No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 4 - Let the party start!

**Tasmine’s Pov**

We both looked at each other and started laughing, great let the party start. We both climbed out of bed I headed into the bathroom to clean myself up and get dressed while Oliver wrapped the blanket around himself and let Jackson into the room. “Seriously Oliver you couldn’t put a pair of pants on?”

“Well then stop knocking on my door after we had sex.” Oliver snapped back at him, I didn’t hear Jackson’s reply as I had jumped into the shower then. Just about finished in the shower when I felt his hands on my hips, his lips grazing over my shoulder. “So beautiful and all mine.” I lean into him with a big grin on my face. “Yes, I am all yours Ollie.” He moans out his enjoyment of my words as his hands massage my breast.

“The pair of you better not be at it again! Lee is in here waiting too you know!” Jackson yelled out to us, Oliver’s head went right to my shoulder as he groans out. “When do we have alone time?” He asked, I giggle. “During our honeymoon handsome. Now I am done enjoy your shower.” I smile at him as I walk out of the shower leaving him alone with a hard on. I find the new underwear that Oliver has yet to see me in slipping into them while digging around for my white with black dots summer dress that hugged my body in all of the right places, slipping it on, quickly brushing my hair leaving it out, and retouched my natural makeup as Oliver stepped out of the shower watching me the whole time.

“I like what you had on before you put that dress on.” He walks up to me wrapping his arms around my stomach pulling me into him as we both look into the mirror. “Is that so? Well, I cannot walk out of this room while my dad is out there in that outfit.” I stated, he smiles as he kisses my cheek. “We should tell them to stop knocking on our door.” He said sounding a little upset, I laughed as I turn around in his arms, playing with his wet hair smiling at him. “I love you, but man is your little friend doing all the thinking lately?” I asked with a smirk on my face, I lean up giving him a quick kiss, before leaving him in the bathroom, as I laughed at his face. “Tasmine this chat is not over!” I yell back at him over my shoulder. “It seems like it is babe!”

My dad is standing in the room dressed casually as he smiles at me, I haven’t seen him for months I race into his arms. “DAD!” He starts laughing as he hugs me. “God kiddo, I will never get sick of you calling me that! How have you been? Need me to kill him yet?” He says the normal conversation stuff that he greets me with, that I laugh at, don’t worry he won’t kill Oliver unless he does physically hurt me, which will never happen. “Good Dad, nah not yet, don’t worry I will tell you when hopefully never though.” He laughs as he looks me over. “You look, tired love,” he said, I just smile at him. “When did you get here? I thought we were meeting up with you all at the bar?” I asked, he starts laughing. “We all have arrived over an hour ago, been waiting for you to come down and meet us in the bar. I had seen Jackson leave so I waited a bit he never came down so I followed.” I looked back at him and Jackson who has made himself comfortable on our now made bed.

“Oh Tasmine don’t you go throwing me under the bus here I did tell you pair to unpack and then meet me down at the bar, you are the ones that never came down,” Jackson said, I go to poke my tongue but dad slapped me on the arm. “Ouch! What the hell Dad!” He looked angry but his eyes are trying not to laugh. “You can give up dick for a few hours with your family you know Tasmine, you won’t die!” Dad snapped, I was mortified by what he just said but he chose to say it in front of Jackson and Oliver as he walks in just before dad had dropped that line.

“WOW! Just wow! Is that what you think of me?! I take it you’re not fond of wanting to become a grandad anytime soon then?!” I knew that line would work, he looks at me shocked both he, Jackson, and Oliver all said at the same time. “What! Are you pregnant?!” I looked back at them in shock. “NO! You all know we are trying so why do keep picking on me?! Nope don’t want to hear it!” I spun around and grabbed my handbag as I stormed out of the room heading towards the bar. I know I am overreacting but I really would like to fall pregnant and having people saying I am addicted to dick really hurts, no one says to Oliver that he’s addicted to pussy and tease him over it. What is worst is it came from my own dad; I am so grossed out by this.

Uncle James spots me and comes over towards me. “Hey, my little helper!” I laugh, I love that he still calls me this no matter what. I wrap my arms around him as he hugs me and kisses my forehead. “Hi Uncle James, how have you been?” He smiles pulling away from the hug and walks towards the bar. “I am good sweetie, I see Lee had found you. What did he say this time?” He asked, I look back at him with an eyebrow raised. “What do you mean by that?” I asked, he leans on the bar as he looks back at me. “I know my twin brother very well, and you too sweetie he said something to you that made you upset but also Oliver keeps looking at you with worry written all over his face.” I turn around I didn’t realise he had followed me that fast, he does look very worried, why he wasn’t the one that was told she enjoyed something that much overseeing her family, which is not true. “Oh, well he can stew in it for a little bit longer. So how are your girls?”

I placed my order with the barmaid, she quickly makes it but my uncle wouldn’t let me pay for my drink as he paid it. “Don’t bring me into your argument with Oliver, Tasmine. Amanda is good she sends her well wishes and her apologies for not being able to make it.” I took a sip of my drink as I look back at him, that’s nice I doubt she would even try to make it to my wedding. “Oh, why can she not make it?” I asked trying to sound like I care, my uncle was shocked by that statement. “You do not know Tas?” He asked sounding shocked, I looked back at him in shock. “What are you talking about Uncle James, I find it odd that her husband who is my cousin too Elijah said he was coming but she cannot make it.” I snapped really am over how the pair of them are like towards me.

He was stumped at that too. “Tas no idea about that, I was told she is pregnant and morning sickness is throwing her for a six.” He said, my heart sunk to my stomach just then. I just nod my head, the minute I announced I was engaged, a week later she was, I sent out my wedding invites she sent out hers having her wedding set just over a month out before mine, what now she found out I wanted to get pregnant she has? When will this shit end, bad enough that they had not invited me to the wedding that both my uncles and auntie fought them at having me come to the wedding? I did go just to sit in the family section all smug at them as yes, they are both stuck with me forgetting that I am blood to the pair of them.

No, I do not find it odd as they themselves are not blood-related but still would have liked them both to marry different people, they hate me but I have never seen them look at each other with pure love even at their wedding it was odd to watch. “Tassie, are you listening to me?” I look up to see my Uncle who was now worried. ’Sorry, spaced out what was that?” I asked, “I know you and Amanda do not get along, but I just wished you both could put it aside during family times.” He said sounding like my dad when he is angry, I looked at him in anger then.

“I am sorry Uncle James, but I have done everything in my power to be kind to Amanda and Elijah. I have no idea what their problems are with me, but I am kind to them at family functions but I do not go out of my way to catch up with them if I am in Townsville. Maybe we will never get along and you know what you should be ok with that, you cannot expect everyone to get along that is what makes us human. But just want to point out there that she is the one that needs to beat me at everything that we are somehow in competition with each other, are you even sure she and Elijah are in love?” I asked with my resting bitch face on, he looks at me with his beer paused at his lips. “Tas are you saying all of this because I just said she was pregnant?” He asked that hurt, hurt so much that he thought that about me, “No I am not, but you are fooling yourself if you think they are in love.” I said, leaving him at the bar. “TASMINE KELLY DON’T YOU WALK AWAY FROM ME!” He yelled at me.

I looked back at my uncle yep, I gave him a smile yep he needs to stop defending their poor behavior towards myself and Oliver. I stopped when Emma stood in front of me, holy hell she is all grown up. She smiles at me before wrapping me up in a hug. “Tassie, wow you look beautiful as always! I missed you!” That made my heart swell. “Ahh, Ems I missed you too! Hey, how’s year twelve going?” I asked, she rolls her eyes groaning but still has a smile on her face. “Better now that dad is letting me do anything I ask for.” She said, I looked back at her in shock. “How are you able to do that?” I asked shocked, she smiles at me that smile I know she is up to something. “I told him that I know Amanda and Elijah are not in love, as I found him with another female on their wedding night and when I bought it up with Amanda she acted like she didn’t care.” I looked at her with my mouth open. “I knew it! Hey, do you think she is telling a porkpie about being pregnant?” She gives me that are your stupid look. “I wouldn’t put it past her. Ava is here she bought him though.” Emma complained.

I looked over to where she was looking and smiled, she is talking about Vincent, they have broken up more times than I can count. Oliver is not happy he was invited to our wedding but to myself, he has stopped trying to get in the middle of us for years now so I do not see any harm in having him here if he’s with my cousin his welcome. “Don’t make me go over there Tas.” She whined, I smiled down at her. “How about we go and see Grandma and Auntie Danielle?” I asked, her face lights up. “Do you think Auntie Danielle bought Rose with her?” Emma asked sounding so happy, I smiled at my younger cousin. “Oh, Ems I sure hope so as she is my flower girl.” She jumps up and down taking off towards our Grandma and Auntie, I giggle I go to follow her but Oliver is standing in front of me holding a drink out to me.

“Are you angry at me too kitten?” I smile at him taking the drink he offered, taking a sip before I answered him. “Nope not angry at you, more upset at the double standards.” I walk up to him giving him a soft kiss on his cheek and walk off towards my Grandma and Auntie. My Auntie spotted me coming towards her as she races towards me with her arms wide open and a big smile on her face. “Tassie! God, I have missed your pretty face! Also do not worry about Lee I will sort the dickhead out.” I laughed as I hold tightly onto her, I missed her too. Every time I go up to see them all, the pair of us would play a game of hockey together, she may be retired but man she is an amazing player and still a hard one to play against. “Auntie Danielle I missed you too! Do whatever you like to your brother.” I told her, I go to say more but my grandma pulls me out of my auntie’s arms.

“Nope, this girl is mine!” Grandma said loudly, I laugh at the pair of them. “Gran nice to see you too.” She gives me that smile that tells me she is about to tell me off. “Don’t you go nice to see you, missy! I have gone a week with no phone calls from you, what is going on?” She asked, my smile quivers at her look. “Ahh baby girl!” She wraps me up in a hug this woman seems to know me more than myself. “It will be ok, myself, Danielle and Taylor are happy to step in your mother’s shoes if you want us to.” She quietly asked, I wipe away my tears. “How did you know?” I asked around my tears, she chuckles at me. “Baby girl you are easy to read than you think,” Grandma said softly.

Rose wraps herself around me giggling didn’t stay long enough to hear me answer as she takes off chasing Jackson around the pub. Oliver wrapped an arm around my shoulders kissing my forehead and whispers. “You ok kitten?” I nod my head but he kept me in his arms as we caught up with the family members that have arrived early.

“Tass, what are we doing tomorrow?” Ems asked from down the other end of the table, as we are all in different stages of finishing our dinners off, I look back at her. “No idea babe, want to go exploring Airlie beach?” I asked loudly, everyone had agreed while Oliver leans down to me and whispers. “You didn’t want to spend all day in bed with me? I am hurt kitten.” I turned to him with a big smile on my face. “You will live babe.”

The whole time Dad sat across from us trying to get my attention, even Jackson and Oliver tried to help him out but I wasn’t going to have a bar of it until he apologies, Uncle Jamie is sitting as far away from myself and Ems too I guess he doesn’t want to believe what is really happening with his daughter. “I guess you have someone else walking you down the aisle as you are no longer talking to me.” I look up at him and he had a big smile on his face I glared right back at him. “Come on Tas, baby girl I was only joking around” I didn’t let him finish as I snapped at him. “Yeah, and if I was a boy I would have been treated like a king!” I said louder than I had planned to, the whole table stopped talking and looked at us both.

“Tasmine, really I think you are overreacting, don’t you?” Dad asked not impressed right now. “There are children at this table Lee, so I won’t be saying what I really want to say to you right now. You know exactly what I am going through as I have told you, and you think turning it into a joke is kind? Were you drunk at the time? Or did Grandma or Grandad drop you on your head as a child for you to think it was kind to say to your daughter when all I wanted for this week is my mum to be here.” The look of sheer shock on his face bought tears to my eyes as his starts to fill with tears too. Not wanting to cry in front of everyone I stood up was about to leave but Oliver has a tight hold on my hand.

“Let me go, Oliver.” He shakes his head. “No, not until you two thick heads sort it out,” Oliver said firmly, I sit back down looking at my lap. “Tas, baby girl look at me, please?” Dad whispered, I look up to find him whipping his eyes. “I know what I said had hurt you, I did not mean to cause you, pain love. I am sorry, but also sorry that I didn’t notice how much you are missing her, you stopped talking about her when you told me you hate her so much. I...” He takes a deep breath then spoke again. “I stopped talking about her around you as I thought that was what you wanted, now that I think about it, it’s a child’s dream to have both their parents with them on their wedding day. You have three amazing females in this family that is willing to help you out if or when you need them.” I just sat there looking at him, I have no idea what to say to him my mind is blank, he smiles at me. “Ahh, my baby girl.” He walks around the table and stops at me leaning down hugging me. “Now quit being so stubborn and let us go back to our old selves?” He asked, I giggle.

“Good, Tasmine Rose Kelly would like to let you know that I would be very happy if one day you do make me a grandfather but I am not going to hound you for it to happen. I will be excited when it happens until then please take the pressure you have on yourself off. It will happen when you least expect it. I love you now do not forget that.” He said, I smiled at him. “You’re only calling me by my full name because soon I won’t be a Kelly. Good to know old man also I love you too even when I want to hit you.” He laughs. “Don’t call me an old man child. Also, even after you marry Oliver you will always be a Kelly to me, baby girl.” Danielle yelled out at Lee. “But she is right you are an old man now Lee!”

Everyone started laughing as dad heads off to the bar for another beer, Oliver moves his chair closer to mine wrapping an arm around my shoulder pulling me in close as he kisses my cheek and whispers. “You ready to ditch them for the night?” I go to answer but Jackson pops up in between us both saying very loudly. “Nope, you two are staying down here for a few more rounds!” Everyone looked up at us, dad sat down in front of us Uncle James next to him both looking at Oliver, they may not be identical twins but they do the same dam looks. I was trying not to laugh at how serious they were being. “Well, Lee what do you think? Did he ask you for her hand in marriage or did he do an Elijah and have the girl ask him instead?” Uncle James asked, I nearly choked on my drink as Jack stood up and was about to protest when my dad shakes his head at Jack. “James I believe your daughter is an idiot, but that is for another time. Oliver had come and asked me for her hand and asked for her mother’s ring which was Jane’s great grandmother’s ring.” Uncle James looked at my dad they are doing that twin silent talk that they do. “Lee, we will talk about that comment later, Oliver you may take Tasmine away for the night Jackson leave them be for one night mate.” Jack looked upset at James. “Really? You thought I would annoy them tonight?! If I did, I think Oliver would punch me.” Jackson said loudly, I shot my head up at him. “Not until after the wedding! I don’t want you to have a black eye in our photos!”

Ava pipes up over everyone. “When are we going to celebrate the bachelorette party?” Ava asked loudly, I notice Vincent trying to put his arm around Ava’s shoulders like Oliver was doing with me right now, but Ava wanted him not to, I was trying to not focus on the bickering. “Ava we will be celebrating it on Thursday night when everyone should have arrived by then,” I told her, God, I hope everyone arrives by then, I don’t want to celebrate it on Friday night I do not want hangover people at our wedding and that is including myself and Oliver knowing our friends they will get us smashed.

“Awesome, who’s organizing it all?” Ava asked, is she upset I didn’t put her in the wedding party? Is it because Ems and Rose are in the party and she is not? I have asked Emma to be my junior bridesmaid to look after Rose and Justine’s little boy Freddie who just turned three also is our godson. “Jo, Justine, and Rach are organising it all, best you text them and ask your questions, as I only know the day it’s happening on the rest is a surprise to me.” Oliver talking to Jackson and my dad kissing me whenever he likes when Vincent piped up, I felt Oliver tenses up. “Ollie when is your bucks party mate?” His grip on my shoulder tightness he really hates it when Vincent calls him Ollie.

“Vinnie best you ask my best man Jackson the when’s and where’s as his planning it.” He knows Vincent doesn’t like being called that so he used, I notice Jackie was smirking at this clearly, they didn’t want him to tag along but have no choice by the looks of it. “Well Vinnie if you and Ava are not fighting, I will share the information later as the location and date is a surprise for the lover boy,” Jackson said in a sing-song voice, he looked angry at Jackson but he didn’t seem to care. “Who said we are fighting Jackson?” Vincent asked, he took a sip of his drink before looking at him with an eyebrow up. “The fact that every time you try to touch her tonight, she has brushed you off.” Jackson pointed out, I did my best not to show my enjoyment in this Ava looked angry at Vincent while he glares at Jackson.

“How dare you say that Jackie” He didn’t finish when Ava poured her drink on his head and stormed off towards the elevators to the rooms as Vincent storms off after her while the rest of us snicker. Why are they still get back together when all they do is fight? Jack leans over and whispers to us two. “I think she only takes him back because of how good in bed he is, why else would she keep taking him back after each breakup?” Jackson asked, I looked at him and said the first thing that popped into my head. “Co-dependency.” Oliver started laughing. “No, I still think he’s only with Ava so he can be close to you Tas in the hopes that we break up so he can swop in and save the day,” Oliver stated, I groan out in Oliver’s arms. “As that will ever happen, I would never go into his arms for comfort.” Oliver kisses my forehead. “Good answer kitten lets head up to our room, I want some playtime before we fall asleep.”

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