No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 37 - What was that?

**Oliver’s Pov**

I was left in the living room looking at my brother and Josephine in sheer shock we have had fights before, but she had never sounded like that towards me before. Maybe I should have taken her words more seriously I was expecting her to get angry at him but nothing like this at all, maybe we are idiots and should have held off a bit longer with it. “That was our first fight, and I am left stunned, I’m so” Jackson said sounding like he is about to burst into tears, “Stop I gave you permission to buy it.” I started to make my way towards our room, Jackson spoke up with worry. “Bro she said not to follow her.”

“And right now I have chosen not to listen,” I said this may have been one of the stupid things we have done as brothers, but right now I want to help her I cannot go to work knowing she is in our room crying that hurts and crying because I didn’t listen to her. “Your head then,” Jackson said trying not to laugh at me, “Yes, my head. Jo send off a text to them saying we will join them at the Bar let them know that Tas is a maybe.” I told her, “Sure babe.” She said giving me a sad smile.

I make my way towards our bedroom, knocking gently I hear nothing, so I opened the door, closing it she’s not on our bed, walking towards our bathroom, found her sitting in the bathtub hugging herself crying racing towards her quickly stripping out of my clothes getting into the tub with her holding onto her as she cries. “I’m so sorry sweetie, we never meant for you to take the test right now for la” She cuts me off, as she spun around so fast slapping me in the face, fuck that hurt, in our life together she has only slapped me like that three times I know I have fucked up when she hits me that hard, “I told you I had given up on trying! I just wanted to enjoy having sex with my husband and if a child comes from that great if not who cares! You both chose a day after a friend chose to kill her unborn child to leave a test box on our bed!” She screamed at me, I go to open my mouth the look she gives me, I know I have gone too far.

“No Oliver, you knew how upset I am you knew more than him,” She said trying to hold in tears, “Yes, I knew! I am so sorry babe really! Please” I started but she cut me off again, “I love you, don’t get me wrong I’m just” I cut her off, “Hurting, please can you let me in?” I asked, “I did, and you didn’t listen.” She whispered I can tell her throat is really hurting her right now her voice is cracking, “More like I really do think you are babe.” I told her, she is looking it every day in my eyes. I want my wife to be pregnant just as badly as she wants to be pregnant. “Please don’t get my” I cut her off, “I’m not Tasmine, notice changes in your body babe that is all. I love you, will do anything for you please, it hurts me too babe, it’s not just you here.” I reminded her, “I know I’m sorry, I feel like a bitch right now.” She stated, “You are but I was also an asshole, so are we even?”

She giggles, wrapping her arms around me pressing her naked body against mine, fuck, all I wanted to do now is have her, but I won’t I know she is unwell. She presses her forehead against my neck, and she felt hot, grabbing the face washer dipping it into the water, and placing it onto her head as she cuddles into me more if that is even possible. “Babe your temp is back.” I told her, “Hmmm your comfy though.” she grumbles, “Come on let’s get it down.” For the next five minutes I worked on bringing her temperature down as she napped in my arms, once she felt cool, I gently nudged her. “Babe I have things I need to do, and you can go back to sleep in the bed.”

“Ok.” She mumbles, she stands up, and dries herself while I empty out the tub and dried and gotten dress, I noticed she was opening up the test box, I didn’t say anything as I wanted to know just as much as she did. She’s standing there looking at the unopened test packet with shaky hands, she shakes her head and puts it back before going to the toilet. She’s too scared to do it, has she put that much pressure on herself that she is scared of taking the test? I don’t think she knows that I had seen her do that. Going through our wardrobe seeing what I am going to wear, later on, her small hands wrap around my body from behind, as she gives my shoulders a kiss. “I know you were watching me, give me time to work up the strength to do it, please” She whispered, I talked over her as I hated hearing the pain in her voice, “I know sweetie, oh I know. Next time I will hold your hand if you will let me.” I told her, “We can do that.” She said with a small smile on her face, “Good, let me know if you’re planning on coming too.”

“Thanks I will let you know after my nap.” I give her a soft kiss as I walk her towards our bed noticing that she is going to bed naked, my dick twitches I want her, but she needs to rest. Helping her into the bed, leaning down giving her a kiss as she pulls me down on top of her kissing me hard, not caring whatever she has she could be passing onto me, she moans out into my mouth. “Fuck kitten I want you.” I whispered, “I’m ready for you.” She pants out, oh I know baby girl, “You’re unwell.” I countered, “Doesn’t stop my body from wanting you.” She begged, “Tonight babe, I promise. I need to get these items put up.” I said regretfully, “Hmmm ok.” She agreed, I regretfully leave her in our bed, as I adjust myself, I open the door to find Jackson about to knock holding a bowl of soup, he has a big smile on his face.

“Well, well, well, I see she didn’t kill you.” The smartass said, “Hubby trumps a lot of things mate. Want me to give that to her?” I asked, “Nah I want to give it to her; I need to apologize.” He said, “Ok, be warned she is naked under those sheets no” I told him he cuts me off, “TASMINE PUT SOME FUCKING CLOTHES ON BEFORE I ENTER THAT ROOM WITH YOUR SOUP!” I hear her giggling; I know she is putting her clothes on.

“You good?” He asked her, “Yes” She calls out, “Good, move aside brother your girl needs her soup.” I moved aside for him, closing the door behind myself as I rounded up my gear and Josephine, we spent the next hour installing the cameras outside of the house, once that was set up I set it up on our laptops and phones. Jose’s phone kept on going off the whole time. “Your one popular lady today Jo.” I said, “Yes it seems it.” She said sounding upset, “Kind things, I hope.” I can tell by that look she is keeping a lot to herself, “Yeah it is now, don’t worry I set anyone at fault straight.” She said after noticing the look on my face, “Good, thanks for helping me out too.” I said, “It’s all good.” Grabbing a bowl of soup each sitting down watching Supernatural that Jo was up to, trying to keep my mouth shut as to what is going to happen next was hard.

“Hope you left some for Tas and me, you as” I cut him off mid-rant. “We have, so keep the drama down.” I snapped, “Good, we have what an hour before we have to catch up with them?” He said, “No, we have two. Don’t kill each other while I go to get ready.” Josephine said looking at her partner more than me, I tried not to laugh, “What? It doesn’t take you that long to get ready?!” Jackson said in shock, “Would quit while your ahead brother!” I told him, clearly he is not reading the look on her face at all, “I would listen to Oliver if I was you, Jackson!” She said as she takes her bowl into the sink glaring at him, storming off into his room to get her gear before heading off to the main bathroom, I looked at my brother like he was stupid he just throws a pillow at me as he goes to dish up himself a bowl of soup.

“So are you, two friends, again?” I asked, noticing he doesn’t have a black eye from my wife yet, “Pfft, please! That fight would not end our friendship brother, yeah after she threw a few punches we are good.” He said around a fit of laughter, “Good.” I said, “Are you two good?” he asked me, “As good as we can be, she is too scared to do a test” I told him before he butted in, “I know she told me while crying. Can I just say I am sick of her crying, just putting it out there for you to know.” He stated, “I know I want the fun, happy wife back.” I said, “Do you think she should join us tho?” He asked, fuck no is what I thought, “No rather her to stay home and rest, but knowing her she would want to see off the boys so she will go for that, think we will go in separate cars in case you and Jo want to stay longer if Tas wants to go home early.” I said, he starts shaking his head, “Nah mate we all go in one car and leave together they will understand once they see her.” He said.

It is now was time for us to get ready to go, leaving Jackson to it I head into our bedroom, finding my beautiful wife standing naked looking at her wardrobe she is either stumped on what to wear or she’s daydreaming. I quietly close the door and made my way towards her, snaking my arms around her stomach, leaning down kissing her neck she no longer felt warm, wonder if her fever broke. “Hhmmm I want to go to say goodbye to Sambo and Dean but I don’t want to stay awake.” She grumbles, “Up to you kitten if you are not well. They can deal with it, we can always facetime you so you can say goodbye that way.” I said not liking the idea of her going out, “No, I will go” I cut her off with a sigh, “Kitten” She let out a sigh too, “Ollie please let me.” She begged, “What if” I started to say before she cuts me off, “We see them for five minutes then go, would that make you happy?” She asked, “Rather your home under the blankets getting some rest.” I said firmly, “I know but I get the feeling that Sambo will only come back for major things, and well Dean will be by Rachel’s side knowing we aren’t happy with her so it’s more of a goodbye to our group that is ending, and I fucking hate it.” She sighed sounding upset, “It’s not ending babe, we are growing up and apart it’s bound to happen” She cuts me off looking at me in shock horror, “Bound to happen?! Would it happen to us?!” She asked, I looked at her in shock horror, “I fucking hope not Tasmine!” I said loudly.

“Good, I hope not either, now what should I wear?” She asked while I tried to not laugh, “You’re asking me after the last time I picked an outfit?” I said trying to hide my giggle, “Oh, you’re not that bad.” She said giggling, “I remember you stating to never have me pick your outfit as I will make you look like a clown.” I say remembering that eventful day, “Oh Ollie that one time you tried mixing two different yellow items together that didn’t go babe are you taking my joke to heart?” She asked, “Nope.” I look through her wardrobe still holding onto her in my other arm, I like her in her purple I would call it a hippie skirt then I went into her t-shirt section pulling out her black supernatural singlet smiling at her seeing if she likes what I had chosen. She grabs my hand with the clothes in it towards her with a big smile on her face. “I love it, thank you.”

“Your welcome kitten,” I said with a big smile, “Quickly get dressed the others would be waiting on us.” She ordered, “When are they not?” I asked laughing, she laughs as I quickly got out of my day clothes into the ones I had picked, watching each other get dressed was intoxicating, Tas bends over fingering her hair up into a high ponytail that she turns into a messy bun before standing back up with a smile on her face. “Let’s go.” She said, “No makeup?” I asked, she gives me the look that says I should watch my next words with her. “Um, no lipgloss?” I asked instead, “Meh not feeling it.” Yep, not going to push her on that, “Ok, you’re beautiful without it babe.” I told her, “Oliver you have to say that as I’m your” She started to say but I cut her off, “Was saying it long before you became my wife Tasmine.” I told her I have always found her beautiful even in her ugly moments she is beautiful to me.

The car ride over was full of laughter and conversation, kitten only talking a little bit her throat must be hurting again or she’s gone into her brain to long thinking about Rachel and what she wants to say to her, placing my hand on her leg when I don’t need it to change gears. Pulling up to the hotel car park, wasn’t long before we found the bar and our friends Tas holding my hand tightly as she got closer to Rachel, Rachel looked pale too but she gave us all smiles. “Ahh Tas you should have stayed home, you look like death warmed up.” Sam said this as he gave her a small hug, I notice Dean and Rachel didn’t give her or myself a hug only Jackson and Josephine that hurt coming from Dean more so. “So Dean your shout mate!” Jackson said loudly when he noticed they hadn’t given us a hug.

“Oh no” Dean started to say but Jackson being Jackson spoke over him, “Oh but you see it’s your turn for shout mate.” He said giving him an evil smirk, “Because you said so?” Dean asked, “No, last time we all were at a bar you said next time we are together first round is on me. First-round Deanie boy!” Jackson yelled out, “Fine, only because I remembered saying that. What does everyone want?” He asked, I asked for my favourite drink, while I noticed both Jackson and Josephine had asked for the most expensive drinks on the menu, Sam just said you know what I want, Rachel said she would join him up at the bar they all looked at Tas for her order. “A large jug of ice with a small amount of water with a few slices of lemon, please.” She said so quietly, “That all? Tas whats” Dean started to say but she talked over him, “It helps with soothing my sore throat.” Dean gave her a small smile, “Sure thing, hope your feeling better soon Tas.” He said sounding like his old self, “Thanks.” She politely can tell she wanted to say other things if she was feeling well enough too.

The pair of them left Sam kept on looking back at them before he spoke up. “So you are sick?” He asked, “Yeah, she is we’ve been” He cuts me off. “Good, those two had kept on saying that you all were saying that as you didn’t want to see her.” Sam whispered, “I am sick really,” Tasmine said softly, “Oh I can tell, know you well enough to know the difference.” He stated, “So is that why they both snubbed them?” Jackson asked sounding very protective of us. “Ask them yourself Jackie I’m not part of their issues with my friends.” Sam snapped. “So you are not angry at me or Tas?” I asked, “No, because I can see it from both points of view and I know you all will overcome it one day, besides not my fight. I wasn’t the one that took the tablet.” He said.

“Right let’s change the subject hey. Are you ok Sam? Like really?” Jackson asked also noticing that Sam is not acting himself. “Once I go home and get back into the dating scene, yeah I might be ok.” He sighed, “Sam if your not ready don’t jump into the dating scene, work on healing,” Tas said sounding worried, “Tas I love you but please I’m not talking about dating.” He said smirking at her, I lean over to her and whispered in her ear. “He’s talking about one-night stands babe.” She glared at me, “Worked that out Oliver, not stupid. But Sam is that going to help you?” She asked, “YES! It will help me to forget them and hopefully find someone better in the bed than them.” He said, “Am I the only one that thinks sex is the reason why this group is together still?” Josephine spoke up, most of us started snickering.

“Depends on who we are talking about.” Jackson said, as he does have a point because if they are talking about myself and Tas that would apply, “Sex is good, but you need to be able to” Sam started saying, “Here are the drinks!” Rachel said cutting Sam off who looked pissed off at Rachel, she starts placing drinks down noticing our drinks are not on her tray, she puts her drink in front of her before sitting down taking a long sip of her drink. Tas looked like she wanted to hit her with the tray, I garb her hand giving it a kiss, she calms down at my touch. “Where is Dean?” Jackson asked noticing the look on Tasmine’s face.

“Oh his coming, Oliver it’s your shout next.” Rachel said loudly while Josephine scoffed, “Nope! I remember you saying at the bar last time it was just myself and Justine and you said girls when I catch up with some of you it’s my shout, I know you never join in on shouts you take the drink but you never pay for others, your turn!” Josephine snapped, “I cannot afford that!” Rachel cried out in shock, “What do you mean by that?” Josephine asked, “Really Jo? That order was nearly a hundred and twenty dollars!” Rachel cried out, “Wow never heard you complaining about paying for drinks, just do it it’s your shout next then it’s mine, then Ollie, and last is Jackie and Jo.” Sam said, “What Tasmine doesn’t do a shout?! What about Jo?” Rachel snapped at him, “I had said Jo, well Tas and Ollie are really the same people they share the same bank account and besides what she is drinking is fucking free Rachel get over yourself already.” Sam protested, “Sorry guys she had to cut more lemons, here you go Tas, Ollie.” Dean said sitting down without even noticing what is going on around him, Rachel glares at Sam.

“Really Sam you being a bitch while all our friends are here?” Rachel asked, “Nope just pointing out your shit, if you don’t want me to act like a bitch stop being one.” Sam snapped at her, “Who wants to eat? Tas you ok?” Dean asked, I looked over at my wife she is dry heaving, I quickly grab the pile of napkins that is on the table handing it to her she shakes her head, starts coughing then grabs her water, and drinks it fast. When she finally got herself under control she stood up looking pale as anything. “Be right back.” She races off towards the toilets with Josephine following her.

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