No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 41 - We Can Overcome This

**Oliver’s Pov**

I feel like I have failed my wife in not protecting her from him. I have this major need to be near her, any part of my body has to be touching her to make sure she is still here. Believe she is feeling the same as she is holding onto me tightly in her sleep. I have texted both dads what has happened Lee wants to drive down and beat the living shit out of him, I do have the feeling that both of them will be on our doorstep in the next twenty-four hours. “Ollie I love you, but please go to sleep!” Tasmine grumbled, “I’m sorry I just cannot seem to turn my brain off.” I whispered, “I know feel the same.” We roll over so we are both facing each other, how is she able to still smile? After what he had done to her, I just keep replaying what I could hear over and over in my head. I’m brought out of my thoughts by her soft touch to my cheek as she looks at me kindly.

“Stop it, Oliver, I know you’re replaying it all in your mind. Nothing major happened to me, yes it was the scariest thing that I have had happened to me, but it could have been worse. Thank the lord it’s not, but sweetheart you need to get some sleep.” She sighed, “How are you so calm right now?” I asked her, “He’s in jail now and for a while now and no chance of coming out any time soon, by the time he’s out again I’m hoping we have moved by then.” She whispered fuck does she feel unsafe in our house now? “Does our house still feel safe for you?” I quickly replied, “I’m going, to be honest, don’t think I will like being home by myself any time soon, but with someone else home with me, I’ll be ok. Also after that last episode of Supernatural, I think we need some time to morn the end of a bloody good show.” I laughed so hard, yes after the number of tissues she had gone through from that one episode had me a little worried that it was more than the show, but it even had me shed a few tears, nice way to do the ending now we know why Jackson didn’t want Josephine to see this. “Take it we are going to have family on our doorstep for the next few days?” She asked, I know most of the men in her family will be on our doorstep very soon, “Yeah, diffidently our dads are unsure of your uncles, but knowing them they will tag along.” She laughs, “Yes, they would tag along.”

“Are you hungry?” I asked, “Hmm, not for food.” I love Tasmine’s sex drive, even when she is sick she still wants to, during her time of being very sick she would wake up asking for it, but I couldn’t know how sick she was, to myself it didn’t look like normal tonsilitis, she’s had it before back in high school but it has never knocked her this much. “Babe?” She asked, “Hmm?” I said, “You went back into your head?” She asked, “Yeah” I whispered, “Want to go out tomorrow? Do something with Jackie and Jose?” She asked, I smiled at her, I like the sound of that. “I like that idea, what do you have in mind?” I asked, she gives me a smirk.

“Strawberry picking.” I laughed, fuck she has been hounding me to take her on my weeks off and I keep forgetting too. “Alright, let’s do it. I will text them to let them know after want to hit that hotel bar?” I asked, “Sure sounds good, would they be awake?” I climb out of bed opening our door until I heard it. “OHHHH FUCK JOSE! YESS! ARGHHH!” Jackson moaned out loudly down the hall, trying not to laugh as I closed the door, she sat up letting the bedsheet fall down exposing her beautiful body as she smirks at me. “Text him now.” She ordered, I went back to our bed fetching my phone quickly sending off a text, as I lay back down Tas crawls over kissing her way up my body as she mounts me, rubbing her moist pussy on me, groaning out as she continues her way up my body kissing and nipping me.

“Hey you fucking assholes, oh shit!” The door burst open with Jackson walking seeing what we were up to screamed out, turning back around slamming the door, I haven’t seen Tas jump that fast off me since we first started seeing each other behind her dad’s back. “Fucking hell JACKSON! Heard of fucking knocking!” Tasmine screamed out, “Bloody hell JACKSON!” I bellowed out at him, he knocks on the door and talks through it. “So bloody sorry didn’t think! But is it safe to come in yet?” He asked, “Let us get some clothes on first mate!” I snapped at him. Tas leans down kissing me hungrily as she climbs out of bed, watching her picking up her clothes off the floor walking into the bathroom, shit how am I going to get this down now after that kiss, groaning as I bend down looking for clothes to wear, found some slipping on the pants as I managed to get it to go down before opening up the door. “Yes?” I asked making sure I sound angry, “Love your idea,” He said that way too happy, I glared at him, as I cut him off. “You had to burst into our room because?” I asked, “Are you two up to it? Not too shaken” Holding my hand up stopping him, just as Tas comes back out of the bathroom. “Point Jackson.” I snapped, “Shit your grumpy.” He said, “Of course I am, we were in the middle of something when someone burst into our room, talking shit.” I grumbled, “Right, but dad is coming down I want to see him and tell him in person about our good news but I also want to go to the strawberry farm never been and the locals here rave about it.” Fuck he sounds like an over excited toddler.

“But they haven’t said when they will be showing or if they are showing. So we go out as a group and have fun for a change and see Jose off in style instead of the shit storm that was earlier. We are done?” I declared, “Good, yes um” He started saying, “Jackers what?” He squints his eyes at me for using that name that he hates so much. Something is wrong, wonder if he’s shaken up. “Stop using that name! Do you think we are rushing into this?” He asked.

“Do you? Hard to say you two have known each other for so long now, and you have been an on and off again item for years now you have a history it’s not like you both have just met and started dating. In my eyes you’re not rushing it, is she pregnant?” I asked, hoping so that way our children will be close in age if Tasmine is too, god I hope so. “No, but I just know what I had said to you and her that I wanted to see how we are like living together and she’s been living here while you guys had been away and it was amazing. I had already known her bad habits, it felt like we had been living together forever, then asshole happened and I don’t want people to think” I cut him off, I know where he’s going with this. “The only view you need to worry about is your future wife, if she is saying your moving too fast then slow down have a long engagement before your wedding. But bro as we both said to you both, we are happy and proud of you both and cannot wait. Now you good?” I asked, “Yeah, thanks.” He said with a big smile on his face, “You know your odd right?” I told him, “Yeah, I know you’ve told me that my whole life.” Jackson mumbles.

“Yeah, but you seem to enjoy doing these late-night chats.” I pointed out to him, “You two idiots good? Can we get back to having sex?” Tasmine yells out from behind me, “Your very blunt Tas.” Jackson said, “And you’re annoying!” Tasmine yells back at him, “Really Jackie you’re annoying them? Come back to bed you big idiot!” Josephine calls out from their room, “Was that supposed to make me want to come back to bed?!” He yelled back at her, “Oh for the love of god go back to your bed!” I yelled at him, He left the room, Tas has a hold of my boxer shorts as she pulls me back towards the bed, she looks at me then grumbles. “He has killed the mood, hasn’t he?” I let out a sigh, “Yeah, he has.” I grumbled, “Right then.” She just climbs into the bed not taking her clothes off and lays down, am I in the dog house?

“Don’t get pissy at me Tas, I remember clearly you wanted him living with us, I know what he is like, I thought” She cuts me off, “Not pissy at you Oliver, I” She stops and rolls over so that she is laying on her back, climbing in next to her looking at her to finish and she doesn’t. “Kitten?” I asked, “Yeah, forget it babe” She mumbles, “No I will not.” I said forcefully, “What did he mean by I have always chosen you or Noah over him? I have no memory of him joining any of those playdates nor any photos. What he is saying is it all lies?” She asked, “No, it’s all true when he was over, all he wanted to do was play with you only but you wanted to play with everyone. I remember him saying you’re his best friend and you straight up snapped saying that he cannot be because Noah and myself, are your best friends. But he wasn’t over as much as the rest of us were. But what has stumped you?” I asked, “Nothing, I” She stops again, what is going on in her head right now?

“What?” I softly asked, “Wished I had hit him harder, like killing him. That’s not normal, is it? Wanting to kill someone?” She asked so quietly that I had only just heard her, “Everyone has their limits, he pushed you to yours it’s normal to feel that way. I even feel that way, but sadly we don’t have the death penalty here.” She laughs, reaching down holding my hand as she looks over at me. “Night Ollie, I love you, please keep holding my hand,” she whispered, “Goodnight kitten, I love you too, I will always babe.” Bringing her hand up to my lips giving it a gentle kiss before placing it back to where we had it, we drifted off to sleep, she woke me up a few times from nightmares.

Rolling over finding a cold bed, where is she? Walking into the bathroom I found her sitting on the toilet with an unopened test in her hands crying and shaking, shit I hate how upset this makes her. Holding onto her hands as I look up at her upset face, whipping away her tears. “You want to?” I asked, she didn’t say anything just nods her head, turning around digging in our carboard for a plastic cup, handing it to her after she got onto the toilet, opening the packet for her while she fills the cup up. Placing loo paper on the counter she hands me the cup I dip the test for her as she finishes off with what she was doing. Laying it down I turn around wrapping her up in a hug as she tries to calm herself down.

“Tasmine what happened?” She looks up at me in confusion, I think she knows I think she had a miscarriage and never told me, which hurts if that’s the case. “Uh?” She asked, here goes nothing, “Have you?” I asked, “Have I what?” She said, “That time you called me up at work crying hard” She cuts me off, “Oh, it’s nothing” That hurt a lot more than I thought it would, “Don’t tell me it’s nothing Tasmine.” I scoffed, “Yes, but I was already bleeding had thought it was my period but after four days of very heavy bleeding I took a test it was positive, but after seeing all of that blood I knew, I just knew but” I cut her off, “You thought you could handle it all on your own?” I asked, “What could you do? It had already happened, I” I spoke over the top of her again, “Kitten I just wished you had told me, I would have been there for you. This makes so much sense to me now.” I whispered, “I know, I’m sorry I regretted ever”

“Shhh just don’t do it again, please I want to be with you for all of it, the good and the bad babe.” She looks like she is about to cry again, it hurts that she had kept this from me, but I cannot get angry at her seeing how much she is hurting is enough, leaning down kissing her softly. Holding onto her tightly as I grab the test to look at it, I’m unsure one line is very bright the other is so light that it just about looks like it’s not there, she looks at it too then back at me. “Is that positive?” She asked.

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