No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 38 - Saying Goodbye Is Hard

**Tasmine’s Pov**

I felt like such an idiot choking on an ice cube which nearly caused me to vomit, still having that feeling to be sick I had raced off to the toilets. By the time I got to the cubicle, I was feeling even worse vomiting up all the water I had just drank. A soft knock caught my attention, I was going to answer but they spoke up before I could. “Babe you ok? Want me to get Ollie for you?” Josephine spoke so softly, “No, I had choked on an ice cube which caused me to vomit I’m ok now.” I whispered, finishing up in the cubicle, washing my hands and face trying to make myself feel better, once done I turned around just as Jose wraps me up in a hug. “You’re going to be ok babe, she’s just hitting your buttons.” She whispered.

“Oh, she’s not bothering me, I just not feeling good.” I whispered, “We can go” I cut her off, “No, will stick it out.” I said, “Fine you stubborn thing.” She grabs my hand dragging me back out towards our table spotting Oliver’s concerned look on his face, as soon as I sat down he grabs my hand holding onto tightly as his other arm wraps around me leaning in closely. “Kitten, you ok?” He asked, “Yes, choked on ice which caused me to vomit, I’m ok now babe.” I told him, he looked at me in shock, “What? Really you ok?” He asked, “Yes.”

“You two good?” Sam asked, “Yeah mate let’s order food for those that are hungry.” Oliver said loudly, I didn’t order anything big just the mushroom entrée, Oliver seems to have done the same thing only ordered something small too. We had moved to the lounged area after Rachel’s shout Oliver only had one alcoholic drink as his driving so after that he’s just having a soft drink, I’m still on my judge of water while Josephine, Jackson, and Sam are on their third cocktails. Cuddling up in Oliver’s arms as I listen to everyone talking amongst themselves after Sam put Rachel in her place she seems to be back to her old self. I had barely touched my food, Oliver and Jackson fought over who got it, I just left them to deal with it. “Tas go, home babe, you looked smashed and need to rest.” Dean said, “Hmm but I’m” I started but Rachel cuts me off, “We can tell your unwell, go our flight leaves in a few hours we are fine.” Jose looked at Rachel in shock, “Now you believe her?” Josephine asked, “It did seem sussed.” Rachel said and all I wanted to do was slap her, “Thanks” I mumbled, Jackson and Josephine, are now saying their goodbyes to our friends, as soon as Rachel was done I stood up and quickly hugged her and said good flight talk soon, I know lame but I just couldn’t fight with her right now don’t have the energy nor the voice, it was Dean’s turn.

“Hope you get better soon, will text when we get back home,” Dean said, “Thanks, hope so too. Who’s place Sam’s, yours or Rach’s?” I asked, she smirked at me, “I’m going to mine, all up to the others if they want to tag along.” He finished hugging me as he moved onto Oliver as Sam races towards me picking me up spinning me around in a hug. “Get better soon babe! I will text you in the morning not going to bother you when I get home as you will most likely be asleep.” He said, I laughed so hard, God he is so like Jackson, “Most likely, going back to your place alone?” I asked, “Yes, I need a break. If you get what I mean?” I nod my head, “I do, let yourself heal babe, please.” I begged, “Don’t worry I will.” He told me, “Let’s get you home kitten you look like you are about to pass out.” Oliver said loud over everyone.

As soon as I was in the car I crashed waking up during the night naked and in pain along with Oliver cuddling up to me holding onto me tightly. Gently pushing him off myself as I found his shirt on the floor pulling it over my head slipping it down my body, I smile as it smelt like him, heading out to the living room to find that medication that Oliver had bought me. I found it took it and was about to make my way back to our room when a sound stopped me in my tracks, what is that? “Ohhh FUCK YES JACKSON!! ARGHH GOOD YESS!” Josephine screams out, I giggle to myself ah thank god it was just them having sex, climbing back into bed Oliver didn’t take long to wrap himself around me as he mumbles in his sleep. “You ok kitten?”

“Hmm was in pain just took some more painkillers.” I told him, “Ahh babe, come here.” He rolls over onto his back arms out for me to cuddle into him, kissing my forehead. “Babe, what was so funny before you entered the room?” He asked, “Ah nothing much just heard them finishing.” I told him, “Hahaha fuck really? What you want” He asked around a fit of laughter I cut him off, “Sorry Ollie I don’t I just want to sleep, I’m” He cuts me off, “Shhhh kitten I understand, go back to sleep love.” I did go back to sleep which wasn’t hard I slept for the next two days only waking up to eat soup, take medication, or use the bathroom didn’t even notice that the house has now started to become a construction site with things being installed, and taken out. Oliver had gotten that worried about me he booked a doctor to come to do a home visit turns out I do have tonsilitis the doctor also ordered and sent me off to get a blood and urine test done, just waiting on the results as he felt I was low in iron and a few other things. Feeling like I have some energy coming back I had a shower and got dressed in some comfy around-the-house clothes, I know it’s during the day also know that Jackson has gone to work, and no idea what Oliver and Josephine are doing right now. Walking out into the lounge room, Oliver was working on something on the floor, he looks up with a big grin on his face.

“Look who woke up from the dead! Tasmine how are you feeling babe?” Oliver asked, I laughed at him, as I walked over towards him not caring that his working on car parts, normally I would yell at him for it. Slamming into him causing him to fall back as he yelled out in shock as I laughed. “Fuck I missed you hubby! Hahahaha feeling much better still sick but no longer feel like death.” I cheerfully yelled out, his arms wrap around me as he kisses me softly before pulling away as Jose started coughing next to us. “I missed you too kitten, glad your feeling better.” He whispered, “Glad to see you are alive babe.” Josephine said loudly from the loungeroom, “Hi Jo.” I say this as I lay my head on Oliver’s chest really wishing she wasn’t here right now, but in saying that I look around and workers are working away at the windows, awesome we are getting new screens. Climbing off Oliver then I noticed his hands swatting at them.

“Hey you better not have gotten grease on my clothes just then, also why are you doing that in here and not out on the patio?” I asked, “Go and have a look for yourself babe, also no I don’t think I got any on your clothes.” I stand up looking around I noticed there is a keypad near the front door, new smoke alarms are already in, parts of our kitchen has been pulled out, opening up the sliding door to the patio and its full of boxes and a worker looks up at me smiles says hello but continues working on the screen, ok cool. Making my way back to the lounge I look at Oliver seeing if he would tell me what I had missed.

“Right kitten let me clean this up and I will fill you in, also Jose has a few things to fill you in on what you had missed.” I spun my head around to my best friend she wouldn’t look at me until Oliver had packed his stuff up and had headed into our laundry room. “Babe?” I asked, she holds her hand up showing me her hand I look at her in confusion then she wriggles her finger, and then I saw a beautiful engagement ring was on her finger I screamed so loudly as I throw myself at her hugging her tightly.


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