No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 50 - Surprise!

**Oliver’s Pov**

Watching my brother get married tonight was amazing, although I couldn’t take my eyes off of my wife she is so attractive tonight, pregnancy has made her body so curvy. “Oi, how fucking long did you know they were doing this? Oi earth to Oliver?” Max snapped at me, “What?” I asked lost too busy looking at my wife, “Really, eyes this way mate, your wife won’t disappear.” Max snapped at me, “Shut up Max, she’s fucking hot tonight, also found out about all this when we got here mate.” I told him, “Why didn’t he tell me?” He asked sounding hurt, I’m not going to be in the middle of this fight of theirs, “Go and ask Jackson this.” I snapped, “Ask me what?” Jackson said as he walked up to us, with a big smile on his face.

“Why did you tell him and not me? I would have loved to have” Jackson cuts off Max mid-rant, “Baby Brother please do not take it to heart, I wanted to surprise you, we had told Oliver and Tasmine because they both weren’t drinking tonight and they can get away with sneaking around doing things because of our little nephew, but also we have another surprise for you.” Jackson said, smiling, “What?” I asked shocked, he has a look on his face that I cannot read as our father hands out something when he got to us he handed us a little cardboard box with a ribbon on it. “Do not open it yet,” Dad ordered, we agreed, looking at him oddly as he went off to another group, Tas wraps her small arm around my waist smiling down at her enjoying the fact that when I look down I can see down her dress, fuck her breasts are so huge right now.

“Jackie going to give us a hint as to what is in this?” She asked, he gives her a funny look that neither of us could read, “Oh Little Thing you can wait.” He chuckled as he walked off, to wrap his arms around his now-wife, Tas starts shaking the box and looking up at me. “Yes there is something in here like a favor box but” She stopped, “But what?” I asked her, “I think there is something else in here, this is all Jo it doesn’t scream something Jack would do.” She said.

“Who knows they surprised us with their wedding” I was cut off by my dad yelling out to all of us to zip it, I just wanted to laugh as I think I might have worked out what they are doing. “Ok thanks, dad. Now as my dad has handed you all the little boxes, it is now time for you all to open them up.” Jackson yells out, “Oh you all are going to love it.” Josephine said loudly.

Tas was the first one to scream out with joy as I quickly open up the box as she wouldn’t show me. Yes, there were chocolates in the box, but underneath the box was an ultrasound picture saying baby Brown is due in August. I looked up at my brother and new sister with the biggest smile on my face, yes our son is going to have a cousin to play with Tas rushed at them slamming into them both crying and laughing, as I followed her wrapping my brother in a big hug. “Fuck a massive congratulations brother so happy for the pair of you!” I yelled out overjoyed, “Thank you, been hard trying to keep these two big secrets from you both.” He confessed, “I knew it, I had a feeling you two were keeping something from me. But this is amazing my son has another cousin to play with!” I laughed, “Yes! Haven’t found out what we are having yet, but I cannot wait.” He said, “So you like our surprise, Ollie?” Josephine asked, “Sure bloody did Jo!” Letting go of Jack and giving Jo a massive hug. “Congratulations Jo, now let’s party like it’s nineteen ninety-nine!” I yelled out to everyone.

“Hahaha, fuck did Tas tell you that is what we said at her seventeenth birthday?” Josephine asked me, “No? You say it every time it’s time to celebrate?” I asked lost, “Do I? Oh shit, I did. Sorry, Oliver” She started saying I cut her off, “Shh I get it!” She is sounding like Tasmine when baby brain kicks in, “Quiet hogging our new sister Oliver!” Max snapped at me, “Fine, they are all yours Maxi Pad.” I said laughing, Tas grabs my hand pulling us away with a big smile on her face, once we were away from the growing crowd she starts jumping up and down doing the little happy dance that she does.

“Yes! The Brown family is growing even more!” She yelled out in enjoyment, “I know, this explains why dad has been so happy tonight.” I said, “Wonder if they are having a son too?” She asked, “Don’t know as long as it’s healthy I don’t care. Besides Freddie will be over the moon with more children to play with.” I cannot wait to see what Freddie will be like when he meets our son, “Hmm Ollie?” She whispers as she pulls my shirt down kissing me softly, wrapping my arms around her gripping her ass pulling her into me deepening the kiss. Shit, I need her so much now, maybe regrating what we had started earlier, Tas pulls away biting my bottom lip. “I want you right now hubby, think they will notice if we” So do I love cutting her off, “I don’t care if they do notice, let’s go.” Grabbing her hand making my way towards the house, I hear her groaning looking back at her thinking it was our son, nope she was giving me the single that someone is coming up to us. I wanted to groan too, but instead, I just put a smile on my face.

“Can we talk?” Rachel asked, “About what?” I asked, “Can it wait?” Tasmine said very bluntly, “Why? Are you both leaving?” She asked, “No, but what is this about?” I asked like really I don’t need to explain why I want alone time with my wife, “All this tension between us three I want it to go away.” She said, what fucking tension? “Ok, follow us then,” I said instead of saying what I really want to say.

I felt Tas’s hand tighten in mine, I look down at her I know she didn’t want to do this but we are stuck, I notice Dean and Sam are heading our way, this is going to be interesting. I chose the larger armchair of course my wife chose my lap to sit on, which I fucking loved, giving her leg a tight squeeze. Rachel sat down on the lounge chair next to us, I notice that both Dean and Sam just went into the kitchen instead of sitting down with us, unsure if Rachel had noticed them. “Well where do you want to start Rachel, you wanted alone time, here we are.” I said, “Um.” She started to say, wow, am I being too harsh? No Tas would have put me in my place if I was, she was the one that stopped talking to us, barely get’s involved in the group chats, or takes days to weeks to get back to us. We as a couple are no longer upset at her over what had happened months ago, think having our son on the way has helped, trying to be grown ups about these issues seems to be hard for her.

“Clearly your angry Oliver” I cut her off, no way am I going to make her think we are upset with her. “Going to stop you right now Rach, I’m not angry at you at all haven’t been for a while.” I said, “You seem angry right now.” She pointed out, “No, I was hoping for some alone time with Tasmine, but you want to sort whatever you think is going on out.” I said the look she is giving me is telling me she must have worked out what I wanted to be doing right now, “Oh” Is all she said.

“Do you think we are both still upset with you? Because I thought we had already had worked that out.” Tasmine said, “No, we haven’t Tasmine.” I noticed Sam trying to hide his snicker, while Dean shoved him. “Oh, well then I must have had the conversation with another Rachel hmm?” Oh crap kitten keep your emotions in check babe, I give her leg a gentle squeeze warning her, she looks back up at me reading my face, she gave me a small smile. “I don’t hold any issues with what had happened Rach, really I’m good. I’m just sick of your distances and odd behavior with us. We all are or were best friends and for you to pull away as you have from everyone is worrying, what’s going on? Are you ok?” Tasmine asked she actually sounded like she was worried about her, “What do you mean by were best friends? Are we no longer friends?” Rachel asked, she didn’t answer all of Tas’s questions, she’s not ok and doesn’t want us to either know about it or help her out with it.

“Well your no longer acting like we are best friends, found out through Sam that you broke it off with Dean, why did you two break up?” She asked, “Well, I don’t believe my relationship with Dean is for you to know.” Rachel snapped, “Are you fucking serious?! It affects all of” Tasmine snapped, but Rachel cuts her off, “And right there your wrong! It only affects myself and him!” She yells and I feel like really telling her off for yelling at my wife, “How can you say that? We are at our best friend’s engagement now at a wedding and what happened between the pair of you has caused issues with all of our friendship.” I snapped, “I didn’t come in here to talk about” Rachel snapped but Dean spoke up, “Maybe you should be, as it’s clearly upsetting everyone and yourself.”

“Was wondering when you were going to speak up.” She snapped at him, “Oh, shut up already. I broke up with her guys ok, kept it quiet cause I have no idea why really.” Dean said loudly sighing, “Don’t you dare tell me to shut up Dean!” Rachel yelled, “Please stop this!” Sam yelled out over everyone, “I got fed up with all of the fightings we had been having since that trip. I still love her but I just cannot stay in that relationship while we are at each other’s throats.” Dean said and I get it, I feel for him though, “Was that so hard for you to tell us, Rach? We have never picked sides when members of our group break up never! We all just want to help” Tasmine said Rachel glared at Tasmine and scoffed, cutting her off, “Don’t pick sides? Pfft, what a joke that is Tasmine! Also, how can you help when you have never helped nor cared about me! Sorry, I just cannot right now, I’m here for Jose and Jose only.” She snapped, she stood up and stormed out to the party leaving us all in shock in the room.

“What just happened? Is she using again?” Tasmine asked in shock, “I have no idea what is going on with her, but she’s been like this for a while now who fucking knows man.” Sam answered, “No, fuck I don’t know guys, I hope that she is not. I don’t like her new friends either, it could be them changing her behavior you all know how she gets.” Dean said, “Yeh, well I’m sick of it I just want to enjoy my time with my family and friends instead of hiding away fighting with each other over crap really. Sorry that you two broke up, starting to think it’s for the best. Babe hop up please I need a fucking drink after that.” I said, “Sure, I want a drink to” I looked at her in sheer shock, “Tasmine,” I said warningly, she rolls her eyes at me, guess she was joking. “I know I can’t but man I am craving a beer right now.” She grumbles, “Loving my nephew’s taste in cravings!” Sam yells out, “You’re an idiot you know that.” Dean told Sam, “No, I didn’t know that, not like you don’t tell me daily.” Sam grumbles.

Tasmine stood up holding her hand out for me, I take it leaving the other two alone in the kitchen bickering again. Walking to the drink section of the deck pulling out a beer as the rums are all gone, Tas made her way towards the outdoor beanbags near the pool fence I grab her arm pulling her back a little as I sat down first so she could cuddle into me, which she did I would make a bet that she will be sound asleep soon. “Hmm, you smell good now.” She said, “Is it the beer your smelling?” I asked, “Yes babe.” She answered, “Hey you two ok? Rachel just came at me saying some shit about you two which I don’t believe one second of it.” Josephine said sounding hurt, “Yep, cause we both know you had gotten over your issues with her.” Jackson said, “Grab a seat guy’s and spill now.” I said, “Fuck hubby you just sounded like me just then.” Tasmine said sounding shocked, “Oh, did I?” I asked, “Yep you did bro, was a little weird if” Jackson started to say but his wife cuts him off, “Shut up and sit down so I can sit down on you.” Jackson moved the beanbag closer to ours, sitting down as Jose sat down on his lap moving her wedding dress around so she was comfortable. “Feel us in,” Tasmine said.

Twenty minutes later I was correct she did fall asleep in my arms, yeah we summed up that she wants to cause drama and we are all growing out of it. “Didn’t take long for her to crash.” Jackson told me, “Never does when she is touching me or hearing my heartbeat, but more so now that he’s gotten bigger.” I told him while rubbing soft circles on her growing stomach, “I’m not far off either hubby, hmm I like saying that.” Josephine whispered, “Hmm I like you calling me that.” They smile at each other kissing softly I’m so bloody happy for them, good seeing him this happy. They pull apart Jose cuddles more into him closing her eyes as we men continued talking to each other. Max pulls up a beanbag on the other side of me and Tass as soon as he sat down Freddie jumped onto his lap.

“Heyah Uncle Ollie and Uncle Jackie! Oh, oppps sorry Auntie Tassie and Auntie Josie.... Sorry, Daddy Maxi Pad.” Freddie said loudly, the look Max gave us two was priceless, if Tas wasn’t asleep on me I would have laughed hard. “Freddie please just call me Daddy Max, also all good on the Aunties front mate they are both sound asleep.” Max said softly, “Ok, sorry about that I won’t do that again. Well, now that Auntie Tassie is fat when do I get to play with my new cousin?” Freddie asked, “What? Fat?” I asked, “Yeah, she ate a watermelon that is why she looks like she has one in her stomach. Mummy said you get a very big stomach and then after you go to the hospital you bring home a baby!” He said with so much joy in his voice, “I didn’t say it like that mate and you know that, sorry Ollie.” Justine said as she came over and sat down on the other side of Max, “Oh, is fat a naughty word like fuck?” Freddie asked, I spat my drink out so did the other males around us, “FREDDIE!” Justine yelled out, “FREDDIE!” Max yelled out, “Wow Freddie who told you that word?” I asked, I want to laugh so much right now, the shit this kid comes out with is priceless, cannot wait until it’s our children doing this. He smiles up at me and points out a group to us and we all groaned out.

“Uncle Sam, Uncle Dean, and Auntie Rachel told you that word?” His mother asked, “No mummy, it was Auntie Rachel that had said it my Uncles told her off for using that word in front of me.” Freddie said, “Good so they should have,” Max said, “I’m going to get right up her!” Justine snapped, “It can wait.” I told her, “Yeah do it later Jussy.” Jackson said, “Don’t call me that Jackie.” Justine snapped, “Never going to happen.” Jackson said, Freddie starts to fall asleep, I love the fact he calls him Dad, then Jackson goes and opens his mouth and drops the one question that would start a fight between the pair of them, hoping I am wrong. “Your turn now bro when are you going to put a ring on her finger and a bun in the oven?” Jackson asked.

“Wow! You are so fucking lucky that Tas and Jo are sound asleep right now Jackson!” Justine snapped, I know that look well she is pissed off at him, “Well first off when I’m fucking ready! Secondly really? What because you have one on the way you want all of us to have one on the way? I don’t see Oliver asking me these questions!” Max snapped, “Oh sensitive much? Just bloody asking! Would be nice to have all of us Brown boys married and baby Browns on the way.” Jackson said, yes I like that idea but you know what I’m not going to hound them to, like he seems to be doing, “Well for once shut up! I’m not going to go as fast as you and Jo and I’m not going to go as slow as Ollie and Tas did, you will know when it happens because I will tell you until then stop asking.” Max snapped, “Well said, babe.” Justine whispered, I glared at my idiot of a cousin, “You had to ask?” I asked, “YES!” Jackson cried out.

“Idiot, oh incoming.” I said, “What?” Max said, “Yeah second that.” Jackson said, “Howdy old farts.” Sam said, “Who you calling old?! You’re older than me and the girls!” Max snapped, “Pfft stop being real, all seven of you are sitting down two girls are asleep and Justine doesn’t look far off from joining them, Freddie has but he doesn’t count as his a child.” Sam said, “Well Sammy boy Tass is growing a human it takes a lot out of her” I started to say, “Shh Ollie to drunk to hear your lecturing right now, I came over cause argh fuck it rather tell you guys than them” He didn’t finish as he walked off into the lounge room coming back dragging out the gaming beanbag, sitting it down in the middle of the group, and laying down with most of his body on that beanbag but his head resting on Max’s and his feet on Jackson’s. “Oi drunk Sammie what did you want to tell us?” Jackson asked, “Oh, right I found someone, you guys! I think you all will love him. Here is a photo of him what do you think Ollie.” He shoves his phone in my face but it’s locked, fuck he’s painful when he’s drunk but so funny at the same time.

“Bro you need to open it for me first.” I said handing him the phone back, “Oh, right.” He unlocks it handing me his phone back to me, I go to his photos and smile I know what Tas would have said he is attractive, but the way he’s looking at Sam in this photo is a good thing. “He seems your type bro, Tas would say he’s attractive, cannot wait to meet him,” I said handing the phone to Jackie to have a look at the photo he also agreed, I pass the phone off to Max and Justine, Justine lets a whistle and laughs. “Fuck Sammie boy his fucking hot! You go and rock that” Max cuts her off, “Stop talking babe.” We all looked at Max in shock, we all wanted to hear what she was going to say. “No, I want to hear what she was going to say!” Sam yelled at Max.

“Mate, you have a ten how? Are you sure he knows you?” Max asked, “Fuck you, I excepted that comment from Jackie, not you!” Sam yelled back at Max, “He must know that part of our Sam otherwise Sambo wouldn’t have wanted him to meet us.” I said, “What is his name?” Justine asked, “Andrew but goes by Andy.” Sam said with a big smile on his face, “Oh, I like that, what does he do for a living?” Justine asked, “He’s a model was a pro swimmer but now modeling.” Sam said, “Pro swimmer?” I asked, “Yes, he was on the Australian team won a few gold medals in the day, fucked his shoulder up, had a few operations on it but couldn’t get back to that level so he went into modeling.” Sam said with a smirk on his face, “Wow, good for you bro, will you ever tell Dean and Rachel?” Jackson asked, “Right now, the way those two are nope.” Sam said.

“What the hell did I miss?” Max asked, we all looked at him oddly, “Really you haven’t noticed?” Sam asked, “Noticed what?” Max said, “Clearly their drama didn’t involve Max, one lucky asshole.” Justine complained, “How am I lucky for not knowing what is going on with my best friends?” Max asked, “Well they’ve broken up as you know but they both are picking fights still with each other and with myself and everyone around them more so Rachel in that department, Dean is just upset that I have moved on and didn’t wait around for him. Sick of getting heartbroken by the pair of them rather stay friends than keep going and completely destroy our friendship.” Sam said sounding like he is about to cry, “Ahh Sammie, I would hug you right now if I” Max said. “Shhh no chick flick moments” Sam cuts me off, “Shut up Dean Winchester!” Sam yells out so loudly.

“Fuck!” Tasmine screamed out so loudly, she shot up in my arms screaming out, that’s when I noticed she had been crying, she looked at me in fear, anger then burst into hysterical crying, while the rest of us look at her in shock and confusion. “Tassie what’s wrong?” I asked, “Don’t fucking touch me!” She screamed and bottles off the chair running into the house. “What the fuck was that?” Jackson asked, “Am I stoned?” Sam asked, “What did I do?” I asked, “Nothing from what I could tell Ollie.” Max said softly, “Hmmm what did you do to her?” Justine asked, “Fucking nothing Justine.” I snapped at her, I stood up storming towards my I’m going to say it upset crazy wife. What the hell just happened, I found her in the spare room hugging a pillow crying like someone just died.

“Tasmine?” I asked, she flinched away from me screaming, “Don’t!” I looked at her oddly, “Oh I will be what the hell babe?” I asked, she looked at me heartbroken, “You cheated on me!” She screamed out.

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