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Chapter 44 - It Has Finally Happened.

**Tasmine’s Pov**

Keep walking, don’t look back Tasmine, you look back and all you’ll want to do is run back into his arms. Shit these tears just won’t stop, making it to the corner of our street I turned around just as he’s about to walk on the bus he looks up spots me, and waves at me then did the Hunger Games salute we both burst into a fit of laughter, he knows how to get me laughing.

Once inside of our house and it’s locked and alarmed again it hit me, it hit me hard that I’m alone everything that horrible that has happened to me came flooding back, leaning against the wooden door as I slide down doing that horrible scream cry. My phone is ringing, I really don’t want to answer it, I let it call out. It rings again this time I check to see who it is, answering it right away.


**OLIVER** Ahhh Kitten, shhh just breath

**TASMINE** Ollie

**OLIVER** Just listen to my voice sweetie, oh shut up Bruce!

**TASMINE** I’m sorry

**OLIVER** Shhh don’t be, just breathe, that’s good.

**TASMINE** You must hate me

**OLIVER** I would never hate you! Not for this never for this. Tasmine I love you and you have been through a lot these past couple of months, I was hoping you had your meltdown while I was home, shhh not angry just wish I was there hugging you.

**TASMINE** I’m sorry, I don’t

**OLIVER** Stop Tas, did you want me to get someone to come

**TASMINE** No, please don’t the people I would like here are not.

**OLIVER** Is the house locked and the alarm set? I know babe, want me to get Jackie and Jose to call you?

**TASMINE** Yes to the house stuff, nope to the calls, I just want you

**OLIVER** I know, have you been in our bedroom yet?

**TASMINE** No, still in the entry hallway.

**OLIVER** Go check it out Kitten, also flip it to video call.

I nod my head, as I flip it to video, seeing his handsome face as he gives me a sad smile I open up our bedroom door and burst into a fit of laughter. On our bed is a blown-up male sex doll with Oliver’s face blown up stuck to it.

**TASMINE** Fuck Oliver! When did you have time to set this up?

I raced to the bed laughing hugging it tightly as I show him, he is laughing too.

**OLIVER** I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

**TASMINE** Good, I love it, not going to use it in that way, I’m just going to hug him, his Oliver two-point o.

**OLIVER** Hahaha fuck kitten I love it. I got to go the others keep looking at me funny I will call you tonight, I love you both!

**TASMINE** Ok, I cannot wait, we love you too.

We finished up our call, smiling ahh he knew I would hit the wall hard when he left. Argh, I cannot sit here like this let’s go check the gardens out.

By Sunday I was going stir crazy with boredom I have texted Oliver to call me when he had a free moment. I must say I never thought I would be using the loo so much, thought that happens later on when the baby is bigger, is it weird that I keep looking in our mirror to see if I have a bump yet? I want to go buy some items but I’m scared too, I’m interrupted by my phone ringing yes it’s him.


**OLIVER** Kitten what’s up?

**TASMINE** Just had thought can I work while pregnant?

**OLIVER** Good question, you got a respirator? Also, you should avoid doing arc welding babe have heard about them giving off magnet field, you will need to let your supervisor know tomorrow, I know you wanted to wait until your twelve weeks but for your safety, you need to let him know.

**TASMINE** No, but I’m sure they would have some on the floor. I can try and avoid arc but that’s half the floor, yes will have to talk to him. I know I don’t want to tell him.

**OLIVER** You could always

**TASMINE** I’m not quitting Oliver.

**OLIVER** Ok, I know you will change your mind once

**TASMINE** Are you alone?!

**OLIVER** No, I’m in the lunch hall.

**TASMINE** Don’t drop the baby word around others, Oliver.

**OLIVER** Shit forgot, sorry kitten. How are you? I miss you.

**TASMINE** I noticed, all good, I’m well, peeing heaps, I miss you so much. Hey, guess what?

**OLIVER** What?

**TASMINE** We have some limes and tomatoes growing babe.

**OLIVER** We do? Oh, that is bloody wicked babe. Sorry to cut this call short but I have to go back to work my lunch is just about over.

**TASMINE** Ok, call you tonight?

**OLIVER** Please, I’ll call you when I get to my cabin. See you babe I love you both.

**TASMINE** We love you too.

Hanging up, bugger I had a feeling I may not be able to work fully but man I’m going to miss it, looks like I’m on paper duty.

Walking into work after having so much time off felt weird, the front desk staff said morning to me, before pulling me aside to fill out new paperwork with my new name on it, I couldn’t take the smile off my face seeing the new name tag with ‘Tasmine Brown’ on it. “Hey, Barb is David in yet?” I ask our head office lady, she reminds me of an evil lady on those TV shows you see, she has bright bottle red hair colour and tones of makeup but it all suits her, but she is the most friendly lady in the world, “Um, let me check for you.” She said cheerfully, “Oh, married life suits you Tas your glowing!” Stacey cries out when she walked out from the back office, our payroll lady in her early forties natural blond hair natural beauty, and a very bubbly type of person, god I missed seeing her, I smiled brightly at her.

“Stacey, who wouldn’t, have you seen her hubby? Having a man like that madly in love with you is rare and when you find it you hold tightly onto it cause you never know how long you might have it for.” Dana our front Office lady she looks like Oliver’s mum in her younger years but this one is much nicer, too nice some days. “Ahh, babe we didn’t,” Stacey said, “Ahh Dana, I” She cuts both of us off, “Tas, it’s ok it has been four years, I can remember my husband without crying or upsetting others. He would have been thrilled to hear you two had lasted the distance.” She said with a sad smile on her face, “Oh, Dana I miss Stewart too he was a great man.” I say with emotion in my voice as I know I would have had them both at my wedding, she couldn’t make it due of someone else in her family was getting married. “That is for sure.” Dana said, ”

“Yeah, Tas he is in.” Barb said when she had come back, “Is he free?” I asked her, she looked at me funny, “Go right in, but babe you have a full docket today.” She informed me, I groaned, “Really? Let me guess Phil heard I was coming back today so he did fuck all on Friday?” I asked with sarcasm in my voice, “Yeah, what do you think he would have changed with all the time you had off?” Stacey said sounding like she is about to laugh, “More like he bitched the whole time you were away cause he had to actually do work.” Dana said, “How is he still working here?” I asked, “Cause he knows how to suck up.” Barb said, I looked at her in shock, “What I don’t suck up?” I asked, “You don’t need to, your work speaks for itself.” Barb told me, “Sadly doesn’t seem to be enough some days, alright wish me, luck girls.” I said brightly, they all looked at me oddly.

“Why?” Stacey asked, “Are you leaving us?” Dana asked, “Did Oliver get you pregnant?” Barb asked, “WOW? I cannot have a meeting with the boss without you throwing those questions at me?” They all said sorry, thank god I don’t want all those rumors to go around just yet. I made my way towards his office, knocking on the door he looks up from his paperwork with a big smile on his face. A man in his mid-fifties the years have been good to him, who acts more like a father figure to most of us than a boss, “Kelly! Oh shit your no longer a Kelly, did you want me to call you Brown?” He asked, “David, um Tas would be fine if you don’t want to call me Brown.” I said, “What can I do for you? It’s your first day back what has Phil done now?” He asked can tell he wants to hit Phil. “Nothing yet, haven’t seen him as of yet,” I said, thank god. “Ok, take a seat.”

I closed his door and took the seat in front of him, well here goes nothing. “I’m pregnant.” I said excitedly, “What? Wow congratulations, how far?” He asked looking and sounding shocked, “Not sure yet find out Wednesday afternoon, but due to” He cuts me off, “Yes the fumes and the heat. Ok so are you telling everyone?” He asked while writing everything down. “No David, only you and Oliver know so far are we able to just keep it between ourselves and if the higher up boss ask you can tell them but no” He puts his hand up stopping me, “Tas I understand, let me know how far you are on Thursday and we can work out your leave and when you come back but also when you leave the floor will have to work you into the office staff, but let me know if you feel unwell during working on the floor but also wear a respirator, please. Also, remember to take more breaks and keep the fluids up, try not to overheat yourself too much as well.” He said sounding like my own dad. “Thank you, David,” I said, trying not to cry dam I’m normally not a person who cries at the drop of the hat.

He stood up and walked around his desk wrapping me up in a father-style hug. “So happy for the pair of you.” He whispered, “Thanks.” I smiled and made my way towards my pit seeing what I have to do, walking past Phil’s pit and its spotless mine is filthy and nearly everything has not been stocked up. “For fuck sake the replacement couldn’t be bothered to be on top of things? Who the fuck did this?!” I yelled out to those who are already there, Kyi walked pasted me with a big smile on his face. He is the same height as Oliver and the same built but is from an Asian background, he is like Jackson my work best friend, he got pretty drunk at our wedding it was funny to see him interacting with my friends. “Kelly is back in the house everyone!” Kyi yells out, I start taking photos of everything then started cleaning up before I realized what Kyi had yelled out. “Dumbass no longer a Kelly! I’m a Brown!” I yelled at him, “Fuck off with that name you will forever be Kelly to me!” I laugh as he heads off towards the dipping area, twenty minutes later my area was finally stocked and cleaned not impressed at all, nor am I happy with my docket list today clearly Phil had dumped all his jobs onto me that he couldn’t finish once again, seeing as he isn’t here yet I went through them all, all the jobs that had dates on them for while I was away went into his pit fuck that shit not doing his work that he couldn’t be bothered to do.

Three hours later my first job was completed, I needed a drink and a break so badly quickly cleaning up and passing the job onto Kyi for him to powder coat it, Phil spotted me, storming up towards me in anger. He is my height, was a chubby man but now has gone to the point of losing too much eight and just looks like he needs a good sleep and anger management, I have hated working with him from the get go. “I ain’t doing your work you fucking slacker!” He yelled at me, I saw red then, “Really? Look at those dates, I wasn’t even here so it’s not my work! It’s yours you lazy asshole!” I roared back at him, “You cannot talk to me like that!” He snapped trying to play the I’m more advanced card on me again, “You came screaming up at me mate! Don’t like how others talk to you, how about you learn to be kind!” I screamed, “I’m not doing your work so deal with it.” He ordered, “You deal with it Phil I wasn’t rostered on when these were all meant to be finished.” I corrected him, I went back to collect what I needed for the next job while he stood there getting more furious by the second. Kyi walked past him, he grabs his arm glaring at him.

“Did you get her work signed off before powder coating it Kyi?!” He snapped, “Why? She is no longer an apprentice nor are you in charge of her? Not once have ever had to get her to redo her work, unlike yourself!” Kyi snapped, “I could use some popcorn if you’re still going to be on your high seat, Phil.” Aaron said loudly another staff member, “I no longer care Phil stop your complaining and do the docket list that I had given you and quiet farming it off on the juniors.” David ordered, I snickered as I kept on working, by the time it was clock off I was completely buggered driving home was fun trying to stay awake, having the quickest shower, and faceplanting the bed naked.

Woke up with five missed calls from Oliver and three from Jackson and four from Josephine and one from my dad, seems my sleep set them off worrying about me.


**OLIVER** Tasmine?! Are you ok?

**TASMINE** Morning Oliver, yeah I’m good babe, sorry about last night I came home from work smashed, I passed out in bed right after my shower didn’t even get dressed.

**OLIVER** How was your first day back? Did David take the news well?

**TASMINE** Phill was his normal self, David too the news good he wants more info when I have it, also work-wise I did my docket I have two more to do tomorrow it felt so much hotter than I normally does.

**OLIVER** Babe, please don’t overdo it.

**TASMINE** I will do my best not to. Hey, how was your day?

**OLIVER** It was good, just missed talking to you.

**TASMINE** Same babe. Are you in your cabin?

**OLIVER** I fucking wish babe, I’m at my bay. I only answered cause you hadn’t answered my calls I was worried, more so after Jackson, Josephine and Lee had all called me up asking why you weren’t answering them, knew something was up for you to not answer all four of us.

**TASMINE** Yeah, back at hard work body not enjoying it. I love you but I have to cut this short I got to get ready for work, talk to you tonight will call on my way home in case I fall asleep like last night.

**OLIVER** Sure kitten I would love that, cya I love you both!

**TASMINE** See you soon, we love you.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully, Phil was off due to being unwell none of us really cared about him anyway. As promised I called Oliver on the way home as I did indeed crashed after my shower but remembering that Jackson was going to be home soon I put some PJs on.

I woke up to Jackson tapping my arm, groaning out. “Piss off Jackie!” I grumbled, “I cannot you have snoozed your phone ten times, you need to get up and head off to work unless you are sick and you don’t look or feel sick to me.” He stated, “Ok, I’m up!” Climbing out of bed making my way into the bathroom, fifteen minutes later I caught up with Jackson in the makeshift kitchen for a cup of coffee before heading out to work he kept on looking at me funny but he didn’t say anything which is not like him but I wasn’t going to push it as I had ten minutes to get to work and it takes normally thirty on a bad day to get in, I had called Stacey up to let her know I’m going to be running late. Rushing into work only ten minutes late, Kyi was the only one who noticed me rushing in but didn’t say anything. Four hours later I was feeling light-headed and needed to take another break, heading into the lunchroom for a large drink of cold water, holding it to my forehead to try and cool myself down, shit maybe I should have stayed home.

“I’m not doing your workload cause you cannot handle the amount of dick your now having.” Phil snapped at me when he entered the room, I groaned I don’t want to deal with his shit today, “Oh piss off or I’m calling HR not in the mood for your shit.” I snapped, “Tell your husband to” I cut him off, “HIS OUT ON SITE! FUCK OFF!” I roared, “Wow, think I’m going to call HR for you Tas.” Aaron said loudly, “I will second that, are you feeling ok?” Stacey asked, I shake my head as I sat down at one of the tables resting my head on the table, someone was shaking me lightly.

“Tas? Hey, Tasmine are you ok?” Kyi was asking softly, “Hmm? No, I feel like I have been hit but a bus.” I whispered, “Tas sweetie I think you should go home.” David said, “No I’m” David cuts me off, “No Tasmine it’s not safe for you to stay, come back when you are feeling better, Kyi and Dana one of you drive her and her car to her house and make sure she gets home safely the other follow behind so you can bring them back here.” David ordered, “Ok, come on Tas got all your gear?” Kyi asked, “Aaron and Stacey you witness what had happened earlier? Can you fill me and HR in two hours?” He asked, they both had said yes.

I don’t remember going home, they both helped me inside I wouldn’t let them take me into my room only because I cannot remember if I had hidden the blow-up Oliver doll. Once they had left, I had set an alarm to wake me up so I can get to my appointment on time. “Tas why are you home also why is your phone going off?” Jackson asked, “Hmmm, oh hey” I mumbled, “Don’t hey me Miss what’s up?” He asked, “Got a doctor’s appointment, was sent home sick need a medical form.” I told him, “Alright get ready, I’m taking you, no protesting either.” He ordered, “No, I can drive!” I protested, he glares at me, “What did I just say, I’m driving you now move it. Not going to sit in with you but definitely going to make sure your safe to drive cause right now you look like a zombie.” He was determined to get his way, “Fine!” I snapped at him.

On the drive to the Doctors, I had let Oliver know that Jackson is driving me as I was sent homesick so I’m unsure on how much I can go before he works out what is going on. Sitting in the waiting room waiting to be called up Jackson leans over with that look on his face that he’s not buying anything I have said to him. “Tasmine what is really going on?” He asked, “No matter how many hours of sleep I get I feel like I have had less than one hour even if I slept for thirteen hours.” I told him, can see his brain is in overdrive, “Ok, is it the heat? Are you drinking enough water?” He asked, “Yeah, maybe need to drink more or hydrolytes.” I said, “Pick some up on the way home. Want me to call Ollie?” He asked, “Already texted him, just waiting for him to get back to me.” I said, “Tasmine Brown?” Doctor Carter calls my name out, I follow the Doctor into her room, she looked me over as I sat down just about falling asleep.

“What can I do for you today Tasmine?” She asked, “I’m pregnant, also Oliver is out on-site so his cousin who is my best mate has driven me in today.” I told her so fast, shit I’m so nervous, why am I nervous for? “Right got it, want to do a facetime without the extended family knowing just yet. Ok first up need you to pee in this, will also need to do a blood test and an ultrasound, please pop up on the table. So, when was the last known period? Also, before you do, do you need to pee?” She asked, “Yes, I do.” She hands me a cup, knowing that if I go left Jackson won’t see me heading to the toilet from where he is sitting. Once finished I handed it to the nurse as I made my way back to the room, climbing onto the bed laying down as she told me. She rolls up my shirt and pulls down my pants low enough for her to feel the lower part of my stomach, pressing down and in and around, it hurt in most places.

“Last known period?” She asked while still pressing down, “Was around four weeks ago.” I told her, “Are you sure about that?” She asked not believing me, “Yes, I had my period just after our wedding night.” I said, “So you believe you could be around three to four weeks pregnant? How was your period?” She asked, “Yes, my period was extremely painful, was very heavy and clumpy for a few days then if finished faster than normal.” I told her, I had seen something on her face but it went so fast, “Did it feel like your normal period? Was the blood bright red the whole time or did it go dark?” She asked, “Um, it defiantly wasn’t my normal period, yes my normal period is painful and heavy but not in the way it was. Bright red and turned dark during the really heavy moments. What’s wrong?” I asked, did I lose a child? Oh no not again. “Your feeling around the eleven to twelve week mark, I cannot say until I see an ultrasound you may have had a major placenta abruption and or loss of a child and the other had managed to stay in.” I sat in sheer shock, I need Oliver!

“You think I was pregnant with twins? How can I be that far along when I have only just started showing systems? And a test has only just started to show up positive.” I asked lost, the Doctor headed off to her shelves and pulled down a machine turning it on, putting gel onto my stomach before she answered. “I’m going to put urgent on your forms they must be able to do it all today, this thing here picks up heartbeats, lets see if we. Ahh uh” She says as the room was filled by this tinny but fast heartbeat, oh wow that’s our child, whipping away a stray tear, “Good, that sounded good, now you need to go to the place across the road, I will call you up with in the next few hours with your results if not first thing in the morning.” She told me, “Is this why I’m so tired and drained at work?” I asked, “How long have you been able to last?” She asked, “Four hours then I crash even if I had drunk or eaten, I feel like I’m living off one hour of sleep even though I’m sleeping a lot more than that.” I told her, “Ok, I’m also going to check to see if your low in Iron and a few other things.” She said typing away at her computer as her printer printed off the forms, she quickly signs and fills a few things out on them before handing them to me.

“Book an appointment to see me tomorrow, I have also given you a sick leave form for a week just so you can get your levels up with the type of work you do, we do not want you to fall asleep on the job. If they say there are no appointments let them know that I said to make it as it’s urgent.” She ordered me, “Do I need to be concerned?” I asked, “No, I would just like to know what is going on so we can book you in with an OB and midwife. Have you been taking your multivitamins?” She asked, “Yes, have been for a year.” I told her, “Good, see you tomorrow Tasmine also Congratulations.” She said with a big smile on her face as I walk out heading to the counter to pay and book tomorrow’s appointment, Jackson followed and looked at me oddly when I walked past his work ute heading towards the building across the road.

“Tasmine the ute is that a way?” He yelled out, “I know I need to get a few tests done.” I told him, “Like what?” He asked, “As in blood taken, she thinks I could be low in something.” I told him, “Tasmine stop are you pregnant?” He asked, I turned and looked at him and burst out into tears, he looks confused then wraps me up in a hug. “What’s wrong?” He asked, “I know Oliver said not to say anything but he’s not here. Yes, I am, she told me a few very worrisome things and Ollie doesn’t know this new information yet and” He cuts me off, “Oh shit little thing, is the baby ok?” He asked, “Not sure...” I whispered, “Ok, I’m going in with you, and if you want I can facetime Ollie so he’s not missing it either.” He informed me, “Oh Jackie.” I cried out, holding onto him tighter, “All good love, I know I can be a joker but right now you seem like you need a grown-up.” He said kissing me on the forehead, “Then where is this grown-up?” I asked, “Hahaha bitch, come on let’s get these tests done.” He ordered, “Jerk.” I mumbled.

He held my hand through the blood test, she had taken six vials I felt so sick after it, Jackson went to the vending machine and got me some orange juice which half helped. “You got more tests?” He asked, “Yes, come on.” Laying on the ultrasound bed waiting for the lady to finish setting up, Jackson had dialed Oliver in the pair of them are quietly waiting, Jackson is holding my hand as she squeezes the gel onto my stomach. “Let’s see what we have here, now this will be a little warm Tasmine.” The technician said, I just nod my head looking at the TV screen then we saw it, our child I was expecting this small thing, yes it’s small but not as small as I thought.

“Oh well, your Doctor has you down as possible eleven to twelve weeks by these measurements your more than thirteen and four days along. From what I can see everything looks good, we are going to be a little bit longer I have a few things I need to check out.” She spoke as she clicked away at the keyboard and moving the magic wand around, “Thirteen weeks?! Wow, Tas, I’m so goddam happy right now. Jack, can you move the phone closer, please?” Oliver asked, Jackson, did as he was told, as the lady typed away moving the stick around, thirty minutes later she looks at me. “Did you want to know what sex of your baby?” She asked, I looked at Jackson and Oliver, I knew my answer I just didn’t know his. “Babe it’s up to you.” He said with the biggest smile on his face, “Could you please put it in an envelope, please?” I asked.

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