No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 43 - Holidays Are Over

**Oliver’s Pov**

It’s my last day of holidays before I have to head back to work, Tas has taken the test twice and it’s still the same, two lines but the second one so faint that you can only see holding it up to the light. I was hoping she would take it for the third time but she has refused the upset look on her face told me to not push it, it hurts but I will respect her wishes.

Jackson has dived into work since Jose went back our kitchen is nearly done just waiting on the countertops to arrive, and the electrician everything else is completed was expecting it to take longer but Jackson got all his contacts to work on it.

Dad and Lee both said the same things when they had first seen Tasmine but didn’t push it. They had stayed at our place for a few days her uncles did tag along but they didn’t stay long, they all had been here for Vincent’s hearing, the trial is set for twelve months, in the meantime, he’s to stay in jail due to the fact his made it clear he won’t stay away from her. When he screamed that out before the guard removed him away from the webcam, scared me, I had held onto her hand so tightly. I was amazed the male members of her family managed to keep themselves seated and calm during it all, was expecting them to jump over and scream at him, think it would have been worse if he was in the box instead of on a TV.

Every day we have made a deal to go out together and do something from exploring the city we live in, hanging out at the beach or a café anything really and it’s been lovely just hanging with her. We also did work on the veggie garden, should say gardens we have built four raised beds, Tasmine created some amazing welding art when she made up the raised beds. All the beds have a mixture of herbs, veggies, flowers, and miniature fruit trees we had researched what to plant together and what will bring the bee’s into the yard. I have even installed an irrigation system believe Jackson and Tasmine got more enjoyment of watching me installing it than helping out, now that I know how to do it, I am planning on adding them to the front gardens once I start them. See if we don’t kill these ones before I create a front garden for the world to see. Also started a compost to help out our veg gardens, cannot wait to harvest them.

Somehow we had teamed up my last day of holidays is while Jackson has gone down to visit Josephine, cuddling up to my beautiful wife who is sound asleep after another amazing sex session I know she doesn’t want our holidays to end, but they are she goes back to work on Monday I hate that I have to leave Saturday morning I have my letter ready to hand in once I find work in town, Tasmine doesn’t know just yet I want to make sure I have a job before I let her in on what is going on. I know I should tell her all of this but for once I don’t want to add more stress to her life.

Max has had three rounds of interviews he will find out soon if he made the final cut and got the job, I did give him a good word I couldn’t do much more than that, the rest is up to him. Jackson has moved into his house but still sleeps at our place until his furniture arrives as he said he’s too old to sleep on a mattress on the floor, I believe he’s waiting for her weekend up to move fully into the place. “Hmmm sweetie I cannot go another round if that is what is keeping you up!” She grumbles, “Nope, I know your not up for another round.” I told her, “Then talk to me instead of huffing and puffing.” She huffed, “Huffing and puffing?” I asked, “Well, what else would you call it?” She asked, “Thinking?” She groans and mumbles something out as she rolls over away from me as I move to cuddle up to her. “You can cuddle me if you’re going to sleep, if you’re still thinking go back over to your spot, Mister!” She snapped at me, “Why are you upset?” I asked, “Just tired and well you need your sleep too babe.” She mumbled.

“I know.” I whispered, “Then what are you thinking about?” she asked, “Anything and everything.” I sighed out, “You don’t want to go do you?” she asked, “No, are you going to be ok? Being by yourself until Jackson gets back?” I asked, “I have no choice, going to have to put my big girl pants on and deal with it. He’s in jail so I know I am safe from him. I love you, night I’m too tired to keep talking.” Snaking my arm around her holding just under her bust, she moves my hand down to her lower stomach and rests her hand on top of mine, I wish we find out soon if she is carrying my child. “Night babe, also when is your doctor’s appointment?” I asked, “Ummm next week, Wednesday afternoon.” She told me, oh while I’m away, fuck I feel like an ass right now. “I can res” I cut her off, “No, don’t do that. Just call me up before and after it, please.” I said, “I can do that, but babe I would rather you are with me it was just the only time I could get in for another month’s time, I can see if another doctor at the center has an appointment when your back in town.” She said I feel like a dick right now, “No, don’t change Doctor’s babe, she knows I work out of town she might let you Facetime me.” I said, “Ok, but what if you are working and not on break?” She asked, “Call me I will make sure I have my phone on me and turned up on that day.” I told her, “I’m s” I cut her off, not going to let her apologizes for this, I know how hard it is to get into her doctor. “We will make it work babe, we always do.”

She rolled around so that we are facing each other she had a smile on her face, leaning up giving me a gentle kiss. “Night....” I chuckle at her, her claws will be out soon if I don’t let her sleep, I know it’s late and the sun will be up soon, somehow I did manage to fall asleep.

Waking up to Tasmine sitting on my lap grinding on me as she whispers. “Open your eyes babe.” I open my eyes to find that she has made breakfast, which was on a tray next to me two cups of coffee with a large plate of bacon, eggs, and toast for us both to share but what she was waving around in her hand had me holding my breath in. “Are you?” I asked with so much hope and was shocked that she did it by herself. “See for yourself.” She hands it to me as I look at it then at her, two very bright pink lines I smiled back at her as she giggles. “Fuck yes babe! Come down here now!” I grab her singlet pulling her down for a passionate kiss, remembering she had the food set aside, we sat up and moved the food onto the bedside table. Pushing her down gently so she is laying on her back as I climb in between her legs kissing her stomach.

“Hi baby Brown, daddy here I love you already.” She giggles again, hands going through my hair pulling me up towards her face. “That tickles, ahh that was very cute Oliver.” I smiled at her, fuck now I really don’t want to go back to work, we did it we finally did it. “Yes, I’m over the moon happy right now kitten. What’s the doctor’s appointment?” I asked, she smiled at me, “It’s to confirm, also find out how far I am.” I couldn’t stop smiling at her, “Facetime me if they want to send you to do an ultrasound if you can book when booking for when I’m home, please.” I told her, “I can do that babe, I’m loving this cuddle and kissing but that bacon is screaming my name right now.” She said around her giggles, I laughed as I climbed off of her, turning around picking the tray up placing it into the middle as she picks up a piece of bacon. “Hmmm, Bacon!” She moaned out, “Leave some for me.” I cried out, she giggles, “I will.”

“Do you feel any different?” I asked her, “Nope, feel the same, yes my boobs have gotten bigger but that is the only thing I have noticed.” She said around a mouth full of food, “I’m loving them” Cuts me off, “Hey! What was wrong with my old size?” She asked, warning zone answer correctly before she starts snapping at me, “Nothing, I love your boobs either way.” I said, she arches an eyebrow but doesn’t fight me on it, “You now really don’t want to leave” I cut her off. “Nope, what do you want to do today?” I asked, “I just want to be with you, so what are you up for?” She asked, and I fucken love that answer, “Playstation?” I asked, she laughs that beautiful laugh of hers. “Sure, I’m happy to smash your ass.” She said in her cocky voice, “Smash my ass? You think you’re going to win?” I asked, “Have every other time we played.” She said in a smartass tone and shrugging her shoulder, “Pfft please not every time!” I playfully snapped, “Game on hubby, game on!”

After the last couple of amazing hours with her smashing my ass on the Playstation, I did try to win keep forgetting her method seems to work even though it makes no sense. “Ha told you Ollie you will be eating dirt!” She yelled out in triumph, “Ok, I give up want to watch a movie instead?” I asked, I just want to wrap my arms around her, “Sure, set up please I need to pee.” She ordered, I was shocked by that, “You’re letting me pick the movie?” I asked, “Yeah babe!” She yells out from our main bathroom, as I search on our TV for something to watch, have it all set up for her, scrolling on my phone while I wait. I felt her hands running down my shoulders as she leans down kissing and gently biting my earlobe. “Do you know why I never let you get rid of this?” She’s talking about the beanbag that I am sitting on, as she walks around sitting on my lap.

“Cause it’s a good chair to sit in when playing the PlayStation?” I asked, she sat back looking at me like she wants to slap me but chooses not to. “It’s the bean bag that started our relationship.” She said, “It did?” I asked, “What?!” She cried out, I start laughing she starts playfully slapping me. “You remember it, don’t act like you didn’t!” She scolded me, “Of course, I remember that day kitten it’s when we first started trying to hide from our dads. Is that why you won’t get rid of it? Even when we have to patch it up thousands of times.” I asked, “Yes, nothing wrong with it, besides our baby could use it as their seat when they are older.” She said, “Really? I love that” She didn’t let me finished kissing me passionately she talks into my mouth. “Want to recreate what we had first done” I cut her off, “Yes, but minus the” She cuts me off, “Let’s do a better job than that ahhh fuckkk.” I have started kissing her neck, her hands roaming over my body she pushes herself off me as she races off towards the bathroom, has morning sickness making its show?

“Sorry! I need to pee again!” I start laughing, she yells back at me. “This is not funny Oliver!” Which had me laughing harder, “Oh Tasmine it is.” She walks out towards me but goes right past me and into the kitchen, oh am I in the dog house? Getting out of the chair making my way towards her wrapping my hands around her placing them over her stomach, as she works away. “Not angry babe, just hungry and” She stops talking her body starts shaking, she’s crying, I hold onto her tighter. “It’s going to be ok kitten,” I whispered, she shakes her head no. “It’s not, your leaving in a few hours and I’m being that wife that I said I would never be” Nope we are not doing this again, “Kitten, you’re not being that wife at all Tas.” I whispered, “I feel it, every time I don’t want you to go to work and now” She didn’t finish, she stops what she is doing turning around in my arms crying harder, I held onto her letting her cry. “Kitten it’s going to be” She cuts me off, “Don’t you dare say it’s going to be ok! You’re missing out on”

“Tas, please stop I will be there for you every chance I can get, you are not alone yes I am missing your first doctor’s appointment but not going to miss any of your appointments if I can help it, ok. What day does Jackie get back in?” I asked, “Ok, I will work everything around your days off, but if I can’t” I cut her off, “I will live babe.” I whispered, “Ok, also Jackson said he should be home late Tuesday.” She told me, “Ok, also do not tell him until I’m back.” I warned her, “I will do my best, why didn’t he tell you when he was coming back?” She asked, “No, probably cause I won’t be home.” I stated, “What movie did you pick?” She asked, I smiled down at her as I wipe her tears away as I lean down kissing her softly, my minutes with her are ticking away too fast. “Tenet, but if you”

“Shut up and let’s get comfortable.” Picking her up and taking her to the lounge as I hit play. If Jackie walked in right now he would know right away, as we both have big stupid silly looks on our faces, along with myself with my hands on her stomach. During the movie, she had rolled around so she was laying cuddling into me, my heartbeat lured her to sleep. My phone starts ringing, leaning over to see who it is, cool Jackie is video calling me.


**JACKSON** What the hell bro! You’re still sleeping?! You told me to call you up half an hour before you need to leave.

**OLIVER** She’s asleep, I’m not. Thanks for reminding me to get my ass moving.

**JACKSON** Did you want me home earlier?

**OLIVER** No Jackson, as Tassie said she needs to put her big girl pants on and learn to deal.

**JACKSON** Ahh our baby girl is growing up!

**OLIVER** Don’t let her hear you say that!

**JACKSON** Hahaha she will live bro, I know how you two are feeling right now.

**OLIVER** Yeah it’s fucking hell bro, had her in tears earlier saying she didn’t want to be ‘That wife’ I wish she would get that she will never be that wife.

**JACKSON** She’s still on about that? Fuck, when I get home will try and talk her out of that thinking.

**OLIVER** Thanks, if she’s not going to listen to me I hope she listens to you.

**JACKSON** Hope so, hey you heard from Maxi Pad?

**OLIVER** No, not today why?

**JACKSON** Must be too busy to answer a call from his big brother.

**OLIVER** Don’t take it to heart, he could be in an interview too.

**JACKSON** Forgotten about that, also get up and go!

**OLIVER** Shit! Thanks talk to you later!

**JACKSON** Yeah, all good whenever you’re free.

Finish off the call, as I gently move out from under Tas as I race off into our room quickly getting dress, double checking I have everything in my bag, I walk up to my sleeping beauty kissing her softly until she wakes up. “Hmmm? What already?” She asked, “Yeah Kitten, you want to walk with me to the stop?” I asked, not wanting to drive out this week, so I’m catching the shuttle bus in, “Please.” She begged she races off towards the room to get out of her around the house clothes, she comes back with tears in her eyes, before we got to the front door pressing her up against the wall kissing her passionately trying to get my fill of her before I leave. “Hmmm, I love you and baby brown.” I whispered, “Mmm, I love you too, so dose bub.” I couldn’t help it the goofy smile was out as we both make our way out of the house, I set the alarm and locked the doors, holding hands all the way to the stop, we are the first ones here. Wrapping my arms around her, kissing the top of her head, I thought marrying her was the happiest day of my life today was her telling me I’m going to be a father. “See you in six days’ time babe.” She whispered, “Hmm yes, up for a video call tonight?” I asked, she smirks, “Always.” I love her using that quote, “Good.” I lean down whispering in her ear, checking that no one else had arrived. “Have your toys close by.” I smirked, “Oh, I will hubby.”

Pulling my shirt down as she stands up on her tippy toes kissing me softly, gripping her ass tightly, we keep kissing until a few of my coworkers arrive, she whispers. “See you soon Ollie, we love you.” Fuck this is a lot harder than I thought, “See you kitten, I love you both.” She gives me a quick kiss, before turning around heading back to our house I know she’s crying and that hurts.

“Ahh, Oliver Twist it gets easier leaving the wife, trust me.” Bruce my coworker said laughing, “Should I though? You’re on like wife number four now?” I asked, “Means he knows what he’s talking about.” John my other coworker said laughing, “Right, you guys are idiots, he clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about because he got it wrong three times his hoping the fourth is right. Also Ollie you just got married to your long-term girlfriend how long had you two been together before you married seven years was it? That is longer than any relationship that Bruce has ever been in, think we should be asking you for relationship advice.” Tina is one of the few females in our crew and some days her potty mouth is worst than us, we all laughed hard as the bus pulls in, and off we go to work.

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