No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 42 - Family Outing

**Oliver’s Pov**

“Is that positive?” She asks so softly, I just looked at her in shock, then pulled out the box to read it. “It’s saying it’s not, but I think maybe it’s too early?” I asked with hope in my voice, “God I hope so.” She whispered, “Me too Tassie. Test again in a week?” I asked, she nods her head, “Sure.” She said I clean up the items as she brushes her teeth, she has a smirk on her face that I love seeing. “You look handsome when you clean.” She told me, “Do I?” I asked, “You know you do.” She said laughing.

Bang, bang, bang, bang.

“Enough sex you two! Time to get ready for some strawberry fun!” Jackson yells out through the door, we both burst out into fits of laughter. “He loves strawberries more than you kitten.” I said laughing, “I’m hoping he buys heaps and does something with it.” She said with an evil giggle, “I knew there was a hidden motive to you asking him to move in, you want him to do all of the cooking!” I said in shock but also proud of her, “Oh don’t act all surprised like you didn’t think that!” She said reading my look, “Oh shhh, get dress beautiful.” She nods her head ‘yes’ as she walks towards her wardrobe, digging around in her wardrobe, while I do the same. Once dressed I turn to her and all I want to do is pull her clothes off and be with her, she looks so beautiful in that sundress. “Can we not tell anyone, please not even them.” She whispered, I looked at her in shock, “May I ask why?”

“I want to be one hundred present sure first, please besides it’s their day today. We are celebrating their engagement before Jose heads back home.” She said, “Ok, I can agree with that, but we need to make sure Mr. Detective doesn’t pick up on it, let’s blame the emotions on what happened yesterday he will by that.” I said, “Ok, let’s do that.” She agreed.

Heading out to the makeshift kitchen to find Jackson smashing the cabinets with a big smile on his face, notice that we had walked in he stopped. “Stress management you two get your arses over here and start hitting right here,” Jackson ordered, Tasmine raced over as I hit the button for the kettle to boil, as she wears the biggest smile while she starts hitting the bench, while I leaning against the door jam watching the pair of them. “Fuck Jackie Boy this is fun!” She cries out, “Thought you would love it, Oliver?” Jackson asked, “Good mate, enjoying watching this.” I stated, “Of course you are you sick fucker.” Jackson chuckled, “Of course I am, my wife is fucking sexy, more so when she’s doing this.” She turns around looking at me with a big smile on her face, it’s good seeing her this happy. Jackson looking between the pair of us, fuck please do not work it out. “You two are way too happy today, what’s going on?” He asked, “Nothing mate.” I stated, “Thinking this bench is Vincent’s face! Fucking peachy Jackie boy!!” Tasmine screamed out.

“Told you they would love this! Also, Ollie kettle is ready.” Josephine said as she walked in, I smiled at her, “Thanks Jo, who else wants a cuppa?” I asked loudly over the pair of them banging, “Yes, please babe!” Tasmine yelled out, “Nah bro already had one thanks.” Jackson replied, “Yeah, I’m good thanks.” Josephine said, “Ok” I made my way over to our makeshift kitchen to make her a cuppa too, I know he followed me, every few seconds Tas will yell out, ‘take that you motherfucker’, she’s enjoying that way too much. “Nope last night is not the difference between the pair of you, something has changed I cannot put my finger on it, but you” I cut him off before he could work it out, “Jackie nothing has changed, our love for each other has gotten stronger at his efforts in trying to destroy it if that is what you mean. Not going to go into detail about what I would like to do to her today, as she had been begging to go to the strawberry farm” I snapped, really getting over him questioning me because all I want to do is tell him what is going on.

“Ok, ok I get it sorry” He mumbles, “Really?” I asked, “Not going to say it again.” He snapped at me and I know I won’t hear him say it again either, “I know, who’s car are we taking today?” I asked, “Mine needs a good run!” Tasmine yelled out to me from the kitchen, “Sure babe!” I yelled back at her over the banging, I giggle wonder if she is going to let me drive it. “Do you know where this farm is?” I asked him, “Not a clue! Thought you two would know seeing as you lived here the longest.” Jackson snapped, “Yeah thanks, been once you think I would remember how to get to it which was years ago.” I said to him, “And that is why there is such an invention called Google Maps dear boys!” Josephine yelled out at us over the banging, “Coffee time babe, your turn to do some smashing!” Tasmine said gleefully, “Fuck kitten have you found an old stash of something?” I asked laughing, “Nope, just happy going to get some strawberries into my belly, asshole is finally locked up and cannot get out anytime soon and celebrating your engagement. Why shouldn’t I be happy?” She asked, “Fair point, are we going to stop for food before we head out?” Jackson asked, “No you idiot grab a bowl of food from the kitchen.” Josephine snapped at him. “I’m going to eat what I didn’t eat last night.” Tasmine declared, “Same.” I agreed with her, “Ok... traitors.” Jackson mumbled.

An hour later the house was cleaned up somewhat the items Tasmine and Jackson had smashed are now out in the skip that is out on the driveway. Tasmine had allowed me to drive her car to the farm, we arrived just as Jackson had finished talking about what strawberry dishes he wants to make, which seemed to have made us all hungry. “Well, thanks Jackie Boy you have made all of us hungry!” Tasmine snapped at him, “Good, now drop that boy part I’m a man now! Also making you all that hungry means you will pick more strawberries.” He stated, “Better hope they don’t have a limit brother.” I pointed out to him, he looked at me in shock horror, “Oh, fuck I hope not!” He cried out.

We as a small group this is the most fun we have had together in a long time, not including our holiday away. Watching how excited Tas got with every strawberry she had found was a major turn on, love seeing how happy she is right now, sitting down at their café enjoying the delicious food and the lovely company, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, you would think the newly engaged couple would be like this not us. “Ok, you two spill now! Something has changed between you two cannot put my finger on it.” Josephine spoke up, “Wow you’re sounding like him, no like I said to him earlier. Last night just bought us closer, sick of explaining that all I want to do is be with her” I snapped, “Yesterday scared you that much, I get it” Josephine said, “Good, now have you guys tried this?” Tasmine asked, I gave Tas’s leg a good squeeze for changing the subject, this was harder than I thought with these two.

“It reminds me of Gma’s hey Ollie?” Jackson asked, fuck he was correct I miss her cooking so much, wished Tasmine had remembered her she was her grandma’s best friend the pair of them are so alike it’s funny, most likely why I’m close to her grandma she reminds me of my own, “Yes! Thanks now I remember, good I miss her cooking!” I cried out, Jackson and Monica were the ones that inherited her cooking skills. “Same, now are we all going to that hotel for drinks and dinner, or is just going to be me and Jose?” Jackson asked, “Why would it be just you two?” I asked, “Thought you guys want some alone couple time.” Jackson said, “Well did you want some alone time before she leaves?” I asked, “I love how close you two cousins are but” Josephine spoke up over us both, “But what babe?” Jackson asked, he sounded worried.

“Well, um please don’t get upset at all with what I am about to say. No, it’s not going to be like Rachel. I loved spending time with you all today it was fun and we need to do more of it. But I just want to be alone with Jackson tonight before I fly back home, unsure when I can get more time off again to come back before I move here.” She said, “Fuck Jose thought you were going to say something mean, go have a romantic time before you leave.” Tasmine saying around a mouth full of strawberries, “Yeah, I know we are close but let’s make a deal if we want to have couple time we let everyone else know.” I said, “Fuck you had me worried for a second.” Jackson said, Josephine starts laughing, as my and Jackson’s phones start pinning, I want to scream out leave us alone but I know they mean well.

“Never going to happen, let me guess that Dad’s have arrived in town?” Josephine asked, “Nope dad is on his way Lee and James won’t be until another twenty-four hours.” I said, “Good, I want to tell him in person before we leave.” He said, “You know what would be really nice right now is some chocolate.” Tasmine piped up, “Fuck your so random little thing.” Jackson said laughing, “What? I left my phone in the car and besides you, all keep talking and more food for me.” She stated, “Glad you are getting better.” Josephine said, “Yes, good that your eating again, Jackson there are kids around don’t even think of saying what you’re about to say.” I muttered loud enough for him to hear, “What? How” He started to say, “Because we know you.” Josephine answered for me, “Ok, we are all good? I’m just going to get a few more things from their shop be right back. Also, we are making a pit stop at a supermarket on the way home too, need to get a few things.” Jackson ordered Jo’s face dropped at that, “Ahh does that mean I miss out on this food?” She asked he smiled at her, “Nah babe, it’s going to be our late lunch!”

Jackson wasn’t kidding he had quickly made lunch for us, Tas had disappeared into our room I’m guessing it’s because she is tired, Jose has gone into his room to pack her stuff up while I worked away at pulling the things out of the kitchen that Jackson said to be removed, we talked while we worked. “Still think the pair of you are hiding something from me.” He said, of course, he would start asking questions now that the girls are not around, “Think whatever you like brother.” I said, “Tasmine’s pregnant, isn’t she?” He asked, fuck he guessed it, “No she is not, also I have told you to” I started making sure I sounded pissed off, “Yeah, I know to wait until you see it in an ultrasound.” He said, “Well quit fucking asking that question Jackson, I may not show it as much as Tasmine does but it hurts me too you know, I’m over your need to” He stopped me in mid-rant, “Ok, Ollie I will stop, I promise.” He said, “Better stop.” I snapped before I even noticed he had wrapped me up in a hug. “I’m sorry, I didn’t release it was hurting you as much as it was her. Now enough of this girly shit go fetch Tas for me lunch is ready.” I just nod my head, cause I want to tell him so badly but I am respecting her wishes, walking in I found her naked and sound asleep taking up the whole bed again I chuckle to myself. Walking right up to her standing near her legs as I climb onto the bed kissing my way up each of her legs as she moans out in her sleep, kissing my way up to her neck as I whisper in her ear.

“Babe time to wake up lunch is ready.” She lets out a groan wrapping her legs around me pulling me down on top of her. “Fuck me hard now before we go out.” She ordered, “Would fucking love to, but not when my dad is on his way and they are trying to head on off" I started to say, “Ok, ok I get it.” She said cutting me off before smiling at me. “That was so hard trying to keep this from them.” She whispered, I smiled at her as I moved to kiss her stomach as looking up at her. “Do you feel any different?” I asked, “No, I’m feeling much better though.” Climbing off holding my hand out for her, she takes it as I pull her out of the bed, she pulls me in for a kiss before getting her clothes.

“Is Charles staying at our place?” She asked, “Think tonight he is but when everyone else arrives they are camping at Chris’s place.” I said, “Thought Uncle Chris’s place being rented out?” I asked, “No idea, want do you want to do tomorrow?” I asked, “Want to just chill around the house?” She asked, “Sure, think Jackson and his crew are coming in tomorrow.” I said, “Oh...” She whispered, “Come on you two!” Josephine said loudly, “Yeah, yeah we are coming out.” Tasmine said loudly, “Ahh I had a feeling Oliver swings that way is that why Sam and him are close?” Josephine asked, “Wow, you are made for Jackson!” I said, “I like to think so!” She said.

We were in the middle of cleaning up when dad aka Uncle Charles showed up, bypassing myself and Jackson as he raced towards Tasmine hugging her, he whispered something in her ear she looked shocked but covered herself and whispered something back, I want to know what is going on, but knowing her she will tell me later. “Nice dad just ignoring your firstborn son.” Jackson complained, “Oh quit being a drama queen.” Dad snapped Jackson grabs Josephine’s hand as Charles finishes hugging me, he looks at his son in confusion. “Dad, I am glad I can tell this to you face to face instead of over facetime, I am happy to let you know that she said yes!” Jackson yelled out in excitement, Dad’s mouth drops open then a big smile spreads over his face as he rushes towards his son holding onto him tightly.

“Really? Yes! About time you asked her boy! I am happy for you both, welcome to this crazy family Josephine!” Charles hugs Jose as they chat amongst themselves as Tasmine wraps her arms around my waist leaning up and whispering in my ear. “Your dad knows babe.” I looked at her in shock as I lean down whispering to her. “Knows what?” I asked, “He said I looked pregnant, but he won’t say anything until we say.” She told me, “Ok.” Well, that’s not going to help us keep this a secret if it is true. God, I want her to take another test tomorrow but I know if we wait a week it would be better for the test.

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