No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 31 - Finally We Are Home

**Tasmine’s POV**

Once we had landed in Mackay Sam, Dean and Rach had checked into the hotel next to the airport, while we paid for our parking and load up our bags into the boot of our car. Oliver was trying to kiss me to calm my nerves down which wasn’t working, I was getting worse the closer we got home. “Babe” He started, “Ollie I will be fine once we get home, I just want to see what that asshole has done to our home and to see for myself that Jackie is fine.” I said, he looked at me oddly, “And you think I’m not worried?” he asked, “Oh, babe I know you are, you just seem to be handling it better than I right now.” He chuckles, as he holds tightly onto me. “No babe I’m not, holding you or kissing you is helping me.” He told me, “You two get a room already.” Dean called out while laughing.

“Get fucked dickhead!” Oliver snapped, “Wow the closer to home those two get meaner!” Sam said, “Dumbass they are worried about their place, moneybags is most likely worried about the price of it all and Tassie is worried about her brother.” Rachel said sounding so bitchy, “WOW can you be more of a bitch right now Rachel? I am not worried about the cost of it!” Oliver snapped, “You continue to be a bitch Rachel, and look out! I never said I had accepted your apology!” I snapped at her, I cannot believe she is now upsetting Oliver, “Wow we will turn around while Oliver fucks you if it will bring the kind Tasmine back” Rachel started to say I didn’t know what came over me, but I slapped her hard in the face while everyone looked at me shocked including her, while I glared at her. “Fucking shut up slut!” I screamed the words just came out of my mouth, I’m shocked I called her that, “You didn’t just call me that!” She asked, “Oh I fucking did!” I yelled.

“Jesus girls thought we sorted this shit out?!” Sam yelled out, “Seems like they are itching for another catfight.” Oliver said, “I just want to go home! Why are all of you tagging along if all your going to be doing is adding more drama to our lives!” I screamed out, “Tell us what you really think of us Tasmine!” Rachel yelled at me, “I wasn’t the one that picked a fight with me! Then gave me a crappy apology! After all of these years, you’re still a bitch to me! And acting like nothing major had just happened!” I screamed, Rachel walked right up to me we both standing so close together our faces nearly touching, I can see Oliver is worried.

“Because no one is that nice or naïve! How could you marry someone when you haven’t dated other people?! You want to throw stones beautiful, better hope you don’t have anything in your corner that could be used against you!” Rachel snapped at me, still wondering why she is so hung up about me being with Oliver for so long, “What the hell are you talking about?! I don’t need to date other people! I love him, why would I leave someone I love to go see what I’m missing? News flash Rachel I’m not missing out on anything!” I yelled at her, “Oh you’re missing out on a lot!” Rachel scoffed, “What having two dicks at once? Is that what you’re getting at? That is what toys are for!” I said, “Toys are only the tip of the iceberg vanilla!” She dropped the name calling now, “Oh I am no vanilla bitch! What is going on with you right now?! Are you jealous or something?!” I asked, “Why the hell would I be jealous of your tight ass pussy for?!” Rachel snapped.

“Should we be doing something?” Dean asked, “I’m keen to see where this goes.” Sam said, “Are you two thinking with your brains or your fucking dicks?” Oliver snapped, “Wow you are?! What the hell are you so jealous abo” I didn’t finish what I said as she slams her lips onto mine kissing me hard before I shoved her off me looking at her in shock, then fear at my husband but he looks just as shocked as I did. “What the fucking hell?!” I screamed out in anger, “Your turn Oliver!” She said spinning around looking at him, he had his hands up in shock backing away from her. “Fuck no! What is going on here?” He snapped, “Well I have kissed everyone in the group apart from you two well now just you Oliv” Oliver cuts her off, so fast I have never seen him so angry, am I in trouble too? I’m so pissed at least when Josephine does it, she normally asks Ollie or myself if it’s ok first! “And you fucking won’t be, I’m fucking angry you kissed her!” Oliver roared out so loudly he is very angry, “Oh quit being angry you were turned on just like when she and Josephine kiss!” Rachel said ignoring him completely, “No I wasn’t!” He snapped, I think I have worked out why he likes it when myself and Josephine kiss, he must find her attractive in a small way, and he doesn’t find Rachel attractive at all, “Hold up, you’re trying to cause another fight so no one will ask you about what is going on with myself, you, and Dean?! Fuck how low can you go, girl!” Sam asked.

“Fuck babe how low do you need to go?” Dean asked looking torn, “Is it that hard for you all to work out that don’t want them to know! Nor have any of them to pick it up!” Rachel snapped, “Of course, they would you’re acting like a crazy bitch! Hold up have you gone back to using?” I said that and Dean and Sam looked at her in fear mixed with anger, as she only acts this nuts when she is using, why would she waste two years of being sober over all of this? “What? No, I am not! I haven’t touched any of that in two years!” She burst out into tears as Dean ushers her into the back seat while Oliver starts the car up looking at me worried. “Did I just cheat on you?” I asked trying not to cry, “No, because I had seen the look on your face when she kissed you.” He said, “Give me your bag now.” Sam snapped, Rachel hands him her handbag, can hear him going through her bag he pulls something out looking at her in anger.

“What the fuck is this?” he asked, I took it off him, looking at it then at her, a small tear falls down my face. “You had already taken the drug, why did you tell us about it then if you already had the pill.” I whispered, Dean, snapped his head up at her, “What fucking pill?” Dean snatched the packet out of my hands as he reads it then looks at her in shock horror, Sam looked just as upset. “You had already taken this even before knowing who the father was?” Dean asked, “No, I had taken it after I knew who the father was.” She said, “So what was all of that about?” Sam asked sounding hurt, “As she said she’s trying to take attention off herself so no one would notice, and I’m fucking pissed off you used my marriage to do that! We have stress going on with Vincent we don’t need you causing shit Rachel!” Oliver snapped, “I understand if you two don’t want me at your house right now.” Rachel whispered, “Bit late for that when we are on our way to their house.” Sam muttered.

“Rachel, no idea what is going on in your head right now, but you need to stop. We all know the truth, what is done is done but no more. If you want them to work out something is wrong keep going, but you have exactly five minutes to sort it out before we pull up into our driveway. Along with Lee and my dad will be at our house too, you want them all to know that you are in the process of a medical miscarriage keep going because they will work it out if we all are still fighting. You step out of line again and I will be more than happy to fucking spill the beans!” Oliver said, I know he is mad and I also know if it was one of the boys that had done this he would have punched them by now. “Ok, Oliver I am sorry for kissing your wife, I now get why you and Josephine keep saying she has kissable lips. Stupid I know, was doing anything to forget about this pain” She stops talking as she groans, as we all take a look at her Oliver only one who did a quick one as his driving.

“Are you getting blood all over my car?” He asked, fuck yes don’t mess his bloody car up, he sounded so like my dad just then. “I hope it’s a yes LEE!” Sam snapped, “Don’t worry Lee I have a pad on, so your baby won’t get wrecked. God help Tasmine if she has to give birth in this car!” Rachel said, I snickered next to Oliver who looked like he wanted to say something but didn’t I just lean over giving his leg a light tap as Dean and Sam snicker in the back seat. “Think he would be more worried about getting to the hospital in time,” I said, “Oh just be quiet you all, I’m not Lee” Oliver snapped, “Then stop acting like him then mate!” Dean said, “Wow Tas did you just marry your dad?” Sam asked, “What the fuck?! NO!” I snapped at them all, “Seems it, babe!” Sam said laughing, “I’m nothing like Lee Kelly guys please stop it, I worked hard on this car no harm in loving it, Tas is the same with her car.” Oliver stated, “That I am babe if you lot worked as hard as we have on our cars you would feel the same about them as we do.” I snapped. “Now who’s sounding like Lee.” Rachel said quietly.

We pulled up to our driveway Jackson had the garage door already opened for us as we pulled in, Oliver gives my leg a light squeeze. “Babe I will get the bags later.” He said, “Are we staying the night at your place?” Dean asked, “Don’t think we have enough beds it all depends on who’s already sleeping here. But also you lot have booked a room at a hotel.” Oliver stated, “I know dad and Charles are staying at Uncle Chris’s place, maybe see if they can drop you off on the way home.” I said.

I got out of the car and waiting for everyone to get out of the car so we could close and lock the garage, we made our way towards the door into the house could hear low talking, tv going off in the background, and water running someone must be in the shower. I froze when I had seen my kitchen half brunt or blackened and looking like it had been wet but has been dried up. I felt Oliver’s arm wrap around my waist pulling me into him, it’s not as bad as I thought but the kitchen is a complete gut job so is our work office and all our important paperwork. He leans down kissing my forehead, I spun around in his arms wrapping myself around him holding onto him tightly as he held tightly onto me.

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