No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 30 - Should We Do That?


Looking at my beautiful wife with pride and wondering at how strong she is right now, I thought she would be a blubbering mess right now, instead halfway to the local park she begged me to turn around to sort out the three idjits is what she said. She never cares that all our friends sleep around with each other, she only has issues when it starts hurting friendships that are when you see the angry side of her. We entered the house hearing Rachel screaming at the two men, not one of them heard us coming in nor saw us until Tasmine yelled out over them all, Rachel looks angry as all hell at Tasmine, oh this may not go down well. “Tasmine I love you, really but I can’t I’m sorry if this hurts you, but I cannot give birth to this child. Please understand that.” Rachel begged, “Did the drunk man rape you?” The minute my wife said that the worry written on Dean and Sam’s faces worried me, it would explain a lot of things right now, I noticed Rachel’s bottom lip was shaking, she shakes her head over and over. “I don’t remember any of it! So how can I say it was rape?!” Rachel cried out, argh fucking hell Rach if you don’t remember it it’s rape, I thought to myself, “Don’t care I’m going to fucking kill him when I see him!” Dean cried out, does he know who the father is?

“You know who it was?” Sam asked answering my unspoken question, “No but I had seen his face.” Dean said that is not much to go on seeing how big this city is, “Then why did you let her go off with him?” Sam asked, “You think I didn’t try?!” Dean snapped at him, “I am right here you know! I told Dean to piss off if you wanted to know Sam!” Rachel cried out, “Why would” Sam started to say but Tasmine cuts him off, “How about we don’t worry about that Sammy, Rach I may not agree with you right now, but I do understand what you’re going through” Rachel cuts her off, “HOW? You’ve never been raped?!” Rache yelled at her, I wanted to wrap her up in a hug, after seeing my baby girl’s lip drop and quiver Sam noticed it, of course, he did he picks up on so much. Dean wasn’t far off they all knew that she had been to court something to do with Noah’s brother, but I am unsure if they know the details, she doesn’t talk about it much and to nearly no one.

“Oh, Rachel Starr I know exactly what it’s like to have your will taken away from you, even if you were drunk and said yes and changed your mind! The fear of thinking you could be pregnant to someone you want to kill yes, I fucken know exactly what it is like Rachel!” Tasmine yelled, she was angry I haven’t seen her this angry in years, I hope she is not aiming all her anger at Vincent at poor Rachel. “Told you she was angry at you.” Sam mumbled under his breath but we all could hear it, “You are welcome at our house to catch up Rachel but keep pushing the subject that I don’t know what it’s like you won’t be!” She said it in her calm but pissed off voice that she gets before she completely losses her cool with you, Rachel knows that tone of her voice too judging by the look she just gave Tasmine, “What?! Are you that fucking angry at me?! Or are you confusing me with Vincent?!” Rachel snapped at her.

“Oh no, I am angry at you both! I had told you what had happened to me, and you threw it in my face that I didn’t know what it was like. Also threw in my face that you don’t want children and you fall pregnant if you don’t want children Rachel use better birth control because you have never stated you never wanted to be a mother to me! I do feel for that child but also know that you may end up hating the child and I don’t want that for you or the child. It’s your choice in what you do, and I will respect it, but don’t you ever throw shit in my face again!” Tasmine spat, Rachel stormed towards Tasmine I have no idea what to do right now, as Rachel slapped Tasmine on the face, Sam, Dean, and I stood ready to control whatever is needed. “I had told you! It’s not the fucking Tasmine show! I told you I didn’t want to talk about this with you because I knew we would fight!” Rachel screamed at her, “Rachel you never told me! That information I would fucking remember!! If I had known I wouldn’t have called, you upset every time a test was negative!” Tasmine stood up glaring at Rachel she was so fast she slapped Rachel on the side of the face, the next thing we knew the girls were in a massive catfight, I raced over doing my best to avoid getting hit grabbing Tasmine as Dean grabs Rachel and Sam stood in between the pair of them.

“You two good?!” Sam asked, “Try more than one dick Tasmine you might feel much better after! Or better yet let Josephine fuck you, you’re missing out!” Rachel yelled out egging Tasmine on, Tasmine broke free out of my hold as I was so shocked that Rachel had said that about her. “What is wrong with you?!” Tasmine asked, the two of them wrestling again until we got them apart, then I notice the look of horror on Tasmine’s face. “Bitch I am not helping you in trying to kill your unborn child! Do that your fucking self!” Tasmine broke out of my hold storming off into Sam’s kitchen as the rest of us look at Rachel in shock, is this fucking true? “What my wife just said is that true?” I asked her I’m just as angry, how could she put that type of emotional trauma on her?! She looks up at me I could tell right away what Tas had said was right, I glared at her both Sam and Dean knew that look very well, as I growled out my next words. “Your fucking lucky you’re a female Rachel! I cannot believe you did that?! She is one of your best friends fuck I hate to see what you do to those you hate!” I stormed off towards the kitchen need to see if she is ok, what I did find worried me. She had found Sam’s rum bottle and was drinking it from the bottle, I walk towards her pulling the bottle out of her hands, wrapping her up into a hug.

“You” She cuts me off, “Your next words better not be am I ok because I am far from it. I hate that she poked me enough for us to fight so she could try and have a miscarriage. I hate myself that I was ok with fighting her. Now give me that rum I want to forget the memories that were all bought up!” My wife snapped at me, “Fuck Tasmine that’s my best rum fuck off out of it!” Sam cried out when he entered the kitchen, “Then don’t keep your best rum in the kitchen!” She snapped back at him, “Bitch it was hidden!” Sam said sounding shocked, “Well then learn to hide it better!” She snapped, “You two good?” I asked, “I am now she is out of my rum!” He grumbled, Tasmine pokes her tongue at him I just wrap my arms tighter around her, she leans back hmm I know my body calms her down.

“She was way out of line, but so were you Tasmine” He started saying but I cut him off she doesn’t need to hear a grill session from him right now, “Oh she knows” He glares at me before cutting me off, “Then let me finish Oliver. We are asking the pair of you to keep this to yourselves and not tell the others, please. Rachel wants to tell them herself.” He snapped at me, “We can do that, it’s not our story to tell.” She stated, “Yeah mate we won’t tell them; does that mean you three have stopped fighting?” I asked, “No, my heart still got broken. Can you give Jackson and Josephine a hug for me when you see them?” He asked.

“No, they fucking won’t be, your coming stop being a drama queen that’s Jackson, not you!” Dean snapped as the pair of them entered the kitchen holding hands, the look of hurt on Sam’s face pains me his normally a fun going type of guy who doesn’t care much about anything, but we are seeing a side that only a few from our group have seen. “I ca” Sam started but Rachel cuts him off, “You can, we are a couple for the outside world but your part of that couple” Sam cuts her off, “No I am not! I’m just the third wheel! I cannot join in on the fun if I’m not considered as a main member of this relationship!” He cried out, “Sam you bloody well are!” Dean snapped, “If that was the case you wouldn’t have to think about your answer! I want to go see Vincent rot in jail when does our flight leave?” He asked us, turning around looking at me, while I am stunned that I was in the room for this type of private conversation. Tasmine feeling the same grabs my hand and walks us out of the kitchen before talking over her shoulder.

“I suggest you all work this out before you head to our place if you don’t want the others to know what is going on with you all. In the meantime, we have two hours to kill before we leave you will find us in the spare room.” Tasmine said loudly with a smile on her face, “Really you two are going to be fucking for two hours?” Sam asked shocked, “No, maybe for a bit of it the rest just cuddling and talking.” She smiles at him as she pulls my hand towards the spare room, as Sam mumbles that he will need to change the sheets now.

As soon as the door closes, she faces plants the bed groaning out, I lay down next to her trying my best not to laugh at her. “Are we?” I asked, “Maybe not at first, but I just needed a break from all of their drama. We have enough of our own to deal with. They will work it out, in the meantime what do you want to do?” She asked, “I want to fuck you so hard right now have you squirt all over me while screaming my name again. But I doubt us doing that will help them in their fight right now.” I stated, “Bathroom?” She asked, “No, the things I want to do to you will make you scream babe.” She groans next to me, “You cannot talk like that and not do anything to me!” She snaps in frustration, I laughed, I know I am turning her on I can see she is picturing it all as she presses her legs together to numb her throbbing, rolling over in between her legs resting my head on her stomach kissing it as she looks down at me with pure joy on her face while playing with my hair.

“Who said I wouldn’t do anything?” I said around my kisses on her stomach, as she wriggles under my touch. “hmmm fuck Ollie I don’t care if they hear us” I cut her off. “I know babe, but not this time.” She groans out her frustration, I know what she means I want it just as much as she does but while they are all still yelling at each other out there I don’t want them to think we are having sex. She is up on her elbows looking down at me with a look on her face that I cannot read at all. “Fine if we aren’t going to fuck let’s play a game.”

“Fuck Kitten you make it sound like that is all we do,” I said chuckling, as she climbs out from under me crawling over to the bedside table going through it, and laughing her head off as she waves a packet of opened popping candy. “Oh, my should I go out there with this?” She asked, “That answer is fucking no Tasmine!” I snapped at her, she laughs as she waves her hands up in the air while wriggling that sexy body of hers. “Fine only because you used my full name.” Man, she is stubborn, she cries out in enjoyment as she waves a packet of cards around. “Let’s play strip poker!” She said with a big smile while I scrunch up my face, “No, cause that will end in sex.” She throws her arms up in the air, “News flash Ollie I want to have sex with my husband.” She said sighing with frustration, “I know when we get home!” I told her, “When? Before or after we call the insurance company up?” She asked, “During?” I said with a playful smirk on my face, “Smartass Jerk!” She rorted, “Stubborn Bitch!” I said back, “Fuck, you want to watch the rest of Supernatural?” She asked, I smiled broadly at her, “Babe you have read my mind!” We laughed as she puts the items back into the draw as I pull out my laptop bag and start setting it all up, noticing that his tv has an HDMI cord I set up the laptop to the tv racing back to the bed to cuddle up with my beautiful wife watching the last few episodes of the very last season.

God the time went way too fast, and we had to stop it at the last episode which only causes my little kitten to chuck a big hissy fit while we packed up I was laughing at her which was making her worse as Sam burst into the room. “Wow Jackson was right she’s a cranky bitch when she doesn’t get tapped regularly!” Sam said laughing, “Oh get fucked Weasel! Had to stop watching Supernatural it was the very last episode!” She cried out in anger, “I KNEW IT! HE FUCKING TOLD YOU!” He yelled at her loudly, “Nope just notice that you seem to hate being called that and you called me a bitch because we didn’t have sex! I am cranky cause I had to stop the show I was watching your ass!” She snapped at him, “Oh shut up the lot of you and get into the car!” Dean yelled out from the front of the house.

We quickly grabbed our gear as we joined the rest in the car. I forced Tas in the middle of the back seat with Dean on the other side of her, noticing the girls are still avoiding each other and no way was I going to have the pair of them in the back seat. While we drove, it was quiet until Sam spoke up Tas’s hand slips further down on my leg as she cuddles into me. “Well, I am going to state the obvious.” Sam started, I spoke over the top of him, “As you always do” He glares at me from the front, “Shut up Ollie, girls you two need to make up before we get back home or they all will notice Jackie will be the first to notice.”

“He does have a fair point” I started saying before my wife cuts me off, “You ever want sex again I would be quiet if I was you,” Tasmine whispered so low that only I could hear, fuck really, she is playing that card right now? Rachel turns around in her seat looking at Tasmine with a smile on her face. “Tassie I am so sorry for pushing your buttons on purpose I will never do that again.” Rachel said, “See that you don’t.” Tasmine said, “That it? Girls?” Dean asked, “What?” Tasmine and Rachel asked him, “Think Dean was hoping you and her would do a show.” Sam said, “Never going to happen, boys!” I snapped, not fucking sharing my wife, “I’m good thanks.” Tasmine whispered, I know I had a big geeky smile on my face, “Oh, one day she will put on a show, but it won’t be in a bloody car you bunch of idiots.” Rachel snapped, and I thought like hell my girl will ever put on that type of show for anyone else but me.

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