly in love with them both, I know she loves him more than me, not going to lie it hurts watching your two best friends falling in love with each other. “You know my answer, Sam.” She snapped, she walked off into the kitchen, while I stood looking at Dean in confusion. “Well... what do we do now and please no fucking sex jokes dickhead.” Dean said letting out a sigh, “Yes, it’s her body I get that but has she said who she wants to be the father more?” I asked, “If she has, she hasn’t said it to me.” He mumbles, “I’m going to see if Tas is ok.” I said softly, “Would leave her Oliver will have her calmed down by now.” He told me, “Don’t care right now Dean, she was crying before she left the room.” I told him, his face drops he knows what that means too, “Oh fuck.” He mumbles, “See if Rach is ok, I will be back.” I told him, he stood up grabbing a hold of my hand looking sadly at me, I know they both don’t love me as much as I do but I’m a sucker for punishment.

“Did you mean what you had said earlier?” I asked, “Yes, Sam I did” I didn’t let him finish pulling him into a passionate kiss that I ended fast as I need to see if Tas is ok, he grabs my hand as I leave pulling me back in for another kiss as he whispers against my lips. “I love you too not just her, you know that?” He asked, “I do, but she has chosen you.” I left it at that as much as the rest of our big group I think I am out now for good don’t think I can stay around watching them grow old together, and if it turns out to be his kid I just cannot it hurts too much to think that it’s just not our time together. Knocking on my spare bedroom door, I can hear noses thank god it’s not sex ones, Oliver opens the door with a look that could kill, fuck I keep forgetting how scary he can be.

“What is it Sambo?” Ahh, few his using that nickname his not angry at me good, I give him a sad smile. “Can I come in?” I asked, “Sure, it’s your house, mate.” He told me, “Yeah, but you’re in my spare room with the door closed.” I told him, “Oh quiet you’re bitching, and get in here. Sam are you ok?” He asked, “Shouldn’t I be asking the pair of you that?” I asked, “I’m fine Sammy,” Tasmine said, “Bullcrap kid! I had seen the look on your face out there!” I yelled at her, “I’m fucking angry ok! Is that what you wanted to hear Sam?! That I am angry at her for wanting to get rid of something that has no say! That it hurt hearing that she didn’t want it knowing that is all I ever wanted?!” She yelled at me, “I know babe I’m angry too!” I yelled back at her, “Then why the hell did you kiss Dean again for?” Oliver asked, “You seen that?” I asked shocked, “Yeah it was quiet had popped out to check on what was going on with you three making sure you hadn’t killed each other.” He said. “Sucker for punishment I guess Ollie” I groan out, “I’m” I hold my hand up at him, stopping him from talking, “Ollie, mate please don’t” Tasmine cuts me off, “You’re not coming up to Mackay with us, aren’t you?” She asked.

I sat down next to her wrapping her up into a hug, as she tries to hold back her tears, why is she so emotional right now more so than normal, I’m hoping it’s because of all the shit Vincent has caused. “I can’t, we will find out soon who the dad is and if it’s not me I cannot stay around watching them, Tas baby girl it hurts too much. I love you all but please” She cuts me off screaming, “Oh Sammy your heart is too big!” She pretty much tackles me to lay down on the bed hugging me tightly while Oliver is sitting in the armchair watching me, something has changed with those two for the better it’s like they have gone to the next level in their relationship and I have no idea how you can do that, but they have. I want a love that they have, it’s my dream to have someone look at me like they do to each other, not to mention the way they kiss and all that goes with that. “You know you’re stronger than you think brother, stay don’t leave because of them you will miss out on seeing that child grow up trust me once it’s born you will feel much different than you are right now,” Oliver said, and to think we disliked each other until the pair of them started dating, little does him and Jackson know is that they are so much like Max it’s comical.

“You don’t know that” I started but he cuts me off with that look than his words, “But is it worth throwing your friendship of nearly twenty years away? I know you still love him mate that is clear” I cut him off, “Your point Oliver?” I asked, “Don’t leave, your friendship is still salvageable from what we had just seen don’t do a runner please, Max ran we don’t want you to do the same thing, it didn’t help him out in the long run.” I scoffed at her. “It did Tasmine his with Justine now he still got her.” I complained, “Yeah but at what cost he watched her get married to an abusive asshole that nearly killed her and her son? And he’s now stuck living and working in WA!” She snapped at me with that high pitch voice that she gets when she is upset, “So what your saying is I have to stay here and watch them? Are you aware of how painful that is?!” I asked.

“Yes!” Oliver snapped at me, “How? You wouldn’t know!” I snapped back at him, “Yes! I do, I watched her with Noah mate that nearly killed me and if it was now well I would most likely kill any man that wants to touch her like that.” Oliver snapped, “You let us men touch her.” I said with a smirk on my face, “Sam your hugs are a thousand times different than you want to get into her pants. How can we fix the three of you?” He asked, he does have a point I have never found her attractive, she is a very beautiful girl don’t get me wrong on that she has a hot body but I have never felt the need to kiss or want to go further with her like I have with the others. “Take me back in time when I said I loved them enough to try and do what you and Tas have done,” I mumbled.

Tasmine sat up so fast she elbowed me in the stomach, I groaned out in pain while Oliver looked like he wanted to laugh, she didn’t even notice. “You asked them both to marry you?!” She yelled out, I rolled my eyes at her. “No babe I had asked”

“He had asked me, I said can I think about it.” We all sat up in shock looking at Dean who was standing in the doorway looking hurt. “So? That’s not a no Sam” Oliver said, “The next thing I know is he is hooking up with her and I mean nothing to him!” I yelled, “You know that is not true! Also, she is on the phone about to find out, thought you would like to know.” Dean said.

Tasmine lets me up off the bed as I walk slowly out to the living room to find out what our fate is Oliver is wrapped around Tasmine from behind, while Dean sits next to Rachel looking at me, I nod my head yeah not worth losing my best mate over this shit, I sat down on Rachel’s other side as she puts her phone on her lap on loudspeaker holding both of our hands.


**DOCTOR** Rachel you there?

**Rachel** Yeah, I am hit me with it Doc

She nervously chuckles.

**DOCTOR** Ok test one is Sam and tests two is Dean ok.

We hear paper rustling on the other end.

**DOCTOR** Ok child’s DNA matches one hundred percent to unknown.

We all sat there looking at the phone in shock as Rachel starts laughing but it’s not a funny laugh, both myself and Dean are looking at her in confusion.

**DEAN** Doctor what does that mean?

**DOCTOR** It means neither of you two is the father of this child.

“Rach, who else did you sleep with?” I asked, she’s crying now, what the hell is going on here, even Dean looks just as lost as I am, not even game to look over at the other two, wish it was just us three and not them here, right now.

**DOCTOR** You know who the father is Rachel?

**RACHEL** Yes thank you

**DOCTOR** You are welcome, I will see you in two weeks for your next appointment.

Rachel had hung up the phone, while we all waited for her to spill who the hell the father is to this child, she moves to force our hands of comfort off her back as she jumps up in anger or is it upset unsure just yet. “Babe?” Dean asked, “Can we have some alone time, please?!” She said looking at Oliver and Tasmine they stood up nodding their heads as they grabbed their wallets and phones and took my house keys in case, they cannot get back in, I trust Oliver in driving my car if that is what they are going to do. Rachel didn’t move until she heard the car start up and driving away.

“You both hate me, don’t you? I just broke all of our friendships, didn’t I? I did what I said I would never do, you had warned me Dean and I didn’t listen, I wanted you both now I fucked it” I cut her rant off, “Oh shut up Rachel, you haven’t fucked it up yet, it did take three people to do what we did, and we all had agreed so no we didn’t fuck anything up. So, who is the dad?” I asked, “It’s that drunk I had seen you with?” Dean asked, I looked at him trying to work out what is going on as she looks at him and it clicks in and she starts crying we both go to comfort her, and she shakes her head stopping us both. “What I sleep with two guys on a regular bias and I have one drunk night with a random who I have no idea who they are, and they are the fucking father?!” She screamed out clasping down to the floor crying and screaming hysterically we both raced to her she held onto Dean with her right arm and pulling me in with her left as she cries. “We both will be here for you babe.” Dean said smoothly, “You both don’t hate me?” She asked, “Why cause you sleep around? Wow, a pot calling the kettle black? All three of us are big sluts!” I said loudly, “Speak for yourself.” Dean snapped at me.

“Oh, Dean we know you sleep around stop trying to be shy about it,” I said, Rachel started laughing as she sat up letting us go. “Oh Dean shut up we know you’re a slut mate!” She said, “Finding this whole thing mean you know!” He grumbles, “You will live, also are we going to tell those two?” I asked, “That is all up to Rach if she wants to.” Dean said, “They both are going to ask, best I just fucking tell them.” Rachel groaned out, “Are you going to keep it?” Dean asked, “Cause if you are not you may lose Tasmine as your friend love.” I informed her, I can see this really hurting Tasmine, “I hope she doesn’t stop being my friend because of that.”

“I don’t know babe, she was mighty pissed off at you for even thinking about killing an unborn child, when that is all she ever wanted was to be pregnant.” I said, “I know Sammy! The number of phone calls I have had her in tears because a test was negative I hate how much she puts onto herself! But she cannot judge me on this, this is my body and my choice alone!” Rachel snapped at me. “If you don’t want to have it at least give us the option to adopt it and give it a life it should have,” Tasmine spoke so loudly and clearly, she looked determined.

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