No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 40 - Biggest Mistake Ever

**Tasmine’s Pov**

Fuck I had forgotten to check if the screen door had been locked, fuck I’m so stupid. Quickly grip the wooden door as I go to slam it shut in his face he catches it. “Oh no sorry, Tasmine you had let me in.” Vincent said with glee in his eyes, “NO! I fucking did not VINCENT! GET OUT!” I screamed out, I can hear muffled voices on my phone as I had shoved it into my pants pocket hoping he doesn’t hear them, but I do have the TV on so hoping he thinks it’s that. “Now no point in pretending that the others are home, I have been watching this house all day, I have seen them all leave and so kindly leave you home alone, all for me!” he said in trumpet, “What? I’m not for you?!” I yelled out, wow, he is sounding unhinged, I need to keep him talking to give Oliver a chance to get home in time.

“You’re not for me? Are you forgetting something?” He asked, “Quite possibly I tend to forget a lot of things, what is it that you think I have forgotten?” I asked as I back away trying to get to Oliver’s tools that he had left on the table, wishing that Vincent doesn’t see what I am doing. “The promise our mothers had made, along with the promise Noah had made along with yourself down by the creek.” I looked at him in shock, really he is bringing up all our past?

“Ok, I remember you telling me about our mother’s promise, Noah had no right to make any form of promises that involved me! And the creek one, I never made any promises with you we just shared a heated kiss while naked, by the time my brain caught up I realized I couldn’t do that again I don’t share those feelings for you. Are you forgetting how messed up I was back” He cuts me off, “All three of those promises meant something and you throw them out like trash!” He screamed at me edging closer I found the table and slid my hand back feeling for any form of a tool that I could use. “I’m sorry you feel that wa” He cuts me off. “Sorry! You’re sorry?! You told me I was handsome, then got into a creek naked with me, telling me my kiss was better than Noah’s” I cut him off, “I never said your kiss was better than Noah’s! I said it was a good kiss, but it still didn’t stand up to Noah’s! Why won’t you move on from this?” I asked.

“Why do you always want me to move on? What if I don’t want to move on from the best kiss I have ever had. Do you know how beautiful you are? He cannot have you to himself!” I looked at him stunned this is shocking, oh no what does he want from me? “I’m not an object for you to own Vincent! Because what you are doing is not normal! This is not normal!” I yelled, he has gotten way too close for my liking trying to walk around the table, but he tilts his head giving me a smirk that sent chills down my spine. “Thank you for making it easy” I cut him off, “Making what easier?” Trying not to sound scared, but I am I know what he’s talking about but in my head, if I keep him talking it will give them enough time to get here. “I do hope Oliver comes home to watch this” Vincent sneered before I spoke over him again, “Watch what?” I asked.

I managed to walk around the table he didn’t seem to like that, as his hand swipes out slapping me hard in the face, I screamed out in pain seeing stars I know I have his handprint on my face right now as it stings, and burns doing my best to not cry. “All you are is a dick tease Tasmine!” He goes to grab me, remembering I had taken a tool pulling it out swing my arm hard making contact with the side of his head he screams out in pain, I use that moment to bolt out of the house, still faster than him in running, made it to the front yard, screaming out loudly for my neighbors to help me. “HELP ME! SOMEONE, PLEASE HELP ME! HE’S TRYING TO HURT ME!! ARGHHH!! FUCK PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!” I screamed as loud as my sore throat would let me fuck I thought I was running fast seems I may not have as he footy tackles me to the ground screaming out. “SHUT UP YOU STUPID SLUT!!”

“GET OFF OF ME! HELP!!!!!!” I slap at his hands kicking at any body part I could get to while screaming out for help. “You don’t even notice me! I have loved you since I could remember and you don’t fucking care! You have always chosen Oliver or Noah over me! Always! What does he have that I don’t?! I now hate myself for loving you!” He screamed in my face, spite went flying over my face I wanted to vomit, “He knows the word NO! HELP ME!!! GET OFF OF ME!!” I screamed so loudly, “Hey! Get off of her you asshole!” Nicholas our neighbor comes yelling out from his front door footy tackling Vincent off of me the two of them fighting until a few other male members of our street have come out holding him down. Nicholas looks back at me before he yells out. “Tasmine you ok? Did he hurt you? Where are Oliver and Jackson?” He asked, “Thanks Nick, I’m ok, he hit me and tackled me but nothing else, on their way home.” I said my voice shaking, “Good, I have called the police they are on their way.” Nicholas informed me, thanks for reminding me that I had them on the phone quickly pulling it out of my pants that I noticed are ripped, when did that happen?


**OLIVER** Tasmine? Babe you there? TASMINE!

**TASMINE** Oliver

I couldn’t say anything else I burst into tears.

**OLIVER** Pulling into the street now babe I’m nearly home, your safe!

**JACKSON** I’m about two streets away!

**JOSEPHINE** Tas breath just breathe you’re ok.

I heard his car flying down the street as he pulls into the driveway I think he told Jose to turn the car off as he races towards me, I stand up racing into his arms I felt so much better now that his holding me, he looked me over then he spotted the handprint on my face he looked angry he leans forward giving me a quick kiss as he stormed off towards Vincent, the men moved over giving Oliver access to Vincent as he punched him a few times in the face. Oliver looked further down and he screamed out. “YOU SICK MOTHERFUCKER!” As he screams out he kicks Vincent in the balls, Vincent screams out in pain, a few of the other men who are holding him down throw a few punches in.

Oliver walks back to me wrapping me up in a hug, holding me tightly as he buries his head into my neck whispering. “Fuck Tasmine I was so fucking scared hearing you screaming and him talking to you and knowing I wasn’t able to get to you fast enough killed me, so fucking glad Nick was home today. Did he hurt you, other than that handmark?” He asked, “No, Nick stopped it before it could” I couldn’t finish just kept on crying again, I know he’s crying too, Jose is hugging me from behind crying too. A few cars pull up I looked over two of them are police cars while the other is Jackson who rushes over to us slamming into us all while yelling out. “LITTLE THING! I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL HIM!”

“Don’t yell that shit out around fucking police officers you bloody idiot!” Josephine snapped at him, “Well they should be doing their job in keeping crazy stalker people away!” Jackson snapped, “Shut up before they take you away brother!” I snapped, “Oh fuck did he do that to you?! What else did he do? He fucking ripped your clothes?! Did he?” Jackson asked, “Yes he hit me, but I also hit him with one of Ollie’s tools, yes he did but Nick got him off of me before he could do anything else.” I said, “That is my girl, which one?” Oliver asked, “No idea where it went but it was your ratchet you had left on the kitchen table.” I told him, “Thank god I bloody did.” He whispered, “Excuses me which one of you is Tasmine Kelly.” The Police Officer said I wanted to punch Vincent myself after he told him my name, “I’m Tasmine but Kelly is my maiden name I’m now Tasmine Brown.” I said, “So sorry Vincent said that was your name. He has a warrant out for his arrest as he skipped his court hearing today and missed his check-in, he will also be charged again for braking and entry, common assault. Do we need to do a rape kit?” He asked, Oliver’s hold onto me tightened when the police officer had said that.

“No, Nick got him off me before it got to that, he did rip at my clothes and hit me along with tackling me to the ground,” I told the officer, “I’m going to need your statement while my partner talks to the rest of the witnesses.” He informed me, I nod my head and said, “Sure, want to do it inside?”

Two hours later the police have taken everything down, also copies of our camera footage, this time he will be in jail until his hearing and sentencing will most likely have to attend his court case to testify don’t think I would stay for anything more than that. The whole time I had an icepack to my face in the hopes that it doesn’t turn into a bruise I just want to forget this. The police took so many photo’s including ones of me then they took my clothes that he had riped, along with the tool I had hit Vincent with, also collecting evidence from my body, along with in and out of the house.

Jackson had ordered takeaway to be delivered after hearing me screaming on the phone he raced out of the shop and into the car. The police do believe Vincent had also flattened Oliver’s tire all that did was caused Oliver to explode with rage, he stormed outside to the backyard with Jackson following him, I wanted to follow but I was still being questioned at the time. Oliver still hasn’t come inside yet, Jackson stopped me from going to him, I glared at my best friend. “Don’t you dare stop me from going out to see my husband Jackson.” I snarled at him, “Let him cool down please, he is very angry more so with himself than anything” Jackson started to say, “Please just stop, I will come back in only if he tells me to, now move it, Jackson!” I snapped, he moved out of my way letting me out onto the patio spotting a few chairs had been turned up I couldn’t find him on the patio I wander out to the back yard found him digging a hole which is odd for him, walking right up to him running my hand over his back gently leaning into him as he stops digging.

“Babe, what are you doing?” I asked, “Picturing his fucking head right now.” He growled out, “Good, but what is with the hole?” I asked, “Want to start a veggie garden?” He asked, “Um, not in that spot though babe it gets full sun.” I told him, “Oh...” He mumbles, “How about we work on it during the day. Want to join me in the shower?” He throws the shovel to the side towards the shed, picking me up throwing me up over his shoulder storming into the house yelling at Jackson as he passes him. “Lock up and set the alarm bro!”

“What about dinner?” Jackson asked, “For us later! Put our share in the fridge also take my share of the bill out of my wallet if you want!” Oliver yelled back, “Righto...” He is smirking at us as I hang upside down giggling and waving at Jackson and Josephine, as Oliver storms into our room locking the door. “Bath or Shower kitten?”

“How hard do you want to go? You pick.” He walks over to the bathtub and starts filling it up placing me down on the floor, sprinkling bath salts into the water, he spoke over his shoulder. “Strip now Tasmine Brown.”

“Yes, Mr. Brown.” As soon as I was naked he looked over my whole body, think he’s looking for more marks from Vincent which now that I can see in the mirror I do have a few bruises showing and a few cuts, he runs his fingers gently over them, I couldn’t read the look on his face. “After today I hope he rots in jail now, fuck babe” Couldn’t take my eyes off his face as I listened, he stopped talking as I noticed a few tears falling down his face, reaching up to wipe away at them but he stopped me as he picked me up holding onto me tightly as he cries into my neck, wrapping my legs around his waist. “I hope so too, also hope that he gets treated worse than how he’s treated me in there.” He chuckles, as he climbs into the tub turning the water off as he just holds onto me. I moved around a little in his arms so I was more comfortable.

“Hearing you screaming for help so much I thought I was going to come home to you stabbed to death, all I kept thinking was why is no one in the street coming out to see what all the screaming was all about.” he spoke with a trembling voice, “I was hoping someone would come out the relief when I heard Nick’s voice” He kisses me stopping me from talking, it’s not his normal kiss either it’s full of emotions gripping my hips turning me around so I’m riding him, his hands moving to my ass as the kiss deepens. “Tasmine I know you’re unwell but I need to be”

“Oliver, yes!” Gripping the side of the tub as I lift myself, he grips himself as I slide slowly down onto him, both groaning out once he was fully in me. Fuck it felt like a lifetime since we have done this, I know it’s been under a week but wow I missed him this way. Wrapping my arms around his shoulders as his hands gripping my hips, we slowly move together, this felt right no matter what Vincent thought about me I felt at home and loved by this man that I call my husband. It was a slow but powerful build-up to our climaxes moaning out into each other’s mouths as we kiss coming down from our high. “I love you so much Tasmine.” he spoke so softly, “I love you so much too Oliver.” I whispered, “I don’t care that your mother and his thought it was a good idea for you being with him or one of his brothers, I don’t care what Noah thought, I only care what you think of me, and right now I know we are right for each other, every time he does something all it does is bringing us closer. I must say when he asked what I had that he didn’t have your response was priceless.” He started in a serious tone to his voice but by the end, he was laughing, “Well it’s true, I knew the other response would just anger him.” I stated.

No way would I ever say to Vincent that Oliver’s dick is longer and thicker than his small one, not when he was in the state of mind of hurting me, “I’m sorry that I wasn’t home” Oliver started to say but I cut him off, “No, I’m sorry for not double-checking the screen door was locked before opening the wooden one. If it was locked he wouldn’t have been able to get in.” I told him, “Shhh I’m still inside of you, how about we stop talking about him.” I laughed so hard, felt his dick twitch he groans out. “Sure babe, don’t have to tell me twice, oh fuck Ollie” He started thrusting up into me, water splashing out of the tub as he grips my hips moving me to the pace he wants me at, kissing me to keep my moans quiet so they don’t hear us, we both reached our release fast, all my energy now depleted I collapsed into his arms as he chuckles. “Kitten, I don’t want to leave your side right now.”

“Then don’t” I whispered, “You’re not hungry?” He asked, “No, tired but not hungry, are you?” I asked, “No, I just want to be with you.” We just cuddle up to each other in the water until the water had gotten too cold to stay in it. “Kitten go to bed naked, please.” He begged, which he never needed to, “Always.” I smirked at him, “Get comfy babe, we should watch the last of Supernatural.” He ordered, “Love your thinking hubby!”

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