No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 39 - Best News Ever!

**Tasmine’s Pov**

“I know he finally dropped the question, took our chance while you were sick we went out to a nice restaurant babe it was so romantic never thought he would be romantic. I told him no at first cause I thought he said it due to what had happened to him, but also because he said he wanted to live with me first and he told me off saying he was hoping to have done it that night but Vincent chose to break-in, but also the time we have spent living with each other in your house was enough for him to realize how much he loved me. I screamed yes so loudly when he said it. We tried to keep it from Oliver until you were well enough but being such a small house he heard us talking and burst into the room yelling out kinda like what you just did hugging us both not even caring we both were naked under the sheets.” Justine said laughing, “In my defense, I didn’t notice that part until after I footy tackled you both.” Oliver stated, I giggled still in her arms pulling away grabbing her hand looking at her ring closer with a big smile on my face, I couldn’t be happier for them both.

“I’m so bloody happy for you both, and Ollie you’re an idiot!” I said through a fit of laughter, “Thanks love.” Oliver stated sounding amused, “You’re welcome,” I said brightly, Oliver sat down next to me, I cuddle into him, while Jo couldn’t stop smiling. “You and Ollie are the only ones that know so far, tonight we will face time Max, Justine, Sam, and Charles to tell them. If Dean and Rachel will take our calls we will tell them.” She stated, “What? They aren’t talking to you two?” I asked shocked, “Nope, they say that it’s bull your sleeping that much, they believe you’re ignoring them. I said that you are very sick unsure of their response is as I stopped reading.” Oliver snarled, “I’m only up until tomorrow night when I fly back, before I go I would like to ask if you would like to be my Maid of honor?” Josephine asked, I screamed again throwing myself into her lap as we both laughed and screamed together. “YES! I would be honored, babe!!” I hollered, “Awesome! Now I haven’t asked but Justine will be a bridesmaid and if Rachel ever wants to be friends again she would be one too along with Ava.” Justine informed me, “Do you really” I snapped, she cuts me off mid-rant, “Yes, Tas I love her maybe not as much as you but I do and deep down I hope she becomes the person she used to be, I can only hope. If not will ask Emz, and before you say anything I do have other female friends but I don’t love them enough to ask them for this type of role.”

“Oh, we are so celebrating this!” I declared, “Tonight?” Oliver asked, “Before I fly out we go to that bar at the hotel next to the airport again.” Josephine said, “I like that idea.” Oliver agreed, “Awesome will run it by Jackie when he gets home from work.” She stated, I was going to ask Josephine something but her phone starts ringing she left the room heading into Jackson’s room. I look up at my husband as he leans down giving me a quick kiss.

“Ok, kitten you had missed a bit. The alarm system and fire alarms have all been installed, the last part of the house is getting the screens put in. The assessor has been out and given the nod for demolition to start and rebuild. A lot more needs to be removed either Jackson didn’t tell us or he was waiting for the assessor to tell us instead.” Oliver stated, “Oh, god how much is getting removed?” I asked, “All the tiles on this level need to be pulled up, most of the ceiling will need to get pulled down and aired out same with the walls, to dry out so mold doesn’t grow, once all that is done we can rebuild. We will find out by the end of the week how much they are paying us out.” Oliver said, “Wow, is it safe to keep living here?” I asked.

“That is what we need to talk about babe, it will be a construction site for at least six weeks, our insurance will only pay for two weeks in a hotel only for us, not for Jackson but he moves into his new place in a few weeks time,” Oliver informed me, “Wow... should we move into Jackson’s place until ours is ready?” I asked, “Unsure, by the time we can move into his place we will be a few weeks into the reconstruction.” He does have a point but if it is easier for us not to be living in the house while it’s getting rebuilt I would do that, “Talk to him about it when he gets home?” I asked, “Yes, you up for” I cut him off, “Not while there are heaps of people in this house Oliver!” I playfully snapped, “Ok kitten put those claws away, I’m going to head to the gym want to join?” He asked, I give him the look that says he better go away or I will slap him, he jumps off the couch laughing. “Ok! I won’t take you, but kitten the minute you’re better you are joining me.” He declared, “Deal.” I said.

“I will be holding you to that missy.” He said joyfully, “I know.” I smiled at him, “Oliver! Did you say you’re going to the gym?” Josephine asked, “Yeah?” He said, “Can I join you?” She asked, “Sure, you ready?” He asked her, “Give me five minutes, please!” She yelled out, “Sure.” She races back into the room as Oliver looks at me oddly. “Babe, what’s wrong?” I asked, “You’re ok with this?” He asked, “Yeah? Why wouldn’t I be, it’s not Rachel and I know Jose is not going to try to jump you same with you I know you’re not going to jump her.” I said as he started laughing while shaking his head. “Not what I meant babe! I thought you wanted some alone time with her.” Oh right, blond moment, “Oh, um yeah will catch up with her later besides I want to catch up on a few things like washing, checking my phone, and emails.”

“Well washing is already done,” Oliver said, “Really? Thanks” I said shocked, “Babe I live here too you know” He started to complain, “I know, just hate doing it, you just saved me from doing it that is all.” I said smiling, I love the fact he actually helps out around the house without being told to, “You two good?” Josephine asked, we looked at her and said at the same time “Always.”

“Fuck that was weird guys.” She said laughing, we looked at each other and burst out into fits of laughter, some days we will do shit like that to annoy people but the look on her face was priceless. Oliver leans over giving me a kiss goodbye as he races off following Josephine to his car to head off to the gym. Went off into our room and started cleaning it up, along with the bathroom, not going to bother with the rest of the house not while people are working away as I would have to reclean it again when they leave. My phone was full of miss calls, messages, private messages from social media apps, wow some of these are not nice at all. My phone buzzes and it’s a text from Rachel.


**RACHEL** If you don’t want to talk to me Tasmine be a grown-up and actually tell a person instead of ignoring me.

I looked at the message in shock, what? I have ignored everyone it looked like Oliver had messaged a few people a couple of days ago saying I’m unwell and will respond when feeling better.

**TASMINE** Hello Rachel, don’t know what your problem with me is, but you had seen me when you left I was unwell still am unwell I have only gotten the energy to get up and do things today. While I have spent the last few days sound asleep and being forced to wake up by Oliver to drink, eat, take medication, and use the bathroom. I have tonsillitis but waiting on other test results. When you want to start behaving like an adult you know where to find me.

I took a screenshot of the conversation for safekeeping in case she goes behind my back with lies, never responded which is odd I know she had seen it my phone told me. The workers have finished for the day, I had gone around locking up the house leaving only the lamps in the lounge room on as I put the TV on watching a movie that Oliver had recorded, curled up on the couch getting nice and comfy, of course, I had fallen asleep. Was woken by my phone going off, leaning over to read the message.


**JACKSON** Finished work, late housemates! Bring dinner home you all getting no say in what I pick except for Jo who needs a gluten-free option.

**TASMINE** Right cool, I will eat anything you give me bro!

**JACKSON** The zombie is awake! Good to see, see you when I get home!

**OLIVER** Cool thanks bro, also kitten we are going to be late too I have a fucking flat tire in the process of changing it shouldn’t be too long babe.

**TASMINE** Ok all good, just curled up on the couch watching a movie.

It’s only just turned six-thirty but it’s still light outside, someone is knocking on the front door.

**TASMINE** Any of you expecting visitors?

**JACKSON** No why?

**TASMINE** Someone is knocking, I’m going to answer it.

**JACKSON** Is the screen door locked?

**TASMINE** I think so.

**JACKSON** Call the group now Tas!

I did what he said I hit the call button as I opened up the door, screaming out as the person standing in front of me looked proud of themselves holding the screen door wide open.

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