No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 45 - Growing Family

**Tasmine’s Pov**

Sitting in the car just staring at the envelope and photo’s in shock as Jackson and Oliver chat away over the ute’s Bluetooth. “Kitten?” Oliver asked, “Yeah, I’m here” I mumble, “Think she is in shock mate.” Jackson said laughing, “I think we all are!” Oliver said laughing, “We are celebrating when you get home!” Jackson said, “Yes we will, I love you Tasmine. Wow, so pregnant this whole time, how?” Oliver said shocked over the phone, “They said first-timers the body can trick you think you are not.” Jackson stated, “Pull the ute over!” I screamed out, “What? Why? Oh shit!” Jackson cried out, “What’s going on?” Oliver asked, “Tasmine, do it out of the window!” Jackson bellowed out, he pulled over in time as I leaned over vomiting on the grass.

“Guys?! What’s going on?” Oliver yelled out over the phone, “Ollie it’s ok, she needed to vomit.” Jackson told him, “Oh Tas, babe you ok?” Oliver asked, “Much now, I love you but I’m going back to sleep, you two can talk.” I mumbled, “Ok, I love you both too, rest up will call you in the morning to check up on you.” He said, I mumbled my ok, as I crashed in my seat, I definitely didn’t wake up when Jackson took me to my bed, nor did I wake up when Oliver tried calling me in the morning either, Jackson tried waking me up before he left to go to work. I finally woke up to my phone ringing again shocked when I had seen the time it was lunchtime. Why am I so tired?


**DAVID** Tasmine?

**TASMINE** David? Oh crap! Shit, I hadn’t called in!

**DAVID** Tasmine, it’s ok a guy named Jackson had called in for you, he told me to try and call you around lunchtime. Sorry did I wake you?

**TASMINE** All good, ok cool. Right, the Doctor has given me a week off to try and get my tiredness under control, she believes I’m low in something just waiting on test results to come in. Also, the next thing is, I’m so sorry I really did not know

**DAVID** Tasmine, it’s ok what is it?

**TASMINE** I’m thirteen weeks pregnant, I

**DAVID** Wow, congratulations! When you are feeling better we will sit down and talk about what you can handle in the pit and your maternity leave.

**TASMINE** Thanks, sure

**DAVID** Good, hope you feel like yourself soon gotta go! BYE!

He hangs up before I couldn’t even respond, laying back down as I felt dizzy again, far out no one had ever told me you become extremely tired when pregnant. Looking at my phone so many missed calls from Oliver, Jackson, Dad, and shit my doctor. Quickly hitting redial on the Doctor’s number.


**DOCTOR CARTER** Doctor Carter.

**TASMINE** Hi, Doctor Carter, it’s Tasmine Brown here returning your phone call.

**DOCTOR CARTER** Hi, good are you able to come into the clinic in about twenty minutes?

**TASMINE** Yes, I can be there.

**DOCTOR CARTER** Good, see you soon.

Ending the call, as I quickly rushed around the room to jump into the shower, while dressing I looked in the mirror to see if I have a bump yet, and I cannot see anything, my stomach feels tight, my lower back and hips hurt a lot right now must have slept funny. The drive to the clinic went so fast, I was doing the speed limit but got all the green lights, I had sent a text to Oliver when I was parked to let him know that I’m awake and heading to see the Doctor at her orders, I will call him when I’m out. I’m sitting here waiting, feeling scared, did she find something that the sonograph lady didn’t see? I want Oliver here so much, don’t cry Tas please don’t cry, “Tasmine?” I look up and followed her into her office, god I have never been so scared before, really dislike that all of this is happening while Oliver is out on site. The Doctor starts typing away at the computer.

“Well, I must say to find out that you are now thirteen and five days pregnant was a nice surprise. Your ultrasound showed no cause of worry for the fetus fluid behind the neck, thought we might have missed the time frame for that test, all is good. There is no evidence as to what caused the pain and heavy bleeding. However, your blood tests have shown that you are extremely low in Iron, vitamin B twelve, and vitamin D and C, so we will be giving you a few needles today to bring your levels up, but you will need to come in every three days to get retested until your levels are normal, if this doesn’t work we will have to look at transfusion. How are you feeling today?” She asked, “Extremely tired, only just woke up an hour ago.” I told her, “Ok, right I’m going to get the nurse and we will get started.”

After that, I had to stay for ten minutes before leaving until the nurse had to check that I wasn’t reacting to the needles. Grabbing some food and started heading home when I realized that I hadn’t called my husband up, quickly dialing his number, he didn’t answer must be working. Time to work on my surprise for Oliver when he gets home, heading towards Spotlight for them to set up part of the surprise for him. I had looked in the envelope so once I have finished here I make my way to the shopping center to get a few things, I cannot wait for him to come home now.

Home now opening up the stuff I got from the shopping center and putting the clothing and blanket items in the washing machine quickly double-checking the time as I don’t want Jackson to know before Oliver. The rest of the stuff I had hidden in our room, I really want to do a happy dance but tiredness is kicking in, instead, I headed into the now finally finished kitchen and started cleaning the building dust off it, while I wait for the washing load to finish so I can dry it.

By late afternoon all of the surprises that I had bought home were hidden in our room, and the kitchen was cleaned house back to the way it was before we had left, crashing on the lounge after using all of my energy up. “Tassie, sweetie wake up, please?” Jackson asked, “Ok, I’m up.” I mumbled, “Good, Oliver is coming home tomorrow, his taken leave his worried about you, so am I.” Jackson said, “What?!” I cried out, I sat up in shock then excitement, his coming home throwing my arms around Jackson as he screamed out in shock as it turned out into a tackle. “Fuck Tasmine, is the babe ok?” Jackson asked, “Yeah, baby Brown is fine, just so bloody happy, hey what time is it?” I asked, “Um, four something why?” He asked shocked, “Quick! We need to get to Spotlight right now!” I cried out, “What? Why? You’re not normally a crafty person, why do you” I cut him off, “Oh, shhh, and follow me! I will tell you on the way.”

Just getting into the shop with twenty minutes to spare, I spotted the staff member that I had spoken to earlier, she smiled at me. “Hi, any chance I can change the time of my order?” I asked her, “Depends on when?” The staff member asked, “Right now? Hubby is on his way home earlier than I knew and I would like to have it set up before his home.” I said very fast while Jackson looked at me like I had lost the plot, “Normally I wouldn’t have been able to, but I’m free, give me about ten minutes I will have your order ready for you.” She said, “Do I want to be home for this?” Jackson asked, “That is all up to you, I’m hoping he’s home while you’re at work.” I said happily, “You and me both little thing.” He grumbled.

Jackson couldn’t stop laughing on the way home. “Jesus Tasmine what type of surprise do you have for him?” He asked, “Well I’m not telling you, but I don’t get what is so funny it’s just a small black balloon.” I stated feeling lost, “Don’t know my mind is in overdrive, after seeing that doll of yours” I cut him off, “You’ve seen Ollie two-point o?” I asked, “Fuck you named it? Hahaha well, I defiantly don’t regret taking a photo of it and sending it to the boy’s group chat!” Jackson yelled out around a fit of laughter, “WHAT! YOU SHARED IT WITH THEM?!” I screamed out loudly, “Oh come on! They all thought it was funny! Fuck that hurt Tasmine!” He cried out in pain, “Good! I don’t use it for” I started he yelled out over the top of me, “I know! Oliver had made that part clear.” He said.

“Do you know when he will be home?” I asked, “Well he was supposed to be on the bus around late Friday afternoon, but he said he was taking a work ute he never gave me a time.” Jackson said, “Ok, our room is off-limits mate!” I snapped, “Ok... why” He started to ask but I cut him off, “FOR ONCE JACKSON I WOULD LIKE OLIVER TO FIND OUT BEFORE YOU!” I screamed at him, “Wow... ok clam your farm down a notch little thing! I won’t go into your room until after he has seen it, deal?” He asked, “Ok, deal!” I spent the next few hours setting it all up making sure I had my stuff in the main bathroom and I was going to sleep on the lounge again just so I didn’t have to reset it all up again, which wasn’t hard after dinner I had fallen asleep next to Jackie who was watching some American renovation show that he likes.

Waking up to soft kisses on my face, hmm who’s that kissing me? Shit Ollie is home! Opening my eyes up to find him smiling down at me, throwing my arms around his shoulders crying. “God babe I fucking hope they are happy tears!” He cried out, “They are! Your home! Wait how long have you been home?!” I asked, “Don’t worry I got drilled by Jackson before he left for work not to enter our room until you woke up, he was not kidding that it would take the army of the dead to wake you. Sorry to say auditions for GoT had ended like years ago, for the winter army.” I laughed, then it hit me how long has he been home for? “Babe, how long have you been home?” I asked, “Been home since five in the morning, it’s ok I had taken a nap on the other end of the lounge.” He moved away just a little pushing me back down onto the lounge, leaning over kissing my belly, smiling at him as I watch what he was up to.

“Hello Baby Brown, daddy missed you and mummy, god I cannot wait to see you again. Also where the hell are you hiding in your mummy?” He looked up at me, I thought I have seen him happy before but wow he is so happy leaning over kissing me as his hand placed firmly on my stomach. “Hmmm, probably the reason why I cannot eat much or pee often.”

“Hmmm, so kitten what have you got in our room that I cannot see until your awake?” He asked with a smirk on his face, “Come on let me show you.” I said he shakes his head no, “Nope not yet, I want to taste you” He didn’t finish talking, kissing me softly as he moved me around so my legs are on his shoulders pulling my nightdress up, kissing his way down my sensitive body, moaning at his touch then groaning as I shoved him off me racing towards the main bathroom, vomiting unsure what as I haven’t eaten since yesterday. “Shit babe, you ok?” He asked from behind me, “Yep, I’m good now.” I said after cleaning up, smiling at him as I moved closer he wraps his arms around me gripping my ass.

“Hmmm, on that note please show me our room kitten.” He said firmly, I smiled at him, “Ok.” Grabbing his hand as I lead the way to our room, stopping at our door as I turned back to him. “Now close your eyes, please.” He did as he was told, opening the door slowly as I pull him along with me moving him so he was right in front of it. “Open your eyes” He opened them looking at our bed that was covered by a white blanket and a black balloon is floating in the middle of it, he turned to me smiling, I hand him a pin with a checky smile on my face.

“Your turn to find out babe.” He pops the balloon and screams out, I had a feeling what I had seen in the ultrasound was true but I wasn’t sure, now I am as confetti flies everywhere. “It’s a boy?” He asked, I quickly roll up the blanket that had the blue, yellow, and green confetti on it with a big smile on my face as I look up at him, as he sees the small number of items that I had bought. “We’re having a boy? Oh my! Tasmine get over her girl!” He grabs my hand pulling me towards him as he kisses me hard, his crying but I know they are happy tears.

“Yes, Ollie we are having a boy!” Picking me up spinning me around as we both laughed. “Yes! So fucking happy!” He cried out, “How many days have you taken off?” I asked, “Took today off, I already have seven days off told my boss that if you are still unwell then I would apply for more time off.” He informed me, “Did you tell them?” I asked, “That you’re pregnant? No, not yet, just said that you have been sent home sick and you injured yourself at work. They all know what you do for a living, so they let me go home.” He says with an evil smirk on his face, while I looked at him in sheer shock, “Oliver!” I yelled out, “Oh shh I wanted to be with you, I had a gut feeling yesterday that you needed me and I wasn’t there, what are your blood test results?” he asked.

“Very bad, really low Iron, vitamin B twelve, vitamin D, and C, have to go back for more tests in two days.” I told him, he looked very worried, “What does all of that mean?” He asked, “Means needles of those vitamins and if I can get my levels up great if not blood transfusion.” I told him, “Shit, how is all of this affection our son?” He asked, “No idea, had completely forgotten to ask I’m so” He cuts me off, “Shh it’s fine, I’m sure if the Doctor was worried she wouldn’t have sent you home. Is this what you bought?” He asked, I nod my head as he pulls me onto the bed to have a look at the blue, green, and yellow baby clothes, blankets, some toys, and other items that we will need.

“This is really happening?” He says as he picks up the photo from yesterday that I had placed in a frame for him. “He is sitting so far back in you that you don’t look pregnant, fuck Tas all the alcohol that you had on your hens and our wedding!” He cried out in shock remembering those times, I looked at him in shock, he is correct, should I be worried now? “I will ask her at my next appointment.” He nods his head as he starts kissing my shoulders. “Tasmine hope you are up for it, I want to make love to you.”

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