No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 33 - Sorting Shit Out


We all must have walked in on something after what Jackson said he picked up on that too, also noticing that my kitten was nearly in tears again, what the hell has Rachel said this time. I can handle her in small amounts of time but right now she’s being downright spiteful little cow if I didn’t know any better, I would say she’s jealous but of what? Is it Tasmine being my wife? Or is it cause I’m the only man that hasn’t been with her in the group, I don’t think that is the case, but I am unclear if Jackson had been with her. Even if I wasn’t with Tas no way in hell would I have gone near Rachel she is not my type at all. Something has happened to her to become this mean or is it that myself and Tas are seeing the real her? I don’t know but I do feel for Tas right now she doesn’t have many girlfriends and to have one of them behave like this is not good.

“Thanks, Jackie, place all the pizzas down here so have we got enough?” She asked trying not to sound hurt but I heard the hurt in her voice so did Jackson, Josephine, Max, and her dad, “Sure hope so!” Her dad said looking her over, Rachel didn’t say anything she just stood up grabbing a box of cheese pizza, and storming off into the house, Justine follows her, of course, she does those two are always so close, Dean went to go join them when Jackson spoke up. “Man up mate she will live,” Jackson said, “Would you be saying that if it was Josephine?” Dean asked, ’Yes! She’s a grown adult, you should only help when you know they need it.” Jackson snapped.

“Enough of this talk I just want to eat my dinner then head to bed, so I take it we are dropping Dean, Sam, and Rachel off tonight?” Lee asked, “Why aren’t they camping out here? Don’t you have spare airbeds, Ollie?” Charles asked, “I do but they booked a hotel room, not going to force them to stay.” I said, “Besides we leave first thing in the morning, Justine picks up her boy tomorrow afternoon.” Max said, “Well then hope you both get your sleep that is a big drive.” Uncle Charles said, “We will dad.” Max said.

Once I got my plate full and noticing that Tas has as well I grab her drink as she follows me to our favorite outside chair, her moon chair that she loves I sat down she smiles as she sits down half on my lap and half in the chair placing her drink on the table next to her, leaning over giving me a quick kiss on my lips before she takes a bite of her food. “Not enough seats Tas?” Sam asked, “Oh bite me Sammy boy.” Tasmine replied, “With pleasure love!” Sam yelled out, smirking and biting an invisible object while laughing, “Get in line.” I snapped, “Do we need to hear this type of talk while we eat?” Uncle Charles asked in that he means business voice, both I, Jackson and Max all looked down at our food and said at the same time. “No Sir.”

Noticing that Tas has only eaten two slices of her pizza and placing the other two onto my plate, I’m worried about her I don’t ever want her to go back to the old days of not eating. Giving her leg a light squeeze she looks at me smiling but I can tell it’s not reaching her eyes. “Yes.” She whispers so no one near us can hear our conversation. “Did they say mean things?” I asked, “No, you heard it as you walked in on it.” She told me, “Then why aren’t you eating, you had told me you were hungry.” I said, “Feeling a bit off babe, can I just cuddle into you please?” She asked, “Do you need to ask?” I asked, “Yes, ’cause you’re still eating and talking to our family and friends.” She said, “Oh kitten can do all of that with you in my arms.” I chuckle as she made herself comfortable cuddling into me, Jackson was giving me a smirk I know he is about to tease her, I shake my head, but he didn’t listen. “All the fu” Lee cuts Jackson off, “I would quit if I were you!”

I chuckle he forgot that Lee was there, I tune out while Lee gave Jackson a speech on how to talk to girls, while the rest of us snickered on, well myself and Max didn’t cause every time we did Uncle Charles would snap at us. God even as grown adults they can somehow control us, hope one day when I become a father that they tell me how they did that, so we are somewhat like that to our children. “I love you, babe,” Tasmine whispered, “I love you to kitten.”

I smiled to myself; I know the rest have noticed but I felt it a long time ago our love for each other has grown so much these past few weeks, I don’t ever want to go back on-site working a week away from her, not now when I do think she could be pregnant it’s the only thing that could explain the growing breast, how powerful her climaxes have been and now not wanting to eat, fuck I bloody hope she is. Wrapping both my arms around her my right hand grazes over her stomach with hope and longing that it’s true I didn’t even care that Jackson, Lee, and dad had seen me do it either, if it’s true I want to scream it out to the world.

Tasmine started to feel heavy in my arms, looking down at her she has fallen asleep to the sound of my heartbeat, love how comfortable she is around me; I would say always but I think it was after she started to drop her guard around me as we became friends first. I sat chatting to the boys, my dad, and Lee while Jose had gone inside when Tas had gone to sleep while I waited for her to go into a deep sleep before moving her to our bed. Her dad came over kissing her on the forehead before he left with the others, leaving just Jackson and Max outside with me as they both kept on looking at me. “Now that they have gone big brother time you spill, and you better spill!” Max snapped, “Yes, Tas said she would but she crashed, is she ok?” Josephine asked, “Might be coming down with something” I started saying but Jackson cuts me off, “Take it we will know in nine months?” Jackson had to ask with a big smirk on his face. “No clue mate no fucking clue! You will know when we do, got it!” I snapped at him, “Alright we got it.” He said, “Do you?” I asked, “He has a point, best you start listening for once Jackson.” Justine snapped.

“So what has gotten you two so angry with those three?” Josephine asked, “They never said anything to you all?” I asked, “Nope, if they did it was about the kiss Rachel had given Tasmine.” Max said, “Fine, Justine I know you’re close to Rachel are you going to tell her that I spilled the beans?” I asked, “Nope, why should I, she seems to want to pull you and Tassie apart why stand up at your wedding party to only a few weeks later try to do what she just did. I am more stunned you let her into your house and stayed. I wouldn’t have been as kind.” Justine said, “Following Tas’s lead, otherwise yes, I would have thrown her out.” I said.

“Why is she being so kind to her then?” Jackson asked, “Because Tas is like Sam has a big heart and won’t push you away while you’re hurting, but I do believe she has lost her trust and that will never come back.” Josephine said, which is so true once my girl has lost her trust in you very hard to get her to change her mind about you, “She did more than that to Tas, so I will tell you all that I know, the rest you hope they fill you in on.”

Two hours later, they finally let me finish telling them all of it, not one of them is happy but has also said it is her choice, but as I had stated poor way of handling it all. “I’m so fucking angry she couldn’t tell me, why call myself and you Jo sisters from another mother but cannot tell us this?! Then goes and does that to you and Tas, I’m lost at this, I know she keeps saying she is not back on the drugs, but fuck she is acting like she was when she first started.” Justine said, “I know that is what I thought but her words are the only thing the same she’s not acting completely like she was back then guys.” Max said, Josephine looks at him oddly, “Why are you still being kind to her?” Josephine asked.

“Well be in her shoes for once, guys she had a blackout moment woke up with a strange man either in her bed or his, puts it at the back of her mind continues with what she was doing with our two boys, one falls madly in love with them both and gets turned down, while the other two falls madly in love with each other, amongst this all the joyfulness of your best friend’s wedding and finding out your pregnant in the hopes it’s at least one of our boy’s child. But deep down she would have known it wasn’t, that dates didn’t match up but chose to continue with the lie in the hopes it is one of their children. To find out it’s not in front of your close friends who you know are having a hard time falling pregnant knowing that the child is from your drunken night and you don’t want it. She is the one that has to live with all of this now not us, she is the one that has to go through with all the pain that comes with a miscarriage, and knowing her friends are angry at her, our Rachel tends to push people away with her words and actions to see who would stay when she is hurting. She has always been closer to Dean, Sam and you Justine the rest of us are just her close friends how about we let her calm down and get her head around what just happened, and hopefully she will be kind again.” Max said while Jackson looks ready to fight him over his opinion, “You are sounding like a fool baby brother!” Jackson yelled out.

“Well on that note I’m going to bed, think I’m still jetlag or coming down with what is going on with Tas.” I said, “No brother you got her pregnant she just doesn’t know it yet.” Josephine said, “Jo I love you but stop, please don’t get our hopes up like that we won’t believe anything until we see it in an ultrasound,” I said before she cuts me off, “Oh Oliver, I’m sorry I” Jackson cuts her off, “Yeah and you get up me love, your just as bad!” He said, “Please don’t say this to her, she’s not” Max cuts me off, “Oh we know mate had seen the look on her face every time Rachel was near her.” Max said, “Ok, thank you, inside now please so I can lock up.” I ordered, “All good big brother I will lock up.” Jackson said, “Ok, thanks see you in the morning.” I said smiling at them all.

I leave them be, as I am stuffed walking into our room I found the aircon turn to the coldest setting, fan on the highest setting, and Tas spread out naked face-first taking up most of the bed with no sheet or blanket on, fuck what is going on here climbing onto the bed I felt her forehead she felt hot but the rest of her body was stone cold, quickly turning the aircon back up and fan down, before getting naked myself and climbing into bed next to her moving her a little so I can fit pulling the blankets up over us as she moans out cuddling up into me, giving her forehead a soft kiss before sleep took ahold of me.

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