No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 35 - Making Sure We Are Safe

**Oliver’s Pov**

Three hours later RACQ is sending out an assessor tomorrow for us, and they have started the claim process with the photos and are happy to use Jackson’s work company as they normally use them, which made him extremely happy. Standing in the middle of the Goodguys looking at fridge and freezer combos I feel like I should buy the fridge that I want to put into the kitchen but knowing we don’t have space to place in the house. “Bro, what the hell is so hard in picking one?” Jackson complained, “Well now that I can think about it, shouldn’t I just buy for the new kitchen? But then we don’t have the space to store it while construction happens.” He cuts me off, “Fucking go get this one it’s small enough for what you need it for and large enough for a drinks fridge and it will fit out on your patio after the construction is done, and it can fit into the spot between your front window and dining room table.” He said, “Ok, alright let’s find a staff member to get this sorted.” I said.

“Ollie?” He said so softly, “Yeah Jackie?” I asked, “I’m worried that he will find a way to get to you two and finish the job, I” He couldn’t finish as he started to chock up, not caring we are out in public I wrapped him up in a brotherly hug. “Bro, I fucking know, as soon as we are finished here was thinking of getting cameras, an alarm system, and booking in for more security screens to be put in, and seeing if we get a better fire alarm system put in.” I whispered, “I like your thinking, but you told Max you will look into getting him a job, thought you said you were leaving?” He asked, we pulled away hoping to get a salesperson’s attention. “Yeah and? I can still leave my word and my reputation will still be in tack. Besides we won’t be working together he works in a completely different part of the site than myself.” I told him, “You still will be bunking together” I cut him off, “No, we won’t be different shifts, rosters. So you do want him to live in the same town as you again?” I asked, I knew he missed him more than he was telling anyone. “Fuck yes! I do all the Brown boys in the same town and when we all get married and start having children the cousins will grow up together, I want that, I want what we had growing up for our children.” He said with a big smile on his face, “So do I bro, would love to watch them all grow together and become as close as we all are.”

Jackson spotting a staff member we chased them down, missed the deadline for delivery for today, but will have it at home tomorrow. We spent the next hour sorting out security for my house, we will be setting up the cameras ourselves, will have someone out tomorrow to install the alarm system and fire alarms that now go into the power meter. We are now in Coles getting stuff for what Jackson wants to cook for Tas. “Oliver head down and get me some gluten-free spaghetti and chicken stock thanks.” Jackson ordered while I look at him oddly, “Why Tas isn’t gluten-free?” I asked, “No, but Jo is.” He said sounding shocked, “What since when?” I asked, “Always, how the hell do you not know that?” He asked, “No clue Jackson, on how I had missed that.” I said, explains why she says no when I offer her to eat some of my food, “Yeah don’t let Tas and Jo know that they may take your balls.” He said around a fit of laughter, I chuckled, shaking my head. “Tasmine already has mine mate.” I reminded him. “That she does.” He agreed.

I left him in the fruit and veg section while I head towards the gluten-free section found the pasta one easy but the stock was not so, took me a bit but I found it. Then I had an idea heading down to the beauty and medical aisle, grabbing her some stuff to help with her throat also checking to see if you can use it if your pregnant, unsure if she is but I don’t want to harm her if she is. Standing looking at a product when I heard his foghorn voice. “Fuck there you are Oliver! This is not the gluten-free aisle!” Jackson yelled at me, “I know got your gear.” I said throwing them into the trolly as he looked at what I was looking at. “So you do think she is?” He asked with a happy smile on his face, “More like I hope, but I know she will kill me if I show her that I bought a test. She’s given up on trying and said she would divorce me if I buy her a test or even bring it up.” I sighed loudly, “Well then she is one stubborn girl, how about I buy it and give it to her take all of the heat, saving your ass.” He said, “Ok, do it while she is sick less fight in her.” I agreed, hope this does not backfire badly on us, “When we get home? Doubt she would even remember it she looked so out of it.” Jackson said, “She did, ok we got everything we need?” I asked, “Yes, let’s go home.” He said heading towards the checkouts.

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