No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 3 - Road Trip

**Tasmine’s POV**

I have only just finished packing my bags when the door burst open, I did not bother looking up as I know it is him, his hands run down my body as he nuzzles into my neck. “Kitten, what the hell did you pack?” I giggle as his hands run along my stomach; I place my hand over his hands as I lean into him. “Things you would enjoy babe.” He bites my earlobe as I let out a moan at his touch. “Is that so, do I get to see some of this before the wedding?” His hand has now reached my breast as he gently plays with them. God, I cannot think when he’s like this, I am still sore from our marathon session but I want him again.

“Maybe.” I panted out, he did not seem to like that idea. “What do you mean maybe kitten?” I let out a moan as his other hand is now rubbing circles on my clit. “Maybe... Hmmm... Maybe I want to surprise you.” Then I managed to snap out of his hold, slapping his hands away as I spun around at him. “No, Ollie I will not tell you my surprise for you. You will just have to wait until you are my husband.” I hear the bedroom door open then Jackson spoke up sounding pissed off. “Really, Oliver! I told you to go in and get the bags I didn’t say anything about trying to cop a feel from your misses!” Jackson snapped at his cousin, I laughed as I walked out leaving the two men to quarrel among themselves as I check the rest of the place that we had everything we needed, I hear them loading up our cars.

My dress bag is still hanging up on the curtain in the lounge room I go to pull it down but being the short person, I am I could not reach it. “Tassie, let me.” Jackson walks past me grabbing the dress down, doing his best not to laugh. “How the hell did you get that up there all by yourself?” He asked with a playful smirk on his face, I poke my tongue at him. “I stood on a chair.” He burst out laughing, before asking me where to put it, I told him to lay it flat on the back seat of my car as I go back into my room checking that I had everything.

“Kitten you good?” I looked up from the bedside to find Oliver leaning up against the door frame watching me. “Yeah, just double checking we have everything.” He chuckled, “You do this every time we go away, if we have forgotten something, we will buy it there.” He stated it was my turn to laugh. “Yeah, we cannot buy a passport just like that if we forget to pack it,” I said, he shakes his head as he walks past me, giving my ass a good squeeze before heading into the bathroom.

Been half an hour now since we left our home as an engaged couple, Jackson is driving Oliver’s car up while Oliver is in with me in my car. Oliver for some reason did not want me to drive by myself, I did not mind at all it meant I could catch a nap before we hit Airlie beach. I felt his hand on my leg, moving my head towards his direction I find him looking down at me before putting his eyes back onto the road. “Hmmm hi, babe,” I whispered, he smiles back at me. “Kitten go back to sleep love.” I stretched my body out. “I cannot the closer we get the sooner we are to becoming husband and wife.” The smile on his face gives me butterflies he still gives me butterflies like we were first dating.

“I know feeling the same, cannot wait either, should I call you wife kitten or kitten wife?” I laughed as he kisses my hand. “Whatever you pick I will still answer you, Ollie. Hey, what’s going on with Maxi pad?” I asked, he takes a sip of his water before changing gears. “No idea, why what’s wrong with the kid?” I scoffed. “Kid? I’m the same age as him?” I asked, He shrugs his shoulders. “So? He is my kid cousin, what do you mean by that question?” Crossing my legs on my seat as I looked at him, is he serious right now? “Kid cousin is someone much younger than you like my two cousins. Also, is he coming to our wedding? He hasn’t RSVP’d and not answering any of my calls.” He looked at me shocked. “What?! Why hasn’t he RSVP’d? Pull up Bluetooth and call him on my phone, please kitten.” I nod my head and did what he said.


**MAX** Yo Ollie what’s up man?

**OLIVER** Max do not Yo Ollie me mister!

**MAX** What the hell has gotten up your butt asshole! Wait is Tassie withholding sex out on you again you big idiot.

**TASMINE** No I am not Max!

**MAX** Shit Oliver you could tell someone they are on loudspeaker! Also, what did I do to you Tassie to get my full name and not Maxi Pad?

**OLIVER** Well I know we are cousins but act more like brothers, so please fill me in on why you have not RSVP’D to our wedding that is on this weekend?

**MAX** WHAT?! I have RSVP’D! I am flying out today to make my way to it.

**TASSMINE** Are you kidding me? You have not, you are so dam lucky I have already counted you in on everything.

**MAX** Tas I love you like a sister but have you forgotten one thing aren’t I one of Oliver’s grooms’ men?

I look over at Oliver who burst out laughing.


**TASMINE** FUCK! Now I feel like the biggest blonde right now! Maxi pad I am so sorry bro!

He starts laughing, Ollie reached over squeezing my leg.

**OLIVER** Sorry too bro, I have no idea how I forgot that essential information.

**MAX** Think I know, you just got back from site and barely left Tassies side.

**OLIVER** True man, hey when do you get in from WA?

**MAX** My flight leaves here at lunchtime, by the time I get into Proserpine’s airport it will be tomorrow sometime I am stopping over in Brisbane to catch a flight back with Sambo and Rach.

**TASMINE** WOW so you three did manage to get the same flights, that is good. Hey how are they going I have not heard from them for a while?

**MAX** Yes, we did a conference call and booked at the same time, they are ok, fighting as normal.

**OLIVER** Think they had gotten back together again, and not tell us?

**MAX** Who knows with those two. Also, Tassie, I am not bringing anyone, so I hope you did not add a plus one.

**TASSMINE** No I did not babe, but you already know all the females that are coming so you might find someone who is just on a holiday on the island.

The two guys laughed and the pair of them continued to talk while I replied to text messages from some members of my family. I was bought out of my phone by hearing Max’s voice over the speaker talking to me.

**MAX** Tass, are you listening to me? Are we all going to party it up the night we are all together or are you going to go bridezilla on us all and say no.?

**TASMINE** Depends if it is the night before the wedding then hell no Maxi pad any other day yes, we are cool. I do not think I will go all bridezilla on you all.

The two of them scoffed I glared at Oliver.

**OLIVER** Think you have hit a nerve, Maxie.

That just caused him to laugh his head off at me.

**MAX** I love you both, see you soon.

**OLIVER** Really you upset her then leave and I must deal with her now?

**MAX** Well you want to marry her that means you need to learn to live with all her sides.*

*OLIVER** You are an asshole, Max!

**MAX** You love me, Oliver!

Meanwhile, I sat there glaring at Oliver the whole time, he finishes his phone call with Max. Oliver just kept on looking at the road, meanwhile, I was getting angry by the second I also have no idea why I am angry at him either. “Tasmine put your dam claws away now love.” I looked at him in shock why is he being so calm? “Please, Tassie?” That for some reason made me angry. “WHY OLIVER? Why do you and Max think I would become a bridezilla?” I asked, he looked at me for a second before turning his attention back onto the road. “Babe come on this does not make any sense for you to be this angry over something so small. We just know you very well and know that on your difficult day you will become snappy. That is all we both love you, well I love you more than him.”

“I have no idea why I am so angry at you, maybe cause the line of being left with me, hurt.” He looked over at me with a big smile on his face. “Your upset over that? I meant it as I have to put your claws away kitten and his most likely laughing his head off in the airport at us both.” I could not reply as we had pulled up to our resort and I wanted to get into our room. He parks the car turning it off but locking the doors, so we are locked in the car, I look at him. “Oliver Brown open this car door now,” I ordered, “No, not until we work this out. I want to go in to celebrate with you, but we cannot do that if you are angry at me over a silly thing. What is really going on Tasmine?” He asked, I looked at him, he looked frustrated and tired. “I do not know why I am so angry, I” I burst into tears, he leans over wrapping his arms around me as I cry into his shoulder.

“Babe, it will be ok I am here for you. Is your period on its way?” I laughed, fucken hope not I thought, “God, I hope not.” He rubbed my back. “I hope not either, I would like to be able to make love to you on our wedding night.” He whispered, I smiled into his neck after that. “Kitten are we good? Cause Jackie boy is about to smash your window if we do not hurry up.” I spun around to find Jackson with his face pressed up against my window as Oliver is laughing.

“Little thing you good to go yet? I want to check out my room for the week and see if some hot girls will be keen to hang out with me.” I climbed out of the car as he wraps me up in a hug while he looks over at Oliver. “Little thing why are you crying? Did Oliver do” Oliver cut in before he could finish, “No, Maxi Pad had started it, and well it ended up with her in tears.” Jackson let me go after he gave my forehead a kiss heading towards the back end of the car to help Oliver out. “Well I will kill my baby brother for the pair of you, but I haven’t seen him for over a year so would you take me giving him a black eye?” Jackson asked, I shot my head up at him pointing my finger at him. “Black eye after the fucking wedding Jackson!”

The pair of them laughing at my response. “Kitten let us get checked in, you can talk about Maxi pad’s black eye later.” I smile up at him as I grab my bag but he takes it from me and we walk into the hotel lobby to check-in. I have unpacked while Oliver is in the bathroom right now, I feel off. It is worrying as I thought I would be happy and excited instead I feel blah for a better word.

Oliver came out with the towel wrapped around his waist low, I am drooling over his chiselled body, he walks closer to me as soon as his face was close to mine, I burst out into tears. He picks me up and sits down on the bed holding me in his lap as my crying worsens. “Tasmine, what is wrong love?” Oliver softly asked, I looked up at him. “No idea, I thought I would feel happy or excited when we arrive and now, I do not even feel that at all.” I sniffled as I cuddle into him.

“Going to give me a hint on what is going through your head? Are you regretting saying yes?” I cut him off. “Oliver, no that is not what I am feeling. I feel like I am missing something or someone.” He leaned back, I look up at him and he seemed to have worked out what is going on with me. “When is Lee getting here?” I looked at him weirdly. “Today I believe he said, why are you asking when my dad will be here?” His hand running soft circles on my cheek.

“Kitten I love you so much, but right now I feel like telling you, that you are an idiot.” I looked at him shocked and was about to snap at him. “Tasmine, I believe you are missing someone. That someone is your mum, you want her here and she is here.” He grabs my heart neckless that I never take off holding it between his two fingers as he looks at me with a sad smile.

“I wish my parents where dead it will make it so much easier to process why they cannot be at my own wedding. I keep asking is it because they don’t like me or do, they dislike you? I know you had a different relationship with your mum but having something of her with you this week should help ease your pain a little bit.” I looked up at the man I am about to call my husband soon and realise how much just being in his arms calms me down but also his words how does he know what to say at the right time? How did he notice that my behaviour was all over my feelings of missing mum? It has been years since I had cried over her, I have been so angry at her for so long that maybe it snuck up on me and slammed into me with a bang. Its every girls dream to have their mum with them on their wedding day helping them get into their dress, I won’t have that nor would I have his mum stepping in to do it as she hates me and doesn’t want to see her own son get married. I feel like Oliver got the worst deal out of the pair of us as I know why she is not here him; he will always question himself. I wonder if one of my Aunties would step in.

“Kitten, where did you go off to?” I looked at him, his eyes are worried about me. “Oliver you’re the one who should be this upset than me, your parents are alive and are causing you pain during the time of pure joy.” He kisses me stopping me from talking when he pulls away holding my face. “I would rather have them not show up than show up and cause trouble on our wedding day. Now we have some time do you want to try and make a baby?” I smiled at him; I didn’t answer instead I slammed him down onto the bed pulling his towel off him as he lets out a laugh. “Someone is keen.” He said laughing, I moaned as his hands grip my hips. “Who wouldn’t be? I want you to get me pregnant cannot do that part on my own.” The smile he is giving me is pure happiness. “I cannot wait for us to be parents.”

Collapsing in a heap of sweety limbs trying to catch our breaths. “I must say kitten trying to get you pregnant is so much fun. I don’t think we have ever had this much sex before.” I looked at him while playing with his hair. “I know, it is so much fun. I feel like each time we get closer if that is even possible, yeah I doubt we had this much sex back then.” I giggled, he was about to answer when loud banging comes from our door, we both groaned out. “Who the hell could that be?” He asked, I looked over at Oliver just as Jackson’s voice booms into the room. “You two finished yet?! You have love ones that have arrived that want to say hello to you!”

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