No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 47 - Family Is Everything

**Tasmine’s Pov**

Waking up after what I thought was only a few hours, turns out to have been a whole day, no one was in the room with me, I just wanted to cry then and that is not like me at all. Must be pregnancy hormones rolling over to find I’ve hooked up again to the transfusion and grabbing my phone to see that I have another twenty-odd messages, but I only opened up Oliver’s message.


**OLIVER** Babe I have only just popped out to get some food, text me if you wake up and I’m not there, I can get you something if you’re feeling up to it. Love you both xo

I couldn’t help it, had the biggest smile on my face, how the hell did I get so fucking lucky in finding a man like him.

**TASMINE** Morning babe, just woke up, a coffee would be great and anything that has chocolate and bananas in it would be lovely. Love you too! xo P.S Missing you!

**OLIVER** It’s afternoon sweetie, but I can get all that for you, if not are you happy with just a banana and a chocolate item? I miss you too sweetie.

**TASMINE** Can live with that.

**OLIVER** Good, not many options babe, see you soon my Mumma Kitten.

I burst out into a fit of laughter, of course, he would start with that nickname, and deep down I fucking love it. I didn’t have to wait as long as I thought after seeing and replying to at least half of the messages that I have on my phone before he placed the nice smelling coffee under my nose, looking up at my handsome husband with a big smile on my face. “Wow, kitten you’re looking better.” He said happily, “Thanks feeling it, when can I break out?” I asked, “Not yet Tas, they want your numbers to go up just a little bit more before they let you out, but your colour is coming back.” Taking a sip of the coffee, that taste so good then I spotted the food in his hands as he climbs into the bed with me, placing the food items in front of me with a proud look on his face. “Did I deliver?” He asked, “Um Ollie you always deliver, thank you.” I leaned up giving him a quick kiss before checking out what he got me, which was a brownie, banana, and Freddo frog I start giggling. “Fucking love it babe.” I said, he gave me a playful look, “Good, cause that Freddo is mine!” He snatched it off the bed laughing as he opened it biting his head off.

“Babe I was going to give it to you anyway.” I told him, he looked at me in shock, “You were?” He asked, “No, but you took it.” He laughed so hard, he stopped laughing as he noticed the doctor had walked into the room I quickly stopped too. “Afternoon Tasmine, it’s nice to see you awake and have colour coming back. Right, so your numbers have gone up, just not high enough for my liking I am hoping that after this round they will be at the numbers that I would like you to be at. Now good to see you are eating and drinking, to keep these levels up I will be giving you a meal plan to stick to along with vitamins that you need to take. Will also be checking your levels regularly so they do not get this low again.” Just as he finished talking a nurse comes in pushing a trolly with a machine on it, the Doctor looked back at me.

“Tasmine could you please lay further down on the table for me and lift your shirt and pull your pants down just a little, please.” He says this as the nurse is on the other side of the bed helping me move them to the levels that are needed, as I didn’t put my pants down low enough as she tucks in some paper as the doctor puts gel on my stomach I notice Oliver looking excited as this is a first for him being in person, once the nurse moved out of the way Oliver was right there next to me holding my hand looking at the screen. “I just was to do a quick check-up on your son for you. Hmmm...ah, there he is, he’s sitting right down in the back. Have you been getting a lot of lower back and hip pains?”

“Yes, I have been like I have slept on it funny. Any way of getting him to move forward?” I asked, “I can try nudging him forward, but when he grows more he will have no choice as there will be more space at that front.” He dug the thing around trying to get him to move it hurt, he did move but not by much I felt the pressure on my lower back lifting a little, the doctor quickly cleaned me up and then instructed the nurse to unhook me from the transfusion. “I will be in tomorrow to check your numbers, enjoy your night Tasmine.” He nods his head at Oliver as he left the room the nurse following behind him pushing the trolley as soon as they left Oliver’s hands went to my stomach with the biggest smile on his face.

“That was so much better than facetime Tasmine, our son” He stopped talking and leaned down kissing my stomach, he looks up I see that his crying reaching up wiping away his tears. “I’m so bloody scared of what life is going to be like once he is here, but also scared of your health and his, then the love I have for him feels so much different to the love I have for you I’m fuck doing a bloody chick flick moment, aren’t I?” I giggle at the embarrassed look on his face. “Yeah my macho hubby you are, but you know what I love that side of you, that only a few know about. I get it, feeling the same over here. Come cuddle up to me and tell me all about what our dad’s talked about after I had crashed.”

Sitting out on the patio in the afternoon breeze watching the men work one is working away at the veggie garden the other is mowing the lawn. I have been out of the hospital now for six days my numbers are good, and they have stayed up also loving the new diet plan he has put me on, it’s everything I have been craving, and he added them as small meals knowing my stomach cannot hold that much until this baby moves down a little, but I don’t think that is going to happen. I have my energy back, which is amazing, the men though are not letting me help out in the yard work, which is all I want to do is help them.

Wearing a tight singlet which is not normally tight on me and gym pants, every book says you will feel butterflies what I just felt like was a massive amount of gas going through my body, getting an overwhelming feeling to rush to the bathroom as soon as I stood up I heard Jackson whisper holly hell, I look down and bam I have a cute little bump I screamed out in joy. “OLIVER!” He looked up from the veggie patch, rushing over towards me in fear but then in shock, then he started laughing as he stopped in front of me. “Wow, you have a bump!” His hands crease the bump, if you didn’t know me you would think I just ate too much that is how small it is, but I’m just too happy I have started to show, do have the feeling that I had the bump this morning but only noticing it just now after that weird movement, which I felt again while Oliver’s hand was on my stomach, I start giggling.

“What?” He asked, “Think he’s moving at your touch.” I whispered, “He is? I cannot feel it!” He said full of enjoyment, “Maybe it’s too early for you to be able to feel it. To be honest it feels like rolling gas” Jackson cuts me off, “Rolling gas? You’re comparing my little nephew to farts Tasmine?!” He yelled out, “Well it doesn’t feel like butterflies like the books say!” I yelled back at him.

Jackson shakes his head as he walks back to the mower, Oliver not caring about Jackson being around kissing me with so much passion I wanted to take him to our room, but he pulls away squeezing my ass as he made his way back to the veggie patch leaving me all hot and bothered. Two can play at that game, making my way into our bathroom taking my singlet off, getting into a position that I knew showed them off in a way that he likes, taking a few photos until I got one I liked, making my way into the kitchen to start dinner before I start cutting all the items up I sent the photo off to him. Everything was all cut up and I was in the process of frying off the onion and curry powder when I felt his hands on my hips as he kisses my neck “Hmm kitten your lucky Jackson wasn’t looking over my shoulder.” He whispered.

“No idea what you’re talking about Oliver.” I responded loudly, “Mumma kitten you do” Jackson came in laughing, “Mumma Kitten? Fuck Oliver your nicknames man!” He said around his laughing fit, “Can we have some private time?” Oliver snapped at Jackson, “You are in a common room space mate deal with it! Also Tas why are you adding that fruit to the curry?” He asked, “It’s on my list so deal with it.” I said poking my tongue at Jackson, “Really? It better not make it taste like shit.” He grumbles, “You have never had fruit in a curry before? Wow, I am about to blow your mind brother!” I said joyfully, “You hope that you do.” He snapped, Oliver walked away from me leaning against the counter watching me, “What is with you today?” He asked Jackson, “Nothing, have you told the others yet?” Jackson asked him, while Oliver looked like he had forgotten about them.

“Fuck, no. Is that why you are upset?” Oliver asked, the look Jackson gives him says he thinks Oliver is stupid right now, “Yes, not fun keeping this from Maxi Pad and Josie man.” He grumbles, “Tonight we will call them up, you ok with” He asked me but I spoke over him, “Yes! Cause they are annoying me too you know!” I snapped, “Ok babe.”

Sitting outside after eating dinner cuddling up to Oliver as we wait for Jack to get out of the shower. Oliver nibbling on my ear as his hand is spread out over my stomach, haven’t felt any more movements since this afternoon and I cannot wait to feel more. As the light rain drizzles down in front of us, glad we finished the yard work, that is one thing I miss about home is the amount of rain, whenever we are home and it’s raining out here is where you would find us, just quietly listening to it, for me smelling it. I know he’s leaving to go to work tomorrow I hate how fast his time off goes, but I’m good now no longer need him to stay at home with me. “who do you want to tell first?” He asked, “Jo and Max first babe, they should know before the rest.” I stated, “Good, I agree.” He said in agreement, “Babe I will be ok” I started saying but he spoke over the top of me, “I know, trying not to have chick flick moment here kitten.” He said.

“Chick flick moment?” Jackson asked loudly, “That’s why.” He whispers in my ear as Jack walks out drying his hair with his towel only wearing his boxers looking at his cousin with amusement. “Not going to fill me in on this moment hey cuz?” Jackson asked, “Nope because I am back at being a cousin” Oliver bitched, “Well tech” Jackson started, “Oh shut up the pair of you.” I cut them both off before the pair of them got into another bickering match that they normally get into. “Now we are calling up Max and Josie so are you joining us or” Jackson cuts me off, “I’m joining you!” He yelled out, “Good, now who’s phone are we using?” Oliver asked, “Mine.” I answered, “We Facetiming them?” Jackson asked, “Yes.” I said, “Good, I have fucking missed them both, more so Jo then” Oliver cuts Jackson off, “We know shh, get in here you idiot.”

**Facetime Call**

**Max** – Who’s an Idiot Oliver?

**Josephine** – Great way to say hello.

**Oliver** – So sorry, hello guys, was trying to get Jackie into the screen.

**Jackson** – Hey Babe!

**Max** – What? No hello brother?! Nice big brother you are!

**Jackson** – Hello Maxi pad are you on your period or something?

**Josephine** – Hi Babe, leave Max alone. So why did you three group call us everything ok?

**Max** – Asshole, also Tassie you ok you looking a little paler than normal?

**Tasmine** – Hey guys, that’s why we group called you. We have already told our dad’s now it’s your turn our son is due in May!


**Max** – Really? Wow is that why you three haven’t been getting back to me as often?

**Oliver** – Yes, but more so as Tas’s health had taken a decline, she’s now on the mends and safe for us to share the news with you all.

**Josephine** – Hold up! That means you are four months pregnant Tas! Shit, we need to start working on our engagement invites babe!

**Jackson** - We do?

I slapped the back of his head as I shake my head.

**Tasmine** – You idiot.

**Josephine** – Thanks Tas, JACKSON!

**Max** – If you two are going to fight please go and have a private call, but in the meantime how about we have a baby shower and engagement all in one?!

**Tasmine** – Um no! It’s their day, not our son’s day! We will have one closer to my due date thank you.

**Jackson** – Was just going to have a big barbie at my place with those who I want at our wedding which is what our families, motley crew, and our coworkers? Did I miss anyone Jo?

**Josephine** – No sweetie that is all of them.

**Oliver** – Good, now Max any news?

**Max** – On what?

**Jackson** – On the job front you idiot.

**Max** – Oh right, yes well I have yet to tell Justine it so why

**Josephine** – She won’t mind!

**Tasmine** – Yes, please tell us!

**Jackson** – Are you working near us?

**Oliver** – Are the Brown boys all going to be in the same town again?

**Max** – Fuck you are a pushy lot!

**Tasmine** – Well what is it? Do I have to wait until I give birth to your nephew before we find out?!

**Max** – No Tassie dear, fine if I say it you cannot tell Justine ok.

We all agreed with him.

**Max** – Good, I got the job out with you bro. Heading over to your town in about five weeks to check out houses to either rent or buy.

**Jackson** – I say buy bro, getting a rental in this town is becoming hard right now.

**Max** – Ok, are the prices the same as in WA?

**Oliver** – Depends on which part of town you’re looking at.

**Max** – Looking at farms or houses on larger lots not as small as what you have Oliver.

**Oliver** – Yeah it’s a townhouse bro what do you expect.

**Jackson** – I know a few text me the suburbs you’re interested in and I will send you the links of the ones I have.

**Josephine** – Are you still looking, Jackie?

**Jackson** – No, some are from what I had looked at the others are work-related.

**Max** – Awesome I will let you know bro. Also thanks Oliver and Tasmine that is amazing news I cannot wait to meet my nephew.

**Oliver** – You’re welcome, I’m over the fucking moon about it.

**Tasmine** – Of course, you are babe, thanks Maxi pad also cannot wait for you and Justine to be living in Mackay with us.

**Max** – Me either I miss you all, I’ve got to go get back to work so thanks guys for letting me know, so happy for you guys. Bye!

**Jackson** – Bye baby brother will text you later! Miss you too!

**Oliver** – Bye Maxi pad text you later! Miss you too.

I and Josephine had said our byes to Max as he hung up Jo had a big smirk on her face both myself and Jackson smirked at each other as we both replied.

**Tasmine** – Spill bitch!

**Jackson** – Spit it out, babe!

**Oliver** – What the hell did I miss?

**Jackson** – A lot.

**Josephine** – That property you and Oliver looked at but you turned down is it still up for sale?

**Jackson** – Yes, but Jose I have just bought a house I

**Josephine** – Sshh

**Jackson** – Fine, what is it.

**Josephine** – All six of us pitch in and buy it

**Jackson** – Are you insane!

**Tasmine** – Why is she insane?

**Oliver** – Because it’s a massive amount of land with five farmhouses on it.

**Tasmine** – What? Five why the hell would you want to

**Josephine** – They aren’t all next to each other, by the looks of it the main house had gone and bought up the neighboring properties they are selling it all.

**Tasmine** – Must be a reason for them both to turn it down.

**Jackson** – Yes five-point one-million reasons little thing.

**Tasmine** – Holy shit! We don’t have that much to put up nor be able to do a loan that large even if we do split it three ways!

**Josephine** – Only saying this as they have dropped their price.

**Oliver** – Yeah, I doubt they would have dropped their price below a million Jose.

**Josephine** – It’s down to three

**Jackson** – I do love your ideas babe but I do not have that amount for a deposit to get the loan for that price even split three ways, not on top of the loan I have already.

**Josephine** – And what you’re not going to see if I could add to that deposit, I have enough, I know Max does

**Oliver** – Can I see my accountant first before I say anything.

**Tasmine** – Babe can we? I may not want to go back to work can we afford it?

**Oliver** – That is why I said I need to see Alan first before saying anything.

**Jackson** – Then what happens to the house I just fucking bought?

**Josephine** – Either rent it out or sell it, babe.

**Jackson** – Why didn’t you bring this up sooner?

**Josephine** – I did and you shot me down remember?

**Jackson** – Yes, cause it was an insane amount of money.

**Tasmine** – My question is why five houses?

**Josephine** – Well one house for you and Oliver, one for Max and Justine, one for us spare one for our families and friends to stay at when they visit and the last we could rent out?

**Oliver** – Well it would be a lovely thing once you four get married and start joining us in bring baby Brown’s into the world, they all will be as close as us.

**Jackson** – I want our children to be close but not at the cost of near-bankrupt.

**Josephine** – Who said we

**Jackson** – Because all three of us would have to get a massive amount of a loan to be able to buy it that’s why, how about we hold off to see if we can buy a lot that we all can afford. Hold up are you suggesting using the money from your inheritance? Because if that is the case it will be a big fat

**Tasmine** – Hold up

**Oliver** – No! Tasmine you’re not using yours either!

**Tasmine** – What is it with you both? I have it sitting there not being used if it could help us out why can’t I use it?

**Oliver** – Because I rather buy cause we can afford it not because you both have lost parents!

**Jackson** – I agree!

**Josephine** – Well you both are fools!

**Tasmine** – As interesting as this conversation is I need to use the bathroom please excuse me.

I didn’t wait for them to respond as I need to go now rushing off towards the bathroom only just making it in time, crap I thought this was to slow down now that I’m in the second trimester? Dinner didn’t stay down long bugger I had liked it, not so much now that it came back up. A soft tap at the door leaning my head against my knees I mumbled for them to come in as I know it’s Oliver. “Kitten, you ok?” He asked, “Hmmm, wanted dinner to stay down a bit longer than that but your son chose to make me vomit it back up hold up” Couldn’t finish off what I was saying as another round hit me, he rushes forward holding my hair back as he rubs circles on my back. Once it finished I lean back into his arms, groaning. “Is it such a bad idea?” I asked, “Yeah babe from my math’s the loan repayments on top of this place will be way too tight and with you nearly going to be off work I don’t want to put that much pressure on us both, I also do not feel we should use your money from your mum babe. That is for you and you only.” He told me, I can tell he has made up his mind on this subject but I haven’t yet.

“But I want to use it to help us out, why have it sitting in a bank doing nothing” He cuts me off, “It’s not doing nothing babe, the longer it sits in that account the better.” He told me, “Interest rates aren’t that great,” I told him, “Tasmine I love you but stop, please.” Ok, I have no choice now that he is using that one of voice, “Ok” I whispered, “Seeing as you two out of three girls are keen on living so close together we will keep an eye out for a suitable property but in the meantime, let’s enjoy the fact we have a son on the way and we can start setting up his room.” I chuckle as he does know that we girls will indeed enjoy living very close together. “Cannot do that until he moves out.” I told him, “Yeah that’s in under six days, nothing stopping us from going shopping.” Oliver said, “How? You’re going to work tomorrow.” I said, “I don’t leave until the afternoon, I have all morning to buy things for our son.” He told me, “Oh Ollie!” Spinning around giving him a tight hug, I want to cry right now, he softly strokes my hips as I burst into tears, confusing him.

“Kitten why are you crying?” he asked, “Nothing bad, Ollie it’s happy tears.” I said around my tears, “Good, I hate seeing you cry.” He whispered, “I know.” He stands up taking me with him, I quickly clean myself up as he stands back watching quietly. “Before I fall asleep I want to scream your name out.”

“Oh, Mumma Kitten you will be!” He cuts me off kissing me tenderly as he picks me up walking us towards our bedroom kicking the door closed behind him, throwing me onto the bed as I giggle his whiskers tickling me as he kisses his way up my body. “Fuck Ollie please hurry!” I begged, “Hmm you in that much of a need?” he asked, “Yes!” I cried out, he smirks at me as I wriggle under him, pinning my arms above my head as I tried to pull his boxers down. “Nope, I’m going to drag this out, my love.” he growls out giving me his playful smirk, “Ohhh fuck your evil, arghhh god Oliver! Yes! Do that again.” I cried out.

Looking around the baby shop feeling happy, lost, and confused as to what the hell do we need “Well kitten he is going to need a bed and a change table lets start with that then work our way down?” Oliver suggested, “Yes, you are right. Ohhh Ollie I love these!” On the back wall are these eight black and white baby animal prints with colourful feather bands on their heads Oliver smiled at me. “You want them?” He asked, “Please, only four of them,” I told him, he shakes his head at me, “No kitten go all eight I have an idea.” he said with a gleeful look on his face, “You do?” I asked, I like this side of him, “I do kitten.” Now I can not wait to see his idea taking shape.

He pulls the box that is under them into our trolley, as he made his way over towards the cots, running his hands over them, as he stops at the one I haven’t been able to stop looking at. Which is a white cot with a natural wood frame that goes above it in the shape of a house. I enjoy this cot as it changes as the child grows but also when he is older can wrap around twinkle lights for him. He looks up at me with a smile on his face, I’m enjoying how happy he is lately. “I love your taste babe, look it has matching draws that have a change table spot. Here let’s get this, the cot mattress, mattress protector, draws, sheet and blanket set, change table mat, and that mobile today and when I’m back we can paint the room and start setting it up.”

We both couldn’t stop smiling at each other as he starts placing the card slips for the furniture into the trolley and the smaller items into the trolley as we made our way to the checkout. “Is this going to fit in our car?” I asked, “Babe it will fit, remember bought my work ute.” He reminded me, “I know, I do remember, also you have all your work gear in the back.” I told him, “Tas we will make it work, please trust me.” He said, “Ok.” He just giggles at the look I have on my face, I have the sinking feeling it won’t fit but he’s being a man about it. We paid then the store clerk bought out the items to our ute only just fitting the two bulky items in the ute tray, the rest of the items had fitted into the back seats. On the way home stopped at a red light Oliver looked over at me, his hand running up my leg.

“Kitten, your glowing today.” He told me, “Thanks, does that mean I cannot work on the room while you’re away?” I asked, he gives me that stern look that tells me he’s about to lecture me. “Tasmine you are not moving any heavy furniture or building heavy items by yourself, if I have to I will store the items at Jackson’s house if you cannot contain yourself.” Wow, he sounds pissed off, “Wow Oliver you think so little of me that I would try to do that? If I got the need I was going to ask Jack” He cuts me off, “No Tas I do not think so little of you, but get this into your mind we are close to Jackson, yes, but for once I want to be the one that does that with you. We set up the nursery together as husband and wife, mother and father of our son that is my wish please respect that.” I smiled at him as he finished changing gears I grab his hand squeezing it. “Ollie, I would very much like that, instead of me doing the lifting would you and Jackie move everything we don’t want in that room out into the outside shed and move our son’s items into the room?” I asked, “If he is home today we will do it before I head out, if not it will be when I get back you are” I cut him off, “Oliver I won’t.” I promised him, “Good.” Oliver said firmly.

Arriving home to an empty house Jackson had gone out to do something for work, Oliver had our next-door neighbour help move the two large items into the house as Jackson won’t be home before Oliver needed to leave. “Wow, congratulations you two! My kids will be over the moon to have another little one to play with.” Nicholas said, “Yes, I have noticed the neighborhood has starting to grow over the past couple of months.” Oliver said, “Yes, Talitha believes there is something in the water on this side of town.” Nicholas said, “Wait is Talitha pregnant again?” I asked, “Yes, she’s fifteen weeks.” he said brightly, “Really? Wow, Tas is Fourteen weeks.” Oliver told him, “Oh, wow that is amazing, have you both found out the sex of your child?” he asked us, “Yes, you?” I said, “No, she wants to find out at the birth this time. Are you having a boy or a girl or are you keeping it a surprise at your baby shower?” He asked.

“No, we are telling people, we are expecting a boy.” I said brightly, “Wow congratulations!” He gave us both hugs. “Well if our little one is finally a girl, knowing Talitha she will pass on our boy items to your son because three is our max.” He informed us, “Oh wow, thank you that is very kind of you both.” Oliver said. I leave them to it as I was craving peppermint tea, yelling out asking if they wanted a drink Ollie asked for his normal coffee while Nicholas just said cold water, I gave them their drinks while I went outside to drink and read a book while the men catch up.

As I normally do I got lost in the book just about hitting Oliver in the head with my book when he snaked an arm around my shoulders. “Shit Tas it’s me!” He cried out, “Fucking hell! You scared me, babe, you ok?” I asked, “Yeah you missed my head. Now that we are alone do you care to join me in,” he asked, “Here is good,” I told him, “No, people can see us.” He puts a finger to my lips stopping me from replying and whispers in my ear. “Follow me now kitten.”

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