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Chapter 48 - Brown Engagement

**Two Months Later**

**Tasmine’s Pov**

Today is Jackson’s and Josephine’s engagement party, Oliver had taken time off for this he had arrived home last night having him back is good this very horny Mumma to be missed him so much. Our boy’s room is finally completed we had worked on the last of it last night in between sessions, I cannot wait for our son to arrive now, now it’s time to just enjoy my growing bump.

We painted three of the walls light grey and the main wall ice blue, Oliver had hung up those pictures that we both had fallen in love with, placing a colourful stripy rug with a soft basket that is full of toys, pillows, and blankets. The cot is on an angle in the corner near the window, we have wrapped the Australian animals mobile around the top of the house part of the cot, with a koala teddy bear from his Uncle Max has been attached to the side top part of the cot, the draws and a rocking chair and bin are on the other side of the wall with shelving for his knick-knacks and family photos, sliding built-in cupboard takes up half of the other wall.

Everyone now knows about our boy, which is good now no need to keep it a secret anymore. Amanda has now told everyone she lost the baby two weeks after Dad had gone and told the family up north that I was expecting a baby boy, myself and Oliver find it hard to believe as no one in the family has seen any sonograph photos of the baby, we do hope she didn’t lie about it as that is just so horrible but I wouldn’t put it past her though.

Work for me is now computer work only had lasted three days welding, the heat had gotten to me that much that Oliver had snapped at me for being so careless, at the time I had thought I was ok, hindsight is amazing. Oliver has managed to change his work roster so his only away between four and five days and has eight days off instead of seven on and seven off the same wage, he has just been approved of taken the last three days of April off till twenty third of May which is ten days after my due date, I have a feeling that our son will not be born on my due date which is the thirteen of May. He will let them know when our son is born and his six months off parental leave will kick in, I have been approved of twelve months off, but deep down I think I would be staying home.

“Tasmine I’m fucking stuffed please can I just sleep a few more hours.” Oliver groans out next to me, “What? I” I started saying before he angrily cuts me off, “You’re wide awake!” He snapped, “Are we really fighting about this?” I asked, “Yes! I need more than three hours of sleep Tasmine and I would like to enjoy their engagement party instead of being” I glared at him, “You know what Oliver, I was just laying here reading quilty I wasn’t asking for fucking sex! Enjoy the bed all to yourself!” I yelled at him, grabbing my book, phone, and water bottle storming out of the room slamming the door, may have added more drama to it than needed. Can not believe he snapped at me like that, I had kept to my side letting him sleep with only my reading lamp on. Making myself comfortable on the couch doing my best to read but instead, I burst out in tears one thing that is not normal for me is I cry at the drop of a hat for anything and everything. Last week I called Jackie up, he told me about a dish he cooked for Jose when she was up and she hated it, which caused me to cry cause she disliked his food, hope I don’t get worse with this crying stuff. I cannot sleep lately hence why I was reading in the hopes it would put me to sleep, instead, it just draws me in more.

I hear the bedroom door open and my crying worsens he squats in front of me he goes to whip my tears away from me instead I lean away from his touch glaring at him. “You were an asshole back there!” I cried out, “Yes, a tired asshole. Tasmine I’m so sorry I felt you moving and touching me and I” I cut him off, “No, you’re not apologising that quickly! I didn’t get pregnant on my own here! Yes, I’m horny, emotional, hungry, tired, sore, and puffy but you know what I cannot help it! I cannot help that I want you so much! But I also know when you have had enough, I knew you had and so I left you alone! I also know I sound like a crazy person half of the time but I have never been mean to you, never!” I screamed out around my tears, “Oooo Kitten, I’m really am sorry please come back to bed, I cannot sleep without you.” I glare at him, thinking he would storm off back to our room instead he grabs my face with both his hands pulling me towards him only centimeters away from each other.

“Your one stubborn girl, yes you are all that and yes you didn’t fall pregnant by yourself. I love you so much and our son that I do thoroughly enjoy how much you need me in the sex department, please forgive my tired outburst, I really wasn’t thinking I hate seeing you cry” I didn’t let him finish I start kissing him as soon as he started kissing me back I pull away, biting his bottom lip as he groaned out. “Please come back to bed kitten.” I nod my head as he helped me up, walking back into our room, closing the door behind us cuddling up to each other in bed, Oliver kisses the top of my head. “Night Tas, I love you.” He whispered, “Night Oliver, I love you too.”

He starts laughing, as I wriggle around to get comfortable our son started kicking up a storm laying on my side with my belly leaning against his side, Oliver placing a hand on my stomach feeling the hits. “Think he wants to play soccer when he’s older.” He told me, “Soccer? Maybe football or” He cuts me off, “Don’t you dare say AFL” He snapped, “Just because you dislike the code doesn’t mean our children are going to copy you.” I pointed out to him, “Shh babe, we need sleep.” He complained, “He needs to stop moving for me to sleep.” I snapped, “Just close your eyes babe.” He told me.

He may have fallen asleep but I didn’t, I finally crashed about twenty minutes before his alarm was going to go off, I had texted him to let him know not to wake me as I didn’t get any sleep until well and truly after five in the morning. I felt someone gently nudging me. “Tasmine it’s time to wake up and get ready for the party.” I groan, “Hmmm already?” I asked, “Yeah Tas it’s nearly two in the afternoon.” He told me, “Oh my!” I shot up throwing my arms around his shoulders giving him a quick hug and a kiss on the lips before racing into the bathroom to have a quick shower as he looked at me shocked. “What?” I asked him, “Look down Tas” I did what he said and my stomach was on one side in the shape of our son I start laughing as I rub my stomach and he moved back to the middle Oliver just laughed. “That is cute, also you are aware the party doesn’t start until six tonight.”

“Yes, by the time I finish doing my hair and makeup and finding a dress that fits this growing stomach it will be time to leave. Are you forgetting that it takes half an hour on a good day to get to Jackie’s place and peak traffic time can take up to an hour and a half?” I reminded him, “I know, he won’t mind if we are late” I cut him off, “If we are late they will all think it’s cause we couldn’t keep our hands off each other,” I said mid-rant he cuts me off, “What’s new?” He asked.

“If you play your cards right you could have your wicked way with me in the shower.” I said playfully, “Play what cards right?” He asked, “Ahh forget it, Oliver.” I snapped walking into the shower, quickly start getting ready when his hands gently push me up against the shower wall as he leans down trailing soft kisses along my overfull breasts, gripping his hair panting. “Fuck Ol” Covering my mouth with his hand as he whispered. “I want you to be quiet kitten.”

I nod my head, oh I love this version of Oliver. He grabs my hands holding them not too tightly above my head as his other hand roams over my breast slowly as he watches my reaction to his touch, as I pant and moan. Our son kicked his hand as he brushes along my stomach reaching my throbbing clit, gently touching me as soon as I moaned out he pulled away running his hand back up my body driving me nuts. “That is not being quiet at all kitten.” I nod my head again, he continued his torture of lightly touching me until my breathing became that erratic he turns me around, moving me back a little as he leans me over slamming into me, I screamed out at his powerful thrust, he pulls out and stood me back up.

“See you cannot listen.” He reaches over grabbing the shampoo and started washing my hair, I look at him trying to work out if he’s going to finish off what we just started, nearly ten extremely slow minutes later I was washed and he walked out of the bathroom drying himself, left frustrated as all hell. Quickly getting dressed into my underwear, towel drying my hair as I storm out into our room to find Oliver had already dressed and left the room, what the fuck?

“Oliver?!” I screamed out, no reply, throwing my towel onto the floor in the bathroom as I walk out of our room looking for him, found him in the kitchen drinking a bottle of water, his eyes roaming over my body as I glared at him. “What the fuck was that Oliver?” He gives me a smirk as he puts the bottle down on the counter. “Had asked you to be quiet and you weren’t.” He informed me, “So what that’s it?” I asked, “Play your cards right love and I will finish what I started when we get home from the party.” I scoffed, fuck he just played me, and he did it well glaring at him storming off towards our room yelling back at him. “GAME ON OLIVER!”

“Bring it, love!” He yelled at me, opting to be comfortable and cool as I am finding it way too hard to be cool this close to Christmas being heavily pregnant I have chosen a figure-hugging dress that shows my full breasts off and can only just see my bump. I have my hair curled and up in a high ponytail, with natural makeup. Walking out finding Oliver comfortable on the lounge chair scrolling his phone he didn’t even look up. I'm wearing a white flowy dress that has Australian flowers on it, it's tight around my breast showing them off, has a bow that ties up in the middle, flows down softly under my bust can see my bump in the dress, the dress is shorter at the front and long at the back. Oliver has long grey dress pants on with a tight fitting dark blue dress shirt that is covered in palm trees with splashes of pink.

“Good your ready let’s go.” He stated, “Fuck you, I’ll go in my own car you drive yourself if you’re going to be like this oh fuarrr” He pounced on me kissing, me under my ear, pulling me into him. “Shhh your fucking smoking hot right now, still game on.” He whispered, “All of this was part of the ummm Ollie.” I moaned out as he starts kissing my breasts, pulling away when I moaned out his name, grabbing my hand walking us towards his car, locking the house up along the way.

Pulling up to Jackson’s house first, I didn’t wait for him to get my door, racing out of the car as fast as I could leaving the tension-filled car behind. Knocking on the door before he did, the door swung open just as Oliver placed his hand on my bum smiling at Jackie who opened the door.

“About time! You both are late!”

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