No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 49 - Let's Party!

**Tasmine’s Pov**

We both look at Jackson in shock, Oliver looks at his watch then back at him as I glared at my best friend. “Fuck off we are late! You told us your party starts at six it’s bloody quarter too!” I snapped at him, as he starts laughing. “Sorry, fuck you should see your faces right now! I couldn’t help myself. Also, what is going on with you two?” Jackson asked, “Not as funny as you thought cousin, also have no idea what you’re talking about.” Oliver snapped as he walked around Jackson as he enters the house, Jackson looks at me with that look that is telling me to spill right now or heaven help me.

“It’s Game on Jackie, think I’m winning.” I told Jackson, “Ahh little thing, think that means your about to lose and lose hard.” He shakes his head as he grabs my hand pulling me into a hug. “No, not always” Jackson cuts me off, “He’s calling me cousin trust me he’s about to up his game with you, don’t know why you two keep playing this game you never win at it Tasmine. Also do not end your game at my house, Miss!” He ordered, I start laughing, as we head into the house I can hear Josephine screaming and laughing at the same time Jackson and myself look at each other in shock and curious, rushing towards the sound we found Oliver with a massive smile on his face as Josephine was jumping up and down on the spot like she just won the lotto.

“Babe whatever he’s just said forget it they are playing Game On,” Jackson said loudly, she stopped jumping up and down then glared at Oliver before slapping him in the face. “You’re a bloody asshole Oliver!” Josephine snapped, “You fucking told him Tasmine!” Oliver yelled at me, I smirked at him, as I clicked in on what he told her, shrugging my shoulders with attitude. “Your point husband?” I walked past him making sure I brush past him, hearing him groaning under his breath making my way towards the kitchen to get a bottle of water, drinking it as I notice all three are watching me.

“Wow, Tas you don’t even look nearly six and half months pregnant until you stand on the side, your boobs in that dress I must say, good choice babe.” Josephine said, “Yes I would agree but can you two stop this game until you both are home, cause we want to fill you in on something before everyone gets here and we cannot do this if you two are being idiots.” Jackson said, “Fine, but she should have had listened now we are” Oliver started saying before I spoke over the top of him, “You know what Oliver they do have spare bedrooms here I would be quiet and just agree, hmm husband?” I asked, the look he’s giving me is telling me I may have taken it a lot further than he was planning on, he’s going to pull me aside soon and hopefully finish this, or worse case his going to tell me off.

“Oh, you two are not going to be doing anything in my rooms.” Jackson snapped, “Who said that? I mean he can stay the night while I go home, and learn how to be quiet.” I said giving Oliver I mean business look, “I think I no longer want to know anymore Tasmine. Jackie let’s fill them in before the rest get here they can deal with whatever this is after.” She said waving her hands around in front of the pair of us. We followed them out to the patio where they filled us in on what they need us to do.

“Oi where the hell are you guys?!” Max called out from the front of the house, “Out the back! Where have you been thought you were staying here?!” Oliver yelled out to Max as he walks out onto the patio with Justine holding hands, Freddie racing out past them into Jackson’s open arms screaming. “Uncle Jackie!” Fuck I love this kid, once he got a hug from his uncle he went around to the rest of us for hugs, “Oliver had to pick these two up from the airport.” Max told Oliver, “Hey guys, oh Tas your glowing! Can I?” Justine says as she walks up towards me, her hand out, I’m guessing she wants to touch my stomach I just nod my head with a big smile on my face as she places both hands on my stomach. I believe she is hoping for a kick but I think he’s asleep, she looks up at me emotional. “Take it he doesn’t want to kick his Aunties hand.” She said, rubbing my stomach, I know Oliver is watching us while the men are talking to him. “I know guess he’s asleep babe, I will call you over when he is awake,” I said brightly, “Good, would love that.”

The party is now in full swing and I’m just about to scream at the next person who just walks up to me and touches my stomach without asking, I don’t care if they are family or close friends stop touching me!

I know I’m the first person in years to be pregnant in this family but wow, leave me alone and my personal space. I’m over in the far corner of the back yard as far away from everyone before I snap, Max walks up towards me with his hands up in the air surrendering with a big smile on his face. “Permission to talk to you, my little sister?” Max asked, “Nothing stopping you Maxi Pad.” He chuckles. “Right, are you and Oliver fighting?” He asked, “No, what makes you say that?” I asked, “Well, this is the first family function since we all were in high school that you have not been glued to each other’s sides. So yes it looks like the pair of you are fighting.”

He wraps an arm over my shoulder pulling me closer to him, I found Oliver talking to his dad he keeps looking at me, are we fighting, or is he still playing the Game on with me. I don’t want to lose I would like to win for once. “Sorry, Max we are not fighting. Oh quick!” I grabbed his hand forcing it to my stomach as he started to roll but as soon as Max’s hand was on my stomach he stopped moving. “Are you teasing me?” He asked, I looked at him in shock. “He did move, I’m sorry,” I whispered, Max, bent down to my stomach and said loudly. “Nephew I will feel you move one day, hoping before I have to go back to WA. But you will move for your favourite Uncle!”

“Favourite Uncle that’s a massive stretch mate!” Sam said loudly laughing, “Oh zip it Sambo!” Max retorted back, “Nope, we will be the favourite Uncles single and carefree!” Dean said, both I and Max looked at them both in shock, “Single?” We both said at the same time, “Yep he and Rach have called it quits again.” Sam said while Dean looks at him in shock, “Thanks Sam, don’t worry about my feelings at all.” Dean snapped, “You’re welcome, you will live through.” Sam said, “Oh shhh Sammie what happened?” I asked, “Nope, not until you tell us what’s going on with you and Oliver.” Dean ordered, “I just asked her that and she said nothing.” Max told them.

“What a big fat lie that is, let’s see if we can get him to come over here.” Sam said with a playful look on his face, “Oh, what do you have in mind?” Dean asked, “Well he didn’t take his eyes off me when Max’s hands were all over my stomach.” I told the three of them, “That’s it let’s do that!” Sam said joyfully. All three men placed their hands on my stomach and right on cue my son started to move around not much but enough for them to feel something, looking up and sure enough Oliver couldn’t take his eyes off of us.

“Well he is looking but not coming over,” Sam said, “Why are all three of you hogging my main girl?” Josephine asked as she walks up to us, “Shut up and put a hand on here.” Max ordered her, instead of pushing herself between the men she walks around wrapping her arms around me from behind placing her hands on my stomach as he moved again kicking but I don’t know which person felt it, her chin is on my shoulder. “Is this ok for you?” She asked, “This is fucking weird guys.” I told them all, “Deal with it, we all want to know what is going on with you all.” Dean snapped, “I could just tell you.” Josephine piped up, “No, tell me what he had promised you.” I said to her, I felt her lips on my ear as we both watched Oliver who looked like he wanted to leave the conversation he was having with Jackson and Josephine’s big sister.

“You know exactly what he promised.” She whispered in my ear, ah crap, and just when he knew how much that would have turned me on. “It will only happen if they both agree on it, babe.” I told her that, “I know babe. Oh wow, that was a big kick for your Auntie!” She cried out, “Really and I still miss all of these hits.” Max complained, “Here move your hand up here, better?” I asked him. “Why are all of you touching my wife for?” Oliver asked, “Very simple reason Oliver, you haven’t been by her side the whole time we all have been here and besides our newest nephew is kicking up a storm right now we are getting our fill in.” Sam stated, “Do you have a problem with that? Because last time I checked it’s my stomach, not yours.” I snapped at my husband, who arched an eyebrow up in amusement.

“Wow... do we all need to be here for this we are not fighting, fight?” Dean asked, “You can go, Dean, I want to see what happens next.” Sam said with enjoyment in his voice, “I second that Sam.” Max said looking over at his cousin with a big smirk on his face, “I’m not this is the only way I can get this close to her before he pulls rank.” Josephine snapped, he is wearing an amused look on his face, he goes to say something, and right on cue, I received a massive kick to the bladder hunching over groaning. “Sorry bladder kick I need to go before he kicks again!” Bolting out of the group nearly knocking Oliver over as I raced to the bathroom, can hear them all yelling at me that they didn’t believe me. Once finished in the bathroom I just about knocked Rachel over who was clearly waiting to use the bathroom.

“What was going on just before?” She asked, wow no Hello Tasmine, nice Rachel I thought to myself. “Myself peeing?” I looked at her oddly trying to work out what she meant. “No Tasmine, before you came racing over here, why were they all touching you.” She asked, “Oh, because he was kicking up a storm and they all wanted to cop a feel.” I told her, “Oh is he?” Her face lights up as her hands went up I quickly put my hands up stopping her. “He was but not right now sorry.” Lie Tasmine, he is still kicking up a storm if she was looking closely she would see my stomach moving like a crazy thing, but I don’t want her touching me. “Right, are we ever going to get past this uneasiness that you seem to have towards me?” She asked.

“What uneasiness Rachel? I just don’t want people touching me unless he is kicking up a storm and he’s not right now, but if you want to make this all about you go right ahead I won’t stop you.” I snapped as I stormed past her as Justine was rushing over towards her, I knew I stormed past Oliver but right now not in the mind frame of this game, found a table with no one at sitting down pouring myself a drink of water as I sat. He sat down next to me his hand went to my back right away rubbing circles. “Tas you ok?” He softly asked, “Peachy mate!” I snapped with sarcasm dripping from my voice, “Ok, pause on the Game on. Tell me the truth are you feeling unwell? Is it our son?” He asked worried, his free hand placed on my stomach as I lean into him shaking my head.

“No his good babe. Just over people walking up to me just to rub my belly or asking if we are fighting.” I grumbled, “Oh, did you want to give up on the game?” He asked, “No, I never said that Oliver.” I snapped, “Ok, but yes I am over people asking if we are fighting too. How about we put the game on hold until we leave this party?” He asked, I looked at him is he telling me the truth, or is he saying it to try and win the little game we made up when we first moved in together. He smiles as he brushes hair behind my ear, leaning in kissing my cheek softly. “Not playing you at all Tasmine, I rather see you happy and keep the annoying questions at bay. Plus it’s a game and tonight is Jack and Jose’s engagement party I want to party with my wife and mother of my son instead of thinking of ways to win.” He smiles at me before kissing me softly keeping it low-key as we are out in the public. He starts laughing I look at him in confusion.

“He seems to know when I’m touching you.” Oh, right his talking about the massive amounts of movements I had since his hand has been on my stomach, placing my hand over his as our son moves around. “Yes, I think soft drink makes him extremely active babe,” I told him, “Really? Wow, must be the sugar hit.” He said, “Yes, babe you drink, enjoy yourself I will drive home.” I said, he shakes his head, “No, I’m happy not to be drinking Kitten, come closer love.” I moved closer into his arms it felt good, kissing the top of my head as he whispers in my ear. “Don’t you go falling asleep on me kitten.” I smiled broadly he knows me so well, “Ahh Ollie I cannot help it you smell good, and” Sam cuts me off, “Oh don’t stop now that I have arrived, keep going kitten.” Sam said laughing while Oliver looked like he could murder him, “Samantha that nickname is not for you to use!” He roared, “Ahh all good Ollie just wanted to use it once and see how,” Sam said cheerfully while Oliver looked at him in anger, “Don’t care!” Oliver snapped cutting Sam off, “The pair of you shhh care to fill us in on why Dean and Rachel broke up and why you’re not with Dean or her?” I asked.

“Well I need a break from them in that way if you are wondering, I believe their downfall started when she had taken that pill, but I don’t even know the full story he hasn’t told me, and well this is the first time I have seen her and she’s hardly talking to me. Which hurts the most I have lost my two best friends over what? Pathetic reasons in my eyes. Now tell me why you two lovebirds are fighting?” Sam asked, “As we both told you we aren’t fighting. I’m sorry that you three are no longer talking, you will fix it one day.” Oliver said, “Yeah, I’m just too happy that Jackie had asked me to be in the wedding party and not him. I don’t have to see him that much on their wedding day. Pissed that I have been paired off with her though, but not my wedding I can put on a happy face when they want me to. I don’t believe you two aren’t fighting.” He stated, “Bloody hell you’re worse than Jackie some days, Sambo we had been playing” He cuts me off in shock, “Game on? Do you guys still play that?” He asked.

“Yes, it keeps the marriage interesting but also the bedroom.” Oliver said smiling at me, “You’re not even going to go” Sam started, “Not going to give you spank bank material!” Oliver snapped at our best friend, “What?! Really you two urgh. Oh, fuck!” I cried out, “What? Tas what’s wrong?” Oliver asked, I didn’t respond instead racing towards the back near the bins covering my mouth didn’t even make it vomiting on the grass as both Sam and Oliver follow closely behind, groaning out as Oliver hands me a napkin to wipe my mouth.

“Thanks, sorry why did you both follow me for?” I asked, “I was worried, but also should you still be vomiting isn’t that the first-trimester thing?” Sam asked, “Sam it’s any time bro.” Oliver told him, we headed back to the table, Oliver racing towards the drinks station pulling out a drink for me, and handed it to me as he sat down and I look at him, he just nods his head. Max cam bounding at us as Sam whispers under his breath. “Here comes trouble.” Sam whispered, “Shut up Sam.” Oliver snapped at him, “Ok, Oliver spill why has Jackson invited our whole family and Josephine’s whole family to this engagement party, something is up? You guys didn’t even invite half of the family to your wedding.” Max said, “That is because we like things small, besides not our wedding or engagement party it’s theirs and they wanted them all here, maybe ask them these questions?” I asked.

“Yes, I have Tas and I got that same reason.” Max said, “So why are you pushing it? Seems like nothing is going on.” Sam said, “Oh, but I know my big brother something is up why else would he have to make sure those two are at his place before anyone else was?” Max asked, “So? You point Max, aghhh what is your son doing tonight.” I groaned out as my stomach just moved violently, and just kept on going, holding on to my stomach trying to breathe. “What is going on, you ok?” Oliver asked. “No, he feels like he is doing star jumps in here.” I cried out in pain, “OMG! let his favourite uncle feel!” Max screamed out.

**Oliver’s Pov**

Max screamed out as he raced around the table putting his hand on her stomach the look she is giving him would have stopped most members of our family but he is so desperate to feel him move that he ignored her, she slapped his face hard. “GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF MY STOMACH MAX!” She yelled out so loudly, can hear the pain in her voice too, “Are you kidding me I just felt him moving! That hurt by the way!” Max yelled back at her, the look she is giving him would kill him if looks could kill, “GOOD! IT FUCKING HURTS RIGHT NOW HENCE WHY I DON’T WANT YOU TOUCHING ME!” She screamed, “Ok, ok sorry!” Max said finally understanding she is not joking around.

She’s gripping my hand tightly, man what is he doing to her trying not to laugh at his stupid face that his pulling, he needs to get over it and look at her stomach as it moves violently around she’s now crying fuck I need to work out how to stop him from hurting her. Placing my hand on him gently rubbing and pushing back when he touched me, she looks up at me smile through her tears. “Thanks, babe.” She whispers, then I see Jackson nodding his head at me ahh fuck here we go, whispering it’s on in her ear she knew what I meant too.

“Hey, Max and Sam can you get everyone to gather under those lights, please,” I ordered, “Why?” Sam asked, “Yeah, why Oliver?” Max asked, “Just doing what your big brother just told me to do, I’m going to go take Tas someplace private to check to see if she is ok.” I said, “Wow, you do not need to use a code word for sex mate.” Sam said laughing, “Not” I started to snap but Tasmine cuts me off, “Whatever you three deal with it I’m going to go in the bathroom to make sure I’m not bleeding after all of that!” She snapped at him, I was worried when she said the bleeding part, waving my hand at them both not caring what they think right now I need to know the pair of them are ok. Racing after her she had left the bathroom door open I slowly push it further open.

“Tasmine are you both ok? Please tell me there is no blood?” I asked so scared, she looked up from the toilet with a smile on her face, giggling. “Sorry I knew if I had said that they wouldn’t keep fighting us.” She told me, “Fuck I love your thinking.” She was about to respond but started looking past me, I turned around finding Jackson looking at me like he was about to have a panic attack. “You two good need you to help me out now, please?” He said, sounding panicked, “Bro just breathe you got this, also get out she’s on the loo!” I snapped at him, “Well don’t leave the door open!” He stormed off towards his room, she giggles as she finishes off.

“You know you could have closed that door after you walked in.” She told me, “Hey, I didn’t know he was going to walk in.” I said, “You two good? Ready?” Josephine asked, “Shouldn’t we be asking you that?” Tasmine asked, “Yeah but I had seen you crying a few minutes ago do you need me to help you with fixing your makeup?” She asked Tasmine, “Nah, it’s good thanks.” Grabbing her hand walking out to join my brother and soon-to-be sister, let’s hope they pull this off. Walking out in front of them Max yells out above everyone else. “Fucking knew it!” Justine yelled out at him, “Max shhh.”

“Welcome to Jackson and Josephine’s surprise wedding,” Officiant spoke loudly over everyone.

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