No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 32 - Broken Home

**Tasmine’s Pov**

“Kitten it’s going to be ok, we can fix this, and our paperwork we can apply for new copies it’s going to be ok babe I got you.” He whispered in my ear, the rest followed us into the house only spotting the kitchen. “Holy fuck!” Sam said loudly, “Wow can we join you in on killing him, Ollie?” Dean asked, “Fucking Oath mate!” Oliver agreed, “Oh my... Tassie babe I’m so sorry for earlier I’m a bitch and you can keep slapping me every time I overstep!” Rachel said, “I fucking will bitch.” I snapped back at her, “Really? I miss out on a fucking cat fight?!” Jackson yelled out.

“JACKSON!!!” I screamed out, I bolted from Oliver’s arms and into Jackson’s as he held onto me tightly as I cried, looking at his face, I noticed he flinched while I am hugging him stepping back, I looked him up and down crossing my arms in front of me. “You’re more hurt than you’re letting on!” I snapped, “And something is going on with you five.” He counted, “Not my story to tell, now show me!” I snapped waving my hands around in the air, “Big Brother you’re ok with your wife asking me this?” Jackson asked looking over my shoulder at my husband, “Yes, because it’s not what your implying mate. Lift your shirt now you’re lying to me.” Oliver ordered, Jackson groans as he did what we had asked all five of us made a collection of sounds at the number of bandages on his stomach, we had already noticed the ones on his arms and face he took a beating. Sam and Dean walked up to him placing down the slab of his favorite beer and three bottles of rum he looked at us all shocked, then back up at Oliver.

“That is duty-free, isn’t it? Oliver, I said for you not to do that!” He snapped at him, “Not fucking listening mate!” Oliver said as the two of them hold onto each other not wanting to let go of each other, I can only just pick up what Oliver was whispering. “Not going to lose another again, never.” Over and over, he said it, he’s talking about Monica, Jackson grabs my arm pulling me into the hug as we held onto each other Jackson whispered to us both. “Never been so scared in my life, thought being with you when we found Monica was scary this was worst, so fucking happy you both are home now please stay out of the sun you both have gotten darker!”

“I know bro you can stay with us until you’re healed,” Oliver ordered, “No choice little thing has already forced her hand.” Jackson said, “When does she have all of this time offffph ouch what the hell JOSEPHINE?!” Sam cries out in pain, “None of Sam’s jokes right now.” Josephine snaps, “JO! Fuck I have missed you!” I cried out in joy, that just caused a few odd looks from Rachel, Sam, and Dean but I don’t care I held onto my best friend as she hugged me and whispered in my ear only, I could hear. “You and Rach fought?” She asked, I nod my head. “When they leave you will be filling me in.” She whispered back, I nod my head as we parted just as dad walks out of our bathroom drying his hair. I looked at him in question why is he having a bath here for?

“Hey, baby girl! Oh, don’t give me that look I stank besides Charles is in it now, we are still staying at Uncle Chris’s house sorry to say your house is too small. But why is the whole motley crew here for?” Dad asked, “Any reason to be away from work.” Rachel said, “I wanted to make sure our bro was safe which he lied about.” Sam snapped looking at Jackson, “I just tagged along.” Dean said, “They are my brothers and sister.” Max said sounding like a smartass, “On my way home just stopping in.” Justine said, “Well visiting my boyfriend.” Josephine said, dad, waved his hands around in the air to stop us, “Ok, ok I get the point kids. I will order dinner.” I cut him off, “DAD! NO! That will cost” He cuts me off, “Who fucking said I was paying for it all?! No, I will order but you lot are pitching in!” He snapped looking at everyone, “Good!” Oliver agreed, “What are we having kids?” Dad asked, “Keep calling us kids again old man and you’re paying for the lot” Dad cuts Dean off, “Right nothing for you then Dean.” Dean throws his arms in the air mouthing the words what to me, I just laughed, “Just make it pizza Lee.” Jackson said.

“Good, baby girl what is the best pizza around here?” Dad asked, “Dad its pizza hut is the best around here.” I told him, “Good any location?” Dad asked, “Why are you picking them up?” Oliver asked, “Cheaper?” Dad asked, “No, just get it delivered Lee.” Oliver said Oliver gave me a quick kiss on the lips before heading back to his car to get our bags, dad walks up to me while the others head out to the patio, I can hear a loud sound out there, then I looked at dad oddly. “Baby yes you have my old fridge until you get a new one.” He told me, “Dad?!” I said, “Stop, doing my bit to help instead of punching the asshole again.” Dad said, “Please do though!” Oliver yelled out from the back, dad gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “You are looking happy baby, but please no more sun you have gotten quite dark.” He told me, I laughed, “Meeh I loved every minute of it cannot wait to go away again needed it. But didn’t need this.” I said pointing to the kitchen, how am I going to cook now? Looking around I see Jackson has gone through our camping gear and has set it all up in the dining room, right looks like that’s how we are going to be living.

“But dad is your fridge going to handle” he cuts me off, “Knowing Oliver will be heading out tomorrow to buy a fridge and freezer, it will do until you get one,” Dad said giving my forehead a kiss, Oliver had bought our bags in refusing to let me help him bring them in, dad had headed off to the lounge room to order the pizzas after everyone had given him their orders making sure everyone had cash on them before going ahead. I found Jackson alone in our formal dining room which opens up to the kitchen, he looked sad. “Hey enough of that.” I said, “Sorry, think things have changed for the worse after your wedding.” He said on a sigh, “Don’t think like that Vincent has it out for me and anyone near me is an open target I should be the one” he cuts me off, “Don’t even think it! I know something has changed between your friendship with Sam, Dean, and Rachel also something has changed between them even Max had asked if I knew what was going on. Knowing you very well you know what is going on but won’t spill.” He pointed out, “Not my place to spill.” I said.

“Tasmine can I use your bathroom in your room? Charles is still in the other one.” Rachel asked, “Go for it, Oliver is in that room you behave, or fucking look out Rachel!” I yelled at her, she looked pissed off at me but didn’t say anything just nods her head while I know Jackson is looking between the pair of us wanting to know what the hell just happened. As soon as she left and couldn’t hear us anymore Jackson tapped my arm. “What the fuck was that?!” He asked, “She kissed me and now wants to kiss Oliver he is the last person in our group that she hasn’t kissed,” I said but Jackson cuts me off, “Oh right so that caused the fight, it didn’t turn Oliver on?” He asked shocked, “No it fucking did not! All I thought was get your fucking hands off my wife.” I smiled up at him he leans down kissing me before he sat down next to me, placing his hand on my leg.

“So did the insurance people talk to you?” Oliver asked, “They have noted what has happened, but they will add it to your file when you call them or go in and see them. They have taken copies of all of my photos too.” Jackson said, “Ok we’ll see them first thing in the morning then head on over to the Goodguys for a cheap fridge and freezer until we get all this fixed.” Oliver said taking it all in, “How long before we can rip it all out and start rebuilding?” I asked, “Little thing I have already said cannot do anything until the insurance assessor has had a look at it all. But once it is done will take you shopping to pick out all your new things.” Jackson said while Oliver looks over at me, “Babe what are you thinking?” he asked, “Can have the kitchen I always dreamed of” Oliver cuts me off, “But this is not our forever home please stick to our budget.” Oliver complained.

“Fuck moneybags at least give her a little say with the kitchen,” Jackson said laughing, “I will stick to the budget babe, but I can add the colour I want and fix what was annoying about it, hey can we change it around a bit? Like make this room the lounge room and open up that wall so it” Jackson cuts me off, “No, cannot do that, it will only to be fixing the damage anything else you will have to another time as they would” Oliver cuts Jackson off, “Babe no leave it the way it is please only fi” I cut him off, “Why? I cook the most in it why can I not change” Oliver let out a sigh before cutting me off, “Because it will be one day a rental I don’t want to put too much money into this place!” He snapped, “Ok, babe?” I asked, he nods his head letting me continue, “Thought you would do anyth” He cuts me off, “We are not putting more money into this place; we won’t be able to sell it for the price we need it at if we ever need to sell.” Oliver said, “Not going to say this often but Ollie is correct Tas.” Jackson said, “Ok get the point. Now, what is going on with Vincent?” I asked.

“Haven’t heard your dad may know more being as his friends with his dad.” Jackson said, “Friends with who? Dinner will be here in an hour.” Dad said when he came back in, “Vincent’s sperm donor.” Jackson spat out to Lee, “Not friends at the moment boy, got into too many fights over what he was doing to Tas that he thought I was making it all up, only just now received word that he is sorry only after what he’s done to her, not worth being friends with him if he’s not going to believe me.” Dad said, “Fair point, right I’m going to go clean up.” Oliver said, standing up and made his way to our room, while my dad and Jackson are looking at me oddly. “Why aren’t you following him?” Jackson asked, “Our house is full.” I said, standing up and started making my way outside as my dad laughed at us. “Never stopped you before!” Jackson said around a fit of laughter, “Seems like she has finally grown up!” Dad said, “You two shut up.” I said to the pair of them, “OI WIFE GET YOUR BEAUTIFUL ASS IN HERE NOW!” Oliver yelled out from our bedroom, while dad and Jackson burst out into another round of laughter, “Hahaha didn’t last long!” Jackson said to me, “Oh shut up!” I said to him.

Walking into my bedroom with my dad and best friend laughing at me, closing and locking the door behind me to find my husband naked standing at our bathroom door looking at me. “Strip now, make it fast,” he ordered, I stripped fast as I raced towards him, he laughs as he kisses any part of my body he could reach, once I was naked, I jumped up into his arms as he walks us into the shower, kissing me like it was our last kiss. “It’s going to be hard, and fast can you keep that sexy voice down?” He asked, I moaned out. “I will try” He smirked, “Good answer kitten.” He wasn’t kidding around when he said it was going to be hard and fast, finding it hard to keep quiet Oliver noticing so he slammed his lips onto mine kissing me until I screamed out into his mouth as I squirted over him, my whole body becoming weak. Wow, what is going on here his never had me doing that as often. Trailing soft kisses along my neck and shoulder. “Shit, Tas you’re wow...” He pants out, “What? All I can say is I think you have gotten better babe.” He laughs as he kisses me again, playing with my breasts as he moans out. “hhhm these seem bigger babe.” He told me, “Are they?” I asked, “Hmm me like. Quick we better get dried and dressed before dinner gets here.”

Quickly we dried and gotten dress Oliver got into around the house clothes and I got myself into PJ’s holding hands as we left our room to find his Uncle and my dad in the lounge talking about some football game that was just on. “Hey, my boy! Tas.” Charles yelled out, he raced up giving both of us a hug each, before sitting back down on the couch while dad looked like he wanted to say something. I sat down next to him crossing my legs in front of him. “Dad, what is it?” I asked, “It’s nothing, baby girl.” I give him that look that tells him I don’t believe him; he lets out a sigh. “Forget how easily you can read me. Your Uncles want to come down and help out.” He told me, “I love them I do, but they don’t need to. Tell them to save their days off to when the kitchen is back up and running, I will throw a party for them to come down if they desperately want to come.”

**JAMES** Wow little helper that is what you think of us?!

**JIMMY** Yeah wow we were offering our knowledge in helping you out.

“You had them on group loudspeaker?! DAD?!” I yelled at my dad.

**JAMES** Told you she wouldn’t take it well.

**JIMMY** I can get a hold of

“Mate nope! No mates of mates coming in here helping out!” Jackson yelled out.

**JIMMY** What? They are

“Don’t care! I am a licensed builder not risking it and not risking it for my brother’s house.” Jackson snapped, saved by the doorbell as dinner arrived, Oliver and Jackson stood up to get the door as Charles joined them, I pointed my finger at my dad. “Not happy Lee, tell me when my uncles are on the phone, I love talking to them, you sneaky bastard. Sorry to cut the call short our dinner has arrived love you both talk to you soon, send my love to the rest of the family for me!”

**JIMMY** Hahaha she used your name, Lee! You’re in trouble! Love you to Tas talk to you soon will send your love to the rest of my family for you!

**JAMES** Idiot Lee, night Tas talk to you soon love you also will send my love to the girls for you!

Standing up and made my way outside as dad and Charles follow with the food as everyone had put their share of the bill on the coffee table. Spotting Jo, Justine, and Rachel all sitting together but haven’t noticed me yet, the men have but they kept quiet I wonder why? “Rachel start telling the truth please, I know something has happened between you and Tasmine.” Josephine said, “Yes, for Oliver to be that angry at you, you must have done something are you using again?!” Justine asked, “Fuck why do you all think I’m using again! I have one relapse two years ago and you all holding against me!” Rachel snapped, “No, you’re just not acting yourself. Yes, you pick fights with me and Josephine, but you have never picked fights with Tasmine. Why start doing it now?” Justine asked, “Your jealous of what she and Oliver have! You didn’t notice it until their wedding and our little holiday with them on the Island!” Josephine said loudly, everyone had stopped talking as we all want to hear what she says Jackson and Oliver walked in noticing everyone had stopped talking.

“Who isn’t?! I know you girls are!” Rachel yelled out, “We were until we found our love, and never felt the need to do what you are doing.” Josephine said, “No idea what you girls are talking about, but our dinner has arrived would like to eat it before it gets cold, if you would like to keep talking inside is now free for you. Rachel did you want Tasmine to join the rest of you girls seeing as you know it’s her house and all.” Jackson said sounding like a true bitch.

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