No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 5 - Free Time


We walk towards the elevators as soon as one was open we stepped in holding hands, as soon as the doors close he slammed me up into the wall kissing me passionately, his hands runs down my body lifting me up as his hand runs under my dress moaning out at his touches and kisses. Grabbing his shirt pushing him off me, spinning us around so he’s up against the wall, he laughs as I run my hands up his shirt feeling his body twitch under my touch. “Hmmm, you should get pissed off at me more often kitten.” The doors open he picks me up throwing me over his shoulder, as we walk towards our room, we could hear yelling from my cousins’ room, Oliver stopped and looked at the door.

“Babe keep going,” I whispered, he looks back at me. “Will she be ok?” He asked, I know I should be worried, but I feel like we shouldn’t break up their fight as it will open a can of worms we do not need in our lives. “I have to believe she will be we shouldn’t step in babe it could end up going bad” He taps my ass to stop me. “I get it kitten.” He unlocks the door, kicking it behind him as he throws me onto the bed laughing. Crawling on top of me kissing his way up as he nibbles on my earlobe.

“So kitten how would you like it tonight?” He asked, moaning out as he plays with my breasts. “I just want you, Ollie.” He moans into my neck. “Oh Kitten I know you do, but that is not what I had asked.” He slowly moving my dress up. “Kitten?” I moan, I cannot think when he’s doing this. “Um, ahhh Oliver.” Moaning as his hand slides into my underpants. “I want you from behind, arghh hmmm,” Moaning out as his finger slides into me. “As you wish kitten.” Pulling my dress off me throwing it to the side as he unclips my bra, rolling my nipples between his fingers, he taps me to get up onto my hands and knees as he climbs in behind me pulling my underpants down. “Ok with me ripping them?” His finger twirls around inside of me as I moan out. “Hurry up!” I cry out.

He pulls his finger out as I moan out missing his touch, he rips the underpants in half throwing them to the side as he moves my legs apart a little bit more, dives down kiss my wet lips. I buck at the new sensation of his lips on me, doing my best not to squeeze my legs against his head, moaning out. His thumb starts rubbing hard on my bud, his tongue dives inside of me, arching my back, moaning out. “Yes, Oliver!” I cum hard against his tongue, I didn’t get a chance to catch my breath, he slams right into me, I screamed out my body still on fire from my orgasm.

He grips my hips, slamming hard into me, his pace is erratic for his release. “Tasmine, kitten cum with me!” Knowing I wasn’t far off sliding my hand down rubbing my bud, feeling myself tightening around him, we both screamed out. He holds onto my hips, buries himself into me until he is soft. Both are covered in sweat, we climb into bed, not caring about it we cuddle up to each other, he kisses me softly. “Hmmm, not long now kitten.”

Holding Oliver’s hand as we walk along the boardwalk, I am wearing a cute summer dress, with my hair out, sunnies on, and a cute hat and thongs on. Oliver is just as casual wearing ripped jean shorts with a very fitted t-shirt that shows off his fit body, he has his sunnies on too along with his thongs. We had left the hotel as a group but we have all gone our separate ways and will catch up again for lunch at one of the many restaurants along the boardwalk. “What do you want to do now that we have ditched the fam?” He asked with an evil glint in his eyes, I giggled; I know what he’s thinking too. “We haven’t ditched them all babe.” He laughed as Oliver knows that Jackson will be back soon, he’s gone to fetch Dean, Josphine, and Justine up from the hotel.

“Well, do you want to go for a swim at the lagoon while we wait for those four to find us?” He asked, I shoved him off the footpath and onto the grass racing off towards the lagoon yelling over my shoulder. “Catch me if you can!” I know he will catch up to me, it’s hard running in thongs. “Kitten you are not playing fair!” I just laughed, I reached the lagoon before him, I stripped out of my dress throwing it on top of my thongs, handbag, and my hat on top before racing into the water, once I was in deep enough I lowered myself down so only my shoulders were above the water as I watch him strip off in front of me. “Tasmine I hope you understand I am coming for you now.” He called out to me, I smiled at him as some of the people around him look at him oddly for what he just said. “I was hoping you would babe!” I yelled back at him. He didn’t have any boardies on so he’s in his tradie underpants, poor bloke clearly, he didn’t think this one through, he made his way towards me with a big smile on his face, I act all innocent. “Is my kitten playing the innocent card?” His hands grazed my hips, he winks at me, both his hands hold tightly onto my hips pulling me into him. “Because I know you are not innocent my love, far from it.” He whispered while he kisses me softly.

“Told you we would find them making out in the lagoon!” Dean yells out to us, we pull apart and spotted our best friends waving at us. I push Oliver under the water racing out towards our friends. I reached them and noticed that Jackson had two towels with him and a clean pair of underpants for Oliver, I smiled at him and said my thanks when he handed the towel over to me. “Thank you, Jackie!” Once I was dried a little bit more, I raced into Dean’s arms giving him a big hug. “Hi, Dean! I missed you!” He laughs as he pulls away from the hug. “I missed you too Tassie.”

I raced into Justine’s arms god I missed this girl. “Babe I do need to breathe.” She says as I loosen my hold on her. “Sorry sweetie, hey where is your little man?” I asked, noticing that Freddie wasn’t screaming our names out. “All good babe, he’s back at the hotel with mum.” I looked at her in question her mum, why is her mum here? She and my dad haven’t gotten along since that fateful sleepover. Some days I wished her marriage didn’t end the way it did, I had hoped it was happily ever after for her, but I am so glad they are both safe now. “Don’t worry she will only have him when I want some adult time, she will come and get him from your wedding reception after he has his dinner so he can go to sleep and we can party all night long!” I laughed; the party girl wants to party without worrying about her son. Jo has finished greeting Oliver as I pull her into a hug, god I missed this girl so much.

“Hey, baby girl! How are you?” I asked my best friend, she smiled at me. “Hi Tassie, I am good. Are you okay Jackson told us” Jackson cut in over her. “Throw me under the bus bitch!” She just laughs at him, while I looked between the pair of them confused as I notice Oliver changing his undies in public, under his towel thank god, he winks when he noticed that I was watching him. “Well, he told us everything I am only worried about you love. Not throwing our village idiot under the bus!” She snapped, he glared at her. “I object to that title you cow!” He snapped at her, she just laughs at him again. “Well hurry up and get drunk so you can angry fuck me!” She yells back at him, this is not news to us that the pair of the have fun with each other when they are both single, we only care when it starts to interfere with our group friendship so far it hasn’t.

“Well, that is now not going to happen! You called me the village idiot does that make you” Oliver notice what he was going to say spoke over Jackson. “How about we go get day drunk while we wait for the rest of the fam to join us hey?” She stood there glaring at Jackson. “Were you just about to call me the town slut?” Josephine asked, you can see him trying to backpedal what he was going to say, so he should. “Nope you just said it, why would I call you that? I say that and I would never be able to ever take you into my bed again. I’m not stupid.”

Dean coughed. “Could have fooled us you, idiot,” Dean said, “Let’s go I am hungry!” Justine said over the pair of them, Justine spoke up over everyone as I was pulling my dress down over my half-dried swimmers, once I was fully dressed and had all my stuff Oliver lean over giving my ass a squeeze. He leans down and whispers. “Don’t think for a second I have forgotten that you had dunk me kitten.” It sent shivers down my whole body, I know what that voice means and I cannot wait for us to be alone in our hotel room. He holds my hand while we head towards the bar that Jackson had reserved tables for us all. “Oi, Jackie which place are we going to? Dad is asking me.” I say this as I read my phone as Dad keeps texting me to find out which restaurant so he doesn’t get lost I am guessing.

“Little thing it’s called, KC’s Chargrill and Bar it’s on Shute Harbour Road, I think the number is 382 tell him to ask Ava she should know it!” I said thank you while texting the info to dad, wasn’t long before we had walked to the bar and taken our seats, and placed our drinks order. As Jo spoke up for the rest of us to hear. “Tas should you be drink babe?”

Everyone’s head snapped towards me, I looked stunned at her. “Jo, what are you on about?” I asked trying not to show how hurt that made me feel, Oliver wouldn’t take his eyes off me; I can feel it but I am not looking at him right now. “Nothing by it, just if your trying to get pregnant do you think it’s wise to be drinking?” She asked, I take a deep breath in; I really regret telling them that we are trying to get pregnant now. “I will stop drinking when I know I am pregnant until then it is ok for me to drink a little,” I said politely as I could but it still dripped of venom, Oliver leans over towards me and whispers. “Are you sure you’re not already babe?” I looked at him, I have no idea but I want to have a drink with my best friends.

“Well, I haven’t taken a test yet, I haven’t missed a period yet Ollie, I will tell you when I know until then please stop bossing me around.” He smiled and gave my leg a squeeze as we all chatted away, laughing, drinking, and nibbling on snacks while we waited for the rest to join us.

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