No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 36 - The Men Are Home

**Tasmine’s Pov**

I hurt all over, and this throat just kills nothing I have here is working, Jo is curled up at the other end of the couch watching Supernatural that she is up to. The men are still out, have been for a few hours now, I can hear my phone is going off and the sound of the notification is the girls only group chat, I know Jo is messaging but I just cannot find the strength to go read it or reply easier just to look at the TV. “Tas are you ok? You look paler and you’re groaning.” Jo asked, “I just don’t feel well at all Jo, and I’m worried to pass it onto you before you have to go ba” She cuts me off, “And? I’ll take some sick leave babe; you cannot help getting sick. Now, do you need me to get you anything?” She asked, “Tell me what is going on in the group chat, please.” I begged, “You don’t really need to” I cut her off, “Please I want to know.” I said firmly, “Well Rachel didn’t believe you’re unwell until I sent a photo of you asleep.” She said and I wasn’t expecting to hear her say that either.

“Why wouldn’t she believe that I was unwell?” I asked, “She was asking if they could come over later today, I said unsure as the boys are out and Tas is sound asleep as she’s sick. Because you were fine yesterday, she thinks you just don’t want to see her.” Josephine said in a bitchy tone, can tell she was not impressed by that, “But I don’t want to see her, the boys are welcome any time.” I replied, “Fair enough, you know Dean won’t come if she is not allowed over.” She reminded me, “I know, didn’t say any of this to her just yet. Will talk with Ollie and Jackie first before we say anything to them.” I told her, “Go back to sleep Tas I will wake you when they get home.” I didn’t need her to tell me to go back to sleep, I was already tired like I just didn’t sleep for twelve hours.

I felt a soft touch on my face, and a gentle kiss on my forehead, smiling softly he is home, my man is home. I slowly open my eyes up to his soft gentle smiling face. “Kitten I’m home baby, here try this might help with the pain.” He helped me sit up as he hands me some medication which I took gladly and water, once that was over, he handed me a throat Lollie. “Thanks, get everything done?” I asked, “And then some.” He said brightly, “Meaning?” I asked, “Meaning we got this stuff little thing.” Jackson said behind Oliver with a big grin on his face holding up boxes that have pictures of security cameras on them. “Updating some parts of our house kitten will have more being installed tomorrow, you’re getting no” I cut his rant off, “That’s the fucking best idea babe!” I yelled out throwing my arms around his shoulders holding onto him tightly, as he hugs me back, pulling away he stands up as he stands, he scoops me up and sits down on the lounge placing me on his lap as I wriggled around to get comfortable.

“I’m off to go make you some soup, did you want to help Jo?” Jackson asked, “Nah I’m good babe I want to catch up on this.” Josephine said, “So how was your day love?” Oliver asked, “Slept most of it, nothing major happened.” I told him, “Ok love, you hungry?” He asked, “No” I snuggled into him more, “Ok, I’m going to start putting these up, call me if you want anything, ok babe.” He said I don’t want to get up, enjoying being in his arms. “Ok, but do you need a hand” He cuts me off, “If I do, I will ask Jo or Jackie to help you my dear rest.” He smiles as I move around on his lap so I was riding him giving him a soft gentle kiss, I know he would have liked to kiss more if we were alone, pulling away he cups my face in his hands. “Get better babe, before you want to do more of that.” He whispered with a smoldering look on his handsome face.

“Ok, also the group wants to know what time they can come over today.” I told him, he looked like he didn’t like that idea at all, “Boys anytime her never.” He snapped, “That won’t go down well.” Jackson said from behind us, “I know, but after thinking on it I don’t want her around us right now.” Oliver said, “Instead how about we say Tas is too sick for visitors.” Jackson said, “It would work but how about instead of them coming here we go hang out at the bar of the hotel that they are staying at before they fly out.” Josephine said always trying to keep the peace between us all, somedays it’s just not worth trying being nice to people who keep hurting you, but for the boy’s sack I will keep the peace, “I like that better.” Oliver said, “Do I have to go?” I asked, “Only if you are up to it if not little thing they would understand.” Jackson said, “Do they fly out later tonight?” I asked, “Yes, they got the last flight out, think it leaves at nine or something.” Jackson said, “Ok then, Jackie quickly make that soup, babe get those things up Jo please help him, I’m going to go in the tub and see if I can cool myself down again.” I ordered them all as they all look at me like I was insane, “Tasmine believe you should stay home love.” Oliver said, “Just let me see how I go, ok.” I told him, “Ok, but your stubborn you know that.” he said chuckling, “Yes.” I giggle, climbing off his lap so he could get up, he stood up giving my ass a squeeze before he heads out to his shed to get his tools, Jo stayed seated waiting for Oliver to come back and tell her what she needs to do, while Jackson worked away at the makeshift kitchen we have. Making my way into our bedroom I stopped and looked angry at what was placed on our bed storming out of our room.

“OLIVER!!” I screamed out at him loudly.

“What is with all of the yelling Tasmine?” Jackson asked from the kitchen, “DID YOU KNOW HE DID THAT?!” I screamed at Jackson, “Are you talking about the pregnancy test?” Jackson asked.

“YES! OLIVER!” I screamed out again at him, not listening to my sore throat.

“It’s wasn’t Oliver that did that, it was I little thing. I think you” Jackson said trying to sound caring but I am fucking fuming right now, “AND I THINK YOU SHOULD MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!” I roared at him, “I would never mind my own business! Take the test whenever you like but that is” I cut him off, “THAT IS FOR YOU TO BACK OFF! JACKSON, I FUCKING MEAN IT!” I screamed out, Oliver had now walked into the living area looking at us both in shock, “Are you two having your first fight? Want me to take photos for you both?” Oliver said in a mocking tone, I glared at him, “FUCK OFF OLIVER! YOU KNEW HE DID IT, AND YOU LET HIM! AFTER WHAT I HAD SAID TO YOU?!” I screamed so loudly, “HEY! IT WAS ALL HIM! DON’T TURN THIS AROUND ONTO ME!” Oliver yelled, “TASMINE YELL AT ME I WAS THE ONE THAT PAID FOR IT ALL I WAS THE ONE THAT PLACED IT ONTO YOUR BED! NOT HIM!” Jackson yelled out, “I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY?!” I screamed throwing my arms up in the air, my throat was really killing me right now.

“Why would you do that? You know what I had said to Ollie I had told you, and you still” Holding back my tears as I put my hand up to stop him. “You’re just as bad as Rachel” I raced off towards my room yelling back over my shoulder. “Don’t you dare follow me, Jackson or Oliver!!”

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