No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 46 - Something Is Off

**Oliver’s Pov**

The moment that balloon popped I felt pride is what I would call it, proud that we are expecting, seeing the size of our baby boy and her stomach is still flat, hard as a rock though but flat, cannot wait to see her belly becoming round. I want to run outside and scream it but we have family and close friends that need to know before everyone else. How the hell are we going to tell them? I know she has a plan in place in telling our loved ones but I know Jackson is going to ask what was in our room when he gets home in an hour’s time.

Rolling over cuddling into her sleeping body, so worried about her, she had only just lasted that one round. I don’t want to push her but I felt bad that she was so tired, rather her resting if it’s going make her tired. I want to stay in bed but knowing her she would want all this confetti cleaned up, but I cannot do that quietly instead I wash my work clothes as I didn’t do it out at work, she’s going to kill me if I leave them in the bathroom. “Bro you there?!” Jackson calls out from the front door, I pop my head out of the laundry room to see where he’s at. “In here!” I told him, “Little thing?” he asked, “She’s sound asleep mate.” I told him, he comes around the corner with his cheeky grin on his face.

“So, are you planning on telling me what the hell she had set up in your room?” He asked, “Um, I believe she wants us to tell you together.” I said like hell do I want to have a fight with her over this, “I can pretend to act like it was the first time I was told.” He begged, “She will know, you know she would.” I snapped, “Fuck, I got to wait until she wakes up?! You know that could be tomorrow afternoon right?” He asked sounding upset, “Not going to let her sleep that long bro.” I told him, “No say in that department, she’s extremely hard to wake up lately. Has she eaten today?” He asked, “I see sushi in the fridge unsure of how much she had ordered to work out how much she had eaten.” I said, “You know you both could like ask me.” She snapped behind me, I glared at Jackson before I spun around looking at her angry face, bloody hope she has underwear on underneath my shirt right now.

“I’m sorry babe, also answer his question then as that is what I was” She cuts me off, “Shh Ollie” I did as I notice that smirk she’s trying hard to hide but failed around me, she grabs my hand dragging me out to the living room. “Come on Uncle Jackie follow!” She yells out, “I like the sound of that!” He yelled back at her, I couldn’t take the smile off my face, “So do we.” I said, “So am I having a niece or a nephew?” He asked, we smiled at him holding her hand tightly, as we said at the same time. “It’s a boy.” His face breaks out into a huge smile, “FUCK YES! You both aren’t turning him into a petrol head either!” He yells out, we both looked at each other in confusion then back at him and said at the same time, “What’s that supposed to mean?” He throws his hands up in the air to stop us both, “Easy you two love your cars, so does his grandad” I cut him off, “I would stop mate” I said, “Right... Ok, when are we telling the dads?” He asked, I look back at my wife hoping she had an idea on how to spill this to them, even though they both have already guessed it.

“Good fucking question I have no idea, as they both have already guessed it.” She complained, “Well.” Jackson says as we all sit down, Tasmine, of course, cuddles up half on my lap, I know she is going to go back to sleep soon so we need to hurry. “Facetime them both right now?” I asked, she shakes her head no. “Then what Tas?” I asked, “How about we film something for them? Make sure we Facetime them together and send the video at the same time and watch them watching it.” She said, “I like that, Jackie willing to help out?” I asked, “Yes, first Brown baby in the family of course I will help out man. When and where?” He said gleefully, “When’s your next day off Jackie?” She asked, “The weekend Tas.” He said, “Oh, willing to work on it in the morning?” She asked, he raised both his eyebrows up at her, “You’re going to wake up?” he asked, “Oh I have no idea, Jackson.” She said, “How about this we work on it every afternoon and call them both up on the weekend? That way if you’re not up for working on it for long periods you can have breaks.” I said.

“Ok, are we getting takeout tonight?” She asked, “Nah, I feel like cooking dinner tonight.” I told her, “Need a hand?” Jackson asked, “Sure, Tas are you going to nap while we cook?” I asked, “Maybe, do we have any bananas left?” She asked, “Yes, you don’t want dinner?” Jackson asked, she looks at him like a little kid, “I just want a banana.” I looked at her in confusion, “Really?” I asked, “Yep.” I just looked at her in shock but knowing that our son is sitting way inside instead of out he could be making her stomach smaller than normal. I won’t make much food just enough for tonight and lunch tomorrow. She gets up grabs the last banana, sitting at the kitchen bench watching us working away as we joked and talked away. Tasmine smiles as she gets down from the bench chair gripping the kitchen bench tightly, I notice her swaying fuck she’s about to pass out.

“Ollie I feel funny” She whispered, that is all she said as she collapses, while I rushed towards her catching her just in time as I hit the ground hard making sure I took the blunt of her fall as well. “Tas, babe wake up?” I gently brush her cheek as Jackson comes rushing around with his phone out. “Calling an ambo!” He yelled, “Yes, Tasmine, sweetheart open your eyes for me, please.” I begged, fuck what is going on here, “Here I pass her husband to you he knows more about her medical history.” Jackson said.


**TRIPLE ZERO OPERATOR** Hi, Oliver? Can you please tell me what has happened?

**OLIVER** Yes, Tasmine my wife she’s just over thirteen weeks pregnant, in the process of being treated for Low Iron, B twelve, D, and C. She’s been sleeping so much lately she was sitting up at the kitchen bench eating a banana when she stood up saying she felt funny and passed out. I haven’t been able to wake her up she is breathing but it’s faint. Are she and our son ok?

**TRIPLE ZERO OPERATOR** I have an ambulance heading out your way, could you please put Tasmine in the recovery position, do you know what that is?

**OLIVER** Yes, how am I going to wake her up?

**TRIPLE ZERO OPERATOR** I would just stay with her until help arrives Sir, as she might come too. Has she had her sugar levels tested? Also, do you know her Iron levels?

**OLIVER** Um, unsure on the sugar levels she never said, she told me her Iron levels are bad that she needs to get needles every three days and they will be checking her levels every three days if it doesn’t work blood transfusion.

**TRIPLE ZERO OPERATOR** Ok, when was this?

**OLIVER** Treatment started yesterday I believe.

**TRIPLE ZERO OPERATOR** Ok, how long has it been since she fainted?

I looked over at Jackson who was trying to wake her up, he shrugs his shoulders.

**OLIVER** A few minutes, hold up Jackson is that them?

Jackson yelled out “Yes!”

**OLIVER** They are here, thank you so much!

**TRIPLE ZERO OPERATOR** Your welcome, best of luck.

We quickly hung up the phone as the ambulance officers come racing in behind Jackson, I quickly got out of their way as they work on my wife, not going to tell the others in our group of friends that I held onto Jackson’s hand tightly as they work on her, doing my best not to cry right now. “She’s going to” He started to say, “Please shut up.” I whispered, “Ok” He whispered, “Hmmm? Ollie?” Tasmine whispered, “Yes, hun?” I spoke up to her, my heart started again after I heard her soft voice she still cannot see me as the Ambo is working on her asking her heaps of questions as they do tests on her, the second one started asking us questions too. “We are going to be taking her to the base for more observations, good news is your son is good, we believe she is dehydrated mixed with server low iron had caused this but the team at the hospital will be able to tell you more.” He told us, “Can I go with you?” I asked, “Sure, follow us.” he agreed, “Lock up Jackie, also don’t call our fathers just yet until we know more!” I ordered him, he nods his head in agreement, “Got it, bro!”

I could only sit in the front with the driver as the other Ambo needed to be in the back with her, noticing she had her eyes closed while talking quietly as he askes her questions. I stood to the side as they work on her in the ER ward hooking her up to so many things and draining blood from her arm before leaving us both alone, I rushed to her side. “How are you?” I asked, “Feel like I haven’t slept in over four days, and like I have been hit by a bus, is our son ok?” She asked worriedly holding her stomach, placing my hand over hers smiling as I leaned over kissing her forehead. “The Ambo said he is ok, the doctors had just checked they seem to be ok with that.” I told her, “I love you, get up here so I can go to sleep, please.” I climbed up onto the very small bed she climbs onto my lap curled up into a ball as she falls asleep, I asked the nurse for extra blankets as she was finding it cold. Three hours later they had finally let Jackson join us, thank god as my phone had died and just sitting here was boring waiting for them to come back in and tell us what is going on.

“What is taking them so long?” Jackson complained, “Who knows, it is an emergency ward.” I stated, “How are you so calm right now?” he asked shocked, “I know it’s not too bad as they are making her wait this long, but also had heard our son’s heartbeat.” I said with a big dorky smile on my face, “I haven’t told Jo any of this, I hope you both know that. It’s for you two to tell her.” He said, and I felt pride with him in being able to keep this to himself I know how hard he is finding it, “Jackie I know, also she’s up this weekend, isn’t she?” I asked, “Nope, next weekend she is up. Fuck it’s been too long since I have seen her I miss her.” He said sounding upset, and I fucking get it big time, “I know you do, never gets easy missing them.” I whispered holding onto her tighter, this week was the worst worrying about them both, “It works out well as the rest of my items that I have ordered would have arrived by then.” He said, I still don’t believe him, “Really? I think you don’t want to live by yourself just yet you want her up full time before you move out.”

“No, I’m worried about Tas man, she’s taken a beating and I hate seeing her” I cut him off, “Same, hey to change the subject majorly when are you two having your engagement party?” I asked, “You need a subject change? Now that Tas is pregnant I think Jo was saying if that was the case to have the party when she’s around five or six months along so she’s not too big but noticeable that way bub is walking when it’s our wedding.” I start laughing, he looks at me oddly. “What if she’s pregnant right after birthing our son.” He looked at me in shock, “God, Oliver I hope your going to let her heal, and learn how to be a mum before dumping another child onto her.” He said, “Kidding bro, you really think she would let that happen?” I asked.

“NO! It won’t be fucking happing, well not that bloody soon. At least when this one is two years old.” She snapped, “How are you feeling? I agree kitten.” I said, “Same, have they been in yet?” She whispered she sounds so shattered, “No,” I said, “Ok, wake me up when they do, also the pair of you talk quietly your way too loud.” she mumbles, “Righto!” Jackson said loudly, “Foghorn!” She snapped at him, he smiled broadly at her, “Yes?” He asked laughing.

Another three hours that we finally see a doctor who seems to be shocked that no one had been in yet, to check up on her the nurses have just been checking her obs and fluids but no answers. I gently woke her up, poor thing looks worse. “Ok, Tasmine your test results have come back. I would like to admit you into the women’s ward for the next forty-eight hours so we can get your numbers up, you have severe anemia in Iron, B twelve, D, and C vitamins, and dehydrated as well, due to your fainting and how tired you are it would be the safer option for you. I have already contacted your GP and she has forward your file over to us. The nurse will be in soon to take you up to your ward, but first I would like to start you off with another round of injections and your first round of transfusion. It’s safer to get this treatment done to your unborn child than to put it off.” I just nod my head as I’m in shock, Tas did the same thing unsure of what Jackson had done. The Doctor quickly left as another nurse arrives telling me to hop off the bed as they started to prep her for her travel and her treatment. The nurse gave her the injections that she had to take, they seemed to be prepping her for the transfusion but doing it up at the ward as another nurse came and started wheeling her off, we both followed her, once she was set up and the transfusion started she closes her eyes, while we both sat next to her.

“Lee is blasting my phone bro,” Jackson informed me, Tasmine lets out a groan, I grab her hand right away. “Babe?” I asked, “He’s going to be driving down here soon if we don’t tell him what’s going on.” She whispered, “I know, are you ok with not doing the video that you wanted to do.” I asked, “No say baby Brown has made his choice be known.” She grumbled, “Yes, my little nephew he sure has, right I’m going to video call him hey? You two get comfortable as his last message was if you three don’t start talking to me soon I’m coming down.” Jackson grumbled, “Right now?” I asked, “Does it have to be right now?” She asked, “Have no choice as Dad is now sending the same text messages.” Jackson groans out, “Alright let me get comfortable here, kitten you ok?” I asked, “I’m going to have to be, I feel like shit, so I know I must look like shit.” She grumbles, I wrap an arm around her as she cuddles into me, Jackson climbs onto the bed but sits at our feet, he has his phone out, it’s ringing then we hear Lee’s upset voice over the phone.


**LEE** Jackson, why are you calling me and not my daughter or son-in-law?

**JACKSON** Oh, Lee I know you love me too just like a son. They are with me.

**LEE** Why are you in the hospital, Jackson, what’s going on? This is not like them, is Tasmine ok?

**JACKSON** Well if you cool down and let me finish you might know!

**LEE** Fine! Tell me, Jackson.

**Jackson** Ok, hold up I got to call dad in

**CHARLES** Don’t worry son, I’m here.

**JACKSON** Why are you at Lee’s?

**CHARLES** Trying to see what is going on with you three, now where is Oliver?

**JACKSON** Ok, first of yes we are in the hospital, no you both do not need to rush down for it, everything is ok, I don’t want to say that’s for you two, I’m going to shut up now and flip the phone for you to see them.

Jackson smiles at us as he flips the phone around holding it up so that we can see our dad’s, Lee looked upset then worry set in when he noticed all the stuff attached to Tasmine and the state she is in, not going to lie she looks really run down.

**LEE** Oh baby girl what’s going on? What is all that attached to you?

**TASMINE** Well you are both right, we just didn’t know at the time. I’m nearly fourteen weeks pregnant, really have only just found out.

**LEE** Really?! I’m going to be a grandad?!

**CHARLES** Fuck yes! I’m going to be a grandad!

**LEE** But that doesn’t explain what’s going on Tas, I’m not being harsh but you look extremely unwell.

**TASMINE** That’s because I am dad, just getting a blood transfusion right now I have already had lost count of how many injections I have had, I have anemia in Iron, vitamin B twelve, D, and C, they are keeping me in for forty-eight hours to get my numbers up, that’s why I have been so tired lately and not answering everyone’s phone calls.

**OLIVER** Yes, your grandson is giving her hell at the moment.

**LEE** Hold up! Did you just say, grandson?! FUCKING YES!! WE HAVE A BOY IN THE FAMILY!! Tas baby girl, I’m so sorry he’s not making it easier for you, hope you feel like yourself soon.

**CHARLES** What’s the effect on him with you having such low numbers?

**OLIVER** Unsure, they just said we fix this now rather than later. I’m more worried about the amount of alcohol she had at her hens and our wedding.

**LEE** I would say it should be ok, as it was only twice not every day. Once cyclone Kimi goes, we will be heading down your way.

**CHARLES** Have you got a bump yet?

**JACKSON** Nope! That is the odd part she has a flat stomach!

**OLIVER** It’s hard though, maybe in a few weeks, he might pop the belly out some more.

**TASMINE** I’m going to love you both and leave you!

**LEE** Why?

She bolts off the bed tacking everything with her making it to the vomit bags and started vomiting.

**OLIVER** Sorry, she needed to vomit.

**LEE** Oh, she ok?

**OLIVER** Will be once she stops.

**CHARLES** Can we start telling the others?

**OLIVER** No, we will be telling the others, Max doesn’t know yet so please don’t say anything.

**LEE** Why have you all kept it so quiet you out of the danger zone?

**TASMINE** As I said we have only just found out about him, like only a week dad.

She climbs back onto the bed and in my arms, she closes her eyes, I was expecting her dad to get up her but she looks like she needs about another day worth of sleep.

**CHARLIES** Ahh poor thing, hold up are you on days off Oliver, or have you taken time off?

**OLIVER** I had taken my last day off, I’m now on my week off, but if she needs more help I will take more time off.

**LEE** We can come up and help you all out so your not using all your sick leave up Oliver cause you going to need them when he’s born.

**OLIVER** I have six years’ worth of unused sick leave Lee, plus I will be applying for parental leave when his born.

**LEE** Good.

Us four talked for an hour before the nurse kicked myself and Jackson out of her room to let her sleep, they had also taken her off the transfusion will find out tomorrow morning how she is, I wanted to stay, but she doesn’t have a layout chair for me to sleep in, I did wake her up enough for myself to say goodbye to her and our son and that I will see her soon. It felt weird going home without her, but I am glad Jackson still lives with us I at least have him to talk to.

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