No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 34 - This Feels Normal


Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang.

Groaning out, rubbing my face who the hell is that at our door at this time of the morning. Checking on her she is still sound asleep getting out of the bed without waking her putting my boxers on, slowly opening the door squinting my eyes at the brightness of the hallway light outside. “Hey big brother, sorry did I wake you?” He asked, “Yeah, you leaving already?” I mumbled, “Come out don’t want to wake up Tas, she looks dead to the world.” He ordered me, “She is.” I grumbled its way too early to be up, I followed him out to our living area, notice that Justine was the only female awake while Jackson looks like he could murder us for getting him up before the sun was. “We said our” Jackson complained, “Sip it I don’t want the girls awake because your foghorn voice woke them.” Max cut him off, “Ok keep your underpants on.” He grumbles, “Alright Maxie Pad what’s up?” I asked sitting down opposite them both in the beanbag, no matter what Tas will never let me get rid of this bag I’m shocked it lasted this long. Justine is busy making coffee behind us on the dining room table, good cause I’m going to need it being up this early.

“I want to talk to you both before I make up my mind.” Max started before Jackson cut him off, “Idiot we have already told you to marry her what else did you” Jackson started to say, “Shut up and we will soon find out.” I snapped, “If I should have Justine and Freddie move with me back to WA, or I move to the Sunshine Coast to be with her?” Max asked, he woke us up at three in the morning for this? I feel like killing him if I didn’t know they were about to leave to drive on a long trip back home, “Well can you rent out your house?” I asked around a yawn, “Yes, I can.” he said, “Enough that you only have to pay half of the repayments a month instead of nearly all. Also bear in mind the added landlord insurance that is more than the homeowner but also Justine rents she hasn’t owned a house yet. But also have you seen if you could get work near her or are you planning on being fly in and fly out which is a lot longer workweeks than what I have.” I said before he cut me off, “Was thinking of buying if I have to move back to Queensland, yes Oliver I know all of this” He said in his smart ass tone, “Has she dealt with your week on and off before? She would know how hard Tas finds it.”

“No, she hasn’t.” Max said, “But also it would be safer for her in WA he won’t be able to find them if he gets out of jail.” Jackson said, “But you are also taking her away from everyone she knows down south and her family.” I told him, “That is my problem, right there!” he said, “That is a hard one bro, Justine what is your opinion on this?” I asked, she turned around handed Jackson and Max their coffee before walking around the lounge to bring me mine as she sat down on Max’s lap with her cup. “I want to be with him, both options have their positives and negatives, like you all have pointed out it’s away from his dad so that is a bonus in my eyes, and he doesn’t know where Max lives from what I know. Also, I can get a job anywhere I go with my trade, but I am unsure of how busy it is over there. Also, it’s so far away from you four and if Tas is pregnant Freddie won’t be close by to become close to his cousin. But also, what happens if he’s doing his fly in and fly out and Axel finds out and comes to the house while Max is two states away. I” She stops talking Max is rubbing his hand up and down her back, as she composes herself again. “Max I think the only option is for myself and Freddie to move to WA.”

“I would love that babe, but also my contract ends soon, should I just get a job here instead?” He asked, I feel like slapping the silly boy around now, “When does it end?” I ask trying to keep what I am truly thinking to myself as I know it’s only harsh because I am up early, “March” he said, “I would say wait on the moving guys; I can see what is going at my work for you that way you all can move here Axel doesn’t know that you would do that either nor would your dumb ex so she cannot pass on the info to him.” I snapped, “Hey I object to that!” Jackson cried out, “Yeah, you’re the dumbass who had all our info saved in your bloody phone!” Max snapped but still gave his brother a loving smile, “How many times do I need to say I’m sorry Maxie! I didn’t know she was like that really ple” Jackson cried out, “Oh shhh you’ll wake the girls up.” Max whispered at his brother, “I can wait for you, also babe that’s just over five months away. Can give me enough notice for my boss and landlord and save” Max cuts her off, “No I will help” Justine glares at him, “Moneybags junior sip it, I’m paying my way!” Justine snaps.

“Moneybags junior?” I asked, “Yeah, he is your baby brother.” Justine said, “I hate you all calling me Moneybags.” I grumbled, “You’re like your birth father” I glared at Jackson cutting him off, “I am nothing like him!” I snapped, “But the good parts of him, like your looks and good with his money at least you have a heart.” Jackson said but I still glared at him, “I did so I wasn’t reliant on others to help me, because I know if I ever got into trouble, he would never help me and I couldn’t ask Charles to help me if I needed it nor Lee.” I said, “You’re still an idiot!” Jackson said around a fit of laughter, “Dad, and Lee would do anything to help the pair of you.” Max said, “Not the point boys, I promised I would look after her and that is what I am doing.” I said, being very proud that I am doing everything I had promised her that day in my old room before moving down here. “Tas wasn’t kidding about you being true to your word. How the hell did you come from a man like your birth father? You’re more like Charles than anything can now see why you call him dad.” Justine said sounding amazed.

“Do you think Rachel, Dean, and Sam feel left out cause we six are related in a way you girl’s by marriage the rest of us by blood?” Jackson asked, “But that’s not new, we have always known you three are close more so now.” Justine said, “Maybe they thought we would want to marry girls outside of the group making the group bigger and we didn’t.” Jackson said, “No, I haven’t gotten that feeling from the boys about feeling left out by us it’s more so Rachel than anything, she must realize that you three will become sisters-in-laws soon and she wants in on it.” I said, “As much as I want to stay around with you two, we need to head out before it gets late.” Max said, “I will call you, and let you know more info about work. Drive safely you two ok, love you both.” I stood up giving them both a hug and Justine got a kiss on the cheek, Jackson did the same thing we watched them drive off, closing the front door Jackson looks at me.

“I don’t know about you but I’m going back to bed with my girl, wake me up when you go to head out to the shops, I will join you.” Jackson said, “Yeah, I’m going back to bed too, sure I will wake you up before we go.” I left him, closing our bedroom door softly, taking my pants back off before climbing back into the bed with her spread out again no covers on her at all, she normally doesn’t sleep like this, maybe this is how she sleeps when I’m not home. Moving her over so I could get comfortable, once I was comfortable, she rolls into me cuddling up to me letting out a soft moan as I pull the blankets up over us holding her beautiful body against mine, going back to sleep was hard after the soft moan I wanted nothing more than to have my wicked way with her.

Waking up to my phone telling me to get up I groaned, Tas still sound asleep I leave her be she might wake up while I’m in the shower. She never came in, man have we had sex too many times over our honeymoon that I had worn her out? God, I hope not, quickly get into some clothes turning around to find her still snoring her little head off. Might go make her some coffee and see if that would wake her up. Heading out to the makeshift kitchen making myself and her a coffee as I heard movement behind me hoping it was her. “Fuck mate did you sleep in?” Jackson asked walking towards me, “No, just took my time in the shower that is all.” I told him, “What more like you and Tas” He started to say fucken hell, Jackson, it’s way too early in the morning for this shit, “No, bro she is sound asleep I doubt the living dead would wake her right now.” I said trying not to laugh at her cute little snoring, “Fuck maybe she is sick.” He said, “Could be, making her coffee seeing if that would wake her up.” I told him, “Nah mate just throw your dick into her face that would wake her up.” He said laughing, “Would also put me in the doghouse, I remembered that once after you told me to do something she withhold sex on me for a week, not going to listen to you on that matter ever.” I snapped, “HAHAHAHA well that is what you get when you listen to crap advice.” He said laughing, “Oh bugger off mate.” I snapped, “Cannot I live here remember.” He said, “Hard to forget that brother, let’s see if this will wake her. Is Jo joining us?” I asked.

“Yes, she’s in the shower. Want me to make everyone some food?” He asked, “All up to you mate, but also, we will be leaving here just before nine.” I told him he looked at me in shock, “Why that late?” He asked, “Simple RACQ doesn’t open any earlier mate.” I left him at that, opening the door to find she is still sound asleep it’s now fifteen past eight need to get her up, would like to do all of this with her, but if she is not up to it, I will let her sleep. Moving the cup in front of her face hoping she smells it; she groans out before she opens her eyes, and she looks so pale right now poor thing.

“Hmm morning babe please don’t I cannot” She groans out, quickly moves the cup onto the bedside table looking at her worried. “Kitten, what’s wrong?” I asked softly, “I feel like shit babe, my throat is hurting like all hell, it’s hot as hell in here, my head hurts, and my body hurts all over I’m sorry, but I don’t want to drink that. I just want some cold water with lemon.” She asked quietly, “Sweetie it’s ok, I’ll go get it for you want to see if we have any painkillers or cold flu medication?” I asked, “Just painkillers should be ok for now.” She whispered I hate seeing her sick, “Ok.” I whispered, leaning over giving her a gentle kiss on the forehead before heading to the makeshift kitchen to see if we had anything. I found some lemon and cold water, and painkillers. “Bro, what’s up?” Jackson asked notice what I was collecting, “Tas is not well mate, just getting the things she wants.” I told him, “Oh poor thing, want me to make her some chicken noodle soup when we get home.” He said, “Thanks think she would like that.” I said, he gives my shoulder a brotherly tap as I passed him to head into our room, found she has gone back to sleep, squatting down so I’m at face level with her placing the items on the bedside table I gently brush her face.

“Babe, I have the stuff you asked for,” I whispered, she groans out, she slowly opens her eyes, she smiles at me, getting up onto her elbow I pass her the tablets then the water, when she was finished she hands me the water. “You ok with not joining us today?” I asked, she nods her head a yes, “Anything you want me to get you while I’m out?” I asked, “Um, chicken noodle soup?” I chuckle, fuck those two are more alike than they know. “Yeah babe, Jackie is going to make you some when we get back. Anything else?” I asked, “Make sure it has a fridge and freezer large enough for us but also once the kitchen is fixed we could use it as a drinks fridge out on the patio, so not too big.” She said, “Was thinking the same thing kitten.” I said sounding delightful, “Babe I’m sor” I cut her off before the waterworks starts she gets so emotional when she is sick.

“Kitten, it’s ok love you cannot help being sick. Just rest up while we are out, did you want me to bring anything into the room for you?” I asked, “No, I’m good thank you love. Go sort out our insurance and things we need to get done. I’ll just go back to sleep.” She mumbles, “Ok, I love you.” I whispered, “I love you too.” She whispered, leaning over giving her a gentle kiss on the lips as she closes her eyes and drifts off back to sleep, yeah she has diffidently come down with something, whatever it is has hit her hard. Turning the aircon down a little for her as I leave the room. Josephine jumped so far away from Jackson on the couch that I burst out into a fit of laughter, when I finally managed to stop laughing I spoke up. “Guys really? It’s not something new, kiss if you want to fucking kiss don’t stop on my account.” I said, “Told you he wouldn’t care, babe.” Jackson complained, “Where is Tas?” Josephine asked, “In bed, she’s not coming she is unwell, has a cold, or the flu unsure yet.” I told them. “Oh no poor thing, right did she want you to get anything? Wanted me to stay home with her while you boys go do your thing?” Josephine said so fast, “She just wants Chicken noodle soup and sleep. It’s up to you if you want to stay.” I told her.

“She said that?” Jackson looked proud as punch, felt like punching him cause she is hurting and his proud. “Yeah she did, even sounded like you.” I grumbled, “Ahh I am so proud of my little thing, has come so far!” Jackson snapped, “You’re not her teacher you idiot.” Josephine snapped, “When we are done and you made the soup want to watch the last episode of Supernatural with us?” I asked, “As much as I love that idea Jo here is only up to season nine I don’t want to wreck it for her.” Jackson said, “Ok, will watch it in our room then.” I said, “Don’t we can do something else.” He said, “Oh I know!” Josephine cried out, we looked at her in confusion but also enjoyment wonders what she has in mind. She races off to his room, I looked at my brother who just shakes his head, she comes running out with a big smile on her face and a large box in her hand. “A board game?” Jackson asked, “Not just any board game a Monoply Supernatural!” She said, “Well now we know why the four of us are so close!” I said loudly, “We can do that once the soup is made.” Jackson said.

I was going to say let’s go when I heard our bedroom door opening up and Tas walks out wearing only underpants and a singlet looking pale but also her face has blotchy red patches, rushing towards holding onto her as I ushering her to a chair. “Babe I cannot get cool, I’ve had a stone cold shower.” She grumbled, her arms are hot, I quickly felt her forehead is boiling, looking up at the other two who are both wearing the same worried looks, “Jackie did you come across a thermometer when you were pulling all the medical stuff out of the kitchen?” I asked, he rushes off towards the spot that I had found the pain killers as he spoke. “Yes, I think I put it, here it is.” He hands it to me, I quickly turn it on and put it under her armpit she just cuddles into me with a small smile on her face. “You’re pretty” Tasmine mumbled, “Has she lost the plot?” Jackson asked, “No she has a fever, Jackson.” Josephine snapped at her partner, “Thanks kitten so is you, wow forty-one degrees shit need to get you cooled down or I’m taking you to the hospital, Jackson and Josephine get as much ice as you can from that freezer and meet me in our bathroom, if you don’t want to see her naked close your eyes!” I snapped, didn’t care what they would say, lifting her up in her arms taking her into our main bathroom filling the tub with lukewarm water, while the tub was filling I quickly got her out of her clothes, she cried out as soon as I placed her into the tub.

“That’s hot!” Tasmine screamed, “Babe it’s not.” I told her, Josephine handed me the ice as I place it into the water using the container filed it with the water pouring it over her head as she screamed out in pain. “FUCK OLIVER THAT’S FUCKING COLD!!” She screamed, fuck I hate doing this to her, but I rather not have to take her to the hospital just yet, “Good, trying to bring your temp down babe!” Feeling her forehead, stomach, and back they all felt coolish to the touch, getting her out of the bath and dried and her dress, once dressed she grabs my hand and burst into tears, wrapping her up in a hug as she cries into my chest. “See she still cries when she is really sick.” Jackson said, “Yes.” I said, “Babe do you have an infection?” Josephine asked, I felt Tas shake her head. “No my throat hurts like someone stabbed it and my head.” She groaned out, I noticed that Jackson and Josephine shared a look.

“Tonsilites I believe missy has, but I’m no doctor but while we are out we will get you some stuff to help you out hey,” Jackson said softly, “Ollie I will stay here to keep an eye on her for you,” Josephine said, “Thanks, Jo.” I said, “I want to stay out in the lounge room, Jo you don’t have to stay you are only here for a few more days to be wit” Jackson cuts her off, as Josephine goes into our room collecting her pillows and a throw rug. “Oh nope you are sick and family looks after each other,” Jackson says sternly, Josephine got the couch ready for her as I lead her over she curls up into a ball as I place the light throw over her, giving her forehead a gentle kiss. “Go babe I will be fine just lay here watching TV” Tas mumbled quietly to me, “Yeah, Jose is still staying babe. I will try and be as quick as I can. Hope you feel better soon my love.” I whispered she gave me a small smile, “Me too.” Jackson points at the girls, “Ok let’s go, girls, behave.” He ordered, “Hmdnudme nsuien” Tasmine mumbled, “What was that?” Josephine asked, “Not well enough to play around dickhead.” She snapped, “Good, we shouldn’t be too long.” I told her.

We went off in Jackson’s car cause I do not like taking mine up to Canelands as too many people like to trash other people’s cars that they worked hard for. While Jackson spoke the whole drive over, I love him I do but man I wanted some quiet right now. “Bro, what’s wrong?” He asked, “Just worried about too many things, and your mouth is not helping.” I complained, “You love this mouth, want to talk about your worries?” He asked, “Not right now, let’s go see what RACQ can do for us.”

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